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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    Same here still processing 7:56

    Must be because of the snow!! Lol this is a joke

    1/28/19 accepted
    2/7/19 still processing

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    Still processing at 7:04am 2/7. So 8 business days since I was accepted and 10 days all together.
    Definitely not going quick for me this year.

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    I’ve been accepted since the 18th and processing on the 29th first thing in the morning and I’m still processing. I called and nothing is wrong, they are just slow! I’m getting beyond irritated!

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    Filed 1/28 accepted same day minutes later…. Still processing. Ugh…

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    Still processing. I’m beyond irritated!!!!!

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    @jessica not at all. They shouldnt take more than a week for an update. Period.

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    I’ve decided next year I’m not filing until February. This isnt worth the drama anymore.

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    Same here Mary! It is totally not acceptable!

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    Aaaaaand still processing at 12:55am on 2/7. This is getting really ridiculous! :(

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    I didn’t realize that number told you for state as well, when I talked to MNDOR they said the only way to know for an offset was to call and speak to a live person, which we didn’t do.

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    I filed both state and federal 1/26 both were accepted 1/28 and MN moved to processing the same day it was accepted. I’ve called the offset number twice most recently today and it tells me no offsets found for my social security number!

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    Jessica did you call to see if you have a offset.
    800-304-3107 if you owe state or anything it will tell you. So your not even at Processing?

    1/28/19 accepted
    2/6/19 processing still
    Just waiting

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    I meant second one saying processing

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    Still nothing and on first bar @Shaun !!!

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    I filed way early, HR Block let me on 1/7

    Filed 1/7
    Fed accepted 1/17
    Path notice on WMR 1/26

    State accepted 1/29
    Processing 1/29 … and have been stuck there since then… not so patiently waiting on that third bar… ugh.

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    Jessica and I must have the same luck

    Fyi Jessica still nothing

    1/28 accepted
    2/6 processing 3:05pm

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    This is getting ridiculous!

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    Its been my experience that they update randomly throughout the day, m-f. Send them an FB message, they answered several of my questions on there!

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    Lol thanks Jamie! I just feel stuck. Gimme my mo-nayyyyyy! Any day now…

    Does anyone know if there are specific days, or times of the day MN updates? I definitely googled it to no avail.

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    Filed 1/24, fed accepted 1/25, state accepted 1/27. I have already received my state refund (Minnesota) and am still at one bar on the federal refund status. Filed Head of HH, no EITC or ACTC, standard deduction.

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    Filed 1/24, fed accepted 1/25, state of Minnesota accepted 1/27. I have already received my state refund (received on 2/4) and am still at one bar on the federal refund status. Filed Head of HH, no EITC or ACTC, standard deduction.

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    Ugh Mary hope you see it soon, lost your FB post on where’s my refund lol.

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    I woke up to refund yesterday morning, still waiting for my refund to hit my card

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    I wonder why mine is taking longer. I submitted 100% accurate information. But, last year it took over two and a half months to get back a my whopping $36 MN state return…

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    Okay so I filed on the Jan28
    Accepted on the 30th of Jan
    Been processing since
    Woke up checked this morning around 7am it said preparing return.
    Just checked again it said refund sent to bank. Hope this helps some1 even though everyone is different. Good luck I’m just glad we don’t have to wait until mid/late Feb to get it like our Federal refund due to PATH ACT.😊

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    Mine is still processing as of 8:35 February 6 :(

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    1/28/19 accepted
    2/1/19 processing
    2/6/19 still processing

    Nothing for me yet. Glad everyone else is moving. Just waiting….

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    Awesome Jamie and Britt! Hopefully mine is coming…

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    Oh ok, I have seen it in the past where people had preparing in the morning sent at night, was hoping for the quickness lol

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    Accepted 1/29/19
    Processing until 2/4/19
    Preparing 2/5/19
    Sent refund 2/6/19

    Was in preparing for 24 hours

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    Jamie, it was just a couple days for me to change to refund sent.

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    Woke up at 705am to preparing refund! Mjb it could days or weeks to go from processing to preparing. I think it just takes a day or maybe a couple hours to go from preparing refund to refund sent, not sure

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    Filed 1/24,
    Accepted 1/28,
    Processing 2/1,
    “We are processing your refund. You do not need to take any action at this time.” 2/4……

    Anyone have any idea how long it takes to go from Preparing.. to them actually sending the refund?

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    Ughghghgh! Still processing 2/6/19 @ 12:07am.

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    Melissa – no. You will get a “refund sent” page first, then it will be in your account there following business day.

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    Sorry 2

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    Last year it took 3 weeks to go from processing to approved. I got my refund on the 28th after my federal.

    Last year
    Filed 1 23 18
    Accepted 1 28 18
    Approved 1 23 18
    In bank 1 28 18.

    This year
    Filed 1 24 19
    Accepted 1 28 19
    Processing still 2 5 19

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    FIles 2/2
    Accepted 2/2
    Still processing.

    The last few years we waited until the end of March or early April before we saw a refund…hopefully this year will be different…

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    The one year I need it the most, still processing, guess I won’t get it the 6th like the last 2 years

    #4258264 Reply


    I usually wait 3-4 weeks. I filed early, but went to processing right away on the 28th. So this is day 9. Guess I was just hoping since it went to the second bar so fast that this year would be different. I always get state after federal, and I’m on the PATH ACT. I dunno if state keeps resequencing or what.

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    8:03am 2/5/19 still processing
    Accepted on the 28th

    Another slow year for me. Must of got someone that process one return a day. I really think this is a joke. Everyone should be getting there tax in the same amount of time and be forced to stick to it 3-5 days from processing is more then enough time. I really think its who you get at this point.

    So mad………….

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    I agree! I’ve never waited this long!

    #4258178 Reply


    Still stuck processing on 2/5 @ 8:05am. This is BS :(

    #4258146 Reply


    Mine went to Preparing refund this morning. Does that mean it will be in my account tomorrow? I have WF.

    #4258103 Reply


    My refund was in my account this am after changing to ‘refund sent’ yesterday.

    Filed and accepted 1/28.
    Got refund 2/5

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    I’m still stuck on processing as of 7:06am 2/5/19 :(

    #4257927 Reply


    @tina. It should. I went to preparing refund thursday night and at 7am ir was on refund sent. My guess is you will wake up to a refund sent.

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    Still processing at 12:01am on 2/5. Accepted 28th. Checking here around 8am, noon, and midnight to see you guys’ updates.

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    Still processing accepted 28th 2019
    Still waiting Feb 4th 10:30pm

    #4257865 Reply


    Still processing accepted 28th 2019
    Still waiting Feb 4th 10:30pm

    #4257594 Reply


    wade123, that is the SAME thing that happened to me! I am a single mom and have been filing the exact same way for 20 years (13 in Minnesota). Yet for some reason they decided to audit me in 2015. It’s been downhill ever since. Before that, they were always johnny on the spot. This is the firs time since that it’s gone to bar 3 within a week. So hopefully it goes through soon.

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    @Jamie There really is no rhyme or reason. I imagine there are Agents there who get their stack of return and just glance and approve and then there are the ones who go over it with a fine tooth comb taking their job too seriously. I go my refund in 6 days this year which is how it used to be for me. It was only in the past 4 years or so it got weird on me. In 2015 and 2016 I was audited. All tuned out ok and was giving my full refund. in 2015 I got it 2rd week of April, 2016 I got it 2nd week of March. Last year was just a little slow and I got it Feb 28. So it seems it is just hit or miss with an agent that passes it at a glance vs. Inspector Gadget

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    I wish I understood the process lol, 2017 and 2018 we got it back on Feb 6th. Same job, same dependants same credits, same with this year, it’s the same job, same dependants, same credits, no movement yet. But it does update throughout the day, so we shall see

    #4257235 Reply


    So strange that it’s taking some people so long. If I get my refund tomorrow, as expected, since it said it was sent today, it will have taken 8 days.

    That seems short to me. Wonder why it varies so much for everyone.

    #4257169 Reply


    Just checked nothing 9:36 am on 2/4/19 still processing also filed EIC

    28th accepted
    30th processing
    Still waiting

    Like said before last year was in this step for almost 3 weeks. Does not look promising this year. Also my last name starts with a D so if it’s alphabetically done then that out of the question lol.

    Connecticut 3 days FYI Minnesota

    #4257163 Reply


    Just another year MN takes their sweet time, I guess…I went back and looked at this forum and others from 2016-now, and its incredible how many of us usually wait 2-5 weeks for our refund every year! I’ve always had to wait for mine. But it went to processing so fast I thought I may get lucky this year.

    SIDE NOTE: Also used TurboTax

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    I was accepted the 16th, processing on the 29th and have been sitting ever since. I’ve always had it back by now. I’m not sure what’s going on!

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    @Jamie. I used Tax Act. When i tried to file on the 11th with my federal and Tax Act had a pop up saying i would not be able to file MN State until Jan 18 when MN updates it module. And sure enough on the 18th MN let me file it. Acepted the same day. I have never used TT before so I dont know about it but for Tax Act they would not allow me file it until MN updated their module. But I do others are getting refunds sent today so I sure hope it happens ASAP for all of you

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    I filed 1/26 accepted 1/28 and was on stage 2 processing 1/28 and still processing… ugh!

    #4257059 Reply


    @wade not sure if that’s the issue, usually TT Wil say it’s not ready, or it would reject it. We only had 1 w2 and the working family credit, so that’s the only forms we needed, still processing as of 750 am

    #4257041 Reply


    That gave me hope! Unfortunately, 8am and still on step 2 processing. Ugh!

    #4257030 Reply


    Also, I checked at 530am and was still on the 3rd bar. At 745am, I checked again and it had changed.

    #4257027 Reply


    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    3rd Bar 2/1
    Refund Sent 2/4

    I’ll update when it is deposited.

    I have credits with Federal.

    #4256904 Reply


    I lied again…forced myself to check lol. Still processing as of 2/4 @ 12:25am

    #4256900 Reply

    Confused in mn

    Did it already update for tonight?

    #4256894 Reply


    I just checkout my where’s my refund for Minnesota and there is a note that a letter was sent on 1/30. Ugh I think I had this last year too and it was just to verify my id but now i’m worried again. I wish they would tell you the reason for the letter, it takes so long to get in the mail. Last year I got my federal 2/22 didn’t get state till 2/28….. Why is MN so slow

    #4256846 Reply


    @Jamie I wonder if your tax forms are the issue. I was not allowed to file until the 18th of Jan. MNDOR did not update their tax forms and module until Jan 18. My tax software left my refund amount blank for MN because MNDOR would not allow mw to file until they updated their tax forms on Jan 18. So they may be taking a closer look if your tax forms were the old ones from last year

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    I got lucky last year, filed Jan. 25th, accepted the 26th. Processing from the 29th to Feb 5th where it went to refund sent and was in my bank Feb 6th. I have had it Feb 6th 2 years in a row. This year filed the 10th, accepted the 15th, processing the 28th and still there

    #4256650 Reply


    It must depend on an individuals situation. I was accepted on the 28th, approved on the 1st, and have a DDD of 2/5. Seems to be about the same over the past four years.

    #4256633 Reply


    Still processing 2/3/2019
    Accepted on Jan 28th

    Last year FYI
    Accepted Jan 28th
    Processing Jan28th-Feb22th
    Approved feb22
    Deposited on Feb 28th

    Sorry but this pisses me off so much. This is our money and they have a responsibility to refund in a timely manner. There is no reason state should take longer then Federal return. The only reason they do this is to keep tax payers money longer. Also when I called last year they could not give any good reason why it was taking so long. So dont waste your time calling.

    Processing-it will be in this stage the longest.
    Approved- It will take is almost two weeks to direct deposit

    #4256501 Reply


    I’m its done updating for the weekend now, hopefully we all see movement Monday morning!! No nothing with the federal credits matter when it comes to state, we can get that whenever they feel like moving faster

    #4256476 Reply


    I filed 1/26/19, accepted on 1/28/19 still on processing. Will it update tonight or is it done for the weekend? I have EIC on my federal will this make a difference for my state refund.

    #4256206 Reply


    Ugh still on bar , processing, no clue why others go faster, I was accepted the 15th, went to processing opening day

    #4256142 Reply


    Accepted on the 28th
    2/2/19 Still on 2nd stage processing

    Last year I was on processing almost 3 weeks. I am not convinced it’s going to be any faster. Lived in CT took 3 days to get refund. No idea why Minnesota is so slow.

    #4256046 Reply


    I was pretty shocked last night to see the status had moved to 3 bar. I filed on the 17th. But the docs weren’t ready until the 28th, at which point my return was accepted. So it only took 4 days to go to 3rd bar. That’s the fastest in 5 years. The last 2 years it took them over a month.

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