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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    Hi has anyone gotten their MI state refund? If so when? I filed 2/19. Federal was approved but no update on my state. I can’t even check it. Just
    Looking for insight..

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    Allison W

    Filed 1/27, accepted 1/28 – Website updated this AM to show DDD of 2/9

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    I just checked the state refund status site. I have ed of 2/4 I was accepted on 1/25

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    I got my acceptance email today.

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    Has anyone had their Michigan return accepted yet?

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    Blind Sided

    Did my Michigan Tax return all according to TurboTax, which said I should be getting back a refund of $xxx. Just checked my bank to see if the refund was in yet… Drops in tomorrow with a total of 130$ less!

    What is going on here? Either Turbo Tax or the State of Michigan is wrong and I’d like to know WHO and WHY…

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    Anyone who has had to do the ID verification, how long afterward was it before you received your refund?

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    So Michigan Where’s my refund hasn’t updated and now 6 weeks after they had received my return I finally get a letter. They want me to ID verify. seriously.

    Same name, address, phone number, email, social, etc for years and I did the ID verify with Federal return and it took 6 weeks?

    I swear this isn’t to reduce fraud, but to buy time. Had I moved, changed something, not ID verify with Federal – maybe. But I’ve been filing with all the same info for almost a decade. sheesh

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    Art vandelay

    Hi. My state return accepted on feb 25th.
    Received my energy credit on the 10th of march but still waiting for my michigan refund. Cant get info on the site cause we r living in the truman show. Imo.

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    I still can’t even log back in to check, still saying my info doesn’t match! But it matched for the first week and now it doesn’t! Ugh

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    Well I got a little update about my “under review” refund. Expected completion date of May 9th. Yippee :-? Only about 8 weeks more. Unless that changes again. smh

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    I filed my taxes Feb. 9th. Got accepted for fed on Feb. 12th, state was Feb 15th. My status bar says “under review” with no check mark. Have not got anything in the mail. Called the number and they say estimated delivery date is JUNE 7th! JUNE!!!! WHYYYY?

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    And mine is under “random” review again. I don’t believe the random nonsense because mine is under review almost every year. It’s either you never get reviewed or it’s almost every year. Mine has no date and it’s never been quick. I usually don’t see an update until April.

    Sending a question is useless because you always get a prewritten canned response that the computer randomly selects you.

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    when i go to check my status, it keeps telling me my info doesnt match and now i have locked myself out. I put in all the same info, anybody had this happen before? the last i checked it says peding review on 3/1 but no estimated completion date. I wonder if its updating or something

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    This is so- frustrating! Mine Michigan taxes are pending review with a date of 05/08/2021. I have read about people who still haven’t gotten their refunds from last year! Has anyone who was pending review actually been reviewed?

    #4467199 Reply

    Mine is under manual review but i don’t see an expected done date! A lot of us got that last year too and we got our refund before the date! This year is nuts tho so who knows

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    Has anybody ever had there state refund pulled for manual review. I received my federal already but for state they are saying an estimated completion date of May 10.

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    Has anyone state say pending review? What could this mean I have already gotten my federal

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    It shouldn’t take that long, a few years ago they did the same to me and i got the remainder deposited like less than 2 weeks later

    #4466441 Reply

    They held my entire refund for a debt of $1.42… and stated it can take 20 weeks to get the return 🥴

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    Can’t log in last few days has system in down. This year is a joke

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    @ Carolyn, did u get a date yet or deposit yet. I’m not understanding the website. Mine is like yours received check mark, review no check mark. Was yours under review?

    #4463761 Reply

    Can’t even login to check

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    I filed on 2/13, accepted the same day

    my refund was garnished due to unemployment saying that I owe them but I don’t.

    #4462216 Reply

    Mine says was dd on feb 26th haven’t received anything

    #4461941 Reply

    Hello @tsue you were able to complete the homestead property tax credit by itself electronically ? what software are you using ?

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    Allison W

    Finally got an update DDD of 3/3 Filed 2/15 accepted 2/16.

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    Yesterday was first time I was able to actually view my status. Last night it told me I wasn’t getting a refund and everything was complete. Very confusing because I didn’t owe anything. Federal came through last week via deposit. Checked my Michigan return this morning and now it’s telling me DDD of 03/02. The system is just jacked this year. The new one is worse than the old. Just keep checking if your being told no refund.

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    Allison W

    Still no update for me :(, but it seems like every year MI says its site is having issues. Maybe they should fix that. It’s a little scary when they just tell you no record found over and over. Even the IRS shows when received.

    #4461336 Reply

    Update status showed no refund Bank shows dd on 3/1 so it is messed up

    #4461333 Reply

    I did a stand alone property homestead credit and I get a message on their site that my tax return resulted in no refund Never had any problems before with it No garnishment or anything I am so confused Hoping its a glitch

    #4461039 Reply

    Checked my account was dd even though online had an error accepted 2/15

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    Return received on 2/14
    Processed on 2/22
    WMR says no refund will be issued.
    Talked to a representative and was told system Is wrong and that did is 3/1

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    For Michigan, I’ve had updates happen in the afternoon and early morning. Right now they are having system issues, so who knows when it will happen. I just check a couple times per day, morning and late afternoon. Hopefully they’ll get everything working properly and we’ll see more updates for people. Mine is still sitting at they received my return

    Good luck

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    Is anyone else getting a technical error message when you are trying to check the status of your refund? I wonder what time of day is the site set to update?

    #4460802 Reply


    Did you call 517-636-4486?

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    I can only get a person un the collections dept and they said that they have no idea where my refund is nothing has been done with it. Dose anyone know how to get a real person from accounts and not collections?

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    Ok..mine was completed on the 22nd and DDD is March 1st.
    Good luck everybody!!

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    Mine was accepted on the 13th the wmr updated to the completed no refund issued. Talked to treasury was told the system is messed up and my refund would be deposited on the 26th.

    #4460603 Reply

    Calling got me no where. It said it was processed on…and the recording stopped. Gotta love the state of MI.

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    I was accepted 2/15

    #4460529 Reply

    Well this has been posted to the Michigan WMR website.

    We are currently experiencing intermittent system issues, resulting in a delay of updated refund information. This includes the automated voice response system and e-services. We are working to resolve the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

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    I filed on the 12th, was accepted on the 14th and mine updated today one day after I got my federal refund. However I’m just able to view that they received my return. Hopefully I’ll have a return complete and a refund date soon.

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    Some people are getting it and some are saying they aren’t. I’m hopping it’s still glitch related. I’ll call tomorrow.

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    Is everyone in Michigan refund getting taken? What is this about?

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    I filled 2.04
    Accepted 2.15
    I tried around 10am today and nothing around 8pm I looked again and said it was finished around 2.22 and they took it all.

    I called and it stated the same thing.

    #4460511 Reply

    For those of you who recently updated when were you accepted ? And does anyone know what time the site updates? Accepted 2/15 still no info found @Pinkie @Carolyn @demej

    #4460498 Reply

    I can finally log in but it doesn’t give me any info. It just states the day they received my return. At the top they have two statuses.. return received and it is checked and to the right return under review which is not checked.

    I hate the new design. Besides not really having any info, the layout is horrible. You have to completely start over with the questions to view another year.

    Whomever they paid to redesign this, it wasn’t worth it.

    #4460488 Reply

    There is a glitch. If it says no refund please call the state of Michigan line and they will let you know your deposit date
    Mine was completed 2/24 with a ddd 3/1

    #4460460 Reply

    It finally upload and stated my entire refund was taken for a debt on 2/22 even though I did owe they took that from my fed and it was less then a 1/4 of my state refund they took the whole thing. I’m hoping it’s a glitch.

    #4460454 Reply

    Getting the same as a lot of people. Completed resulting in no refund. SMH

    #4460429 Reply

    I got the same message. I’m so confused 😕

    #4460388 Reply

    Says my return was completed on 2/22 and that I am not due a refund even though I’m supposed to have a refund from the state. Anyone else having this issue?

    #4460033 Reply

    Filed 2.4
    Accepted 2.15
    Nothing pending
    Still nothing on wmr, their new site is trash I cant even look at past yrs.

    #4460007 Reply

    Received my State refund this morning.
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 2/11
    WMR updated 2/21
    DD 2/25

    #4459978 Reply
    Allison W

    Nothing new for me either accepted 2/17. Hoping soon

    #4459971 Reply

    Still getting no match found. BLAH

    #4459957 Reply

    Anything new

    #4459891 Reply

    Thanks @alwayswaiting for giving us the info. Michigan is slower than other states and it’s WMR website is even slower. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need their refund. Especially after this past year. It’ll be nice to,catch up on some bills with the refund.

    Good luck everyone and hopefully there are some updates tomorrow

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    Always waiting

    I filed 2-11. Mi says accepted 2-13. Approved 2-19. Will be in my account 2-26. Yesterday, 2-23, the system was still not recognizing me. Just sharing my experience!🙂

    #4459817 Reply

    @Allison That’s great news!! Maybe mine will come then, too.

    #4459814 Reply

    Got my Federal already. State was accepted 2/15 and still says “Match not Found” I’m getting nervous 😟

    #4459791 Reply
    Allison W

    My son filed on 2/9 accepted the 14th. The system says no record but money is pending in his account for 2/26

    #4459682 Reply

    Mine was accepted on the 14th, still giving me the error and I’ve already gotten my Federal refund.

    For those who can log in and see their return or even received refund

    When was your state return Accepted?

    #4459634 Reply

    I got my refund at 12p. The “no match” message will be that way until you’re accepted. I checked this a.m and I got the message. Now it shows my info and that it was deposited.

    #4459474 Reply

    accepted 2/14. Still saying incorrect info. UGH

    #4459472 Reply

    Where’s my refund updated with info but now says return complet results in no refund issued yet I’m suppose to have one?

    #4459336 Reply
    Allison W

    @cody412 that part usually updates later in the day or next morning. When were you accepted? Trying to figure out when I should check

    #4459216 Reply

    Where’s my refund updated with info but now says return complet results in no refund issued yet I’m sapose to have one?

    #4457191 Reply

    @alwayswaiting definitely should be soon. I do know from past years I normally get the update from Michigan on Sundays. Because I checked last night and there was an error that wasn’t the “Match Not Found” one, so I figured my information was being uploaded to my account. When I checked when I woke up the update was there as I suspected it would be from previous years of Sunday updates.

    #4457174 Reply
    Always waiting

    @tiffg mine has not processed yet. Filed 2-11also, so probably soon

    #4457168 Reply
    Always waiting

    @tiffg. Ty! Good to know. Going to check mine soon

    #4457110 Reply

    The Michigan site will continue to say Match Not Found until they process your return.

    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 2/11
    Michigan Where’s My Refund site updated overnight sometime (2/21)

    #4456681 Reply

    It appears they won’t let us get any info until 2 weeks from the acceptance date. I will have to wait 8 more days, if that’s the case. I usually have my refund in about 8 days and, often before they post anything on WMR

    #4456504 Reply

    Still saying no match found! Accepted 2/13 I think..

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