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    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    I called 573-751-3505. And I recieved my refund today. EXCEPT it was minus 90% of it. I am military and I don’t live in Missouri. Therefore I should have all my taxes refunded to me. I don’t understand why it is hard for them to understand that this year. Just refer to the other 12 years. Ugh! Now I have to stalk them again.

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    What number did you call?

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    But I’m still showing validating. Please talk to a live person to get true updates.

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    I just called in today and was told the money will be deposited tomorrow! So happy! Just 5 weeks of waiting. Much shorter than waiting over 12 weeks like last year

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    @Connor, I’m still stuck as well. Almost 5 weeks

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    Has anyone else moved from validated and received their return? I’m still stuck on validated

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    Yes, I’ve been validating for almost 4 weeks now. In another two weeks, they will be paying me interest on my money. At the 6 week mark, I will go to the State Auditor and the news channels, just like I did last year.

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    Been stuck on validating for 2 weeks, last year I got my state in early February: anyone else still stuck on validating?

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    Tracker said mine should be in my bank on the 21st of February but it’s the 25th at 5:30pm and still my bank has no record of it. Worried! Help?

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    I received on the tax information system a message that stated that my return was completed and a message saying refund issue date 2/14/2020. Does this mean they issued the refund or am I line to be issued my direct deposit. any information would be helpful

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    @Ellierain37, I’m sorry to hear that because it makes me think your money was deposited in someone else’s account through fraud. I hope it gets cleared up right away.

    I am going on 4 weeks still validating.

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    Ours all the sudden has an “issued date of 2/6/20 and it hasnt been deposited into the bank. I dont know what’s going on.

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    My tax refund finally moved to the completed stage when I checked it Saturday morning but there still hasn’t been a deposit in my account. How long does it take for them to do the deposit once they have completed the return?

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    So, anyone else having issues with getting their missouri refund? It said validating until the 16th, then changed to say the issue date was february 11th, and it still hasnt posted to my account…but it didnt give me the issue date until 5 days after the issue dats…like, what the heck is going on this year..?

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    Still nothing yet. It has been almost 3 weeks since acceptance on 30 Jan

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    So is it safe to assume that the is it safe to assume that the state of Missouri refund tracker is bunk because I think I recall one year as well we’re said it was OK I don’t know three phone was even approved yet and it it hit my account so

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    Ive been stuck in validating for a long time as well. Checked account and nothing yet so im in the same boat as alot if u.

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    Still validating myself. I hope to receive it soon.

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    Will do!! Thanks

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    I would keep an eye on your account. I’m still on validating and received my refund days ago

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    I have been validating since last Monday the 3rd of February

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    Thank you! I have never validated this long so I’m a tad bit frustrated😂

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    @Moni, it’s because you are pressing 1 for individual tax refund information. Press 4 instead for all other calls. It will then prompt you for all the info the automated one does except it will ask for a zip code before your refund amount. It will then quote you automated stuff about your refund. Just listen to it. Then it will ask you to verify your address and phone number. After you do so, THEN you will be qued for an agent. But be prepared. Today at lunch I was called 59 and I waited an hour and 15 minutes before an agent came on.

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    Mine has had a Refund Issue date of 2/11/2020 and still hasn’t posted to my acct yet

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    I have been stuck on Validating since last Monday. When I try to call MO dept of Revenue they always direct me to the automated tax line? Anyone else with this problem?

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    Hello Everyone,

    I finally got my refund on Friday – Feb 7. My friend got his on Feb. 10. We sent our returns on the 1st day you could file. So it looks like the wait time is hopefully 2 weeks for most. But there were people that filed after us and got their refunds before us – so who knows with this state.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Mine has been stuck on validating for 2 weeks now. Anyone else been stuck for that long?

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    I just checked again it’s working I have a deposit date for 2/14/2020

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    Don’t know what’s going on with mo. Refund was stuck on received now for 2 was online it says system down when I call the number it says no refund was filed.

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    I field my taxes on January 30. They were accepted on the 31. It did show my status as being validated but now the online system isn’t working at all and the telephone inquiry says they haven’t received my refund yet. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Anyone know if the Missouri refund tracker is down?

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    From what I have seen some see within 2 days after it has said in queue to be sent so hopefully by Friday 😊

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    Sweetpea, I’m wondering as well. In the past my state refunds had been deposited on Tuesday, I’m hoping this year comes before next week!

    #4347718 Reply

    Same here just curious when it will hit bank account

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    I checked my refund status this afternoon and it says “Your refund is in queue to be sent to you.” I filed on 02/03 was accepted that evening. Anyone else have this?

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    I’m still on validating. However, my refund was in my account this morning.

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    FINALLY!!! Woke up this morning to my state pending in my account. Checked the website and I’m still stuck on validating. Don’t depend on the website to update.

    Filed: 2/1 Accepted: 2/1

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    @twinbaby no, I just moved to missouri the end of last year so I’m new to the Missouri returns. I was accepted within minutes but have had no change in status at all.

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    Filed 1/31 accepted in a few minutes been on valadating since 2/1 what’s the deal. My sister filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 kid you not she never updated to anything on 1/31 checked her bank account and it’ was in her account. Since then we have checked just to see snd it says received that’s it so don’t know but just maybe the site isn’t updating

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    Everyone I personally know have received their state except me.

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    It can take days, weeks, months. I know some who got it quickly from validating and some who didn’t get theirs from last year until December. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Makes me angry almost. I have filed in MO for 15+yrs. same address, income, dependents, etc. Now I’m stuck on validating. Who knows if or when I’ll ever see it.

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    Jennifer Smith

    How long does this validating step take and why does it say may take 12 weeks!!! What!!!???

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    I just called and forgot that I had to send my les in again to prove that I am military! So active duty, send that to the [email protected] email so your refund isn’t held up

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    Still validating 🙄
    Filed and accepted 1/31.

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    I filed on the 1st and accepted on the 1st. I’ve been on validating since the 4th. I’ve never waited this long for a state refund.

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    Updated sat 2/8 to complete, had an offset of 20%, when will remaining refund be deposited? It doesn’t have a ddd or say refund sent, be t it’s at step 4 complete

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    If I remember, @waitingpatiently, you are active duty, correct?

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    Anyone else in a similar situation? I filed on the 28th, accepted the same day, and no change on the website. Still just says it’s been recieved. I haven’t seen anyone else post similar situations

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    Updated with a DDD of 2/11/2020

    #4343846 Reply

    I’m so happy for you, @Lynn! Hopefully my status will change soon.

    #4343748 Reply

    I updated to step 3 this morning -Processing your return. “ The Department has verified the accuracy of your return. Your refund is currently in queue to be sent to you.”

    #4343323 Reply

    @TwinBaby no I haven’t received my refund. It’s still stuck in validation. I filed on 31st and accepted the same day

    #4343047 Reply

    @Lynn thank you. Have you received your refund yet? I have a suspicion that they are holding on to the out of state military’s refunds longer.

    #4342552 Reply

    I’m an Air Force vet

    #4342012 Reply

    Anyone military here?

    #4342009 Reply

    Filed 1/30. Still stuck on validating.

    #4342005 Reply

    Just checked mine. DDD 2/10
    Hope everyone updates soon

    #4341991 Reply

    Checked the site just now, and I’ve been updated to a DDD of 2/10!

    #4341909 Reply

    I am still stuck on validating. Hoping for a DDD tomorrow. I’ve always gotten my state back quick

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    I have a been validating since 1/30 I know when I filed it asked for driver license number which I put in nothing has changed at all. I am still waiting on my 2018 return and fighting with the state for that . They keep telling me that they cant give me a date when it will be sent but it’s being worked on and there are alot of others still waiting.
    I really hope I do not have to wait for my 2019 like that.
    Does anyone have any good insite on the validating process

    #4341677 Reply

    At least now we know for sure that “Validating” doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. Hope you all get a DDD soon!

    #4341558 Reply

    Still stuck at validating.

    #4341522 Reply

    Still stuck on validating

    #4341424 Reply

    Accepted on 1/30
    Updated this morning with DD of 2/10

    #4341371 Reply

    Ok everybody, mine updated overnight with 2/10 deposit date.

    #4341088 Reply

    Still haven’t received my refund yet Did my return last month. Still on validating it been over a wk now.

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    We filed our taxes 1/26/20 via TurboTax online. State was accepted 1/28/20. It took a couple days but was finally listed as accepted on the website. Shortly after it was listed as validating and has been there since 1/30/20. We had to wait to file our MO taxes because a form was not even ready yet. In 16 years our taxes have listed the same info aside from address changes which has been the same for the last 6 years and we have always gotten our return in a matter of days. I’m assuming this is a sign of a repeat of last years problems with MO refunds.

    #4340532 Reply

    I’ve been stuck on “The state has received your refund” status for over a week now! Anyone else stuck here?!?!

    #4340453 Reply


    Same here. Dependents, income, address, phone number.. everything is the same as the past couple of years but I am now stuck in Validating. I have always gotten my Missouri return quickly (even last year when many others had issues) and definitely before federal.

    #4340294 Reply

    From everyone’s posts it looks like deposits from Missouri are in Tuesday’s.

    #4340093 Reply

    I am in the validation state and well and I have always got my refund before federal. Never had issues and nothing changed this year. This tax season is all over the place.

    #4339979 Reply

    The Validating step does not appear for everybody. Most of the time, it means your refund will take longer for some reason. Last year, many people were stuck on Validating for months.. into June, July, August, and some later than that. The state of Missouri ended up having to pay a lot of people interest on their returns because they took so long to pay. If you Google it, you will find a lot of news stories about it.

    #4339892 Reply

    Is the “Validating” stage just one of the normal stages on the filing that everyone goes through now, with some getting completely validated and some just having account verified? Or, do some people file and don’t ever see the “Validating” stage on the electronic check?

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    I was in Validation last year and received my refund March 12. Not sure it’s anything serious.

    #4339742 Reply

    That’s what I have read as well. My mom has had this happen the past 2 years and she gets hers by the end of Summer. I’m seeing a lot of people who are in validating.

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