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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    Mine updated as well! Oh they better start processing soon.. i would like it before my bday too! Last year was mid March.

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    Well just checked the wmr again and it finally says it was received and I have the message that says they will start processing soon wish they would say when I guess they did just mean accepting on 1/29 lol hope they start processing soon it would be nice to get my state before my b day this year I know I won’t be receiving federal any time soon

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    I was told I had to wait 72 hrs until I check MN wmr

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    I filed and accepted on the 24th. WMR says 1 bar and the “we are not yet processing individual income tax returns” message. Last year we got state Feb 6th, although they took part of it for medical bills.

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    I was accepted via H & R Block yesterday around 7 P.M. like you guys I went and checked WMR. It says my refund cannot be found. I don’t believe they have WMR up and running yet. Although I do hope we get our refunds in a much more timely manor compared to last year.

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    Me too.. nothing yet! I figured it would have popped up since hrb said I wad accepted by them

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    I checked the mn wmr just because lol they have no info on my return yet 😔

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    I think it was mid March for me.. truly hope it’s not like that this year. Fingers crossed for us all!!!

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    Mine was accepted today too just really hoping it’s not like last year I didn’t get my refund until april

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    HRB just sent a text saying MN accepted my return!! Finally some movement!

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    MN starts processing today, 1/29 for mn state tax.

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    Anyone know when and what mn is doing this year? Like when will they start to process returns?

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    Still nothing tired of checking everyday hoping I will at least get an update! Everyone I know has gotten there’s within 2 weeks of filing taxes I have no changes filed the same the last 5 years I don’t know what they could possibly still be checking this is ridiculous

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    There’s light at the end of the tunnel!!! Filed my return on 1/26 woke up to a processing status this morning. Everyone I know got their return within 2 weeks! It only took almost 8 weeks but the status finally changed today! Good luck to you all that’s still waiting.

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    Don’t feel so bad, I was new to the state… I moved to Minnesota December of 2015. I am a full time single father, with custody of a, then, 2 year old. I moved in to my mothers, got back on my feet after a nasty custody battle, and by August of 2016 I moved out of Minnesota (I got out before the cold came back! LOL) so now I am living here in Pennsylvania, Filed on 1/26. Everyone I know in Minnesota has gotten their returns, yet here it is 3/21/17 and I am still waiting for my refund. I check my refund status every night around 2 AM EST, I think the disappointment at this point is what keeps me coming back, just like trying to rekindle an old flame with an ex. I’ve already discredited the notion of ever seeing this money any time soon, maybe after the summer I will get it… So one day I will wake up and find a *cough* free $1700 in my bank account.

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    My fiance got a letter sent to him on March 9th. He filed on January 27th. We got the letter and just had to go to their site and put in a code and answer 1 question, which was whether or not he filed his return. He did that on March 13th and today his return is now processing. Mine also changed to processing today. Wonder how long it will sit there for.

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    Just called the lady said MN refud is delayed by 2 months

    #4189607 Reply

    Just called the lady said MN refud is delayed by 2 months

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    They received feb 27 (confirmed via phone), now April 21, still NOTHING! Man on phone said can be about 6 weeks or maybe another 15 weeks. Wtf (no letter, no nothing, just says still processing)

    #4193942 Reply

    I checked my status Monday they said they sent me a letter I checked the mail today it was just to verify I filed my taxes so hopefully this process will be done soon longest wait I have ever had for state taxes

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    Thank you, Nikki. Glad to hear there’s a light at the end of this tunnel!

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    He completed what was requested on Monday and on Friday the 17th it was processing refund. On Tuesday we updated to refund sent and got $$ this morning. So it moved quick. He also filed that same as always.

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    I just got the same letter. So weird! I’ve been filing the same for 20 years. Just strange.

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    Finally refund was sent today per mn where’s my refund!! Only 7 1/2 weeks!! Now let’s see if it shows up in my account soon!!

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    I filed with Jackson Hewitt on Jan 15, 2017. I got my state back on Feb 23, 2017 (Due to EITC), but MN says “Checking for accuracy”, and here it is Mar 15, 2017.
    I moved here from Chicago, and I was just beginning to realize how much I liked this state…. Until this tax season!

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    I called again yesterday waited over an hour I talked to a lady that said nothing was wrong with my refund they are just realy behind I’m getting realy irritated everyone I know that filed before and after me already received there’s within a week or two of filing there taxes and I’ve been waiting a month and a half stuck on checking for accuracy

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    Still waiting… Ugh.

    #4191448 Reply

    Not even sure why I bother checking. Glutton for punishment, I guess.

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    Filed January 27th and still on checking accuracy now on March 13th. Kind of crazy lol but nothing you can do about it.

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    I just talked to a lady who said she hasn’t heard of anything regarding a 2 month delay. Just that they are being extra watchful of fraud. It was the same last year. Every person you talk to has a different story. She did, however, check for possible red flags and if I had been sent any letters. All seems to look ok there. Very aggravating

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    Well, Feb 28. Filed Jan 27. accepted Jan 27 for Minn. State. Still checking for accuracy. last year it was Oct. before I got my state. No audit, no additional review no holds, no letters sent and no add. info requested. Just the same bs. “we take the time to check everyone’s return to make sure they get the return they are due” or some crap like that. Big whoopie they gave me 33$ in interest. I am getting the feeling it will be just like last year with Minn. What the hell is going on here.

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    Filled mn income 1/26 and still checking for accuracy! Federal coming in 3 days but Minnesota is still dicking around. This sucks.

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    Errr!! I filed 2/3 and was accepted same day. Still on “checking” status. It’s ridiculous because I have a direct deposit date for Fev 22nd for my federal AND THEY HAD A DARN HOLD UBTIL THE 15th.

    I have had to friends file. On on 2/1 and she got her refund the following Monday (with no kids,basic return) and one friend filed 2/1 and got her refund the following Friday (3 kids, two jobs, self employment). I filed two days after them, 2 kids, 2 jobs and nothing still (20 days later). Last year it took two months and I wasn’t audited or anything. Literally nothing was wrong. They just decided to take two months.

    I need this money. I’m on time paying you every paycheck- it’s time to cough up and pay me.

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    This site should be called “I haven’t got my REFUND”

    I have read every post going back to the beginning and NOT ONCE has someone mentioned getting their refund. Even after whining about NOT getting it does anyone post to say it finally came. LOL

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    Filed my state on January 27, was accepted right away and as of today, it is still saying checking for accuracy. I have never had problems with it taking so long. I usually have gotten them back right away. I know this has nothing to do with the Federal holding refund until Feb 15.

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    I had gotten 2 emails saying my state was accepted, the 19th and the 23rd.. than the checking for accuracy on the 24th… im wondering if they are behind or my first email was wrong. You should update soon on there I would hope. It was later in the afternoon when mine did

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    Filed back in February. Anyone one know why it’s taking so long for the state refund to come back?

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    Why did I receive a letter from the MN Tax Agency reflecting that they put my refund towards debts “listed below”, and there is nothing listed below (nor should there be)?

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    Oluwole Salu

    File since Feb 10th and still on the 2nd bar. What is happening? Did anyone know the number to call.

    #4150030 Reply

    So I messaged them on FB and here was their response:
    Good morning Tina. I don’t think what we’ve said have been different excuses but more of an attempt to offer a bit more detail as to why we need to take the time necessary to review every return and make sure the right refund is going to the right person. This is where the fraud aspect comes in and with scams on the rise, we need to make sure we are diligent in our reviews and protecting taxpayer money by keeping it out of the hands of criminals.
    We begin processing returns in the order they are received, but as they go through our review process, some may take longer than others to complete. That’s why someone who filed after you may have gotten their refund already. Thanks for your questions.

    #4149705 Reply

    Almost 2 months. Still checking for accuracy. I paid extra to have my state filed electronically.

    #4148075 Reply

    Stuck on checking for accuracy!!!! Wtf!!!!

    #4145383 Reply

    BULLLLSHIT!!! ive called multiple times a week. I got accepted 1/27 still checking for accuracy. Its funny though… they put on their facebook page a bunch of posts about “scams” and “fraud” ONLY to use as evidence for people asking why its taking so long. I HAVE A SIMPLE RETURN! GIVE ME MY MONEY

    #4145182 Reply

    It has officially been a monrh. Still “checking for accuracy”. Seriously livid.

    #4144284 Reply

    Update : Still at 2 bars checking for accuracy. Well I guess I should have done it the OLD Fashioned way via the Sail Mail cause I would have it by NOW. This state’s government its a JOKE!

    #4145212 Reply

    Filed 1/31 and still checking for accuracy….. this is BS!!! What’s going on with Minnesota returns, @IGOTMYREFUND????

    #4143830 Reply

    heard on the news that people might have to wait 90 days to get their refunds. they are blaming it on a rush of people filing at the start of the season. staff better then! its not like you dont have thousands of our dollars to pay people! MN over taxed us and has a bunch of money in their pockets that they will spend on stupid stuff.

    #4143130 Reply

    Ha they lied to you I asked for supervisor and gave me all kinds of info about the glitch. But did say everything is ok with my return just have to wait for manual processing. About 2weeks to start and 2weeks to process so a total of 4weeks and I called almost 2weeks ago if you can follow lol

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    Ughhhh what’s the deal when I called Monday the lady told me my funds were released Friday and a check should be mailed no later than Monday. Its Wednesday still nothing in the mail

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    So last year was a nightmare. After making numerous calls and sending several FB messages, and getting various different stories and excuses from Mn state, it takes getting in touch with the Tax Payor Advocate to find out 5 months after filing that I had been audited. Me, a single mom of a (then) 17 and 20 year old and barely living paycheck to paycheck. They literally tossed out EVERY SINGLE deduction Turbo Tax qualified me for and I got back less than a third of what I should have. I submitted this morning and was accepted on both state and federal just a couple hours later. It’s been a rough year financially. I’m crossing my fingers for a smooth ride this time.

    #4150406 Reply
    Steven pombert

    Filed feb 25. Accepted feb 25th. STILL checking for accuracy and its miD JUNE

    #4143082 Reply

    called this morning. was told there was no glitch and i have to wait. he said that they process them in order that they receive them. ummm well why the hell are other people getting theirs and they filed weeks after me! its been a god damn month now! if there is something wrong please just tell me so i can have some peace of mind! so frustrated right now!

    #4142949 Reply

    I called mn revenue last week the said they had a glitch that affected a very very small percent of people and those people have to wait to be manually processed..blah blah something about they could not be deposited but everything else was good to go just have to wait 2weeks before they start to manually process.

    They also said it affected so few of people they didn’t bother to share any info about it online they didn’t want to upset everyone else who is fine.

    #4142369 Reply

    Filled 2/10/2016
    Accepted 2/10/2016
    Checked for accuracy finished 2/17/2016
    Finished processing and sent my refund 2/19/2016

    It is telling me to I should expect the refund within 7 days for DD.

    #4150527 Reply

    I, too, am still waiting for my tax refund. I am out-of-state resident living and working in MN while in graduate school. It has been almost six months since my return was accepted, and ever since it has been categorized as “checking for accuracy” on the website. I have never heard of a state tax refund taking this long to process. The federal came in no time, and when I worked in my home state and had to file there this never happened. There seems to be no accountability or transparency on this issue. Even local news agencies that have investigated this matter seem to have gotten nowhere. What nonsense: if this is what the Mn Dept of Rev considers “effective” screening for the supposed uptick of tax fraud, imagine how effective they really are in actually catching the people committing said fraud. Again, what a joke.

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    I filed 3/25 electronically and it was accepted 2 weeks later. We are now in September and it’s still checking for accuracy. Every time I call they tell me that there’s no limitations on how long they have to process it and to keep checking online for updates. They said everything looked fine so far and the delay is due to fraud checks. My renters refund says the same crap, I hate my state for this. Is there anyone else still waiting on refunds

    #4150349 Reply

    Filed Jan 15. Still on the checking for accuracy. Called twice and sent numerous emails. This is extremely aggravating.

    #4150277 Reply

    Officially 3 months and counting waiting for an electronically filed state return.Still getting the same runaround: Nothing’s wrong everything is fine. Whatever!

    #4150268 Reply

    You can call Tax Offset (800) 304-3107. This should give you the info. But, legally, a company cannot offset without notifying you, usually by mail.

    #4142289 Reply

    What day does mn mail out paper refund checks?

    #4142126 Reply

    Yea this is ridiculous. Filed 28th accepted 28th. Still two bars. Messaged a prick on facebook and he said take your time we are processing. I usually always get my state back first. Unacceptable. if anyone with any other information please post

    #4141893 Reply

    Mine has been at TWO bars since Jan.25, 2016 my GF same thing her’s was filed on Jan. 23,2016. Never had my state of Minnesota Refund take this long. In years past its almost always been deposited in my account before my Federal, Worse yet the state of minnesota is already sitting on a 2 billion dollar surplus. Maybe they’re taking our money and investing it to make some more for their coffers. Give the working people there money for god’s sake. No accountability for this either at the state level….pass the buck.

    #4150022 Reply

    Yep. I called for the second time on Friday. Been on “checking for accuracy” since Feb.2. Firat call they said it was due to an influx of filers all at the end of Jan. Now they say fraud checks. They can’t seem to get their stories straight.

    #4150011 Reply

    Just thought I would put my experience on here. I filed on Jan. 26th got my federal on Feb. 9th. Still have not received my MN state. It is on second bar checking for accuracy ever since I filed. I have called twice and both times the just tell me it’s taking longer this year because of all the fraud issues. This is not true because every one I know got theirs back in two weeks or less. It has been over two months for me. Never taken this long. Ever. So frusterating!

    #4149805 Reply

    Filed almost 2 months ago, still checking accuracy. Trouble for us is my husband works in MN, we live in ND, and for 3/4 of the year my husband was paying taxes to MN instead of ND so we are supposed to get everything back he paid in. Wonder what accuracy they are looking for when we aren’t even supposed to pay MN taxes?

    #4141669 Reply

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Been stuck at that stupid accuracy bar since and people who have filed after me are already getting their money. I called last Friday and was told to just wait and if they needed anything they would mail me a letter. It has never taken this long and other then moving nothing has changed for me in the past 3 years!

    #4141727 Reply

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Still waiting on return

    #4141230 Reply

    I’ve been stuck on 2 bars since I filed and was accepted on January 22nd.. No clue why MN is so slow. I called last week and he told me nothing was wrong, just processing.

    #4145764 Reply

    OK i went to processing on 3/4/16 today it went to send, and it states that i should get it within 7 days, now I’m just waiting now!!!

    #4145388 Reply

    Hi guys I filed on 1/25/15, I’ve been on checking for accuracy ever since, however today it updated to processing! Does anyone know how long it could take now?

    #4145587 Reply

    Dominique, I heard it would still be another couple of weeks between processing and sent. That’s not necessarily fact. Just what I’ve heard. Please keep us all updated so we know there’s hope.

    #4141197 Reply

    Anyone still stuck at 2 bars? I called and the representive just told me if something was wrong I would receive a letter in the mail. For me just to wait it out. Never waited this long for state return.
    Filed: 1/28/16
    Accepted 15 minutes later

    #4139910 Reply

    I filed 1/28
    I’m still stuck on 2 bars
    It had 3bars for half a day then back to 2bars wtf

    Then I seen on mn revenue facebook page a ton of other people complaining about 3bars then back to 2

    Not sure what’s going on there but I’m calling Tuesday for sure

    #4139825 Reply
    shanice harris

    Has anyone filed Jan 22 and still stuck on 2 bar for state urgh

    #4153662 Reply

    Filed today, got accepted . But can’t pull up anything on the state website , ironically last year I filed on the 22nd (a Friday) and got my refund exactly a week later

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