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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    File and accepted 2/4 Fed and MN
    DDD 2/20 Fed
    2/4-2/21 MN Processing
    2/21-24 Preparing refund
    2/24 Refund sent

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    @wade123 That really sucks, do they ever give you a reason why it takes so long?

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    @HLJ Well, I go through this every year. I always get my State in late March or Mid April. Every single year I do this, except last year. Last year was 4 days from filing to refund sent. And that is only because I had $186 collections for an unpaid parking ticket. So I do not expect anything for at least another month. Thats my deal every single year.

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    @wade123 totally agree about our refund tracker being better than WMR. Since it updates every day and at different times too. Bummer you have no changes :(

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    I am still on processing. No letters and no messages on refund tracker. The one good thing about our refund tracker vs. WMR is it actually updates any day of the week, and it will tell you a letter has been sent. Even if it tells you a day or 2 late at least it does not leave you completely blinded like WMR. And if I did get a letter then I would be surprised, since I already had a full audit in 2017.

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    Got a letter yesterday. Overnight WMR updated to tell me they sent a letter on 2-19. Would have been nice to see that message on 2-19 but at least it updated

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    Received a letter to verify…not sure how long afterwards I should see my refund but here’s to hope:)

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    Man, my boyfriend filed a week or 2 after me….got his refund on feb 14th. Me? Still nothing!

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    I filed Monday 2/17 and my state return is being prepared.

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    Received an ID verify notice today, hopefully this speeds up the process!

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    I received a letter asking me to verify my identity the site didn’t tell me I was receiving a letter hopefully it gets my money to me now

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    Stilllllll on processing. Update overnight maybe? Feels like I’ve been saying that everyday for weeks

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    Went to sent!

    Wishing the processing gets quicker for my fellow Minnesotans.

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    Refund was sent and moved to sent this morning – how long before it posts to the TurboTax card?

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    I’m in the same boat. This really blows.

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    Still at processing since 1/27. Definitely another year of 60 days. Well, I guess I will see you all in April.

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    Moved to preparing this am.. filed 2/7….

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    @cash H & R Block kept your state tax to pay for there fees instead of taking it out of the federal?

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    @cash H & R Block kept your state tax to pay for there fees instead of taking it out of the federal?

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    Normally it says that if you don’t get the letter after Xx days to give them a call.

    Literally it was the quickest verification in my entire life.

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    @diana 😋😋😋

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    @tiredofwaiting IRS notices & Tax info do not get forwarded. Address change will be your last bet.

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    @Tiredofwaiting They cant discuss any letters. They are actually telling the truth that they need the code on the letter to open it. It is like a PDF file with a password. Only a supervisor can open it. In 2017 that happened to me. I was out of the country and it took a month before a supervisor would even take the case. Best bet is to have someone run to your mailbox and take a picture of the letter to send you.

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    So I check my status and it says they mailed out a letter 2/14. Only problem is I am out of state until May and it has been taking weeks for my mail to forward. I tried calling to see what they wanted and they said they can’t say anything. Is it most likely a letter to verify my identity? I did change banks this year. Are there other letters they “can’t discuss” ? Thanks 1

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    A. Evans

    The good news is that I finallygotmy refund…bad news is… it’sbeen offset

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    @HLJ yea fingers crossed. I filed 27 accepted same day. This is the longest I had to wait

    depends on what bank you have. Usually your only on preparing status for 24-48 and you’ll get a ddd. If your preparing then I would be checking your bank for that to clear

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    @Danny that’s good news for you I guess at least there’s no issue

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    How long once you go into preparing refund does it hit your account?

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    @hlj I did a few minutes ago. No hold or anything. Still processing. The rep said there is no time frame like irs. Everybody tax refund is different so I’ll wait still SAT for an update

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    Has anyone with no letter and stuck on processing called the state and asked why no movement?

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    @kallie congrats!

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    I finally went to preparing after verifying my identity.

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    States been accepted then still processing. Any updates from anybody else…I did TT/SBTPG

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    I didn’t see an update this morning. Maybe tomorrow I will get one after verifying.

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    Last year I filed 2/11 and got my money on 2/20. This year filed 2/2 and NOTHING stuck on processing. I give up lol

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    @Steve, I verified mine yesterday. I am hoping I get it soon.

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    Letter sent.. .2/7, verified in a minute online.. .been on preparing a refund over a week now, longer than I was in processing. Which when you’re in processing it said would be longest stage a person would be in.

    State of MN government is a mess and joke

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    I got my fed literally days after filing now I’m waiting for state! Finally went into Preparing. Filed 1/27

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    Where’s my reply?

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    I have yet to receive my federal; however, I am pretty confident that I will receive it this Friday.

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    @Kallie. Told ya. Super simple. Now you will go to preparing refund super fast. Thats why i wish I had a letter, for anything

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    I got the verification letter today. Literally took me 1 minute to input my last name the verification code, confirm verification code and select that I filed it.

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    Filed and accepted 1/27… Stuck in processing with no letter sent or info available. called today and was told “we’ve only been processing for a short time, your return looks normal and needs time to go to preparing ” that’s bullshhhh because I know people that filed well after me and had theirs last week already.

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    Filed 2/2, went to processing 2/3. Still no change, hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow morning it will move to preparing. We can always hope right?

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    @wade. Thank you for that information.

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    @Kallie It depends on what the letter is for. Maybe you need to ID verity and you can do that online. Go to the link provided and enter the code on the letter, maybe they want more info, you might be able to just fax it in. In my case I live 15 minutes away in St. Paul so I just go there in person. But in any case you wont even get them to open youfile and discuss anything without that PIN in the letter.

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    @wade. So what is the process with that code? Do I have to answer additional questions? Is there a link I am suppose to go? Lol.. I just want my money.

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    Jeeze, you’d think in 3 weeks the MN dept of Revenue could at least update something on the refund status. Oh boy.

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    @Kallie Yep, I got a letter 3 years ago because I claimed school expenses of $235. Learned to never claim anything again. It held me up until May. But you need that letter because it has a code on it that you need to verify.

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    I tried to be proactive and let them know that I am receiving a letter in the mail today but I have class and won’t be able to get it to the mailbox and if I can assist this to prevent any further delay. The person told me I need to get the letter first 🙄

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    If letters are being sent at least we have some confirmation returns are still being processed. Seems like a bunch of people got their money a couple weeks ago and nothing since. Maybe they process in large batches?

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    @Kallie I wish I had a letter. At least I would know something. If it was ID verify, than thats super fast online, and within a day or 2 you should update to preparing refund. But I am stuck in processing for probably another month.

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    @Sam yes. I checked it this morning and it told me they sent me a letter on 2/13.

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    Does it say they are sending you a letter when you check your status? I changed banks this year as well – filed 2/3 and no update. Thank you!

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    No update
    No letter
    No money
    No anythg
    Not happy

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    Still waiting. Filed and accepted 1/27… Stuck in processing hell with no letter sent or info available.

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    i getting a letter too at least they let the money go when u verify its u in a couple days

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    I switched banks as well but have no update and haven’t got a letter :/

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    Got an update this morning stating they sent me a letter. I’m sure it’s to verify my identity as I changed banks..

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    H and r block kept my state

    #4352608 Reply

    I have given up on checking MN WMR. I guess I’ll just have to be surprised when it hits my account.

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    @A. Evans it is precisely because of that very big family working credit they take extra time to review many returns. I usually take 1-3 months to get my refund with the 45 day maek being average.

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    A. Evans

    Accepted 1/30
    Processing as of 1/31 and STILL processing… 1st year filing in Minnesota
    I haven’t received any correspondence via postal mail

    This is beyond ridiculous
    I will give Minnesota some credit for their return being more financially favorable in comparison to other states I’ve lived in

    But I’m still annoyed

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    @Taxpayer you must be talking about federal. MN doesn’t give a DDD just changes to sent.

    Woke up with no change, still on processing since 2/3. Now it‘s the weekend and a holiday on Monday, so probably no change until some time next week.

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    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Was on “we are processing your return” since 2/5 on WMR.
    2/13: got a verify your ID in the mail. I verified online the same day.
    2/15: This morning I updated to DDD for 2/25

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    *sigh* I guess we’ll see Monday is there is any movement.

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    My bad I went to processing on 2/3 filed 2/2. So been on that step for over a week

    #4350522 Reply

    @Kallie I ALWAYS get my Federal long before my State, Even on the PATH. Like I said. it is 90 – 110 days EVERY year for my State except last year when I owed the state money

    #4350519 Reply

    1/27 here and still nothing! I am a PATHER you think it’ll update tonight?! Checked my transcripts nothing yet. For the past few years I’ve been getting them on the 22nd. Hoping for a 2/21 DDD

    #4350499 Reply

    Same boat as you guys, probably will get federal first. Filed 2/2 been on processing since 2/7

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    @wade It is looking more like I will receive my federal before state 🙄

    #4350456 Reply

    @Kallie Agreed. Same here. Nothing has changed except every year I get that 25 to 50 cent per hour pay raise. So minimal it should not trigger anything.

    #4350427 Reply

    Sounds like someone is a little triggered. There should be a standardized process for across the agency. I have been claiming the same dependents every year with the same two employers. There shouldn’t be a hold up.

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