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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    Filed Jan 19th, accepted the 23rd… 24th being checked for accuracy… How long does it usually take to get to processing?

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    Filed April 17th, still have not received my refund. Still on the 2nd bar , reviewing for accuracy. WTH!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??

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    Oluwole: 651-556-3000 is the state number. You can also call the tax payer advocate at 651-556-6013.

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    OK I filed my MN on 1/25 five days after my state still at checking for accuracy its been little over a month. I don’t know what is going on with MN I googled to see if there were any obvious delays and all I could find is about last year I through my hands up idk*_*

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    Over this

    Filed 2-1-16 accepted 2-2-16 and still checking for accuracy, I called last week and talked to a woman that said she has the same information as the website. I asked were there any issues did they need more information, she said they would mail a letter if there is an issue. Zero help! This is ridiculous

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    I filed on January 22nd, my MN status is still “checking for accuracy”. My boyfriend filed his MN two weeks ago and has already received his! This is ridiculous. Can anyone provide me with the phone number to talk to an actual person? Thanks!

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    i received my state today 2/5 bank wont release it till monday though

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    i just filed my taxes febuary 1st i am on the 3rd bar for state today

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    Nicole G.

    Rose, the MN Department of Revenue website said that they sent me my income tax refund 2/2/2016 via direct deposit. I check my bank account almost daily year-round. The deposit was visible to me this morning; I didn’t see anything yesterday afternoon.

    Overall timeline for my MN Income Tax (2015):
    -Filed 1/28/2016 (using TT)
    -Accepted 1/29/2016
    -Refund sent 2/2/2016 (DD)
    -Refund (DD) actually visible to me in my bank account 2/3/2016

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    I have a feeling that anyone that has to wait for their federal because of the PATH act… we will be waiting for our state as well. I’m still stuck on checking for accuracy as well. A friend had already received both if her refund, state and federal, and she filed a week ago!!! I filed the 18th and nothing yet!!!

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    I’m still on checking for accuracy.. This is getting ridiculous, at this rate I will end up having my federal first!

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    Filed Jan 19 and it still says checking for accuracy. I’ve emailed them a few time’s and get the same scripted response. I’ve called once and all I got is that it has been received

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    Been at 2nd bar since feb 7th wtf in getting pissed

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    Filed 1/31
    Accept 2/1
    Intercepted 2/4 for student loans
    2/5 transferred to non liable spouse department(my debt only my husband worked)
    2/17 money returned from loans
    2/19 revenue released money
    At some point after 2/19 a check was mailed they couldn’t tell me when

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    BTW. I still haven’t gotten mine either. Filed on the 10. Still “checking for accuracy”

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    What I find ridiculous is that my 20 year old daughter still has not received hers. They said a small glitch affecting few? Her return is only 77.00 and they can’t figure it out?

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    Second bar since January19

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    Second bar since January 19

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    How long after refund sent until it hits ur bank account

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    Do I dare hope??? Thanks for the updates!

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    Filed MN state on 2/1/15 and FINALLY MOVED today from checking for accuracy to PROCESSING. !!!!!! about freakin’ time.

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    Property Tax Refunds don’t even start processing until July and they come in August.

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    I am also sitting on checking for accuracy since day 1, Jan. 19. Have never taken more than 7 days to get my MN refund before.

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    Filled mn income tax 2/5 sitting on checking for accuracy bar ever since….. Anyone else?

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    Got mn state this am!!!!

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    I am still checking for accuracy on mn where’s my refund. They do like to take their time for some reason every year. Simple returns shouldn’t have to wait so long. Just have a feeling we will all be waiting months for our refunds

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    It seems Minnesota will be just like last year. It took them 8 months to give me tax return. Big deal if they gavee a lousy $33 in interest. I just dont know what is going on. But i sure hope its smoother than last year.

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