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    Hopefully we all get great news in the a.m. let’s keep each other updated.

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    After being gone for nearly two months, my bars came back on 3/18. But only to “return received”. Wording changed from “Your tax return is still being processed. a refund date will be provided…” to ” We have received your tax return and it is being processed” on 3/9.

    Haven’t found much on this happening to anyone else. Any ideas???


    Trishalla Bell

    MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!! Filed on the 13th accepted 13th called the IRS the 19th was told that my return was unpostable and that it would have to be manually processed…… was told it could take 6 to 9 weeks but the IRS agent did let me order my transcript ……last Wednesday my bars disappeared and I questioned that because…. I thought maybe that means they have my return and they are actually working on i…….t woke up this morning I have a direct deposit date of March 9th the process is finally over….. well it won’t be over until I get the money in my account



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Received 5071c 2/18
    Id verified that same day onine it said 6-9 more weeks
    Called 2/25 to verify my ID verification went through
    It didn’t
    The Lady fixed it but informed me that it would take
    9 weeks.
    I asked her if that was just what they told people, however she said it would 100% take that long because I was pulled out of the pool and I had to be re-inserted.

    So 1 we are simple 1040ez no issues w/ Healthcare and no dependents or deductions. But since their system is all effed up I now have to wait til May to get my return. I can’t wait until the IRS is abolished. Extortionist criminals!!!!!!



    CALL!!! If you can order your transcripts and still do not have an update CALL!!! I have been able to order my transcripts since friday 2/25. After not having a DDD I called (my 21 days are up tomorrow 3/2) I spoke with an agent who stated that there was an error with a portion of my return and that they corrected it. They are sending me a letter i should receive no later than 03/14. They stated there is nothing for me to do. The system has placed a 7 day hold onto my account and it will be processed once that 7 day period is up. They projected that i will have a DDD by 03/9



    FINALLY! Filed 1/30, bars disappeared, called 2/22 after 21 days and was directed to ID verify. Verified over the phone same day. Called to check Thursday, was told he didn’t see any direct deposit date for me but that it looked like the review was closed and instructed to wait 6-9 weeks.
    Woke up this morning to check and FINALLY got DDD of 3/2!! First year I’ve ever gotten held up this long, I got my state back this week which never ever comes in before my federal.



    Filed 1/22.
    Accepted 1/25
    Bars lost on 1/29
    ID verify 2/12
    Account and return transcripts 2/19
    DDD – ???

    I’m still waiting myself. Called an irs agent on Friday of this week. She said there was no other holds on my refund, just processing and that I need to wait 6 more weeks for more processing. If I don’t hear anything at the beginning of April, she said to call back.



    Hi all

    Filed 2/1
    accepted honestly who knows 2/3-2/8?!?
    Still being processed, tt152. Called 2/25 did not need to verify.

    I really think I will be in the next update…all I can do is remain positive. Hopping for a ddd next week 3/4.


    Trishalla Bell

    @ Josh I got my transcript on Monday and still don’t have a direct deposit date so I understand



    Well I was finally able to order my transcripts yesterday and was hoping to see a DDD this morning. I guess I am one of the unlucky few who still do not have a DDD. Let hope something changes by Wednesday when my 21 days are up…. I will continue to keep everyone posted.


    Fatt Katt

    Filed turbo tax 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Bars missing 2/13
    Called IRS (21st day) 2/17 – Had unpostable and needed to verify id
    Verified id with rep 2/17
    Able to order return transcripts 2/19
    Got letter 5071C dated Feb. 18 in the mail 2/22 — verified online (2nd time verifying)
    Called IRS “1040” number, rep said still processing, no problems 2/22
    No update to bars on 2/24
    Called Tax Payer Advocate 2/25 (someone will be in contact by Tuesday)
    Still no update as of 2/27

    What the heck is going on? I’m assuming I’m having problems because I claimed single with no dependents this year with unemployment and retirement cash-out plus school credit (which I DID go to school and received 1098). For the past 20 years I’ve always claimed HOH with two then three dependents and NEVER had an issue. Seems like the less you get back, the harder time they give you. I had to problems getting back over $10K a year, but now I’m just under $1,200, seems like they don’t wan to let go.



    I filed through a Professional tax agency. My bars on WMR went missing on Feb 16th 2016 called ad visited IRS, I was told they didn’t see anything on file and i updated my address. Feb 24th i was able to order my account transcript but not my return transcript. Then yesterday morning i was finally able to update my return transcript Feb 26th, 2016. Woke up this morning Feb 27,2016 with still no update or bars on WMR. I filed on Feb 4th IRS said they received it on Feb 8th, 2016. Can anyone help or give me a little info on my situation?
    I still have tax topic 152 on WMR. How will I know when the tax professional get my return?



    I filled through Turbo Tax on 2/1 and accepted the same day. On 2/6 I lost my bars and tt 152 but I was able to order my account transcript. 2/15 I called the IRS and was told that I needed to wait until after 21 days to call back. 2/17 I received a letter saying that my account transcript could not be sent until verified my id. 2/22 I called the IRS and was told my return was under review in order to make sure that I was the right person. He asked if I claimed any dependents, which I did, and to verify their names and DOB’s. Then he asked me to verify my refund amount and told me that everything was ok with my return and that he didn’t see any letters being sent out. I was told to keep checking wmr and that my return should be done processing in 10-14 days. 2/24 wmr changed from “your refund is still processing and a refund date will be given once available” to “we received your return and it is still being processed”, I can’t remember the exact words. 2/26 I was able to order my account return transcript. 2/27 wmr bars back showing approved with a DDD of 3/2!!!!!



    Filed 1/28, and accepted 1/28

    Able to order transcripts by 2/11
    Bars and everything disappear 2/13

    Called 2/22 spoke with IRS, no holds, no flags.. Etc asked about why taking so long and she said I should have my DD by next week. She also informed me that WMR has not been updating accurately this year and many ppl are receiving DD without any updates at all. I also asked about an advocate but she said for me it wasn’t necessary.


    Amanda H

    Ok so I filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19, verify id on 2/5 ordered return trans on 2/19 and still no ddd. I was told I was in review on 2/22 but on 2/24 I was told a credit had been issued already whatever that means.



    Progress, finally!

    Filed 1/15 HRB
    Accepted 1/19
    Bars disappeared 2/1
    Rec’d Letter for ID Verify, called and did it on 2/15
    Finally able to order return transcripts today.

    Let’s hope for a DDD tomorrow!!!



    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/3
    stuck on one bar until 2/19
    able to order account 2/8(but it was all 0’s)
    able to order return 2/19 (still haven’t received)
    bars disappeared 2/19, still have tt 152 your refund is still being processed”
    same as of this am 2/26 (this was supposed to be my ddd)
    it better be 3/4 or earlier.
    This is getting a little ridiculous.


    Bob Stewart

    I was accepted on 02/07/20-6. I had one bar until today. Now I have no bars with a screen that says it’s being processed and tax topic 152.
    Any advice would be appreciated.



    New major update,
    Filed 2-9
    accepted 2-9
    bar missing since 1-15 with TT 152
    I was able to order return transcript 2-25 meaning they finished the processing.
    Bar reappeared today stated approved.
    Good luck to all of you, please keeping update
    Warm regards



    Maybe you should call I had a tax offset
    I filed 1\27
    Accepted 1\29
    Ordered transcripts 1\12
    Bars disappeared 2\13
    Called IRS 20+. Times
    No letter no code just wauint called today I have a dd for 3/2/16
    So I waited 2 weeks after 21 days




    Alright missing bar crew. I got some progress this morning. FINALLY I was able to order my transcripts which means I am coming to the end of this long worrisome road. Hopefully I see a DDD with the big data dump tomorrow.

    Filed 2/10 (With Tax Preparer via efile)
    Accepted 2/10
    1 Bar on WMR as of 2/12
    Bar Disappeared 2/19
    Ordered Transcripts 2/26
    21 days are up 3/2



    Still nothing for me filed 2/1 accepted 2/3…lost all bars on 2/19. “your refund is still being processed”

    So its’ been a week with no change. 3/4 is my 21 days. I am concerned now…



    Filed and accepted 1/28
    Bars went missing 2/16
    Called 1/18 and was told that it was pulled for manual review. No reason given.
    Called again 2/22 and was told it was halfway done that it was in the glitch when the system went down.
    Today was finally able to order return transcripts.
    Hoping for wmr to update tomorrow with ddd Wednesday.

    I never had to verify or do anything.

    Good Luck to all


    Trishalla Bell

    Well filed the 13th was accepted the 13th last Friday after this week my return has been specialized processing for one week ……no change…. but on another note I did receive my Michigan State tax return it was reduced by about 100 bucks why don’t know I’m assuming they’ll send me a letter why at least I got something back for right now



    You guys if ur bars are missing that is never okay!!!! Everyone who’s bars are randomly gone it means u are under review or need to verify some kind of info!! Stop hoping because ur message changed and start callin!!



    Still no change from my last post. Smh



    No update still “your refund is being processed but…I got my state this morning….thats a good sign.



    New update,
    Filed 2-9
    accepted 2-9
    bar missing since 1-15 with TT 152
    I was able to order return transcript today meaning they finished the processing.
    Here are the crucial parts, I hope DDD should be next week (cross my fingers) or a letter from IRS (Hope not). Good luck to all of you, please keeping update
    Warm regards



    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/3
    ordered returns 2/19
    bars disappeared 2/19
    “your refund is being processed….”

    SIGHHHH hopefully update tonight. really need my money.



    Filed and accepted on 1/28/16.
    Bars went missing to generic “still processing” message on 2/13/16.
    Ordered both transcripts on 2/19/16.
    Still no DDD

    Called IRS and was told my refund was on “hold” and should receive a letter within 30 days starting from Feb. 1st. I asked rep what was the reason it’s being held and she stated she couldn’t see the reason why but that the letter would provide further instructions.
    I decided to call the verify ID line just in case that was the problem and the woman said she saw no problem with my return and that I didn’t need to be verified since my return had already been processed! From the pattern I’ve been seeing, it looks like it’s a 2 week wait between being able to order transcripts and/or bars disappearing until receiving a DDD. What I do know for sure is that the IRS is extremely backed up and the reps say whatever it is that comes to mind in order to get you off the phone. It’s been 28 days since I’ve filed and no one can identify what the problem is other than that it’s being “held”. Hopefully, I am part of Saturday’s big update. Good luck guys.




    Thank you for that advice. I looked again this morning, still no update and I still cannot order either transcript for this year. I called and spoke with a very nice polite agent. I informed her that my “Tax preparer informed me I had to call in for an ID Verification” She spent a good 15-20 mins reviewing my account and informed me that there was no verification that needed to be done and that all of my information was in normal processing and appeared to be in order. She also informed me that when the bars disappear, it means that your return is currently being processed. All returns are different and can take a little more time than others to go through the process. I was then informed that i should see an update in the very near future, however i should call back if i do not see any update by the 21st day. For me that would be March 2nd. This help put me at ease a little. I just have to learn to be a little more patient.


    Losing my mind

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Order account transcripts 2/5
    Return transcripts 2/22
    What feels like 85 calls to the IRS. I have been told 1. No problems, we need two additional weeks to process. 2. No letters, no need to do anything or ID verify (did it anyway, no need) 3. There is an error, we fixed it, money will be released in a week (I knew of a possible error, but couldn’t figure it out) 4. We fixed the error, we will send you a letter MARCH 9, and if you don’t respond questioning the error, we will release your funds MARCH 14!!! 5. Well yes, your money was to be released already, but anything can happen while processing, and it will be released MARCH 14!!! ( so wait….if anything can happen, what happens when that date comes and goes??? You hold it AGAIN????) I got attitude from Mrs. Lee at the IRS, and basically told, I don’t work there, so I will never understand it.

    Called the tax advocate, told that I don’t qualify, because I’m not homeless…yet! Call back when I’m homeless. BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!! I should not have to be in dire straights to get MY MONEY back. No EIC, no offsets and no education credits. Same health insurance I’ve had for 10 years.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas or advice???



    Filled 1/19 got acceptec 1/21 lost my bars and got the reference code 9001 (to verify) I verified on 2/1 got my bars back on 2/13 with a dd of 2/18 on 2/18 no money on 2/19 wmr showed my money was sent 2/20 lost my bars again and got the reference code1121 waited until monday 2/22 and they tild me my refund was pulled back for review and it could take up to 60days. So now im just waiting! Have anyone had this problem and gotten their money back if so how long did it take?



    @Angie what if they tell you there was a processing error? That’s what the rep told me and that it would be 6-8 weeks. That was on 2/13. As of today still no bars. I’m in hold with the Tax Advocate now. Do you think I’ll see movement Friday? No letters have came yet.



    Ok guys I am a tax preparer. Here is the deal. The bars can disappear for several reasons. One reason is that you are being manually reviewed, there is always going to be something additional needed. It can be because you used a temp IP pin, need to ID verify, or need additional info such as health info or something else. Notices are being sent out, but not until towards the end of the 21 days or after. If you bars disappear….CALL IN!!! Tell them a white lie like your preparer told you that you needed to ID verify. They will be forced to take a look and verify with you. They will tell you either you have to wait 6-8 weeks or 9 weeks. That is not true. It will be approved within a few days. I have followed this site and seen all the stories. I tested with my self and THREE other clients. Everyone got approved in 2-3 days MAX. Bars back, money on the way for deposit tomorrow. Good luck guys!



    Will it really take 6-9 additional weeks to get my return, after verifying?



    Filed on 1040EZ on 2/1 accepted 30 min later. Info on my retunr hadn’t changed in 5 years, except for the amount. No update for 21 days on WMR just stayed on the first bar. Yesterday my bar disappeared, I called and spoke with a clueless lady that didn’t seem like she wanted to help anyone. She said “someone was trying to steal my identity” I called BS since I pay for LifeLock and they would have notified me. Then she hung up on me. I called LifeLock and they said no such this had happened. I called back and spoke with a guy, he confirmed that the lady I spoke with didn’t know what she was talking about. He said I needed to verify my ID that I was “randomly selected”. He said after I verified, that I should call to make sure it worked. I called the number it said due to high call volumes, they weren’t taking calls. Then I went to the website and verified. It said I passed and it would take 6-9 weeks more. I then called after and was told that it still showed I needed to verify ID?????? Today I received a letter post dated 2/18. I’m wondering why they didn’t tell me I was mailed a letter? Also why it would take an additional 6-9 week (double and triple) the usual time to process?


    Fatt Katt

    Hello All,

    This is my first reply, however, I’ve been watching and reading since the very start of the tax season. This site is a god-send that has helped many people. I filed through turbo tax on 1/27/16 and was accepted by IRS the very same day. I remained at one bar until my 19th day which is when I lost my bar, but had the processing message with “a date will be provided to you when available” with tt152. I called the IRS on 2/17 (my 21st day) and the gentleman told me there was an unpostable on my account and I had to verify my identity. Called that number and was blessed to get through on my second try but got a nasty woman as a representative. Towards the end of the call, we got snippy back and forth because she said my school didnt send the 1098T form (which I received so Im quite sure IRS has it too). Anyhow, she said she was releasing my return to continue processing and to wait nine weeks to either get a refund or a letter in the mail. Yesterday, I received a letter 5071C dated Feb. 18th in the mailed, couldnt get through because I’d hold for maybe 30 to 40 minutes then the line would hang up (I think they were tired) so I verified online. Called ID Verify this morning and was told the first time I verified indeed released return to continue processing and I should wait 9 weeks to finish. I wasn’t able to order tax return transcripts until yesterday so maybe that’s a good sign that I’m almost to the end. This is crazy!! All the previous years when my refund was over $10K, they sent it like nothing….. but now the refund is only a little over $1K, they giving me hell…. WTF???

    On the other hand, my step-father had to do the same thing (idVerify). He verified his on the same day 2/17 (I dialed the number 20 times to get through for him). He had a wonderful representative help him. I check his WMR yesterday and he has a DD for 2/24. Wow!!! I’m wondering if the representative that verified my ID but some notes on my account to make them hold mine back. I never had any issues with the IRS, perhaps because my filing status went from HOH to SINGLE with only income from unemployment and Retirement as every year before I had three dependents and W-2’s (or at least a Schedule C for 3 out of 20 years).

    I’ve prepared returns for over 10 of my family members and friends and NOT one single person had a problem, besides me (I didn’t prepares my step-father’s return). Well will keep you guys updated.



    Thanks a lot for the update, bro, I too filed at 2-9 night, so same situation as yours, hopefully we’ll a bright side for next week!



    Ok so heres a quick update:
    Still no bars or update since my bars disappeared on 02/19. I decided to call the Tax Advocate today and lightly stretched the truth. Spoke with a really nice lady who looked into my file. She stated that it is still in the normal processing. There are no holds, letters or balance owed. She stated everything from what she can see appears to be in order and instructed that i call back in a week.

    So I guess on the bright side everything is moving forward. Also I still cannot order my transcripts (account or return) Filed 2/10 Accepted 2/10 bars disappeared 02/19. Good luck everyone



    New to the missing bar ‘crew” – will update as changes post – I have not called to verify id or received a notice to do this. 21 days is up on 2/25, so waiting to call if no other change

    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    Ordered Return and Acct transcript 2/17 – expect to have it in mail this week

    Stayed on 1 Bar with TT152 until this morning

    2/23 – Bars missing and current message
    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Tax Topic 152



    As of 2-23,
    Unable to order return transcript, still showing “your tax return is still being processed”
    TT 152 Shows in as well, filed 2-09. I’ll update again tomorrow.
    Best of luck to all of you,



    @D nutz,

    I agree with you that the IRS is behind according to the processing time as well as refund circle. Moreover, in January, CNBC interviewed IRS Commissioner , Mr. Koskinen, and he indicated that, “The fast tax return technically is over” they take their time to make sure everything looks right before they’re approved one. I hope everyone has a great impatient, and best of luck to all. In case you’re really need the money from the tax refund, you can contact the tax advocate at 1-877-777-4778. They may expedite your process.
    Warm regards,



    Ours went missing during the first week of Feb. No tax topic either. I finally got through to someone on Friday and was told that we owed from 2014 (I knew this). That is what made the bars and tax topic go missing. I was given a DDD of 2/24 and as of Saturday, we have bars, a tax topic, and a DDD on WMR.

    Our taxes were accepted on 2/2.


    D’s Nutz

    I filed 1/24. 1 bar until 2/6 when bars and TT 152 vanished. Ordered transcripts 2/5. FINALLY got my transcript on Friday and today I checked wmr and had a DDD of 2/24

    I think they’re just way f*cking behind.



    was stuck on 1 bar tt 152 since 2/2
    2/19 able to order return transcripts
    Past two days no bars, “Your refund is still being processed”
    Sigh. Hoping for a ddd Tomorrow.



    What’s the point of having wmr if nothing changes and it gives you wrong information? I gotta jump threw hoops to get money I worked hard for while an irs agent is watching fat girl porn on his computer well suck on a shit flavored doggie biscuit you ball touchers



    Hello troops,
    As of 2-21 at 7:44 A.M. nothing changes, good luck everyone.




    @kenneth, I am in the same boat. I filed on 2/10 and was accepted about an hour later. It was in the evening, around 9pm when it was accepted. I had 1 bar from 2/12 till 2/19. After i looked yesterday, i called yesterday afternoon and spoke with a nice lady who said there was nothing that she could see that was holding up my account. She stated that there is no rhyme or reason as to why the bars disappear and she said she had the same thing happen to her this year. Other than that she said there is nothing else they can do until march 2nd. She made it seem like i would see changes within the next few days, i did not see anything this morning, heres hoping that we get some progress soon. It seems like alot of people who filed on the same day and after us have already got their DDD.

    From what i figured by reading all of the posts on this thread, it seems like most people see a change/DDD 5 days or so after their bars disappear. Heres to hoping we see that same change. Good luck, i will keep everyone posted.



    Filed 2-10, accepted 2-10, missing bar since 2-17, and not being able to order return transcript. Anyone filed same day please let me know. I know this is the most longest tax season that I have been experienced. I never had to wait this long for the last 7 years. Good luck to everyone.




    Mine did that the day before yesterday and i woke up to a direct deposit date of 2/24 this morning! I verified ID on 2/16!
    Hope everyone gets good news soon!

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