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    Wheres My Refund Minnesota – Share your experience with filing your Minnesota Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Minnesota Wheres My Refund? go to Minnesota Department Of Revenue

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    I filled feb 15 went to processing feb 20th and here it is still at processing this must be a Minnesota IRS joke year..
    love how if we owe them money they want it by this or that date or they take action BUT if they owe us then we get the basic shut up and wait we’ll get to you WHEN WE ARE READY…..

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    I filed my MN refund and federal on February 4th. I received my federal on February 19th. My state taxes have been processing for the whole time. I have called my tax preparation guy and he is confused. I have called the state 4 times and they won’t tell me anything. I know 8 people that have filed after me and they have received both state and federal so it’s starting to piss me off. Does anyone know who I can call to get answers for this situation? Thank you in advance.


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    Had a letter arrive asking to send in my 1099 and documentation of expenses. I just mailed all of it on 3/26. I’m assuming this is because I’m self employed. Anyone else have to do this?

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    I was showing processing for weeks and am suddenly now back at “received.” What?! No information from the state at all. This is crap. My daughter filed at the same time as me and got her state refund at the same time as her federal. I got my federal weeks ago now.

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    Here is my MN state tax refund from beginning to in the bank.

    Filed on 02/19/21
    Accepted on 02/21/21
    Stayed in Processing from 02/21/21 until 03/08/21
    In Preparing refund 03/08/21 until 03/10/21
    Pending in bank account for deposit 03/11/21

    My federal refund was filed on 02/19/21 accepted within 2 hours and posted to my bank account on 03/03/21. Still a little slow but not as slow as the state.

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    I filed my MN taxes on 02/21 and finally on 03/08, mine went from processing to preparing refund. I hope it does not stay there for another 15 days.

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    Still stuck on processing, federal already went though. No idea why this is taking so long this year.

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    Is anyone still waiting? Stuck on processing?

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    Anyone get a letter requesting information that is what my refund status is

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    Filled the 19th and still waiting. On processing. My bf and my son filed a couple hours after me and both got their refunds last week.

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    I have been sitting in processing sense the 13th. I’m really getting sick of the wait. No letters in the mail currently. Just sitting and waiting. The same thing happened to me last year and I never received my refund…..smh

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    I have been processing since Feb.20th

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    Anyone ever have to verify their identity?

    I’ve never had to do this before, but got a letter today and just had to enter in a code, but I wonder why this happened.

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    I’m in MN, and on the 23rd I got a notification saying my state refund was sent, nothing in my bank account as of now. I checked informed delivery and I have a letter from the state. What could the letter be about? It wouldn’t be my check could it?

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    Ilovecats I also bank with wells fargo. Mine was in my account the day after it said refund sent

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    Mine was sent on the 23rd, I bank at Wells Fargo, hasn’t hit my account yet, hoping later today.

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    From my experience in the past I always got it the day after sent. But I have a regular bank, wells fargo. It depends on the card, bank etc. Everyone is going to be different

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    I filed and was accepted 2/14 and it says sent. I filed through turbo tax. How long do I have to wait until it hits my account.

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    Mine updated too. Says it was sent today. Also we had to have 20 dollars taking out for something, it didn’t seems to slow it down.

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    Mine went to refund sent after 8 am!

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    I have also been on it since Friday. I know sometimes it updates after 8 am. And yes people saw updates throughout the day, one year I had an update at 9 pm. Fingers crossed it changes today!

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    I have been stuck on preparing refund since Friday. Are you guys getting update changes in the day?

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    Ahh man I went to preparing the same day as you Noblemama and I’m still on preparing refund. Hope I dont get stuck there

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    Same here! Filed 2/8 accepted 2/12 checked this morning and it was on preparing refund. Checked now and refund sent. Woohoo. This was the fastest hello and goodbye to igotmyrefund for state and federal! Til next year yall!

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    That’s awesome! I’m gonna have to keep checking throughout the day I guess!

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    Yay, My refund was sent! I checked this morning around 9 and it was still on preparing just check it again and it has been sent. Fastest refund ever. I waited two months last year after filling.

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    Mine went to preparing Thursday and haven’t changed. No update this Monday morning. Filed 2/16 I hope it updates by tomorrow.

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    Anyone see updates this monday morning? Mine went to preparing refund friday and still there today

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    It was prepping refund on Wednesday, processing on Monday, and Sent today. Just waiting for my account to see it

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    Skygunner do you know when it went to preparing refund before sent? Might take a day, usually does for me to actually deposit

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    Accepted 2/12
    Sent 2/19
    Still not seeing the deposit though.

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12
    Wmr on **Preparing Refund today!

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12
    Wmr on Processing Refund today!

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Processing 2/16
    Preparing refund 2/19

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    Filed 2/8
    MN accepted 2/12
    Wmr is on processing as of 2/12

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    why doesn’t anyone answer how long it takes from when it says preparing refund till it deposits I am wondering the same question

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    Mine is finally in preparing refund. How long does this stage take?

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    Just wait till Corona Virus shuts down Minnesota Department of Treasury and who knows how long before we get our return I filled my taxes January 4th got Federal weeks ago still processing Minnesota.

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    @Sam The real holdup was because my employer did not send in my W2’s on-time. Once I provided the proof they finally did thats when the ball started rolling. The hardship letter just moved me to the top of the list. You can get a Tax Advocate but it is once in a lifetime with the MN State. So I just faxed in the hardship letter to the same agent. Your hardship letter should just contain any valid hardship that fits. Just make sure it is a real hardship.

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    @Sam I sent in my W2 and pay slips like they asked. They placed them in my file and told me on Tuesday I will be finished in about 3 weeks. So I sent in a hardship letter from my dependents Dr. and the very next day the agent called me and told me she processed my return as filed and to watch WMR. Friday it updated to preparing refund.

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    I filed 1/28… Got my federal 2/26 and MN still says processing! What is going on wsjteith them??

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    @Wade, how do you file a hardship with them? What does the letter need to contain?

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    @Sam WMR will update and say a letter was sent if they do send one. Usually it updates about 2 days after the letter was sent.

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    @Trysten Nope, you need that letter. They will ask for the last 4 digits of the letter ID. But you can fax the information, it does not have to be mailed. I got my letter last Saturday. They wanted my W2, last 3 paystubs. But I also sent them a hardship letter for good measure. I was informed today Quote “the docs were reviewed and my return was processed as filed, please check WMR daily for updates” end quote. I am assuming that that means it was completed and approved.

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    Raug Siab

    I file my on the first day open (Jan 27th) and 3 weeks later I got my Federal but MN State refund still show Processing until now. It’s been more than month already. This is first time happen to me and I don’t see any mail coming either.

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    So I have been on processing since January 23rd… it updated that they sent me a letter requesting more information to complete my return……what, why???I have the most straight forward return. Can I call and do this over the phone or do you have to do it via mail?

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    @Wade, I’ve not had anything telling me they are sending a letter for anything. Just sitting in processing. For weeks now. No reason why. So frustrating! Maybe I’ll get it by April?

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    @Sam. Well I got a letter requesting my W2 and last 3 paystubs. Seems my employer filed my W2 late with the SSA. But I sent those in plus advised them that the SSA has in-fact now acknowledged my W2. MN said they put it in the system, but until now I am stuck on we sent a letter. This is absolutely insane. Ultimately they cannot, absolutely not approve it, since I worked, paid taxes and have a valid w2 to show that. I just dont know why they are dragging their feet

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    Nope, I’m still waiting Wade. I was accepted on 2/3 and have not moved since that day.

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    Since I am suddenly alone here, I guess I am the only one still waiting on MN

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    Well, faxed in my W2 and paystubs. They have now been attached to my file and I am continuing to process AGAIN……… Really???

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    Fucking MN. I got my letter. They want me to mail in my W2, and last three paystubs. WTF. my W2 was submitted with my return when it was filed. This is BS.

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    02/13 Taxes Submitted
    02/13 Tax return accepted by MN
    02/28 Letter was sent out requesting more info
    03/03 Letter was received and code was entered online for verification
    03/06 Preparing refund

    Anyone know how long preparing refund takes?

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    Updated to a letter sent out on the 4th requesting more information. Sounds lime the same audit i had in 2017. Waiting on the letter now

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    Shelley Schwamberger

    Filed 3/1, updated to received on 3/3, processing 3/4, preparing 3/7…… what is the difference between processed and preparing….I would think it would be the other way around? How long does it typically take from preparing to sending via dd?

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    Mn is so damn slow

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    I filed 2/4 got my federal back 2/26 but still waiting on state. I didnt get my state back last year due to me filing self employed and my business not being registered well this year it is and I’m still waiting -_-

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    Just checked now. Changed overnight to preparing refund. Should hopefully see the money in a day or two!

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    Filed State & Fed 2/8.

    Recieved Fed refund 2/26

    State refund status changed from processing to preparing on 2/28

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    Called and he said it is processing through and it will remain on processing until I either get a letter or a refund. Really? What a big help he was. But then again, why should this year be any different? I never get my refund before mid April.

    #4387520 Reply

    Still processing….since 2/3….seriously?!?!

    #4386518 Reply
    Tony S

    Ya. I’m still processing too. Not a whole lot we can do until the state gets off their collective butts.

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    Filed and accepted 2/1

    I’m still stuck on processing… no letters… nothing.

    This is getting old.

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    @wade123 Does someone at the MN Department of Revenue have a vendetta against you? It’s not cool that you’re held up every year, some people plan major purchases around tax returns!


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    Finally moved to preparing: )
    Filed and accepted on 01/30
    Processing ever since 02/02
    Letter sent to Verify on 2/19 received 2/23
    Verified on 2/23
    Moved to preparing 2/26

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    Jae H

    Been stuck on processing since 1/28/20 😒😒

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    Filed 2/6 with EITC. My MN state refund has been processing ever since… so has my fed refund.

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    @ImpatientlyWaiting2019. Been 30 days for me so far. About 30 more to go. EVERYT GD F_IN YEAR I wait 2-3 months. EVERY GD F_IN YEAR. I am tired of it. Honest to God I am tired of it. Sorry, but I needed to get that off my chest

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    Filed and accepted 2/2/20 on TaxSlayer.
    It’s been 3 weeks and no update or movement.

    #4379563 Reply

    Filed 2/2

    Processing since 2/3

    Verified ID 2/22

    Moved to Preparing Refund 2/25 around 10:15pm


    #4377593 Reply

    Maybe I’ll have to try to get an offset next year smh

    #4376556 Reply

    Well IRS needs to put down the coffee and give me my money!

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    @HLJ There are people who filed a week ago and they have already gotten their State. They told me yesterday there was nothing noted, no notices or letters and that no examiner had even looked it yet. So I can only guess, many of the bigger returns they set aside for a later date, unless you have an offset.

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    @HLJ No they never give a reason why. I called them yesterday just to check in and they said no one has looked at it yet. I can’t imagine to put a pair of human eyes on every single return, if thats the case, then how do they decide whos family credit return on $1,100 they will look at first?

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    Filed 2/2
    Went to processing 2/3
    Verified ID 2/22
    Still on processing :(

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