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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Mine updated to sent!

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    I just updated to sent as well! They “adjusted” the amount so I’m barely getting anything, but every penny helps! Guess I’ll find out why when I get the letter they sent. Good luck everyone!

    Filed & accepted 2/11
    Updated to processing refund 2/16
    Updated to refund send 2/20

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    Finally moved to sent! Fingers crossed for the rest of you! I remember last year sucked waiting.

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    I finally went to preparing refund this morning.
    So filed 1/9
    Accepted 1/29
    Processing 1/29
    Letter 2/14 – Online ID verfiy – WMR changed 2/15

    Preparing Refund – 2/20


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    Processing for 20 days now!

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    Still stuck on preparing… little long for for preparing!?!

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    I’ve filed since feb 4th, it’s been two weeks now and no progress. My mom filed a day after me and got hers the following week both of her taxes came in less than 7 days. I’ve been stuck on processing for awhile now and as for the irs I finally got a date back to when it’s coming. Why is mn state taking so long ?

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    I also feel like I have been processing forever!!! No change and also no letter.

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    Anyone still stuck on processing?? I feel like I’ve been there for an eternity!!

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    Yeah I thought it was just me until I seen your post. I messaged them on Facebook and and asked houre long it usually takes. Got the generic response of course!!
    This is what they said
    We don’t have a set amount of time for any particular stage, but typically preparing your refund means our review of your return is complete and you should see your refund soon.

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    @himesmn04 Glad I’m not the only one is this boat, makes me somewhat optimistic that I’ll actually see a refund at some point. Fingers crossed it’s soon for all of us!

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    I’m still stuck on preparing refund as well. I had checked sat morning around 1245am and it was still processing. When i woke up around 645am it switched to preparing finally but stuck there now. Last year I remember it went from preparing refund on 28th at 429pm.. than the 1st about 730am it switched to refund sent. Why in the world is it taking so long this year to switch steps for some of us!! I don’t owe anything anywhere. This is ridiculous

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    I’ve been at “preparing return” since Saturday morning. Has anyone been to that stage on WMR and received a letter or not received their return? It’s been years since I was entitled to a state return, and the last time I was I vaguely remember updating on WMR to all “bars” then getting a letter saying I had an offset. My memory could be off though, this would have been six or seven years ago.

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    Dang it. Sounds like we are all in similar boats! Yes Wade I will do that. Even the WMR hasnt updated for me…it said letter sent the 5th…then letter sent 12th (because they sent to wrong address), but hasnt loved from there back to a normal process message.

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    @Cat- hang in there, i’m in the same boat;

    I also have not received a letter, i’ve been checking for one, and am still processing. The note i have on WMR is that they’ll contact me if they need any further information. I just got my federal DDD- come on MN.

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    I haven’t received anything and nothing is on wmr. I don’t wanna call and give them a reason to flag me. Last year I had to get a tax advocate and did a hardship for them to give me my refund. Weeks passed and I had no codes and no letter. I am hoping I don’t have the same issues this year.

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    I got my letter from MN before MN WMR updated to let me know it was sent. It updated Friday, I had gotten my letter and did the ID verfiy Thursday.

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    I am still waiting too. I wish I knew what was going on. Everyone else I know got theirs super fast.

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    Still no update, filed and was accepted 1-29-19 have been processing since. No letter yet that I am aware of….anyone else??

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    @Mary I dont know how long. They always just automarically. And this year they were super fast. Got my State in 4 days. But i would call them Tue morning to get a verbal verification that they recieved the fax and it should be a day or 2.

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    @jessica1873 thank you!! I guess I’ll just have to call. Wish they had an automated line to check things like federal.

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    It took a while for mine to show that a letter had been sent @Cat

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    Does MN have a offset number like federal?

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    Hey all! Does anyone know if the state wmr says if a letter was sent or not? Or do u just call and that’s when u find out. I’ve been processing for a couple weeks now and am getting antsy. Everyone else I know filed and got their refund in a week.

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    Joshua Johnson

    Anyone else state say released funds on 2/14/19 and have emerald card get their state yet?

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    @wade perfect thank you! I faxed the stuff Friday. Any idea how long I’m looking at for processing?

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    Jonathan. How are you filing? Because that sounds like a scam in the works

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    Filed Jan 29
    Accepted 2/1/2019
    No update yet. H and r block says I have one however but I don’t trust them. Lol. Says ddd for 2/22/2019. Last year I received my state two weeks after my federal return.

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    What is the email address or fax number for the irs?

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    Question: when I go to set up direct deposit for my federal tax return, it asks me to provide an email address and/or fax number for the government agency who is issuing the refund. Does anyone know either of them?

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    Mine says it is processing still. Been that way since 1/28. Still just says I will be in this stage the longest and do not need to take any action even though I received an email from my advocate that I needed to provide proof of my 4 mo th old baby being my dependent. Mailed all that on Wednesday just a couple hours after receiving the email. They would have received it yesterday… smh

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    Refund was in my account this morning. Was sent on 2/15.

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    Woke up to processing, we sent you a letter on Feb. 12th. Is this the same letter I got yesterday before WMR updated? That one was dated the 11th. I am assuming so.
    So of course it said my refund could be delayed. Yay…

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    @Mary. They automatically adjust me refund every single year. You will know because It will say refund sent on 4th bar and it will tell you the ammount of your refund with a message saying they sent a letter explaining the adjustment.

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    Shock of the morning.
    Filed & accepted 1/28
    Processing 1/29-2/15
    Checked it at 1245am on 2/16 stil processing ..
    .just checked it at 650am
    Hopefully everyone else gets there as well!! Didn’t think I would for another few weeks:)

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    Filed – January 22nd
    Accepted by MN – January 29th
    Processing – January 29th to February 15th

    I went to check my status today and although I’m still in processing, apparently they sent me a letter on February 12th. Same thing happened last year, it took over a month and a half for my state return. I received my Federal return after a week last year and this year. Come on Minnesota, can’t you just send me my return without issues every year?

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    @Tamra Yes, I am. Got a letter from MN today, but was still processing on WMR
    Have been since the 29th as well.

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    Tamra R Poppy

    Anybody still on processing?? Since the 29th.

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    Finally got my letter. It was for the k12 education credits. When we moved, I lost literally half of my belongings, because we had a short 4 weeks to be out. I called the man and explained that to him and that I dont have proofs at this time. He told me to send the voucher back with a note and they would adjust it, which is fine. I asked if I needed to claim hardship with a tax advocate, but he said that he will make note in the system and it should take just an extra day or two to process. So. With that being said, I’m happy to finally be getting somewhere. I hope that my explanation was good enough for them. My question now, is how do I check WMR to find out if its moving again? Since they’re going to adjust the amount, how will I know what the new amount is? Or do I just look with the original?

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    @Whitney thanks so much for that info!!!! Hopefully it’ll work quickly for me as well.

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    @Justine I had to do the same! My refund was in my account 3 days later.

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    Got a letter in that mail today from MN. They needed to verify my return. So I had to go on the site and put in a tax verification code…

    Anyone else deal with that?? Should that be it?

    So, now I got kicked back into processing… ugh.

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    Sent club! Filed and accepted 1/28, processing 1/29, preparing 2/14, sent 2/15 and waiting patiently for deposit. Card deposits 2 days early. We shall see.

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    How long were you processing Ryan?

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    Mine went to sent on 2/13 recieved deposit on 2/15

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    Just checked mine has changed to SENT on 2-15-2019.
    Filed 1/27
    Accepted Fed 1/28
    Accepted MN 1/29
    Fed DD 2/13
    MN processing from 1/29-2/13
    Preparing Refund 2/13-2/14
    Sent 2/15

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    Mine changed to sent wooo. Wonder how long until it hits

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    Joshua Johnson

    Just checked and mine has changed to sent!!! Will update when it hits my account. Was on preparing for 3 days.

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    Last year it took mine a day to switch. I also got my money that evening.

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    still on step 3 @ this am. How long does it usually take to get to the final step ?

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    Yeah I just checked again and its still processing. I figured it wouldn’t change for me.

    #4270444 Reply


    Mine just changed around 9pm

    #4270252 Reply


    himes I am on step 3

    #4270191 Reply


    What is the latest during the day has someone moved to the next step? Stil stuck on processing just like last year. Not surprised honestly

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    This is super frustrating, my bank account is negative, my federal was here within a week (filed 1/28, accepted same day or 1/29), and still in stage 2 on their dumb website. Rent is late, bills are late, ugh

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    I am sorry guys. I didn’t think the first post posted, so I posted again. Saw around 1pm the first post showed up. Sorry about the double post.

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    I went through my stuff last year and noticed my state came on the shirt tails of my federal, within a couple days of each other. Accepted for MN 1/29 and pretty sure still processing, even though I haven’t checked yet. 😂

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    So I never got my letter so it told me to call by today. I called. Spoke to a man named Tom. As I thought, they sent it to my old address. So he said they issued another to my new one. When I asked what it entails, he said it’s about some education expenses that were claimed. If it’s for sports, that’s fine. If it’s for computers I purchased (2 of them) or the insurance I had to pay for my kids’ iPads (2 of them), that’s another story. I got my computers at a pawn shop, and never knew that I could claim them. And the iPads my kids brought the teachers cash…so I never got receipt. Hell, I dont even care if they take that portion off! I dunno. He gave me number for tax advocate to speak of hardship, but said he couldnt just email me the letter.

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    I am also on step 3. How long does it usually take to get to the final step ?

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    Still processing for me.
    Accepted 1/29
    Processing 1/29

    Looked back at last year and my state piggybacked my federal. Wonder if something similar will happen. Other than that it’s almost been 3 weeks now.

    Congrats to those who updated!

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    Anyone switch from preparing refund to refund sent in the same day?

    #4269419 Reply


    Guess what??? Just went to processed now it’s on step 3 preparing refund.

    Accepted 1/28/19
    Processing though 1/28/19-2/13/19
    Processed 2/13/19 overnight
    On stage 3 preparing refund 2/14/19
    Message says we are processing your refund. You do not need to take any action

    Once deposits I will let everyone know should be quick hopefully

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    Christine pryor

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/28
    Still processing

    Last year I got my state after my federal. I have EIC on my federal expecting the same thing this year. Next week might be a good week.

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    Good morning. I’m usually a lurker, but wanted to share.

    Filed 1/27
    Accept Fed 1/28 and Mn 1/29
    H&R Block

    Received Fed refund DD on 2/13–yesterday
    Just checked MN refund about 30 minutes ago and refund is being prepared.

    I didn’t get my Mn refund until October last year. Previous years it was always within 10 days and before Federal. But last year was a mess. Received a letter to send in docs. And had to wait until October.

    Good luck to everyone. Just be patient. It’s coming.

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    Allen read below most of us are in the same boat. Last year I got my Minnesota regular d after federal it took 4 weeks. This year is looking the same way. I was accepted on the 28th and still sitting in processing. I am not worried just waiting and getting mad that its taken so long and other get there in a week. Something is wrong with there processing it should be a time frame that is realistic. We all need the extra money.

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    I E-file my refund January 28th and it’s been processing since then now February 14th…wth anyone else still waiting? Has me worried even though I’m pretty sure I did everything right.

    #4269148 Reply



    Thank you. I will sure keep all of my late payment and disconnect notices! This was supposed to be my time to just catch up and now I’m just feeling so damn defeated. It isnt fair.

    #4269135 Reply


    @mary a notice of the impending electricity shutoff would work!

    #4269091 Reply


    Thank you Justine, Shaun, and Mary for being so nice! She’s most definitely been the biggest surprise and just as much of a blessing as her older siblings! I couldn’t kill her by having an abortion and I could give her away because she’s my little tiny human that I was given to be her mother at this time whether I was ready or not! She’s not a pet that needs rehoming!

    #4269087 Reply


    Jessica what is proof of hardship? I know that they can expedite sometimes…but what would I need as proof? It’s been 8 days since they said a letter was sent. I need my money like…last month! I’m about to lose my damn vehicles and electric!

    #4269085 Reply


    Omg Jessica that’s just awful, and I’m so sorry this happened to you. I too, am still waiting on my damn letter, that was supposedly sent 2/5. I’m thinking they sent to my old address. I’m calling them tomorrow to find out what’s going on with mine. Im tired of this crap already. Is it 2020 yet?

    #4268763 Reply

    Amy Bradtke

    Refund sent…direct deposit..when should it go in my account…sent 2/8/19

    #4268743 Reply

    Amy Bradtke

    Refund sent…direct deposit..when should it go in my account

    #4268697 Reply


    Jessica you probably pissed them off when you called and they flagged you to make you wait longer. I would not be surprised that this was deliberate. I am not sure why they can not verify it’s your kid with there social that is ridiculous. Sorry that happened to you and for being brave enough to have the kid. I am so mad I am also still processing.

    Accepted 1-29
    Processing still

    #4268635 Reply


    I am so sorry this happened to you!!!

    Ugh, wish they would just be upfront with what the problems are.

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