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      So I filed Early and was accepted 1/13 had 1 bar for the longest time and when I pulled my transcript I have cycle code 20150402 the 570 code on there. For about a week now my bars on WMR have disappeared and replaced with:

      Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.

      i know the 570 code is the ACA tax penalty but I’m wondering if any one else with 570 code on their transcript have are still waiting for their refund or if it’s just me. I tried calling the IRS but so far I just get pointed to the automated system. Any insight on this is greatly appreciated

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          @Travanti so if we call that number and tell them that wmr now shows no bars they’ll help us instead of the generic “wait 21 days then call back” Answer? Does all the bars missing signify that there’s some sort of problem with your return? I don’t have the 570 code or any other code at this point. My return was filed and accepted on 1/23. My confirmation number has the 201502 cycle code in it but I’m not sure I understand what that means exactly.

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            Call 866-682-7451 ext 568. It will get you directly thru

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