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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    Any updates on completed with no refund date? Mine has been this way since friday and still no direct deposit date…

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    We filed in February, got a letter to send in ID/W2s in March to verify identity and pending review estimated completion date 4/16. It took about 3 weeks to finally be uploaded into the system. It’s been stuck at that since and still says estimated completion 4/16. When I called 6/25 the woman I spoke to said she would send an inquiry to that department because they’ve passed the 60 day timeline, but it could take 30 days for them to respond. Finally today my correspondence page says “completed”, but on the main page it still says pending review estimated completion date 4/16. What the heck?! I’m hoping it will show tomorrow that they are sending the refund. We have been “randomly selected” every single year for ID verification and it always takes forever, but this year has been by far the worst. :(

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    I had to verify my my identity for MI state return. It’s taken a very long time. I kept getting the same answer, after 8 weeks they finally checked internally. Today when I checked the status my refund says completed but under the transaction where the DDD is usaully at theres nothing there. It’s all blank. Above it, it says no record found.

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    I’m pretty sure most people have their money but I was a “lucky” manual review. Says could be July???! But my pending review March 24th date FINALLY says completed. But the page that shows status of my letter sent to them, my ID and w2 copies, still says processing. I’m lost. What does completed but no date mean? There’s nothing, nothing saying I owe, nothing at all. Anyone who might be in the same situation or might know wtf is going on, please???

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    Rob- it’s been since Feb 7th and still dont have it!! They received my info but still says pending review lol I spoke with someone by pressing the payments option and then explained myself from there…

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    Nicole –
    How long did it take after you verified to get your return?

    Also how do you even talk to a real person on the phone? Every time I call its just a robot.

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    Rob- you will probably get a letter to IS verify.. they told me on the phone at first I didn’t need to and three weeks later got a letter… Hope this helps!

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    Filed 4/1/9
    Accepted 4/2/19
    Pending Review 4/16/19
    Estimated Completion: 6/4/19

    What the heck MI? Used HRBlock and had a homestead credit, same as the last 5 years. I havent moved and work at the same place. Does anyone have a number to call to see if I need to ID verify? All I get with the number listed online is the pending review message.

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    Keith… Thanks for the reply!! I’m like no one else is in my same boat?? Ughh state is driving me nuts

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    Nicole, i had the same thing. Mine says pending with est completion of 3/10. Says my letter was received on 3/4 but when I sent a question they told me the dept that handles it didn’t receive it until 3/11 and to wait 45 days from then. It’s all BS, there is no reason their lazy asses can’t just hit a cpl buttons and finish it. Just a reason for them to keep it as long as possible for interest. Still no change on mine. Will post when it does.

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    No one? Ok cool…thanks for the helpfulness

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    Hi guys! So had the I’d verify, they finally received it and it shows up received online. Still says pending 3/15 online, does the phone system update more than the computer or something? And the status of correspondence says they received my letter 3/21 so what’s the deal here.?? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Got my Michigan refund deposited on netspend at 1:07, scheduled for 4/16 Tuesday. Yes!! See ya’ll next year! Good luck!

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    I did, still the same date. I guess it’s a waiting game now

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    @samantha check again tomorrow. I’m sure it will be complete with a date showing later in the day. Read my journey below lol Very similar.

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    Accepted 1/28, got a Id verify March 13th, couldn’t do that online so I called. Just checked the website and says a estimated completion is 7/13. Wtf, this is crazy and ridiculous!

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    2 1/2 hours later DDD 4/16

    Really hope I dont have to id verify next year!!!

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    1 day later, complete with no date. Yes!! So why does the date change drastically and then go to complete? Trying to give me a heart attack.

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    How long after your federal return is accepted is the MI return accepted? My Fed was accepted on 4-8 but state still has not.


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    So mine just changed to pending 5/22!!! They told me 45 days from March 15th which would be 4/29

    Wtf?!! A simple return!!!! Homestead credit but that’s it.

    Dont understand…

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    Filed 02/04/2019. Accepted 02/07/2019. Pending Review until 03/14/2019. Received ID verification in the mail 03/13/2019. Completed via telephone. 48 hours later showed completed. I now have a Refund Status of issued. Showing a DDD of 03/27/2019. I will keep you guys posted.

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    jason phillips

    My pending completion date was 3/6/19 I have not received anything yet or any letters?

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    Filed feb 5th already received my fed return late feb and state still says pending review untill 3/15 but that was yesterday smh

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    *I meant 3/11, not 3/15

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    Website updated today showing my correspondence was received 3/15. I already knew that due to tracking # on it… took 5 days to update after being received. Still shows pending review 3/6. (I sent my paperwork back about a week after their request…still irritated I even had to!)

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    Filed 1/24, accepted 2/1, and since then the Treasury site has said “pending review” with estimated completion of 5/24 — that’s 4 whole months after filing… I don’t owe anything to the state, no garnishments pending, etc., so what’s the deal? Haven’t gotten anything in the mail for identity confirmation. Got my federal return about 2 weeks ago, too. Anyone else with a 4-month wait??

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    Donette A Vanderschuur

    Filed Jan 28. Accepted Jan 29. Pending manual review estimated finished March 6. I have nothing and zero way to find anything out this is ridiculous lol

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    Mine updated to a DDD of 3/14 as well.

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    Filed for mi refund, on feb2nd, accepted next day, got an review and a est of 3/6. On 3/7 it changed to 5/22. Wtf….but 2 days later it said completed and a dd of 3/14.

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    Has anyone had their Michigan State tax status say completed, but with no DDD, and no transactions. Does this mean something is wrong? The status has said completed since Tuesday.

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    I received a ID verify letter too. No reason why I would get one, nothings changed. Go online and can’t do it, so I call and can’t do it. Ended up having to send in all my info through the mail. Now I wait. Such BS! My thought is that they are doing this to a lot of people this year as an excuse to hold our refunds and bank off the interest. Not like they will fix the roads with that money. More overpaid workers for less work. Rant over!!!

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    Any updates with pending review 3/15?? I called and lady said it just goes in order and they are behind. Smh

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    Thank you, seems the may have already did something. When I checked the site one of the offset lines disappeared

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    Last year, I had an offset and it took a couple of extra days to process. I actually got my refund before I got the letter telling me about the offset.

    But, that was last year. This year is crazy. I’ve never waited this long for my state refund.

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    How long after your offset, will you get the remaining balance?

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    Also extremely upset because I called day before and was told no letter had been generated. Yet receive a letter following day. If a letter hadn’t even been generated how the hell did it show up less than 24 hours later? So effing bothered. Can I retake test and try a padt address?

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    Online won’t allow me to verify because I cannot get anything to post in the ssn box. So I call. All my info was correct. Was unable to verify and told to send all these documents. ONLY possibility is I used my home address assuming that’s what I needed. Did I need a past address as the operator said address “most likely to be associated” with consumer credit report?

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    I had to ID verify last year. The online system would not take my info, even though it was all correct. I mailed everything overnight. Took 2 weeks after they signed for delivery to get into the system. Then it updated about a month later. I hope this helps.

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    So I call 517-507-5939 as the letter states since I can’t do it online apparently (even though ALL my info IS correct)

    …. it rings once and then NOTHING. So what now? I have to send in my ID, W2’s, etc and wait 60 more days? FOR WHAT?!

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    @carolyn I don’t think so because I haven’t checked in 4 days.

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    So I filed early, got accepted the 25–basically went to processed on 2/1.

    So yes, 26 GD days ago, my return entered their system and Today just now, 26 fucking days later I get a letter to confirm my ID. No rhyme or reason why my return that was in as early as they could be sat there at the fucking treasury for 3 fucking weeks waiting for a fuckign ID verify letter to generate.

    I have never been victim of ID theft, the most infuriating thing about it, is since I worked at the treasury for a hot minute on their collections web site, chances are I know the people in the discovery dept that sat on it. Either way its bullshit.

    Sorry for my salty language, but I’m pretty fucking mad.

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    The better question is why returns that were submitted and accepted nearly a month ago in the first days of the season, are just now getting ID verify letters.

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    Yup, me too.

    Error Message

    We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:

    An error has occurred executing a query. Query did not execute successfully because it exceeded the resource limits set on the database server. Please simplify your query or report this problem to your systems administrator.(SBL-DBC-00112)

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    Ok so it was for the identity quiz – but when I put my info in it says it doesn’t match!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I’VE LIVED HERE FOR 5 YEARS!! I will call tomorrow but WTF, MICHIGAN?!

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    Me too! I wonder if that means I’ve checked my status too many times.

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    Now I get this error message:

    We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons:

    An error has occurred executing a query. Query did not execute successfully because it exceeded the resource limits set on the database server. Please simplify your query or report this problem to your systems administrator.(SBL-DBC-00112)

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    Filed on feb 18th. Accepted the 19th. Today, the 26th all or part of refund was offset for 3rd party. Home heating credit pending review for june. Y complete my state n homestead and not my home heating credit. Never had that happen before

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    Well I see a letter from dept of treasury coming today… still pending 3/6.

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    Sam Yates

    The phone system for the state says updays daily Monday – Friday but doesn’t say the time and others have reported seeing changes on Saturday.

    Tanya – same exact story pending til 3/10 then completed then pending again until 5/21. Contacted the Treasury and they said even though it showed completed it is not finalized until you see a DDD. Otherwise they can choose to review it again. And they said if you don’t see it updated within 45 days of 5/21 contact them again. CRAZY!

    I think they are holding up refunds for people that didn’t vote for Gretchen lol. Small sample but 3 people I know voted for her and already have their refunds. 2 others and myself didn’t vote for her and we all say pending (although one just got a DDD finally). Of course I am kidding….maybe lol.

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    Tanya Wilson

    My state went from pending review with a completion date of 2/5/2019 to completed and now back to pending review with a completion date of 5/21/2019. Why someone help me

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    I’m in pretty much the same boat as you, so I can’t say anything to encourage you. My estimated completion date is 3/15. Hopefully you’ll post when you get an update. In the past, I’ve heard that Michigan updates at 2 pm.

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    What number do I call to get an actual person?

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    I was accepted feb 3rd, its been on pending review and estimated completion 3/10 for over 2 weeks. Anyone have same issue that has updated and did you have to do anything? Wondering if they update at any times throughout the day, on certain days or what? Haven’t received any letter either.

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    Just called the automated line and got my DD…March 1st. YAY!!!

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    Received my state taxes on sat, the 2erd. Surprised me because the website said the 25th and i use a traditioal bank

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    Mine JUST got completed!! Remember…had pending of 5/22. No DD date yet but, I’m a happy camper!!

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    Got netspend DD. Recieved email stating there was a pending transaction that I needed to call to verify information on the 19th. Called and verified, person said it would post the 22nd (today), still nothing. This is for federal. Log onto IRS, says its recieved but processing. Michigan state still says the same thing, check back after 14 days of approval, was approved feb. 3.

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    Do you mean that they were pending review – est completion 3/6? That is what mine say and I have not received any letters so I have no idea why.

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    2 refunds that were pending 3/6 for MI over here. Both just dd into bank accounts. Never had to do anything. Hope this helps

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    Up North

    I’ve noticed this year that (in my experience) State returns seem to have processed faster than past years. Mine as accepted on the 29th, exactly 7 days later it updated on the MI wmr to give me a DD Of 2/12. My bf Filed 2/12 & again 7 days later wmr updated to give DD Of 2/26. Two week total turnaround time for both of us. In the past I always had to wait the full 2 weeks after it was accepted to get an update on wmr & usually get my Federal before me State. I’m good with 2 weeks😁👍🏻

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    How many of you have a federal return that is “being processed” yet at this point? I haven’t had one update yet past received. & MI still pending review. Accepted on the 3rd and no mail or anything yet I’m getting so impatient. Still topic 152 and when asked treasury question jus got the meesage that no documentation authorized them to discuss the account with me.

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    Loso santana

    I had a pendind review for 3/6 just got a letter in the mail for identity quiz so hopefully things will move along now.

    #4288037 Reply


    Is this message a bad thing? “There is no documentation on file that authorizes the department to discuss this account with you” . Does that just mean they still have no information or is there something wrong

    #4287983 Reply


    Is this message a bad thing? “There is no documentation on file that authorizes the department to discuss this account with you” . Does that just mean they still have no information or is there something wrong?

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    Why can’t I post?

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    State ddd 2/25 netspend card with fees coming from refund. Anybody with the same date receive their money yet?

    #4287395 Reply


    Does anyone know if Michigan updates throughout the day or just at a certain time? Pending 3/10

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    Still pending review 3/6. I called again and they still have no update and she said they haven’t sent out any letters. It’s so frustrating!!

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    I called in and they said I have to do an identity review. How long did it take for anyone to get the letter and what happened after?

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    I’m still stuck on completed with no date. So I sent treasury another question. I got a DDD for 2-26!! Yay, it’s been a weird road with pending review and completed switching on and off. Michigan has been so glitchy this year, I’m glad it’s over. Good luck every one!

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    I have a ddd for 2/22.. Still nothing pending on my rushcard. Hopefully tomorrow

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    Had anyone with the credits and a DDD Of 2/22 using emerald card receive refunds yet?

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    What bank did you talk to?

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    Ughhh ima is done with H&R Block I called the number on my emerald card to see if they received my refund from the irs since I have a DDD Of 2/22 and the lady told me they haven’t received it that I will have my refund on the 27th I hope I don’t have to wait until the 27th for my federal has anyone else dealt with the crap from H&R Block

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    Has anybody had an update today?

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