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      I created this thread for those who are in Mississippi and want to keep keep with where people are and what is going on Mississippi Federal and State Tax Refunds….

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          Accepted and reviewed five weeks ago and still showing the same thing. Our taxes pretty simple with no itemizing or any other complicated additions. Got our federal within a week, but still waiting on MS refund.

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            E-Filed on 21 Jan 15. Received and being reviewed 22 Jan 15. As of today (17 Mar 15), it is still listed as ‘received and being reviewed).

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              state filed 1/22
              state accepted 1/23
              refund process completed 2/2
              haven’t received the funds yet.

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                Filed MO & Fed 01/20, both accepted 01/20

                MO approved 01/22, received 01/22

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                Ms Miss

                  State was accepted today 1/26

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                    Federal Filed and accepted 1/23/2015
                    State accepted 1/26/2015

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                      Filed both around the 14th or 15th. Fed was accepted the next day, state was finally accepted the day before yesterday. Now I’m stuck in processing limbo.

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                      Ms miss

                        Federal was accepted on jan20
                        State still pending

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