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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    Ok thanks @britt91 Hopefully the same thing never had a review but I did cash three lottery tickets this yr and claimed them so maybe that triggered it smh

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    Nope, netspend!

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    Did you use the emerald card shelli ?

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    @Kim. Same for me. Well, I got a 2/12 issued date. Last year it was in my account 3 days before my issued date

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    Does H&R Block do deposit early or the day it says my state was issued but has a date of the 11th

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    Christina Stickler

    Nothing here. Accepted 2/1 with no DDD. I know it was shut down for a few days but I figured we would see some movement this week.

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    I filed Monday but my state is still pending

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    Yea.. def still early. I got a ddd of 2/12 on the michigan wmr .. last year it deposited a couple days before ddd so I was hoping for a deposit friday.. that would be nice. lol

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    Womp, womp, womp… still nothing lol. No record of return. I’m going to give it a couple weeks before I call though. It’s still early

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    I was accepted 2/1 and still nothing showing up for me neither.

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    I was accepted on 1/30 and its nothing showing up online for me.

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    Has anyone heard of anyone getting MI deposits yet?

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    Filed 1/31 Accepted 2/1 DDD 2/13

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    I updated this morning to pending review. Every year with Michigan. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I used H&R Block does the emerald card load on the exact day my state says issued but has a date for the 11

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    Just checked mine DDD 2-13-19

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    Filed 1/23 state a accepted 2/1 today mine shows complete on the state wmr website. Does not show a deposit date….

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    Nope I didn’t have to submit anything they just pushed it through

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    @britt91 estimated completion date is March 6th when you were reviewed last year did you have to submit anything to the state ?or did they just review it themselves and and push it through?

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    @Neek I haven’t yet. Last year was my first year getting reviewed what is your estimated completion date ? Last year it was may 28 but got my refund March 1 this year the completion date is May 22

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    For you all that previously had a pending review did you have to submit any information? Or complete anything online? To assist with the review proccess ?

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    Mine still has not changed hopefully tomorrow

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    My taxes are complete haven’t received the date I will receive my deposit yet but, they said it will show later tonight or tomorrow. I filed 1/22 accepted 1/28 so that’s fast for me.

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    I am pending review as well . Estimated completion date of may 22 2019 had the same thing last yr got my refund March 1

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    I also have a pending review estimated completion March 6th I have no idea why or what this requires from me? Anyone else been through this proccess??

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    There’s a new message on their website that pops ups before you enter your information:

    “Due to the recent weather closures for state of Michigan offices, the Michigan Department of Treasury is in the process of issuing receipt acknowledgments for e-filed income tax returns. It is anticipated that this process will be caught up within the next 5 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

    Mine still doesn’t show any record of even being received yet, but it usually doesn’t. I got a confirmation that it was accepted on 2/1, but nothing on the website confirming it or showing the status and same thing over the phone. I guess it’s only been five days so I’m not going to stress it. Last year I got the pending review thing and had to verify my identity through a quiz but got my refund in March.

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    is anyone’s Michigan wmr status showing information doesn’t match system? And I tried using both 2019 AND 2018 for return year just in case. I know it’s the correct info. My cousin is getting the same message. Anyone else?

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    I never got an acceptance thru turbo tax but i checked the state website and i have pending review estimated completion date of 3/6. Filed 1/29 anybody know what that entails?

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    Nothing show up on the website for me

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    @Randy same I have pending review last yr I had it as well got my refund on March 1

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    Updated to pending review!😡 every damn year!!!

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    Yes! I just got a DDD 2/11/19

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    Did the website update for anyone

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    Turbo tax still shows my state return as pending however I checked Michigan tresury this morning and my return is in the system but I have pending review with a estimated completion of may 22 2019 same thing happened last yr I was put for review & had my refund on March 1 so those of you that are still showing pending for state it may be a glitch issue with the tax company anyone else pending review ?

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    So turbo tax is still showing my state return as pending however I ch

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    @kim Was it on the wmr page your deposit? My stats are the same as yours and there’s nothing on wmr

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    Accepted 2/1… still nothing on wmr

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    @craig. This tax year is 2018.. they must have put 2019 by mistake…. tax year 2019. (To do 2019 taxes) is next year in 2020. I think.

    No update for my family either, but I think sometimes the site just makes people wait the 14 days.

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    Are you guys seeing these DDD on Michigan WMR? Or banks? My state tax was accepted 1/30 and still no update on Michigan’s site.

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    Does anyone know how often MWMR updates… i know when irs updates but dont know when state does

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    To those wondering, I just looked and figured it out. For some reason the Michigan WMR site has an option for tax year 2019.

    Select 2018 as the tax year.

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    Those who are seeing pending deposits for 2/11 bare you seeing it on the Michigan WMR website?

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    Nothing for me this Might be crazy question what I put in 2018 or 2019

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    Are you guys seeing DDD’s on Michigan WMR?

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    I’m showing pending deposit for 2/11 as of this morning! Filed 1/29, accepted 2/1.


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    I filed 1-17 with H&R Block
    My federal accepted 1-22
    My state accepted 2-1
    On wmr I got path message and my state was processed supposed to be issued on the 11th
    Does anyone know with the emerald card if they wait until the day it says to load fees or do they load them early?

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    Accepted on February 1st still nothing for me

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    @MJ I filed on the 25th of January federal is accepted but state still pending. I was told by the treasury costumer service that they are behind due to the office being closed most of last week due to the weather. I was told to give it until next Monday to call & my return should be in the system

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    My taxes were submitted on 1/26/19 and still haven’t been accepted. State site doesnt show any info. Anyone else with the same issue or know why it is taking so long?

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    I was accepted 1/30. Website says same thing no record yet.

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    It seems to take forever for the status to be available on Michigan.gov. Mine was just accepted on the 1st like most of everyone else but still says no record of return. It does this every year though

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    Last year I got mine state refund 2 weeks after I was accepted

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    my state is still pending & I filed 1/25

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    For the past several years their website doesn’t show mine until the day or 2 days before deposit. Up until that point it says no record of your return – Last year filed 2/1 received 2/21. Filed 2/2 this year

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    I filed on the 29th and was accepted on the first nothing yet have anybody got their refund or see a pending deposit

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    How long does it normally take for your info to show up on the state wmr? Accepted 1/29

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    I got an email at 530 yesterday that my state was finally accepted! Yay

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    Start was accepted a few mins ago. Yay.

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    My state was accepted at 5:07

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    My state was just accepted about 20 minutes ago

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    I filed yesterday (1/31) – Fed was accepted, waiting on state.

    State usually takes a day or two but refunds quickly. Last year I had my refund DD’d BEFORE they updated that it had been accepted. State of Michigan is all over the place during tax season. Never expect one year to be like the previous year.

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    Just received confirmation Michigan accepted my return woohoo it’s moving along! Hopefully everyone else gets their confirmation and all goes well 😊

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    My federal was accepted last Friday when I filed. Turbo tax says Michigan received my return on Friday 1/25 but I called the treasury today and spoke with someone & they said they don’t have a record of my return.

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    I filed 1/25 and still not accepted. This is weird.

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    I filed and I have not received an acceptance yet. I filed WEEKS ago through HRBlock, but it feels like maybe Hr Block didn’t really transmit it, even though they claim they did. What do I do? I have chatted with them twice, and they do nothing.

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    I filed on the 22nd. Last year mine were accepted 2/1 and in my account 2/14.

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    I Filed 1/15 using Turbo Tax. My Federal was accepted 1/16 State was accepted 1/29. Hoping it all processes soon. Was a bit surprised today though, on a positive note- I also filed my Teenaged daughters return on 1/15, her Federal was accepted 1/22 her state has not yet been accepted but today her federal return was Direct Deposited. Never in my life have I seen a federal Return Be accepted, processed, Approved & Deposited within 8 days!

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    filed on the 28th accepted today, so im hoping

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    Christina Stickler

    No movement here. I filed with HRB and still awaiting acceptance. I always get mine within 7 days.

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    Ik i get my state back 10 or 11 days after accepted i wish they would accept it already

    #4254379 Reply


    I agree with the weather there might be a delay but it should be automated… at least I thought. I’m surprised there aren’t more people on here saying they haven’t been accepted yet.

    #4254352 Reply


    I filled on Friday the 25th as well hoping to be accepted by Friday. I am assuming that with all state offices being closed from the cold that is what is causing a delay in being accepted

    #4254345 Reply


    @aprild I have not been accepted neither. I use hrblock as well 😐 hopefully soon though!

    #4254297 Reply


    Still not accepted…

    #4254286 Reply


    My state is still pending. I filed on Friday January 25 turbo tax says Michigan received it on Friday when did you file Rebecca

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