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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    @Tra same for my bf and I. When did you file? We filed 1/28, accepted 2/7, both pending review 3/6 used TT

    Also I saw someone comment and say that the reason they are getting pulled is because of the heating credit which is incorrect. I have the heating Credit in mine was pulled my boyfriend does not in his was pulled we both filed through TurboTax the same day just hours apart. This is my first year ever being reviewed in my lifetime this is his third year in review it all started three years ago when he filed an amended return and the state didn’t give him his refund until almost a year later then the second year they owed him more and then send him a letter saying they don’t. Then he called and they said unless he wants to pay them let it be

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    @Tra same for my bf and I. When did you file? We filed 1/28, accepted 2/7, both pending review 3/6 used TT

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    Mimi L.

    Filed 1/28
    Fed accepted 1/29
    Mi accepted 1/30

    Fed Path HOLD
    MI pending review until 3/6 :(

    Filed with TT (been using it for 8yrs)

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/30
    Dd hit today at 230pm Michigan we never updated.
    Used tt? As always

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    Filed 1/31
    Accepted Fed. 1/31
    Accepted MI. 2/3

    Fed is @ PATH w/152 (EIC)
    MI DDD @ 2/15

    Used TT

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    Turbo tax 2/15 deposit date have homestead as well. Not in review just waiting for it to drop.

    Quit trying to figure it out everyone is different t

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    It seems like a lot of people got pulled.
    I hope us with the path act message are done. Just waiting on 2/15.
    I am pending review 2/8

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    I have a 2/15 DDD with homestead credit, but last year I was reviewed for the homestead credit and they verified household resources which must be greater than rent total for the year.

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    Filed 1/25 accepted 2/1 ddd 2/15 h and r block

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    Used TT
    Accepted 2/1

    Pending review completion date 3/6

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    Updated this am to a DD of 2/15 going to my bluebird card. Hope I get it Wednesday.

    Now just gotta wait on the fed and there dumb PATH nonsense

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    I just am just wondering if the government shuts down again then what ?

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    It isn’t just for those who used turbo tax. It appears to be those who are receiving the homestead credit.

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    Seems like everyone is getting a review..

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    federal return accepted early on 1/17 and michigan accepted 1/31. No DDD for federal yet due to PATH act and michigan WMR updated today as “pending review” w/ estimated completion date of 3/8 :/

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    I updated this morning to pending review….
    expected completion date 3/6. I used TurboTax…

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    State efiled with TurboTax 1-24 accepted 2-1 I have a DD date of the 13….no issues

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    I filled with TurboTax and my DDD is the 13th

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    Other forms are reporting a lot of reviews as well.

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    Wow alot of used turbo tax experiencing this with the same completion date of March the 6th I wonder is that just a default date they’re putting there hopefully some answers soon

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    Puller for review too. Est completion 3/27. I used Taxact

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    Sara T

    Filed through HR&Block online both fed and state on 1/30, accepted both fed and state 1/31 just received State update with DD of 2/15. Usually we receive our refund before the website updates with a date, so was not expecting a date when I logged in.

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    Pulled for review used turbo tax accepted 2/7 est completion 3/6

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    Caitlin Edwards

    So its turbo tax hmmmm…….

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    Mine just started showing up today. I have a very small garnishment for an unemployment overpayment years ago so mine says offset. Not sure if I’ll get a check in the mail or what for the balance (probably) but today is the first day I’ve been able to access my status.

    Lots of people with verifications this year! What a pain. I had that last year and it was a simple online identity quiz and mine was processed before the March something estimated date they provided.

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    I filed with turbo tax as well

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    We used H&R block this year. Usually I do it myself.
    I honestly think with the large amount of people pulled for review, something seems wrong. A glitch?
    Hopefully it doesnt take until 3/6

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    I discovered that I incorrectly input an answer into “Amount paid for HMO/INSURANCE premiums” TurboTax doesn’t explain (other than by clicking the link to find out!) that they mean AFTER tax dollars.

    I made a new TT account, reinput all of my info and came out with a $16 difference for putting in the wrong information when I filed. I suggest anyone to do this and see what happens, unless you have other reason to believe they would review you.

    I have also filed for Chapter 13 in December, have not yet had a plan confirmation hearing. But my Federal ddd is 2/13 so I don’t think bankruptcy has anything to do with the review.

    I was going to be offset for a debt owed to a creditor – but I had a garnishment release sent so they’re not taking it. So maybe they have to verify that? I have no idea. But where’s my money?!

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    Did everyone pulled for review use Turbo Tax? I did and I’m also pulled with a 3/6 completion date!😭

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    Also pulled for review, completion by 3/6. >:|

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    Pulled for review this year.
    Never in 20+ years.
    Just popped up today.
    Est completion 3/6/2019
    Seems like a lot of people pulled for review this year.

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    How many of us are pulled for review ?

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    Does anyone know what time of the day emerald card releases dd

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    I used TT for mine. H&R Block for daughter. Seems more TT ones getting pulled so far. hmmmmmm

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    I filed January 17 at H&R Block
    Fereral accepted 1/22
    State accepted 2/1
    My state was issued and has a date for today but so far nothing hit my emerald card. I hope it hits my card to I hate this emerald card it’s taking forever and my federal is showing path message.

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    Oh no girl, I wish. My acceptance date was 1/30. I wish my DDD was 1/30, sorry if that was unclear or misleading. My DDD is 2/15. It updated early Saturday at about 6 am. I didn’t even think it’d update on Saturday , but maybe it’s considered Friday night’s processing batch. Girl, yes weather , phone troubles, and on top of that they’re processing is as slow as mollasses.

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    @Mimi ok. Thank you! So your deposit date was supposed to be 1/30 or you filed 1/30? I also saw someone on Thursday or Friday say they got their State back. If you look on website it said due to inclement weather there will be delays in everything basically. Then it changed to some power outage? Lol idk what the heck is going on…

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    @Nicole, there was someone who posted a couple days ago and said she received a DDD without updating last year. There are also quite a few here who were accepted early Feb and have updated. That’s why I began to worry , because my date was 1/30.

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    Hey everyone!! Sooo question, has anyone received their MI refunds but not update? Also anyone have a DDD that filed early Feb? Thanks!

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    Caitlin Edwards

    Turbo tax

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    Does anyone know how I can speak to an actual LIVE rep??? 🙄🙄🙄

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    Does anyone know how I can speak to an actual LIVE rep???

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    I used Turbo tax what did you use?

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    @ Caitlin….nope. My daughter has both and will have her money Wed. I don’t have the heating credit and am pending. I was told it’s random. Honestly, I think it’s something to do with the tax service used. I used a different one than my daughter.

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    It looks like most people with pending review have a March completion date. Mine is May 22. Wonder why so long? It’s just a homestead tax refund. Makes NO sense. Frustrated!!!!

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    Long post alert for pending review experience –

    For this year I was accepted on 1/30 and updated Friday to a DDD of 2/15. For folks who are pending review, I’ll share my experience from the 2017 tax year.

    I filed my return in July, because I had to resolve some other things first. Keep in mind, July isn’t a super busy time of year so you’d think the process would have went fairly quick. It didn’t. I just received the refund on 11/30.

    10 days after I filed it switched to pending review. I called and called to see why. No one would ever tell me anything except wait. A month letter I received a letter for identity verification with a code. I tried to do it online, but the online system wouldn’t take my address so I had to mail in the documents. It took them a month to process those. Mid-September I was told processing was complete and I’d receive a DDD within 24 hours. I never received it. Called back to find out why and was then told they had denied my homestead credit, because my total household resources were less than the total rent. I appealed that. I submitted all of those docs on 10/15. I finally received a DDD of 11/30.

    Hopefully you guys who are pending review will only have to do identity verification or Only require a simple review with no extra steps, because the SOM’s processing times are super slow and each review is done separately, if multiple things are causes of concern. Good luck!

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    I have that credit. But I usually do. I don’t know why this year is different

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    Caitlin Edwards

    I figured it out its if u have cr7 home heating credit or related

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    This is the first year in 20 years of filing I have ever been pending review. I’m freaking out. It says completed by 3/6. I see there’s alot of other’s too. Could it be a glitch?

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    ‭1 (517) 636-4486‬
    You will need to enter the tax year, your ssn, then your agi.

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    Whats the phone number to check Michigan State refund

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    @Nick I had an offset in the past due to overdue student loans (now paid in full). My Federal was 100% applied but I received the full amount of my state refund without delay. This happened 3 years in a row. Good luck to you

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    Filed 1/16, Accepted 1/29 Just Now I got a DDD Of 2/15 first on the phone line then checked wmr & it also has updated to show it complete with DDD. I checked wmr yesterday & this morning & it showed nothing so the system must update throughout the day including Saturday??

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    Filed 1/16 Accepted 1/29 just got a ddd Of 2/15 on WMR & Phone Line.

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    Does anyone know if emerald card releases funds early I called and the lady said she can see my state but it’s not supposed to be issued until Monday

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    My bf and I both filed 1/26 through TT. Both Federal accepted 1/28. Both MI state accepted 2/7. His wmr on 2/7 showed pending review 3/6 estimated completion (his 3rd yr. In review) Mine didnt show anything until I checked today 2/9 around 5am which says same, Pending review 3/6 (my 1st yr ever in review) I can see his but not mine. I honestly feel there is a glitch or something not right for us and anyone with a similar situation.

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    Caitlin Edwards

    Me either this sucks! Did u get same date…..? Wonder if it is cause they r behind due to weather and being behind?!

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    I updated to manual review as well.
    This has never happened to me

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    Caitlin Edwards

    I got update this morning updated to pending review 3/6! 1040 1040cr7? I am self employed.

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    I’ve read threads everywhere. I’ve only seen 1 actual person get a ddd for michigan. Every other person is pending review. My bf 3rd year pending 3/6 my 1st year pending 3/6. I’ve also seen multiple people pending with the same date until I came here and see others pending with a different date. I feel there is a glitch something else going on because I’ve never seen so many people pending in 15yrs filing taxes

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    Accepted Jan 28th updated this morning to DD of Feb 15

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    Lakeisha B

    Mine says pending review est completion 3/7

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    When I check my status over the phone wmr says my info does not match . Which is weird cause I’m putting in the right info.

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    Last year I was in pending review and had my return within 3 ish weeks I didn’t have to do anything but wait for someone to look over my stuff

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    I just updated to pending review. Est completion 3/27. Smh. This is the 1st time this happened to me. I see a lot of ppl pending review though. This is crazy.

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    Alot of pending reviews this year it seems I wonder if the time listed is the actual time it’s going to take for them to complete them? And if they need additional information how long before we received those requests?

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    Got DDD 2/13 last night and had a offset… hopefully will have it today with my NetSpend

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    I just checked the Michigan WMR and it finally shows mine as completed and the ddd is 2/15

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    I just updated to pending review with completion date of 5/22. This sucks.

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    I had an accept date of 2/1 and still nothing. I filed it way earlier. Is there a pattern to deposits? Certain days they do and don’t deposit?

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    Tanya.. Maybe! I had a ddd of 2/12 .. it was on my netspend card today around noon.. Keep checking!

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    I got a ddd for my state 2/12 will I get it early with green dot from TurboTax? I’m in Michigan

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    I filed 1/24 accepted 2/1/2019 im waiting on my state wmr has not updated i was able to check last year it was in my account 2/9/18 ddd 2/13/2018 i and wasnt able to log in until after I received my refund i hope this is the case again and to shine a little light on ppl that’s concerned

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    Just out of curiosity is there a way to expedite my state refund I’m under review estimated completion of may 22 2019 I’ve been reading about hardships ect.. anyone have experience with this Incase nothing gets updated with my return anytime soon

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    Filed 2/2 Accepted 2/3. Wmr site and hotline doesn’t show any information. Frustrated, wondering if I’ll have an issue or if it will post to my account regardless.

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