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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    My refund is being prepared. Wonder how long until it’s deposited? Maybe Friday?

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    Are any homeowners receiving property tax refunds yet

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    Wondering when you get MN property tax refund

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    Joel Kiertzner

    I had my property tax form sent in ages ago and it is still showing that it is still processing! I find this rather ridiculous! I am really in need of this money as I am disabled and on a very limited budget!

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    Finally moved to step 3. How long does it typically take to move to the final step ?

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    Still waiting for a refund from a return that was filed and accepted on February 24th. Is Minnesota just trying to hold onto our money longer?

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    Almost 9 weeks later and I finally have a Direct Deposit date!!! Wow

    They Waited about 7 weeks to send me a letter…it took 1 week from when I mailed the info back to getting to a deposit date..

    Crazy how long this took…hopefully next year goes smoother, good luck to everyone else still waiting!!

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    Oh my today the start of my 8th week I moved from stage 2 to 3!!! Anyone know how long it actually takes to be sent now?

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    FINALLY my refund is being processed!!! After waiting 6 weeks, then getting a letter stating that I needed to prove the amount that was made last year as well as sending in receipts and proof of purchases for the child credits and business credits I was claiming….it’s FINALLY getting to the refund stage! So basically it was a partial audit. I will say that the person who was processing my return was very helpful and gave me a lot of info. So when returns are e-filed they’re screened for certain words and #s. Those returns sit in a queue until MN Dept of Rev looks at it. If everything looks legit they send it through. If they question anything you get a letter. They sort through the queue a few different times. I will say they processed my mailed in info pretty quick. It took about a week but they tell you to allow at least 3. So glad to be past the processing /checking for accuracy stage!!!

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    So I went through the same thing went weeks with no update then I had to send proof of children now mine just switched to sent and should receive in 7 days the longest #fuckmn that’s why I moved and am loving California

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    @ Rachel I am so sorry you didn’t get a letter or anything she is just requesting this stuff?

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    The tax advocate just called and is now requesting documentation about our whole life. We have to send birth certificates for all 4 children, a copy of my husbands 1099 and our marriage certificate. I am FUMING pissed right now. Looks like we’ll be receiving an eviction notice and will be living out of our vehicle before we ever see our state taxes. How do I tell our foster son that we can’t keep him?

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    Finally the screen changes and rells me a letter was mailed march 20..after waiting almost 2 months in processing yess im getting me a advocate monday

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    @amy and @Brandy,

    We are also just over the 7 weeks mark. As mentioned in a previous post, we contacted a tax advocate at the MN Dept of Revenue two days ago. She asked us to email her proof of financial hardship and she would expedite the filing. Proof could be as simple as a utility disconnect notice. My husband called her back today to find out her email address, but it was not needed. The advocate already processed the return and said the website will update with refund date within 3 days.

    If you need your refund, I suggest calling an advocate. It was a very simple process, that hopefully ended this wait (will update). You can find taxpayer rights and advocate info here:


    MN Tax Advocate
    8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Mon.- Fri.

    Good Luck!

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    @amy..i am also 7 weeks..still processing..im over it..😪😪

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    Officially going on 7 weeks for me…no movement. Rediculous is what it is.

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    Sent my 1040 and M-1 electronically February 15th and both were accepted immediately. IRS paid my refund February 28th. As for Minnesota, I am still in processing. Its been 35 days. I emailed to ask if its because I moved to a new residence. Someone responded saying that they didn’t see anything wrong with my return and they didn’t send a verification letter (I was concerned that they sent my letter to my old address). The person responding to me didn’t give me an estimate on when I would get my refund and merely stated that processing times were variable. Not a hint of how long it would take. It appears that fraudulent filings are up and that is one reason for the delay but in addition my research found an article from early 2017 that said the Minnesota Department of Revenue funding was cut by the Republican led legislature and the head of the Department said it would affect the processing of 2016 and 2017 refunds. It appears that the lack of funding and extra steps to guard against fraud are the problem. Its frustrating especially since the Minnesota Department of Revenue is not communicating the reasons for the delays and not giving the public a reasonable expectation of how long it will take to process our returns. The people on this site filed early which is not typical. Generally early filers get their refunds earlier since there aren’t as many to process. I have to think that the people who will file around April 17th will have an even longer wait time since the majority of the public generally waits until the last minute to file.

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    My husband got in touch with a tax advocate today from the MN Dept. of Revenue. The advocate said if we provide documentation of financial hardship, they will “expedite” the processing, and issue our refund withing 2 days. Documentation can include an eviction or utility disconnect notice. What a load of garbage.

    I mean really – THEY are in possession of OUR money that as taxpayers we paid in advance to them out of our paychecks. We overpaid them too much of OUR money, and should not have to wait for it to be refunded until after an eviction notice comes! There is no justification for this. In NO WAY is it okay for Minnesota to hold OUR money hostage! I am now at the point of LIVID!

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    Jenni Peterson

    Filed on1/29 and accepted the same day. Been in processing ever since. Then on March 8th it updated to a letter being sent…40 days later!!! Got the letter on the 12th saying I needed to send in a copy of my w2. Mailed that to them the same day. ANDDDDD here I wait some more as it still says that a letter has been sent. Oh and I received my Federal refund on 2/16.

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    6 weeks! 2/28 I got a letter to verify I did it that day! Still sitting in processing. I called to make sure I did the verification right they said I did I asked how long it take she said I’m not sure!

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    Well im going in my 7 week i have called nothing is wrong no letters just processing..i hope we see movement soon. This is just ridiculous

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    Rachel, we are unfortunately in the exact same boat. We did not get any letters or anything though and have not been asked to do anything besides wait. We are also foster parents.

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    We filed our MN return (joint) on 2/6/2018. Called MN Dept. of Revenue on 2/26 after website said a letter was sent to us with further instructions on 2/23. We received the letter on 2/27. It directed us to enter a code on their website to verify that it was really us that filed our taxes. Entered code the same day (2/27).

    It is now 3/18 and the same message is still shown – “We sent you a letter on 23-Feb-2018 requesting information we need to finish processing your return. If you responded to this letter
    – we will contact you if we have further questions.”

    We have contacted them twice in the past two weeks to inquire about what is taking so long. Both times we were told there was nothing more that we needed to do, they just need more time to process it.

    We are now on our 7th week of waiting. This is RIDICULOUS! Aside from work, we are also foster parents on a tight budget, and desperately need this money. The least they can do is tell us WHY! #BeyondFrustrated

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    Denise I agree with you I have been processing for 6 weeks now, but like you said if we owed them we would be in collections or something by now. Just rediculous!!

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    Denise Wermager

    I filed weeks ago and my return has been sitting in processing. This return is taking way longer than it ever has in the past. I have been filing MN tax returns for over 25 years and never has my return taken this long. Because my husband works in Wisconsin we have to file WI taxes as well. Both Federal and WI monies have been in our bank account for weeks already. Where is my money that MN owes? What are the things that are checked during processing – making it take so long. If I owed the state the money for some reason I am sure they would not be patient or they would but they would charge interest and penalties – do we as taxpayers get that option?

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    So i have been processing since 2/3 im lost on wat is really going on…this overrated..6 weeks in processing anyone knows what is going on..online it say dont call but i did..2 weeks ago ..and still processing

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    So here’s some BS for ya. March 6th I get an email in the afternoon from the MN dept if Rev saying that there’s nothing wrong with my return. Saturday I get a letter in the mail from them that was generated on 3/6 stating that I have to send in a crap ton of info to prove how much I made last year along with receipts and everything. So clearly who ever sent the email lied to me which is very irritating. So I have until the 21st to get this to them. Then I get the pleasure waiting ANOTHER 3 weeks for them to process THAT! I’m fairly certain they’re asking for this because the week prior I was a thorn in their sides wondering what was going on with my refund. I’ve never had to do this in years past. Really irritated.

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    I filed 1/31 and was accepted the same day. I got a letter about 2 weeks later saying I had to Id verify by going on the where’s my refund site and putting in the special code that was mailed to me in the letter from them. I did that right away the same day I got it and have been stuck in processing ever since!!! It really is so unfair. I haven’t called anymore because they always say due to the fraud going on with identity theft, we have the right to take more time to process returns. The problem is, they have nothing saying how long, or there isn’t any laws yet that say how long they can hide behind that excuse!! At this point they can take forever if they feel like it!!!!!!! How unfair!!!

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    @Rudy I got a message on the site followed by a letter a week later. Was in processing over a month before the message showed.

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    Did you get a letter letting you know about the w2 verification or did you get a message on the site?

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    Update, guys! Filed 1/19, accepted 1/22. Updated to preparing refund after sitting in processing this whole time for w2 verifications. (Had to fax over copies of all w2s last week.) Hopefully it won’t be long now.

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    Processing…..ffs 😒

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    Lucky you @Jason. I filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, Sat in “checking for accuracy” for a week or so before they revamped the site, and have been in “processing” ever since. It’s totally unfair how they do things.

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    I filed electronically on 2/20/18 and it was “accepted ” that evening. It sat in the “processing” phase until 3/6/18 and it switched to “preparing your refund” and then this morning 3/07/18 I got the “we sent your refund.” Assuming it will be in my account tomorrow? I know it’s not what some of you are experiencing, just putting my approximate timeline here so people with similar dates can see what I experienced. 16-17 days?

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    Still flipping processing. Unreal. Got ticked and emailed the MN Dept of Rev telling them that 5 weeks to process a 1040 is unacceptable as well as people who filed after I did already getting their refunds. Of course I get the same BS answer. I’ll be lucky if I see my refund by summer at this rate. Thanks Minnesota….for nothing. Might have to look into what my rights are….something has to be done to fix this. Never have I ever had to wait this long.

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    My status changed from processing to processed and preparing refund. Any approximate timelines for a deposit? I saw that Kevin on 3/01 had the same change and I didn’t see when he got his refund.

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    Chad…not Chris..sorry. I can’t even type correctly, why would i expect my refund?? Man… :)

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    I’m still processing here…but it’s only been 5 weeks, I must have to wait 7 like Chris?? Crazy…

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    Well, it changed from processing to preparing refund overnight, well played Minnesota

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    Same here…processing still… you’d think we would have gotten some communication already if there was something wrong or they needed more info…but can it really take this long for a simple return???

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    Submitted as early as possible still stuck at processing 7 weeks maybe lol

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    5 weeks…..same “processing” crap. So frustrating.

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    @Lindsay I’ve been emailing them too lol. They’re going to get sick of me. I’m sorry but 5 weeks is unacceptable. It’s sad when the federal government can process returns faster than the state and they have so much more to process.

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    Nevensonmn..I don’t get it either! I was accepted one day after you and have been sitting at price

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    Nevensonmn I completely agree with you! I started sending email after email complaining. Knowing it wouldn’t result in anything but I figured since they are making us all play this waiting game, I can at least drive them crazy with complaining emails lol.

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    Wow Lindsay….you’re lucky. Mine was filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, and in “processing” I sit for almost 5 weeks…..on a simple 1040 EZ. It’s not fair at all….I honestly think they’re just randomly picking and choosing people at this point :/

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    Filed and accepted Feb 4th.

    Have been checking daily getting very frustrated. FINALLY switched to preparing refund overnight!! So in guessing I’ll have my refund sometime next week!

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    Still freaking processing….unreal. How can I talk to their customer service people? All I get is the automated crap. Almost 5 weeks of nothing. My 6 year old could process faster! Good grief!

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    Got an update at 243pm today. Refund has been sent. That was pretty quick. Hope everyone else gets there’s soon to. It’s a real pain in the a$$ when you are in need of your money and can’t get it. Hang in there people,it’s coming.

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    Ya I don’t know what is going on…I would be less frustrated if they would at least communicate what is going on…This is getting a little rediculous that it is taking so long to process a fairly simple return.

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