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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    I filed 2/15. Got fed back in february. But state has been processing since 2/16.

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    Noblemama and monmon when did you file?

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    Oh I feel ya! My oven is about to give out and need to get another one. Plus a vacay in end of this month. I dont get why they couldnt just give ppl a heads up psa or something.

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    I hope so, I really need the money soon to pay off my school bill that I pay monthly. I’m currently in school and paying most out of pocket.

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    At this point, its probably good to recieve a letter for id verify bc then at least u know once you’ve verified, you’ll get your refund soon! Lol

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    None at all. Still processing.

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    I got a an update about a letter being sent to me March 28th, but I have not seen a letter yet

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    Still no updates for me! Anyone get any?

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    Been a while since I checked in, I filed for hardship and the tax advocate notified I got a letter, he emailed me it and I had to verify my identity and I also had to show proof of the education credit I took for the kids, I also had a Recapture but that is being forgiven just for this tax time due to hardship I still owe it but these taxes are safe. I have faxed all documents needed for education stuff I had. The state is very picky about records and some things are very unclear. So I am sure there will be a few adjustments. It’s crazy how long this takes and how many are being audited this year for things on the education deductions or credit. So I filed Feb 3 have a hardship and still am waiting. I wish you all the best

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    Filed 2/6. Still I processing today, despite having received a letter with a code on 2/28 and already having put the code in.

    This is beyond frustrating!!!

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    Wow I filed February 4th and didn’t even a get a bar change.

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    Machelle Jean Frisbie

    grrrr … sems like the only people out of processing are those who have the entire amt recaptured

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    I filed feb.14 just switched from processing on 3/25 anyone know how long the preparing refund phase last?

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    Haha yea I figured if I had no update, I might as well not keep posting the same thing over and over for a while lol

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    Noblemama you’ve been MIA on here ! Missed you lol

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    So I received my letter today and it said because I filed self employment because of my license in home Daycare I have to send in my 1099 form and proof of expenses….whewwww! Thankful I had both in my files just in case something like this would happen. I faxed it all over to her today so now I’m back to waiting but at least I know what was going on and hopefully it want be as long.

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    Accepted Feb 4 still in processing 51 days. This is bs

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    I filed 2/15 and still on processing as well. No letter or update.

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    I filed the 8th. Was accepted same day. I am still on processing. My bf filed a week and a half after me and got his refund couple weeks ago. I filed with kids he did not. I also am self employed whereas he has w2s. I am sick of waiting. I wonder how many waiting will get a letter. Seems they are going down the line. Last week was end of January. Those filers either got their refund or a letter. Now this week filers from Feb 2ndish are getting refunds or letters. So I assume next week or week after I should update with a refund or letter sent. Praying no letter and just get my refund because I desperately need it.

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    I have not gotten a letter or anything updated, it’s so frustrating

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    So my state tax return was accepted on Feb 2 and been stuck on processing until this morning. It’s been updated today saying they sent me a letter on March 21 for whatever reason idk because I haven’t received it yet..but I have to return the things they’re asking for asap if I want to receive my refund…ughhh so hopefully I’ll receive the letter today.

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    So my state tax return was accepted on Feb 2 and being stuck on processing until this morning. It’s been updated saying they sent me a letter on March 21 for whatever reason idk because I haven’t received it yet..but I have to return the things they’re asking for asap if I want to receive my refund…ughhh so hopefully I’ll receive the letter today.

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    Has anyone updated who filed In the beginning weeks of February?

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    I agree Kenny! This is beyond ridiculous…

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    They should have an April 15th deadline to refund us!!!

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    Anyone k how how long the preparing refund stage usually takes?

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    Mary I filed the 7th and was accepted early morning of the 8th and I’m also still stuck in processing. I’ve called multiple times and have been told it can take awhile and nothing appears wrong so just wait. I’m getting tired of waiting. Hope we update soon!!

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    Well I thought I was the only one waiting so long. My return was accepted Feb 8 and it is march 21 and I’m stilll in the processing phase. I’ve emailed twice and they say they need to make sure refunds are gong to the correct prople

    Used Turbotax same as i did in 2017 and got refund within 5 days. What is the problem this year?….

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    My sister in-law filed and got accepted feb 1, she finally got an update preparing refund. I am still stuck on processing since Feb 4

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    Mine finally updated today to preparing payment. I filed on 01/30/2019 accepted 02/01/2019 and was filed through TurboTax with the EIC.

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    That’s what they told me as well. Any flags would be visible to them and to me as well on the website.

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    Mine was accepted on the 8th and it’s been in processing since. They told me of there was a audit or flag it would of came up by now.

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    Correction: I meant OVER 30 days. I filed on January 29 and it was accepted on February 4th. Stuck in processing since February 7th

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    30 days. I’ve never seen state take so long before. Called and spoke to a rep and they said the same that I’m reading “there’s no pending holds/flags, it’s just taking time”. Lol I bet when you owe the state it’s faster. My friend owed the state and hers was processed and withheld in 5 days, and we filed at the same time.

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    Filed Feb 8 and is still in processing. Anyone know why it’s taking so long? Also no letters and department of revenue said there was nothing pending on me.

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    Filed on Feb 2 and was accepted the same day. Checked wmr and it is still processing. Call an tax advocated this morning and was told I just had to wait.

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    Bit the bullet, and called finally.. it’s been 30 business days.. nice guy, looked at my info, said it was just still stuck in process, no letters sent.. never have waited this long.. my son just finally got his last Thursday , after 30 days…ugh

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    Same here it’s a new week no updates yet

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    Hakim M

    Still no update and on processing :(

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    I am still waiting with no updates. Today I emailed the tax advocate. This is beyond ridiculous.

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    I file & was accepted 1/31, mn wmr updated this morning they sent me a letter March 14th, I called cause I haven’t gotten it yet,lady on the phone said she cant access the letter until 10 days after they sent it, so after researching online it could be anything from proving my identity or proving my medical insurance or income with w-2s…. so here Iam having to wait to see what else it is they need from me

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    I filed Jan 30 and still no state refund. Just checked this morning and says that sent me a letter because they need more info!?? It was accepted feb 1!! Not sure what the hell they need!!! #Frustrated

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    I filed back at the end of January. Accepted 1/28 and federal was processed and returned already mid Feb. Minnesota was accepted, but has been stuck in processing still. Wondering for those that filed at the end of January, if you have gotten your return back yet or not. Getting frustrated!

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    Still no update. Rrrr

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    Any updates ?

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    Hakim M

    @Noblemama Filled and Accepted on 2/5 No EIC or ACTC also called and they said “no hold” …. Still stuck on Processing

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    Hakim when did you file? Did you have the EIC and ACTC?

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    Hakim M

    Still no update as well. Called and said no hold and it should be proccessed soon

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    Still no update. 😢

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    They can take your returns for any past due amounts that are owed to certain hospitals, state ran things or child support or student loans. In my case I had no clue that there was even Bill’s out there. They are granting me my hardship so I will get my return but thankfully my insurance will take care of the outstanding bill as they never submitted it to insurance.

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    I called a few weeks ago and was told I have no holds on my refund and nothing was wrong. Just returns are taking awhile. I hope yours goes smoothly with your hardship!

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    Also what is the number to the tax advocate line ?

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    Hi Tina, so if you have medical loans and school loans they won’t disemburse your money ? Are they going to keep it then ?

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    So I called a Tax advocate today, At first he went through the spiel that refunds can take up to 3 months this year due to l the fraud. I asked if I qualified for a Hardship, Being I am having a major medical crisis and need meds and dr visits and my Bill’s? I do. However when he looked into my file there was a couple ambulance Bill’s on there. One for daughter and one for me, One they didnt even run through my medical ins so it would have taken almost my entire refund. I had no clue I had either of these Bill’s my daughters should have been paid by my ex and mine should have been billed to ins and then the rest sent to me. He said a lot of refunds are sitting because of things like medical bills and student loans etc. I just wanted to let ya’all know to maybe check if that could be part of your issue. I was never notified about either of these Bill’s I have a feeling my daughters bill went to my ex but because I am the parent on her medical forms it’s me they came after when he didnt respond. My own bill was from March 2018 and I got the initial bill for 2200 and called and gave them my ins info as my ins pays out 90% so of course I would do that. I think its messed up because nobody sent me anything about these Bill’s before hand or I would have taken care of them especially the one my ins can pay most of. So that’s my update, I will get my hardship hopefully and it takes about a week or so. Hopefully the state moves on this quickly. If you need a hardship their rules are on Minnesota Revenue. And you only get one in a lifetime. Good luck everyone I hope your waiting is just due to the fraud issues. I’m glad I called or they would have taken 2700 of my refund and I would have had to go through a long process to get my money back for a ambulance ride that should have been paid for.

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    Hakim M

    No update so far :(

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    I was so hoping for an update this morning! I guess can’t do anything but keep waiting! This is the longest wait ever!!! Holding onto hope for all of us for this week. 🤞🤞🤞

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    Nothing here either: ( Heres to the greener side of things…I bet we’ll get an update for sure by the end of March here!

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    Still no update loosing faith in this tax return

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    Sorry if this repeats – mine was accepted 1/29, was changed overnight last night to refund processing. Any idea how long this step takes?

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    Mine was accepted on Jan 29th and today it finally showed as refund processing. Any idea how long it takes to get the direct deposit?

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    I filed and got processed 2/4, still no update I’ve been at that process bar. This year is definitely taking longer than last year…

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    Christine Pryor

    I filed 1/28 but got audited and put in review. Finally got approved

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    Still nothing processing since 2/3

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    Hakim M

    Still no updated… no letter got accepted on 2/5 and still stuck on “processing”.

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    Christine when did u file?

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    I’m still hoping on a Wednesday update, this is getting out of hand… it’s been over a month now

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    Same still no update or letters

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    Filed/accepted 2/15
    Still nada.

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    Christine Pryor

    It finally updated for me today it now says refund processing. How long does it take for it to change to refund sent?

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    My boyfriend whom filed like a week Or so after me just updated. I wish I would!

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    Hopefully by Wednesday I’m thinking since the people who got updates who filed end of Jan week saw an update on a Wednesday

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    I’ve still not updated

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