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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    All I know is ever since I started e-filing with Taxact about 12 years ago it has been up and down. Back in the day I usually saw my return within 7-10 days. Up until 2015. 2015 it was 92 days. 2016 is 103 days, 2017 it was 91 days, 2018 94 days. Last year was a fluke. It was 4 days from filing to refund sent. It is also the only year I have owed the state money for a little parking ticket that went to collections. Wow, they processed me in 4 days to make sure they got that, now this year I am prolly back on the 90 day range. I have come to expect it. so I am never disappointed I guess. Well time to go to KwikTrip and get some pop.

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    Imagine coming to a forum for discussing when tax returns will arrive, and complaining about people discussing when tax returns will arrive lol

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    @Corey yes they are there are dates and times it’s not monopoly money and dont worry about anyone but yourself you obviously dont belong here so carry on …

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    @Corey yes they are there are dates and times it’s not monopoly money and dont worry about anyone but yourself you obviously dont belong here so carry on …

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    Tax refunds are not promised or guaranteed by any date so people should not be complaining after waiting one week. Seriously people, one week? It will arrive when it arrives. In the meantime go out and do something, enjoy a crisp morning, take a walk, read a good book. If you are having money problems and counting on your return to cure them, that is unfortunate but not the problem of the people that process returns. If they still have not been sent after a couple couple of months then I can understand complaints. The government has seriously been cutting jobs in this and other sectors so please cut these workers some slack.

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    Checked at 6 this morning still the same. Guess I will be playing the waiting game:/

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    @Savery I have filed in this state for 30 Years no ryme nor reason for when u get them back just keeping checking your mailbox they might want u verify yourself

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    Ugh. I e-filed on 1/23. Started processing the first day they opened. Still processing as of this morning… So annoying because I really need the money. This is my first year filing in MN, is that possibly why it’s taking so long?

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    Whoops meant to say letter was mailed to me in 2-7. Got it on 2-12

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    My state was accepted on January 27th. Then got a letter mailed on 2-10 to verify my identity and that I indeed filed my return. Verified on 2-12. FINALLY says preparing refund! I did change my bank account this year and also my tax preparer software. MN is taking extra precautions this year to protect people from fraud.

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    @Kiwi Many filed before 2/4, on 2/4, and many after, that are still on processing. Some have their money already, some have moved to preparing refund or refund sent. MN be tripping this year, no rhyme or reason lol

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    Anybody filed 2/4 and still on processing?

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    @Jeus it didn’t take long at all, but I didn’t file the amendment until September. Might want to wait until tax season is over to file the amendment so it will go quickly

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    I filed 1/27 and still at processing!

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    Efiled 1/23
    Processing up until today, now I’m at preparing refund. Anyone know how long this step takes?? This is for my state, my federal is still processing.

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    So the. Has anyone who filed on 2/3 gotten passed processing?

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    @hlj did it take a longtime for them to work on it cause it was amended because they put me as a non resident and I didn’t get that credit

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    @ Sam it updates overnight, in the morning, and at night. So any time really.

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    Does MN only update over night or does it update during the day?

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    Same here guys. Just checked and still processing. I think for PATHERS we will see an update by Saturday with a DDD for the 21st.

    Same information with dependents and employer. The difference is just I made more money and different bank.

    The struggle is real.

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    I really do not get what the hold up is. MN should do better. My Federal will arrive before my state and that has never happened before.

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    Early filed accepted 1/23/2020- went to processing on 1/27/2020- nothing
    i just contacted them Tuesday and filed for hardship, sent the documentation Tuesday night and no word from the advocate. Seems everything is slow.

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    Good Grief. How long can it possibly take to process a single W2? Been processing since the 28th and could REALLY use the money right now.

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    I’m meant to say processing not preparing…

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    Ugh mine is still processing filed 1/30 got accepted 1/30 wth is the hold up every year I’ve had my state back before 2/15 same return as last year different bank

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    My went to preparing 2/3
    Still preparing 2/12
    I hope it don’t take much longer my Federal will begin processing on 2/15 because of child tax credit

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    Thank you. Still nothing here!

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    Refund sent 2/7 so where the heck is it ?!!!! Hmmmm anyone else sent 2/7still waiting ?

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    @Kallie Happy Birthday!

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    So over this! Was hoping to get a nice birthday present with an update of “preparing refund” not still processing!

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    Filed 2/2

    Went to processing 2/7

    Still on processing 2/12

    I’m starting to wonder if I’m not going to get audited or made a mistake somewhere. Doesn’t make sense to see no progress at all :(

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    @Kallie Same….I wish I would have stuck to my old checking account…this is not okay

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    Christina H.

    Filed & accepted 1/27
    Status changed to processing 2/1
    Preparing 2/10
    Refund sent 2/12

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    Makes me wonder if I should’ve just used the other account lol!

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    Filed: 2/5
    Processing: 2/6 to 2/10
    Preparing: 2/11

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    I also used a new bank account this year. I wonder if that’s the cause of the delay?

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    @ Kallie, I also changed my checking account this year so maybe they see that and have to verify information

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    Accepted 1/27, been in processing ever sense. I’ve never had this long of a wait. Usually the refund is sent the next week. Not sure what the hold up is this year.

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    Accepted 1/28
    Still processing!
    Most years I have my state within a couple weeks. Huge bummer that’s not the case this year.

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    Same for me. Only thing that changed was my checking account!

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    I have been processing since 02/01 no movement and the only thing I changed was my checking account…this is sad cuz they are quick to take your money but slow at returning it :(

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    @Jesus Yes I’ve filed an amended return in the past. Waited until after I got my original returns back though, so they wouldn’t be held up. It was a fairly easy process, and I ended up getting a small bonus refund out of it.

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    Accepted 2/3 and STILL in processing as of a minute ago. C’mon state hurry up! I already have to wait until basically March to get my federal return because of EIC and Child tax credit.

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    Filed 1/27
    Processing since 1/28

    … no longer amused.

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    Filed 2/2

    Went to processing 2/3

    Still on processing as of 12:45pm 2/11

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    Jesus Bustamante

    Amended return

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    Jesus Bustamante

    Anyone have done an amended return?

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    Christina H.

    Filed & Accepted 1/27

    Processing 2/3

    Preparing refund 2/11

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    Super excited final moved to refund sent!!!!!!!!

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    Processing since 1/27. This is getting pretty redundant and slow.

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    Finally went to step 4 a minute ago after being on step 3 since Friday.

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    Still at preparing refund since Friday, I wish they could hurry up! My fingers are crossed for all of us waiting for our refunds to be sent!

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    How long do give the state to pros your refund before u can call them anybody know thanks

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    processing since 1/28. looks like another year of a 2-3 month wait.

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    Tony S

    I’m wishing mine would go to step 3 and 4. Unfortunately it looks like this is gonna be a long wait for me

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    @jade same here preparing since Friday and nothing yet hope soon

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    Anyone that has been on preparing refund since Friday seen any change? I checked a few minutes ago and nothing. I’ve never had it stuck on that for this long

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    Fingers crossed we all see movement tonight! Just checked a couple minutes ago and I’m still on processing. Thanks to all of those who’ve got their money but still hang out here to calm us down and give info :)

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    I posted down below but mine went from preparing to refund sent in one day…a thurs to a fri. Since yours updated on a friday… id say check it tonight or in the morning and it should say refund sent.

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    I’m hoping we update tonight I’m in the same boat as you

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    Went to preparing refund on Friday 2/7 how long should it take after that to go to refund sent

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    Any one recieve a deposit yet ? Still waiting over here

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    Just an update. As of 1 minute of ago , I am still on processing. Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28.

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    @Sheri thanks, makes me feel better about being at processing for so long!

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    @HLJ I filed on 1.24.2020 and processing on 1.20.2020, I just moved to preparing refund on 2.8.2020.

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    Hi all!

    Filled 2/2
    Switched to processing around 9pm 2/3
    No change since. Anyone else stuck for seemingly no reason?

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    @ noblemama thank you for that information that is wonderful news.

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    Mine took overnight (business days) to update to refund sent.
    2/6 preparing
    2/7 sent

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    @oatmeal – I believe it does update over the weekend, mine changed from processing to preparing on Saturday (unless it updated Friday night)..

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    I am not sure some have got back in a week to 2months in years past

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    Does anyone know on average how long it takes to go from preparing refund to refund sent?

    #4343089 Reply

    Does it update on weekends?

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    Been on Processing since the 29th. Checked a couple hours ago and it was still on step 2. Just checked and finally Preparing Refund.

    #4342610 Reply

    @kallie @wade
    Yea i may have gotten it fast this year and previous years but last year it took 2 months. So its just completely hit or miss no matter your situation, when u file, etc. They just do what they want when they want. Like a toddler haha

    #4342578 Reply

    filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/30
    Processing 1/31
    Preparing refund 2/7
    checked around 5pm Still on processing but just check 20 mins ago and it’s on step 3 preparing refund

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