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    Wheres My Refund Missouri- Share your experience with filing your Missouri Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Missouri Wheres My Refund? go to Missouri Department Of Revenue

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    Week 12 is Monday. Still nothing. Can’t get anyone on the phone and website still says “validating” like it has since I filed 2/13.

    If it was EVERYONE would be one thing, but why do some get their refunds in 10 days or so and others wait forever?

    If they would at least acknowledge the situation or make some response, but just ignoring us is infuriating.

    I e-mailed Elliot Davis (You Paid 4 It – Fox 2 – St. Louis), sent it to 5 on Your Side (KSDK – St. Louis) and emailed the governor. Not even a response from anyone.

    I guess I’ll try wasting an hour tomorrow to see if I can talk to someone.

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    Still waiting and when I question all I hear is we are at the perk of the season. I live in Illinois filed my taxes on 1/22/2019 Missouri said they received it on 2/14/2019 and not its in pending statue as of 5/8/2019.

    can anyone tell me how long it took once it was in pending ?

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    14 1/2 weeks and counting……

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    I am so sorry you all are still waiting. What worked for me and might help all the military is sending their LES (military pay stub). Send it to [email protected]. I sent my LES from my military email address.

    Date tax return received by MO DOR: 02/06/2019
    Date refund received: 05/07/2019

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    Alfredia Hogan

    I’ve been waiting for11 weeks for my Missouri rebate check every time I look it saying it’s been veldating it takes11 weeks to do that I’m very upset and when I can get a number that let me talk a human they said give it a few weeks look like another4 to 8 weeks or more that’s very upsetting need a answer thank you

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    My refund says it was processed May 2, what does that mean? Is it mailed or will it take a couple more weeks or what? I have been checking the mailbox every day. thank you

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    angry as hell

    Still waiting…

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    Lorien Furlow

    Filed on February 2nd. Status still says Verified but not Processed.

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    Still no update on my end. It is very frustrating!

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    angry as hell

    Filed January 28,no offset still waiting. I was informed that if I call they will no longer answer any questions and can end the call immediately since I am now considered a nuisance.

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    Wendy Garner

    I got my refund didnt even update on the refund page woke up and i finally got my money

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    Wendy Garner

    I got my refund didnt even update on the refund page woke up and i finally got my money

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    Filed Feb. 7th and still waiting. Says it’s still validating. I have no offsets or anything that would stall it and I’m not in military(which sucks that you all had to do extra to get your refund. You shouldn’t have to as much as all of you have done enough for our country in service). I had one W-2 and 1098-E. That’s it and still nothing. Was told nothing is wrong with return and to be patient today(person was rude but i know they get a lot of calls with probably not much info to give). I hope it’s not much longer though, could really use it.

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    It’s been 12 weeks since I filed my taxes for 2019. I filed on February 14 and I was accepted the next and now it’s been 12 weeks and still no sign of it coming any time soon. This is frustrating. They better be paying interest to me on my money!!!

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    For my 2018 Missouri State taxes… ITS has been 13 plus weeks. And nothing… No return and no status update beyond received. SO frustrating… We don’t even live in Missouri and with this … Not sure we want toooo ever move across the river.

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    We have waiting since mid Feb for our tax refund and still stuck on validating. Tried calling dept of revenue and the line for taxes just disconnects. I am a mom of 6 kids. I need my refund. This is crazy how long it takes. I always seem to get mine before my federal.

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    Just read @Lori’s message. Disregard my post, Waiting. You will get it anyway soon.

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    @Waiting, Thank you! If you want, you could try sending your LES as proof of refund. A representative just emailed me from the email with which I sent the LES. In it, the representative told me when I was to expect my refund and how much it would be. I will get my money tomorrow it seems.

    Oh and the interest? A whopping $7.00. Lol! Better than nothing, I suppose…..

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    Called again this morning and was told that on Friday word was received that the source of the bugs had been found and fixed. The car said they were hoping to get everyone’s out in the next 2 weeks. We shall see.

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    Just got notification that my refund has been processed and completed. It seems at least to me that when I finally stopped thinking about it here it comes. Hopefully everyone else gets theirs now. Enjoy your summer people and be safe.

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    @Twinbaby that is great news!

    I still have not received an update and now losing hope that I will ever get my money!

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    Finally! Received this message today:

    The Department has verified the accuracy of your return. Your refund is currently in queue to be sent to you.

    May 6th will be 12 weeks to the day they received my return, which was on Feb 6th. I will keep you posted as to when I receive the money and if any interest was added to it.

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    Jennifer J Kincaid

    Taxes accepted on 2/10 and still yet to receive my refund! First 6 weeks then 12 weeks we are now over that and get automated responses that takes 6-8 weeks. This is ridiculous because we all know we would getting charged penalties for everyday we were late. I have spent multiple hours on the phone to get the response of we are behind but yet some I know received their refunds just a couple weeks after filing. In starting to figure up interest so I better be getting a large increase if I ever see MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!

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    New tactic on the states’s side. 573-751-3505 is automated only now. Every option you leads you back to the automated system. This is the Dept of Revenue’s Directors office number…573-751-4405. Ask for the Directors. Flood them with calls!!!! I plan on calling every single day until this is resolved. And the Auditor and Governor s offices as well.

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    Update! Now going on 13 weeks and still no refund!! I electronically filed February 10 and accepted next day, but still processing!! I called and waited 45 minutes to talk with someone. I was told that they were still processing and she also told me they are way behind, but no good reason why they are so behind!!

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    jerry nedlin

    I can’t believe that not one word of this fiasco is even mentioned on the daily local news. This governors office won’t answer any of our calls or take any responsibility for this situation. Everything about this situation is being covered up. We need more people to keep calling the media to report this

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    Lauren B

    Update: DD on 4/30. It was significantly less than expected. I was informed I would be receiving a notice in the mail of adjustment. I am unhappy, but at least we do not owe.

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    Still validating my refund after weeks. I gave up calling as I see no quicker response by doing it . The state of Missouri should be ashamed of themselves but I know they’re not. Show Me State, I just their showing us who’s boss

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    Shelby Reiff

    I filed my taxes on January 30th, 2019. It is now May 1, 2019. I STILL have not recieved my refund. This is very frustrating for me, the timeline on my refund status says 12 weeks. It is well past that now and I have still not heard anything at all. This shouldn’t even be a problem, it is ridiculous.

    #4326276 Reply

    Angry as hell

    I was informed that calling them wasn’t going to help me, according to the agent on the phone. I stated I will still keep calling every single business day until the refund is in my account. This is the second agent to tell me that they are behind and that they have no time frame to meet. She actually said it will take as long as necessary,even until tge end of the year.

    If I owed they wouldn’t accept that answer.

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    Randal Jerrell

    I filed my property tax credit claim on Jan 7th and been validated just a few days ago now they say that an adjustment has been made to my only $600 refund I am100% disabled and had everything filled out by h&r block now no telling how much money I am going to lose.And for what reason?

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    Still nothing. Filed and was accepted on 2/4/19.

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    Still no update on my end! Filled and was accepted last week of Jan.

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    Angry as hell

    My new plan is to call every single day and ask what’s the hold up. As of now I don’t know if my filing is ok or if there is an issue. My job states I must be in compliance and cannot owe any major unpaid debt or owe any taxes. I plan to remind them of this every single day until my check is deposited.

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    Chris S.

    ***A repost from my helpful post from 2 weeks ago, this will shed light for all of you still waiting, wondering, and upset. Ps. Received refund at 12 weeks almost to the day.***

    Hello everyone. I found this website when trying to find others who may or may not be having a VERY LATE Missouri tax refund.

    My mother is in the same boat. I filed both hers and mine on Jan 25th via TurboTax.
    I received mine within 14 days (as per usual from previous years). She is still waiting on hers (11 weeks later), with the DOR website still saying “VALIDATING.”

    5 calls to Dept. of Revenue in the previous many weeks, stonewalled everytime with generic answers; “give it time” “it takes up to 12 weeks” “we upgraded our system/computers to make the process more efficient” etc. Blah blah blah.

    I tell them, how is your new system/upgrades better if it’s now almost 3 months and my mother is STILL waiting for a few hundred $$ tax return, when in all previous years it generally takes 2-3 weeks, at most! They have no response.

    Friday I called the State Auditor and they answered on the first ring. Very helpful and friendly. She directed me to the just issues, yearly TIMELINESS OF TAX RETURN ISSUANCE report. So I went and read the report and discovered the answers to how Missouri has totally screwed up our tax returns and apparently, the protocol now in place going forward, which likely means these LATE returns will plague us Missourians in all years going forward!!

    –Here is the 2019 report, 20 pgs. Everyone should download and read this!

    –Here is the summary from 2018 (which is plaguing us this year):

    “Administration paying other bills ahead of individual refunds due to state’s lack of cash”

    –Summary for 2019 (focuses more on the botched tax tables and mishandled withholdings, but the last few paragraphs are the timeliness issue addressed):

    “Audit finds January 2019 withholding changes made unlawfully, will result in over-withholding for more than half of Missouri taxpayers”

    So we may well be waiting until May-June for our returns!! And not just this year, but potentially from now on… regardless of if we are the early filers in January-February!

    It seems they’ve went from a tax refund system of issuance IN ORDER OF FILING date, to a TIER system that has 9 (Nine) “Priority” categories that they put each taxpayer into. I was in Priority 1, my mother in Priority 3. Both of us have/had very simple, few hundred dollar returns.

    Missouri arbitrarily pays a few returns each day in each Priority category, apparently at their own discretion and speed, with no transparency to anyone, not even the State Auditor! The state hasa limited X-amount of money available each day to pay, and then repeats the process the next day…. a slow trickle method, hence our VERY LATE refunds. This is a recipe for botched tax filing/returns/refunds going forward year and year which is NOT RIGHT. We should not stand for this.

    Also, as you’ll read on the State Auditor’s 2018 and 2019 reports summaries for the Timeliness of Tax Refund Issuance, Missouri is prioritizing and paying out other (very vague and no accountability) “expenses” first and then if any money is left over each day/week/month, then paying Missouri citizens rightful tax refunds!!!!

    At the advice of the State Auditor Galloway, I called Gov. Mike Parsons (worthless) this morning. They’ve disabled the voicemail, no one will answer the calls, and even the operator has been made unavailable!!! A total stonewall from the Governor’s office and no way to get through or talk to anyone! Most likely because of this tax refund debacle.

    So I urge everyone to read the links I posted, call the State Auditor Nicole Galloway (be friendly, as she and her staff were friendly and are nonpartisan)….
    (573) 751-4213

    Call the worthless, inept new Governor Mike Parsons and call him out/complain:
    (573) 751-3222

    And lastly, as I did this morning, call News Channel 4/KMOV investigative team, so hopefully they can take this issue up, or we could very well see this happening year after year going forward… or any of your local news channels..
    KMOV News 4 St Louis – (314)621-4444

    Thank you for reading, hopefully this sheds some light on what the hell is going on in Missouri. I am not happy and I’m certain many others aren’t either…

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    First I got 4-6weeks processing time…then it moved to 6-8weeks, then 10-12weeks then 12 weeks. This is an email i got today.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Internal and external debt offsets are currently having issues that prevent the Department from offsetting to other state agencies, colleges, and housing authorities. Please allow time as the debt offset team is aware of the situation and works diligently to update the new computer system. Also, be advised that refunds are being held up longer than the expected 10-12 week processing time to ensure accuracy.

    Thank you,

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    annette andro

    We filed 2/13/19, still have not gotten it. Called the Missouri state auditor, Nicole Galloway, she took my name and phone number for a complaint she has going. She also suggested I call Dept. of Revenue, which I have done and will do again, she also suggested I call the Governors Office which I will do tomorrow, to late today. I also found the gov. contact me page.
    Nicole Galloway 573-751-4213
    Dept. of Revenue 573-751-3505
    Gov. office 573-751-3222

    This is unacceptable, call Nicole’s office get on that complaint. We drive for a trucking company in St. Louis so expect this B.S. again next year.
    Good Luck.

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    Here is how my call went;
    Waited one hour.
    Got a rep that sounds like they work from an overseas call center.
    Explain it’s been 13 weeks. 12 by their account & I need an update.
    Rep checks and says still “validating” and wait until the process completes.
    I say first it was 6 weeks then 12 now when ever y’all feel like it huh?
    He replied it should I be a week more. Same thing the rep told me last week.
    I request supervisor and he said that wasn’t necessary.
    I still insist when he said the supervisor will just tell me the same. I told him well let him tell me.
    Then he said there are no supervisors. A bunch of shit. Supposedly one will call me in 48-72 hours. I think he wanted me off the phone and to call back in 48-72 hours. Smh.

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    Filed 1/29 here they say they did not get it until 2/4 today is 12 weeks, can not get through and have been validating since the beginning.

    #4325984 Reply

    Angry as hell

    Just called again. I push “pay yoir taxes” when I call. I then tell them that I don’t know if it has been validated as fact or if I need to pay in.

    The woman on the end stated that no one will receive before 12 weeks, which is not the truth. Everyone around me received their state returns in February. She said I now need to be patient and it could be 20-28 weeks.

    #4325982 Reply


    Taken from a Fox 4 News in KC article.

    According to Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway a 2015 law established a timer and you’re supposed to get your refund within 45 days of filing. But Galloway said hundreds of thousands are waiting longer than that. “They may wait up to four months as the state pays other bills and pushes of people ahead of them in line,” she said. Even if your refund is processed and ready, the state may delay it to pay for other debts. “That means taxpayers are put second while the legislature and the governor’s priorities are put first,” Galloway said. Galloway also found late refunds are costing the state extra money because they accrue interest. Since the new 45-day law, Missouri has spent around $730,000 dollars just on that interest.

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    They’ve had my return since February and it still says “validating”. Won’t happen again as I changed my withholding so, if anything, I will have to pay in a small amount.

    #4325971 Reply


    Week 13 for me as well. I’ve called twice. Mine is under $200….

    #4325950 Reply


    This is ridiculous 😤. We’ve paid our taxes all year but when it’s time to pay us back people have to wait longer than expected weeks and months. SMH.

    #4325897 Reply


    Tomorrow starts week 13 for me. I will be calling.

    #4325883 Reply

    Lauren B

    Update! The message I received was “refund is in queue to be deposited.” I filed 4/9.

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    Hi Missouri refund sufferers. I am currently at week 11 and counting for my refund. I have called and only got the standard 10-12 week recording. I have reached out via email and basically got the same response. Has anyone had my luck getting their MO refund? Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated. Do you know if they are just automatically waiting the full 12 weeks before even beginning to work on your refund?

    #4325727 Reply

    Lauren B

    All of the numbers I have tried lead me to an automated system and not a live human being.

    #4325676 Reply


    Been validating since mid-February. Have passed the 10 week mark. Others file and get refund within a week. Not sure how they pick who gets a refund and who waits 12+ weeks.

    #4325585 Reply

    Olga M.

    Mailed my return in a very beginning of April. Just today decided to check on the status (and yes I supposed to get a small under $100 refund).
    Their system shows that they never received my return! WTF???
    I entered more that once and double checked info is enrered correctly.
    What number should I call? This is bullshit!

    #4325572 Reply

    Lauren B

    We have a very larger than normal expected refund as we took a significant decrease in household income in 2018. Needless to say we really need this windfall to catch up. I am now fearful that due to the size, we will be waiting a prolonged period of time. I am so upset and crestfallen at the moment. Last year, i.receoved our refund in less than two weeks. This just isn’t fair. We suffer for the sins of our government. What can I do? I feel helpless. Stuck on “validating return” for weeks.

    #4325546 Reply


    I filed on jan.29th and been validateing since. Everytime I call I get told to allow the full 12 weeks . This is getting ridiculous!!! There is not suppose to be anything wrong with my return so what’s the hold up?

    #4325497 Reply


    12 weeks and still waiting filed 1/28/2019 and still nothing

    #4325475 Reply


    Many changes*

    #4325474 Reply


    FINALLY received my state return DD two days ago, was exactly 12 weeks to the day. Though the website and automated service are still showing as still validating. Their system is seriously screwed and many charges need to be made! There is absolutely no reason why people should be waiting 12+ weeks to receive THEIR money.
    Good luck everyone! I’m moving to Texas in a couple of days and so glad I won’t have to deal with this BS again.

    #4325432 Reply

    Angry as hell

    I just contacted DOR. I have an email stating my return was accepted on Jan 29. The man whom I spoke with stated they received it Feb 19, that I still have several weeks to wait, my taxes were complicated, etc.

    My taxes were very simple, one college age dependent and under $200 for a refund.

    I stated that I will be referring all information to Galloway and Parsons offices. I also said that I will be at a local fundraiser this weekend with my state senator and that I plan on mentioning this to him. I informed them that I had already notified my state rep last week. Now the supervisor is talking about expediting my return.

    #4325424 Reply


    It’s going on 10 weeks still nothing. I called the state auditor and governors office yesterday and today called the news I’m sick of the shenanigans! Call Elliot Davis you paid for it! It’s over 2months and you can’t give me a better answer than 10-12 weeks possibly. I filed feb 14 it’s about the principal now. If I owed them I’d have to pay interest and a penalty if not received by April 15. They are going to keep giving us tax payers the run around until something gets done. Call the governor office everyday and the news flood um with complaints.

    #4325414 Reply


    This Friday will be 13 weeks since my refund was accepted. Still in validating status. I called and they said there is no issue with my refund but they have no idea why it is taking so long or when I will received the refund. This is ridiculous. It is only $500 but that money is mine and they are holding it for whatever reason. They said if I don’t receive it in another month, then to call back! Another month?! WTF?!

    #4325406 Reply


    Still no status change on my end. Called today and was told they were going to look into my account and call me back later today. I doubt I will be hearing back at this rate.

    #4325361 Reply

    Angry as hell

    I wonder if we should start contacting attorneys about class action suits? I filed in mid January and am still holding. It seems to me this is only getting worse unless a group takes it to court and sues.

    #4325353 Reply


    WOW.. It is taking forever… Why does it take so long .. I mean there form is only 48 pages of loops and turns… ANyone can see that is easy…

    #4325326 Reply


    I called yesterday and pressed the option about needing to pay. Spoke to someone and told them at 12 weeks because I filed 1/29. They said well we didn’t get it until 2/4 so you are not at 12 weeks. I said that’s fine because Monday will make 12 weeks from 2/4 so then what? She said I guess you’re right that would make 12 weeks. She said well don’t call on Monday. Call on Tuesday and we will escalate to a supervisor but you should have movement from processing by then. Yeah right. We will see. 🙄

    #4325301 Reply

    Lori Canada

    Going on week 13. No movement on the tracker. This is past the point if ridiculous.
    Can’t get a human on the phone. Only automated system that says 6-8 weeks.

    #4325262 Reply


    Ok guys. I have some interesting news. I called the MO DOR again today and they told me (after I pressed) that they need proof that I am in the military. They need my LES. I am to email my LES to [email protected]. Hopefully, my refund will get released soon after.

    #4325180 Reply


    Tomorrow makes exactly 12 weeks for me.

    #4324800 Reply


    I called the state auditor’s office. They are tallying the number of calls received for late refunds so that it can go in the next year’s audit report.

    Ugh! So frustrating. I just want my money

    #4324752 Reply


    2018- filed Jan. 24 accepted by missouro Jan. 27 still says validating and we r coming up on week 13.

    I call routinely. Every other day at least. I’m also waiting on an adjustment from 2013, that was supposed to be back initiated six weeks ago. And when I call everyone I talk to says nothing is listed about an adjustment. Good thing I kept the email.

    #4324697 Reply

    Chris S.

    To all the new people, please read my long post from a few days ago (do a page search to find it quickly). I spent a lot of time and effort over past 3 months to figure out what the hell is going on…

    Also, yes, by law Missouri is “required” to pay interest if your refund is “late” (past 45 days of receiving your return).
    Do they actually pay any interest on late or very late returns? No.

    #4324652 Reply


    Thanks for the helpful update. I filed February 14 and I’m still waiting!! It’s still says “validating “ same as it has for many weeks. I read that if it’s more than 45 days they have to pay interest. I’ll just be happy to get me money at this point!!

    #4324650 Reply


    It’s been 9 weeks and I still don’t have my
    Missouri state tax refund. When I check online it’s only at step 2 “validating” it’s been like that retry Much the entire time.
    I filed on February 14.
    So, now they have to pay me interest on my refund. Is that right??

    #4324564 Reply


    Russell I have also been waiting since January and mine is military pay as well. It is getting frustrating. I have contacted them and keep getting the same response telling me to wait. I think I will follow Chris’s advice and start contacting other agencies.

    #4324474 Reply


    Filed in late January. I received my federal returns in late February, I am currently still waiting on Missouri to send me my returns. Here it is mid April and no update, and it’s all military pay it all should be coming back to me.

    #4324445 Reply

    When Will it come

    Filed Feb 10th Still waiting I counted my 12 weeks to be May 5th. If we were later than April 15th we would be paying a fine and interest. Mine says validating and it will take 12 weeks…I am under the assumption it will be exactly 12 weeks at this point. I have called it does not help. I am not going broke waiting on a couple hundred dollars but its the principal. I guess they are waiting on those that paid on time to pay us…its crazy.

    #4324407 Reply


    I tried emailing the refund inquiry email but just got an automated response that tax returns will take 6-8 weeks, blah, blah, blah. So I guess emailing them won’t work anymore. This whole thing is bull.

    #4324376 Reply


    I filed for the circuit breaker on 4- 08
    ( being I am disabled, and receive ssi) my status has said validated for several days now, does this still mean I A may have to wait 12 weeks? In the past it has only taken 1, sometimes 2 weeks. Should I call, and ask them if this is going to take months?

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