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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    For the past several years their website doesn’t show mine until the day or 2 days before deposit. Up until that point it says no record of your return – Last year filed 2/1 received 2/21. Filed 2/2 this year

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    I filed on the 29th and was accepted on the first nothing yet have anybody got their refund or see a pending deposit

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    How long does it normally take for your info to show up on the state wmr? Accepted 1/29

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    I got an email at 530 yesterday that my state was finally accepted! Yay

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    Start was accepted a few mins ago. Yay.

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    My state was accepted at 5:07

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    My state was just accepted about 20 minutes ago

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    I filed yesterday (1/31) – Fed was accepted, waiting on state.

    State usually takes a day or two but refunds quickly. Last year I had my refund DD’d BEFORE they updated that it had been accepted. State of Michigan is all over the place during tax season. Never expect one year to be like the previous year.

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    Just received confirmation Michigan accepted my return woohoo it’s moving along! Hopefully everyone else gets their confirmation and all goes well 😊

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    My federal was accepted last Friday when I filed. Turbo tax says Michigan received my return on Friday 1/25 but I called the treasury today and spoke with someone & they said they don’t have a record of my return.

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    I filed 1/25 and still not accepted. This is weird.

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    I filed and I have not received an acceptance yet. I filed WEEKS ago through HRBlock, but it feels like maybe Hr Block didn’t really transmit it, even though they claim they did. What do I do? I have chatted with them twice, and they do nothing.

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    I filed on the 22nd. Last year mine were accepted 2/1 and in my account 2/14.

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    I Filed 1/15 using Turbo Tax. My Federal was accepted 1/16 State was accepted 1/29. Hoping it all processes soon. Was a bit surprised today though, on a positive note- I also filed my Teenaged daughters return on 1/15, her Federal was accepted 1/22 her state has not yet been accepted but today her federal return was Direct Deposited. Never in my life have I seen a federal Return Be accepted, processed, Approved & Deposited within 8 days!

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    filed on the 28th accepted today, so im hoping

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    Christina Stickler

    No movement here. I filed with HRB and still awaiting acceptance. I always get mine within 7 days.

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    Ik i get my state back 10 or 11 days after accepted i wish they would accept it already

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    I agree with the weather there might be a delay but it should be automated… at least I thought. I’m surprised there aren’t more people on here saying they haven’t been accepted yet.

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    I filled on Friday the 25th as well hoping to be accepted by Friday. I am assuming that with all state offices being closed from the cold that is what is causing a delay in being accepted

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    @aprild I have not been accepted neither. I use hrblock as well 😐 hopefully soon though!

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    Still not accepted…

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    My state is still pending. I filed on Friday January 25 turbo tax says Michigan received it on Friday when did you file Rebecca

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    My mi state just got accepted.

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    My federal was accepted on 2/22 but not my state yet. I use hrb like I do every year and still not accepted yet :(

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    Not yet hoping soon

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    Anyone in Michigan get state accepted yet??

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    Long time tax payer

    I used H&R Block on line, free e-file both fed and state. Fed accepted immediately, state rejected immediately and said to mail, which I did Jan.28,2018. State has no record of my taxes, post office says nothing came back as undeliverable. I’m sick of trying to resolve this. I was told to resend it but all i have is the copy that states in big letters COPY, do not file. I think 2 months has been quite long enough and I believe there’s a problem with Michigan Dept of Treasury as I’ve read other complaints on line. I also feel H&R Block false advertized their product and knew they were not going to e- file state returns. I have used H&R tax people and paid a lot so this year decided to use the on line site. Big mistake. Not to mention, who has my mailed tax return? Someone wanting my personal info?

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    Was selected for review. Had moved out of state so I did not receive the identity verification quiz paper in the mail and when I called the lady I spoke with said that it would not forward to new address. She updated my address and had a new letter sent out but told me I would no longer be able to ID verify with the quiz, I would have to send in copies on DL and W2’s. 2 days later I ended up getting the ID verify quiz paper but it wouldnt let me complete it. I sent in the required papers and they were received on March 12 and entered into their system on March 16, I was told it could be uptown 45 days from that date. Called again in the morning on March 23 and as told it was in the final stages of review/being processed and expect unto 30 days. Called yesterday morning (March 26) and was told that review/processing was complete but no deposit date was yet showing. Called this morning (March 27) and was given a date of 4/2 (next monday) that refund would be sent to my bank. This entire time WMR online and automated thru phone says pending review est. completion 03/07/2018. Rep told me that their WMR online and phone are not working properly. If you need to call and speak to someone call (517) 636-4486 and use extension 3 and then extension 3 again. It will get you to a live representative who will verify your info from return and give you info! Good luck to all still waiting!

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    Gee Dubb

    At least you all know something. I know NOTHING. And can’t get through to anyone. I’m getting frustrated.

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    Always waiting

    @ineedmymoney: i had that same msg in feb. On the completion date it said my money would be sent 2 days later. The day it said sent, my money did not show up. I was worried but the next day it was in my acct. Just letting you know in case this happens to you. It was the 1st time my money didnt show up on the exact date

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    Need MYMoney

    I filed 2/3 accepted 2/4 was pending review 3/11 never received anything in the mail started calling after 3/11 first rep said they sent a letter but my apt number was left off she updated it and sent another. Never received it called back a nice lady told me everything that I needed to mail in because she wasn’t sure if or when I’d get my letter. I sent everything in the same day. Just checked online and they updated my completion date to 4/1 so hopefully that means that they received it and expect to send my money out ASAP.

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    I filed my state taxes 2/3. Absolutely nothing. Still pending review. Estimated completion was 3/12. Still nothing. Mailed in my I’d verify on 3/8. Still nothing. Very upset about this.

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    Sheri Munsell

    Accepted 3/2 like Rob still nothing. No money and nothing on the website.

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    Gee Dubb

    F/A 2/13. Nothing on website. What am I waiting on? I have no offset letters. Anyone have a number to check with live rep?

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    Anyone have to do the identity quiz? If so how long did it take after you verified to get your refund? Thanks.

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    Got my MI refund deposited into my account this morning. The website still does not show anything, LOL!!

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    Always waiting

    Rob, i think it never recognizes your return until it is processed

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    Filed and accepted on 3/2 and there is still no info available on the site.

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    I got my Federal Feb. 17.

    My state has not been deposited, so I checked my status and it says, “pending review” with a date of March 11th. Will I get my money by then? Or shortly after? I’ve never had this happen before. It’s all because of the homestead tax credit, I think.

    I just want my money!

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    I filed Feb 17 and got accepted Feb 19 by michigan still no movement or info. Anyone else in my position?

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    Always waiting

    @Gee: mine said info doesnt match too. Didn’t change til it was processed. Then it gave account info and said to check back in 2 days for ddd

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    F/A 2/13. Days info doesn’t match. Live person number?

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    Need MYMoney

    Filed Feb 3 rd accepted feb 4th. Been on Pending Review with estimated completion 3/11 forever! I swear they act like they giving back 1000s its a couple hundred dollars run me my money. lol

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    @Kk I had that happen a few years ago. I got a letter and did an online quiz. It didn’t take until June to receive. If I remember correctly I got my refund back in late April. It was just a random review is what I was told. The letter will have the website and code on it If it is the same letter I got

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    I checked this morning and had a pending review msg with an estimated completion date of March 2nd. Since it’s after the 2nd I called the number provided at bottom and the automated system gave me a date of June 2nd instead. Logged back into the website and the date changed to 06/02 on there as well. Has this happened to anyone else after calling. It’s odd. My family did make less this year, qualified for EIC second time in a row and did qualify for home heating credit for 1st time ever this year. I’ve never been in review before so my nerves are at an all time high.

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    Always waiting

    Although my dd was yesterday, it actually posted to my bank account today the 28th

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    Always waiting

    Samantha. What # did you call to get a live person? It keeps sending me over to wmr. Recording says my $$ was deposited today but its not there

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    My state was accepted 2/1/18 and on website nothing has shown. I contacted treasury via the website they said “Pending Review.” So I called the number and hit 3, then 3 to talk to a real person. She told me website has been not working properly all tax season and that my direct deposit is coming 3/2/18!
    So if you need information, call the customer service number and talk to them before checking online.

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    For those that had a pending review on your state tax: I filed & got accepted on 1/31 I had a pending review with a estimated completion date of 5/28… I checked my treasury account and its now completed with a DDD of march 1st so check your accounts

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    Always waiting

    Today shows ddd 2-27

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    @confused You were exactly right. Had fees taken out, so since my state was done first, they took their share off the top. Good luck to everyone !

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    Always waiting

    Thanks Allison. I filed 2-6 so maybe next week. I just noticed when i called, the msg changed to wait 4 weels for e-file. It was saying 14 days

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    I got mine this morning – Filed and accepted on 2/1

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    Always waiting

    Many people get mi refund yet? Still not recognized in system. Getting federal back 2-22. 1st time it has ever came before state

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    Has anybody received or gotten updates on City of Detroit tax refunds? I was accepted for state on 1/30 and received DD on 2/14.

    The City WMR is showing that the return is received (has been showing since 2/13), but has not moved at all.

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    My state just updated today to complete accepted 1/31 but I had a small offset. DD for 2/26

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    Does the homestead credit come in a check??

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    Hr Block is currently taking your state checks. Whichever comes first state or federal, Hr block is taking it right off. So sad!

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    I had an issued date of 2/15 for my state taxes. I used H&R Block this year with the Emerald card, thinking it would be released sooner and nothing has deposited yet. Anyone else still waiting after deposit was supposed to hit ? I know that some banks hold it, so I am trying to be patient, but……..

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    Filed 2/3, accepted 2/4, got my ddd today(2/16) for 2/23.

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    my state was deposited this morning. Now we just await the federal bafoolary.

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    I also called this afternoon and spoke with a lady and she said my taxes were pulled for a review also. Nothing has changed in 10 yrs. So frustrating this is.. I filled 1/31 and was approved 2/1.. I hope she’s just saying That but I highly doubt she is.. who knows at least I have someone in the same boat as me.

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    Oh! And she did confirm that they’re having issues with the website

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    I just called the Dept of Treasury as well because my return was accepted on January 29th and it’s telling me online to wait at least 14 days (which it has been) or the information doesn’t match. Whatever that error message is that everyone is getting. Anyways… I was told that mine was selected for manual review and it could take up to 16 weeks. I honestly think they’re just saying that so we won’t call back and bog down their phone lines.

    I just mailed in my 2014 and 2015 returns too. 2015 was mailed beginning of January this year and my 2014 was mailed like a week ago and she confirmed that they have both of them, but because they’re prior year returns, they usually don’t get processed until the end of the year?! I didn’t question it because I know it won’t be that long but they’re prior years and I’m not super pressed for the money. But my point is that if they already have a hand-written return that was mailed a week ago from Grand Rapids to Lansing into their system, they’re keeping up this year and refunds without problems shouldn’t take too long.

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    Finally I got DD 2/16 my money is pending in my bank account right now it will be there after midnight

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    Glad everyone is seeing movement I got that love deposit last night haha DDD was 2/16 now week to go for federal

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    Wmr finally updated for me and says mine is complete and to check back in 2 days. At least it says something other than the 14 day message.

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    The stupid website is finally working for me and I can see my DDD for tomorrow and that my check was issued. So letting you all know that if you couldnt see your processing or DDD on the michigan WMR site, you may be able to see it now.

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    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/29 through h&r…generic message until i called yesterday and they told me i was pulled for a review! Wth! Same kids, same address, same income as all the other years. They said nothing got sent out because they dont need anything from me but an actual person has to manual do my state taxes and it can take up to 16 weeks wtf!!?? This is bs! Looks like i will be waiting till June! Congrats to everyone with movement and a DDD

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    Filed my mothers on 1/31 accepted on 2/1. She received a DD tonight at 6:00 through netspend. Michigan wmr never updated.

    #4217275 Reply


    Sorry about that, my phone is acting up! Anyway, not sure if it hits tomorrow or Friday, but it is moving. Never updated in the WMR either. I filed 1/29, accepted 1/31.

    #4217271 Reply


    Just checked my account, and the MI return AND the home heating credit are both pending. It says they expire on the 16th, so not sure if it will actually hit tomorrow or

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    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/31. I called this morning and was given a DDD of 2/20. That’s longer than it normally takes my state deposit, but at least I have a date.

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    I called and she told me mine isn’t showing up in the system. But they have had so many fraudulent returns that it’s taking longer for them to come through so she said for me to call back tomorrow. 🙄

    #4216612 Reply


    I just called the 517-636-4486 number option 3 and then 3 again and got a live person who told me my DDD is 2/16. Im thankful and I will just relax until friday.

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