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    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    I like you have been inquiring about my state tax return. I’ve already 6 weeks ago received my IRS refund. This is some B.S. The state of Missouri uses our refunds to pay state bills. At least that’s what the Missouri State auditor said.

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    Mr. Chris, I am so happy for you! My next step is to call the auditor

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    12 weeks, as in my return was accepted 1/28/19…still nothing.

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    It’s been 12 weeks and three days since my Missouri return was accepted. It says ‘issue date’ was yesterday 4/16/2019. However no deposit yet. (I lived part of 2018 in Iowa, before we bought our home.) Federal and Iowa returns camr two months ago, direct deposited, so I know the banking information was correct. It’s sitting on finished and I can’t find a deposit schedule, so I’m up in the air, trying to figure out exactly when Missouri might actually finish it. This is so frustrating.

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    They received my taxes Feb 19th and it’s been over 8 weeks still says validating. Has anyone received there’s that filed in February?

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    Chris S.


    11 weeks to the day, my mother received her Mo. refund.

    Preposterous. Previous 2 years received in 14 days or less. Some improvement.

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    This is ridiculous. My return was accepted in mid Jan. and I still haven’t received my refund. Been over 12 weeks now and I can’t get a live person to talk to about it. Sitting in “validating return” status since Jan.

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    Donna Polk

    It was the end January when filed and accepted and still nothing. I call and get the run around i should have already had my money and been done. When am i going to get my refund MO.

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    Just over 11 weeks and still validating….

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    Update…I am processed and completed according to website. Said refund issued 4/11. I efiled with DD. As of this AM nothing in my bank acct.

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    Thank you Chris for the information. I filled the last week of January and it has been validating since. I was hoping to see an update this week since it will be 12 weeks since it started “validating.”

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    Chris S.

    Hello everyone. I found this website when trying to find others who may or may not be having a VERY LATE Missouri tax refund.

    My mother is in the same boat. I filed both hers and mine on Jan 25th via TurboTax.
    I received mine within 14 days (as per usual from previous years). She is still waiting on hers (11 weeks later), with the DOR website still saying “VALIDATING.”

    5 calls to Dept. of Revenue in the previous many weeks, stonewalled everytime with generic answers; “give it time” “it takes up to 12 weeks” “we upgraded our system/computers to make the process more efficient” etc. Blah blah blah.

    I tell them, how is your new system/upgrades better if it’s now almost 3 months and my mother is STILL waiting for a few hundred $$ tax return, when in all previous years it generally takes 2-3 weeks, at most! They have no response.

    Friday I called the State Auditor and they answered on the first ring. Very helpful and friendly. She directed me to the just issues, yearly TIMELINESS OF TAX RETURN ISSUANCE report. So I went and read the report and discovered the answers to how Missouri has totally screwed up our tax returns and apparently, the protocol now in place going forward, which likely means these LATE returns will plague us Missourians in all years going forward!!

    –Here is the 2019 report, 20 pgs. Everyone should download and read this!

    –Here is the summary from 2018 (which is plaguing us this year):

    “Administration paying other bills ahead of individual refunds due to state’s lack of cash”

    –Summary for 2019 (focuses more on the botched tax tables and mishandled withholdings, but the last few paragraphs are the timeliness issue addressed):

    “Audit finds January 2019 withholding changes made unlawfully, will result in over-withholding for more than half of Missouri taxpayers”

    So we may well be waiting until May-June for our returns!! And not just this year, but potentially from now on… regardless of if we are the early filers in January-February!

    It seems they’ve went from a tax refund system of issuance IN ORDER OF FILING date, to a TIER system that has 9 (Nine) “Priority” categories that they put each taxpayer into. I was in Priority 1, my mother in Priority 3. Both of us have/had very simple, few hundred dollar returns.

    Missouri arbitrarily pays a few returns each day in each Priority category, apparently at their own discretion and speed, with no transparency to anyone, not even the State Auditor! The state hasa limited X-amount of money available each day to pay, and then repeats the process the next day…. a slow trickle method, hence our VERY LATE refunds. This is a recipe for botched tax filing/returns/refunds going forward year and year which is NOT RIGHT. We should not stand for this.

    Also, as you’ll read on the State Auditor’s 2018 and 2019 reports summaries for the Timeliness of Tax Refund Issuance, Missouri is prioritizing and paying out other (very vague and no accountability) “expenses” first and then if any money is left over each day/week/month, then paying Missouri citizens rightful tax refunds!!!!

    At the advice of the State Auditor Galloway, I called Gov. Mike Parsons (worthless) this morning. They’ve disabled the voicemail, no one will answer the calls, and even the operator has been made unavailable!!! A total stonewall from the Governor’s office and no way to get through or talk to anyone! Most likely because of this tax refund debacle.

    So I urge everyone to read the links I posted, call the State Auditor Nicole Galloway (be friendly, as she and her staff were friendly and are nonpartisan)….
    (573) 751-4213

    Call the worthless, inept new Governor Mike Parsons and call him out/complain:
    (573) 751-3222

    And lastly, as I did this morning, call News Channel 4/KMOV investigative team, so hopefully they can take this issue up, or we could very well see this happening year after year going forward… or any of your local news channels..

    Thank you for reading, hopefully this sheds some light on what the hell is going on in Missouri. I am not happy and I’m certain many others aren’t either…

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    Navid Jubaer Ayon

    I did not receive my 2017 Missouri State Tax return. I filed with 1040now.com and now I am realizing most probably it did not go through. How can I claim my 2017 tax return. This year for 2018 I sent paper copy and its been received by the department of revenue as I checked in the online tracking site.

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    Thank you, Mr. Waiting! I will do the same. I hope the little message we get doesn’t change from 12 weeks to 24 weeks. Lol

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    I’ll keep you posted if I get any updates. I think we have similar returns, out of state military filling NRI form. I should be hitting my 12th week next week, so I’m hoping to see an update.

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    Thank you, Ms. Jen!

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    e-filed & accepted @ 2/23.

    was validating as of 4/11.

    received a notification status was changed this morning. the refund was direct-deposited today. There was no adjustment to the refund amount.

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    It’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow since I filed and was accepted. Called DoR a few days ago and the lady said, “yeah, you’re in week 10… it usually takes 10-12 weeks, just hang in there a bit longer, it should be there any day….” 🙄😠

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    Kelly Beasley

    This is ridiculous. It’s been validating for 7 weeks! Filed 2/24/2019. I’m a single mom of 3, working and going to school full time, graduating in less than a year from SEMO, and then going to Law School. My refund is almost $2000. I could really use the money. This is absurd.


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    I email dept of revenue. [email protected]

    I asked the status of my 2018 refund. They took over 3 weeks to respond. But like I said earlier, she sent me an email back stating she would email me again with refund info and the next day she replied saying DD 4/11.

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    My return was accepted January 22 and it is still in the validating stage. It is not even over $200.

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    Emailed who, maam?I would like to do the same thing

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    Filed Feb 6th.
    Emailed to in inquire about status. They emailed me back which took 3 weeks for them to reply but said receiving return on 4/11 and tracker updated tro rhe same today.

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    David Vaughan

    Yes I filed my taxes on February 4th and still have not received my state refund can you please let me know thank you

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    This is just getting absolutely ridiculous now. Well over 10 weeks and nothing, but if roles were reversed and the state were waiting on a payment you best believe they’d do everything in their power to get their money.

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    Rosemary Frank

    Check mark on received
    Check mark on validation
    Now what?

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    Nothing yet

    I filed electronically using turbo taxon 1/28/19. It’s been in validating status ever since (as of 4/10/19).

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    It has officially been 10 weeks and 3 days since I filed…still validating😬

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    Penny Stevens

    We got 1/5 of what are refund was supposed to be.. WTH? Waiting for letter, it’s supposed to tell us why it was reduced.

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    Nicole Dansler

    I just got an mailing date but I mail my in on March the 2

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    Filed 2/4 and still validating, I’ll update if I get it in the next couple days.

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    E H

    That was a long 9 weeks! filed 2/2. Been validating all this time. Received a text yesterday morning saying my status had changed. Finally processed and would be sent to my bank on 4/9. Yeah! It’s there!!! Good luck everyone!!

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    Getting really sick of waiting.

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    Mine is still validating, was accepted last week of Jan. Any military on here received theirs yet?

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    Missouri is funny

    Missouri is funny! Takes 8-12 weeks to get your return back!!??? Hilarious. Filed N accepted Feb 8, like many others still validating. Validating what? Hahahahaha. If I performed my job as slow as these worthless workers I would be fired. Get off your a$$$$ es and do your GD job!!!

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    Mine was Accepted Feb 7th. No offsets or anything. Still Validating.

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    Tomorrow will make 10 weeks since I filed and still on validating.

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    1. Received your return ✔ 8FEB
    2. Validating your return ✔ 8FEB
    3. Processing your return ✔ 8APR The Department has verified the accuracy of your
    Completed your return return. Your refund is currently in queue to
    to be sent to you.

    TurboTax Premier electronic submission used.

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    This is crazy!! Ours was accepted on Feb 20th and still no check. We filed electronically and have always been paid with in two weeks. Mo tracker says 12wks and when I call they say 6-8 wks, so not sure which it is. Hoping we have it by next week to pay our federal with!!

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    Six weeks still no change on tracker …..still have not received ,but they had to sign for it to receive it,that was on 2-21-2019.I HAVE NO CLUE WHATS GOING ON!

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    Does anyone know what number to call to speak with someone about my delayed refund? I’ve tried email and of course did check the online where’s my refund status.

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    I just got off the phone with a representative. She said that the only comment on my return is Military Process (something something) Review. I asked her if the fact that I am military is holding up the processing and she said she was not sure. But she said I should get this month, since it has been processing for 8 weeks already. Well, lol, I knew that already.

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    Still validating, accepted 1-31

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    Mine was filed on Feb 1 and FINALLY says my refund was issued on 4/3/2019 BUT it is not yet in my bank account. I have double checked my account information which is correct. I do NOT understand why it says it has been issued but it is not yet in my account. Has anyone else had similar issues?

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    I filed on Feb 6. Still validating…..ugh

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    I’m still validating too. My return was accepted on Feb 5th.

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    @monica mine was accepted around that time and it’s still validating! It’s so frustrating

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    Saturday will be 10 weeks since I filed and was accepted (1/26) ….. Still validating. 😩

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    Got one fourth of expected return through direct deposit. No explanation as to why the refund was drastically reduced – the online que still says processing my return and expect 12 weeks – the phone message says 6-8 weeks. This system is really off.

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    Sad tax payer

    Wohooo they paid me plus $nterest!!! Whoooo maybe they shd be doing this often lol…ok don’t mind me am just excited. It’s abt damn time!!!

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    Well I found out that I was issued a paper check. However, it was returned to them because I had an address change since completing my taxes. I signed up for DD. But I’m getting a paper check since this is my first time filing in Mo. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to get my new check. Just happy I should see money soon :-)

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    Happy to see some people are actually beginning to get their state back. Mine was accepted 1/29, validating since 2/7 with zero change since. 9 weeks as of today. I’d be happy with any form of movement right about now especially since my husband was laid off at the beginning of February we actually need the little bit that we’re getting back.

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    When Will it come

    Filed & Accepted Feb 10th, Lived in Missouri my whole life, the last 2 years I owed the state a small amount ( I paid them on time) this year had a little extra taken out for state taxes so I would not owe. They do not owe me much at all less than 300 bucks. My Boss filed 3 weeks ago they owed him thousands and he got his State before he got his federal, it makes ZERO sense why they are pulling some and not others. I was at 6 weeks, now I am at 12 weeks the phone calls are wait wait wait and they tell you nothing! IF I owed I have until April 15th to pay or pay interest and late fees. At this rate I won’t get it until May! This is not right!

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    So happy to hear others getting their money! I’m still waiting, it was accepted Jan29, and has been validating since. Called once and said to just wait. I hope I’m next!

    #4321681 Reply

    Cecil R Dickerson

    Your tax return has been processed. Refund issue date: 4/2/2019. Finished!!

    #4321646 Reply


    Mine finally hit my netspend

    #4321588 Reply


    Ok so it is an 8 week wait. So maybe on the 4th or 5th my status will change too

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    Cecil R Dickerson

    Ok, movement. My return accepted 2/1 and finally moved from validating to, “The Department has verified the accuracy of your return. Your refund is currently in queue to be sent to you.” Not counting the money yet but that sounds good. How long is the queue? lol.

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    I am hopeful seeing all these new updates. I am still waiting on mine, still says validating!

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    I think the MO refund tool broke. Filed 1/28 and it doesn’t say validating? I don’t trust it. I expect validating and it says refund on 4/2. That just can’t be right. 😂😂😂

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    I filed 2-1 Just now checked and it says refund issue date of 4-2

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    They sign for my return from usps on Feb 21 2019.On there website it says they have not received it yet, check and see if my info is correct.Has anyone that sent paper return received there’s yet?

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    Hi everyone. I filed my taxes on 2/15 and I still am stuck in processing for my Missouri Tax refund. The notice below when I check my refund status says 12 weeks for processing!! Is this normal? Has anyone had luck calling the state of Missouri and getting answers or movement? I tried the email option but just received a generic auto response. Thanks for any feedback that you can provide.

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    Been validating since Feb 10. I have two different statuses The on line refund tracker says validating and the automated phone line says received and processing. I have emailed them twice, and emailed the governor no response. This is very aggravating to say least.

    #4320937 Reply


    Glad to hear someone got theirs. I haven’t seen anything filed 1/21.

    #4320879 Reply


    Just wanted to update everyone. I got the message below this morning, and I also received my direct deposit.

    The Department has adjusted your return. You will receive a notice by mail, dated 3/28/2019. This notice will explain the Department’s adjustments. When you receive this notice, review it carefully and follow the remedies listed in the notice.

    For some reason they took about $13 out of my refund. Weird….

    @Jen, filed with HRBlock 1/30, accepted same day. Validating since then until 3/28 when it went to processing, received DD next day.

    #4320772 Reply


    When did you file Jeremy??

    I spoke to a very nice person yesterday. He didn’t say anything was wrong with my taxes that it is just still processing. I filed Feb 6 accepted some day.

    #4320711 Reply


    Well now I am so encouraged. This means that next weekend I should be getting mine. (My return was accepted on 5 February

    #4320709 Reply


    Finally! Congrats, Jeremy

    #4320665 Reply


    Yay Jeremy!

    #4320646 Reply


    FINALLY!!!!! Something moved!

    The Department has verified the accuracy of your return. Your refund is currently in queue to be sent to you.

    #4320637 Reply

    Amber Dittmer

    Filed on January 29th received January 29th accepted January 29th ever since then it is been processing it is now March 28th and I finally got somewhere on the website it says mine is in next in queue to be sent out finally what I did do is yesterday I emailed them and it was very kind and I told them I know that they are busy but if they could just check to see what is going on with mine I would appreciate it and a lady sent me a nice message back and said absolutely and then today my bars went to three bars and I will be getting my return this weekend so that shows you that being nice and kind can get you a little bit further and being ugly and nasty even though I was pissed off and I probably used every word language that I knew against them hey at least I’m getting my return this weekend huh so I hope all you guys get yours too soon if not sit tight cuz it was a long two months waiting

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    Jeremy I hope you get it soon. This is so unusual for Missouri.

    #4320402 Reply



    Its only been 12 weeks since January 1st. Most people filed later than that. I filed 1/30, accepted same day and still waiting. its been 8 weeks for me today.

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