Missing bars so I called IRS

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    Woke up to bars missing this more and message that I’m still being processed, called IRS asked if I am under review, lady took my information came back and told me that I filed before IRS started accepting returns so many came in before they opened that they are a bit behind but are processing them. Since I filed with the credits mine won’t be processed until the 15th but nothing is wrong.
    So in other words bars missing just mean exactly what it states your return is “still” being processed. The 21 days is no longer a date they can meet since they are behind so it is not there.
    I have the post office app “ informed delivery “ and see no letters coming so I think I’ll hang tight until after the 15th . She said I should see some type of update then and as long as my tax topic is 152 I should update and am not being reviewed.

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