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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Still pending review 3/6 😤

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    @pam I hope you update soon :)

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    @Taxgurl I filed 1/25 but return didn’t get into the system until 2/7 I was told the treasury was behind because of the office being closed most of the first week of February from the weather and are just catching up.

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    @ britt…..You give me hope!!! Mine still pending but, maybe it’ll change soon.

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    Is it on the Mi WMR that you see these msgs? I still just have the generic yellow page. I filed 2-4

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    I filed on 2/8 and mine says pending review until 3/15!! This is so frustrating.

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    @britt when did you file I have May pending review and it’s not updated yet

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    @ Lindsey A

    Pending in my bank account. It’s been electronically deposited – it will release tonight and be available tomorrow morning.

    I wasn’t under review but after reading some of the comments it looks to be an error that flags some efiled forms where one of the credits is used.

    Considering the software – each tax service has their own – there may be a code error from one of the versions that wasn’t updated or patched. That error would cause the state’s system to kick it out.

    They probably figured out what the problem is and they’re manually overriding returns with that error.

    The stat system automatically assigns a date of/by for reviews. They are being done now. Probably have DDD’s fairly quickly if there are no other issues.

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    Valentine surprise

    Pending review and to complete 3/6 in the morning but now it changed to completed with no date/transaction info. It says to check back in 2business day for another update. I’m glad it’s not in pending review and i didnt have to do anything but this waiting game ugh!!!

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    Longest… Day… EVER… 😒

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    Mine is still pending…completion date 3/5

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    Anyone knows what it means when it was under review but now it says completed with no DDD yet?

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    Does yours still say pending review online?

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    HA! They thought they were slick!! I CALLED, and it says Complete.

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    Mines still pending review 3\6. Hopefully it will change😭

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    I wonder how long until a DD shows because mine is blank too just completed

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    Mimi L.

    Mine also says completed

    Was under review until 3/6

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    My pending review for 3-6 just updated to completed no DD date. Last year it updated on the 26th with completed and no date. I got my refund the 3-1 without it ever updating to a Direct deposit date.

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    OMG I knew there had to be a glitch! My bf’s and mine both updated to complete. Just checked now after seeing the posts

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    Well, last I checked (early this morning), I was pending review until 3/6….
    I just tried to check again, and it said wrong info, and now I’m locked out…sooooo

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    Was pending review until 3/6 just updated to completed but no DD date yet

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    Same thing was pending review until Mar updated to complete with no other info on today hopefully we’ll see some DDD’s soon good luck guys

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    My state was under review pending completion 3/8
    It updated today to completed, but no deposit date.
    The transaction tab is blank.
    I don’t know what that means, but hope for others it is moving along.

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    Just checked my Michigan account was on pending review until may 22 it’s now complete but no DD yet

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    Was yours pending review?

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    Nothing yet😢 Hoping it will update later tonight🤞🏻
    Glad to hear yours is pending-gives me hope mine may actually post tomorrow.

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    @ Nique

    Mine is showing pending in my bank account.

    Bet yours is too.

    Now just have to wait for the Fed.

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    I filed 2-4, was accepted 2-4. Still not recognized in system. This happened last year as well. Last year my return never showed as being in the system until it was finished processing,

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    Never under review.

    Filed like Jan 25 accepted 2/1 got DD of 2/15 was in my bluebird today ,2/13

    2 days early like the say

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    I tried to use their ‘ask a question’ form to you know. ASK A QUESTION, and got back that I couldn’t ask a question as I’m not an authorised person on my own “account”.

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    @mattson were you ever under review? When did you file and when did it get accepted?

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    This is ridiculous so many reviews this year can’t wait till someone gets some action so we can possibly get some answers on this Mar 6th completion

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    @ Pam… Thanks for the response ….itfeels good knowing I can share the pain with someone….But unfortunately I called as well and I got the runaround also …. no exact answer they said that is a 16 week time frame and they told me to check the WMR site daily as it updates daily and my date may change they told me that this just means my refund was pulled for manual review

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    Just got my state. 5:40 pm to bluebird card.

    Used tt had credits home heating etc

    Hell yeah seee ya next year now just waiting on the fed

    Got them bands baby

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    @Ralph…Yup, that’s my date, too. Most are in March. No clue why a few are getting the May date. FRUSTRATING!! And NO explanation when I called. So, guess I sit with my thumb up my ass waiting until the state decides to give me my money. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    So no one has gotten a early deposit for 2/15 DDD?

    Second year in a row trying these prepaid cards. Last year greendot didn’t give me my federal till the deposit date so I switched to bluebird this year and nothing early yet when it says two days early.

    Next year just using my credit union again. So dumb

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    My bank usually shows pending deposits later in the evening the night before it posts but last year my State refund just magically appeared in the middle of the day & the state wmr hadn’t even given me a DDD yet. There is nothing pending on mine at the moment.
    Every year seems to be different though. Last year I had a review & the year before I had to verify my identity so both were held up much longer. I’m grateful not to have a long delay this year but my impatience is like waiting for water to boil lol

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    Mimi L.

    I just called and asked why my state return says under review, they informed me that they are reducing my refund because I had the wrong amount I paid to my property taxes. I paid a penalty for paying them late and I included the full amount I paid. I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.

    So I’m sharing just to say you could ask a question on why it’s saying pending review. Mine has 3/6 as the completion date.

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    @ Nique

    I have the same DDD. Does your online banking show pending deposits?

    Mine does – my refund isn’t pending yet – it usually shows a pending deposit the day before it posts. If it does – you should see it tomorrow or the next day. Funds are usually available the next day.

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    @carolyn…mine was same as you except I filed 2/5… accepted 2/7. Wmr says no payment history on file???

    #4268427 Reply


    our mi was accepted the 1st and the website still says no return found, anyone else having this issue??

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    Just checked mich treasury site… said my return is under review … estimated time is 5-22-19 !!!! ??????? WTH???? Anyone else ?

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    Still pending completion 3/6. Using netspend so prepaid has nothing to do with a review, fyi

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    Mimi L.

    The people with DD dates, this is for your federal?

    Federal still showing Path message
    State still pending review 3/6 completion date

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    From what I have seen, the only people that are receiving their refund before their ddd are those who are having it applied to a prepaid or emerald card… I have a ddd Of 2/15 & It has not yet posted to my checking account 😒. I for one sure would have appreciated an earlier DD this week, the company I work for changed payroll providers & went to bi weekly-the first one being deposited 2/15… of course🙄 Friday can’t get here soon enough 🤑

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    Just got a DD for 2/20, but I keep hearing that many people are getting it before the actual DD. For those whom have already received their returns (checking account), would you chime in?

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    Filed 1/31 Accepted by MI 2/3

    MIWMR – Refund / Issued / 2/15 DD

    Make sure you put 2018 in for tax year.

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    I’m thinking of doing the same thing, mine is under review until 3/5
    this is stupid

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    Can a tax advocate push your refund through I seen someone post yesterday about talking to one

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    What card did u guys have and what deposit date

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    Refund hit my credit union this morning! File 1/26, accepted 1/30.

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    Yes got mine today Accepted on February 1st

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    I filed on 1/28/19 with Credit Karma. My federal was accepted within hours. My Michigan return wasn’t accepted until 2/7/19. Has anyone else experienced this? From what I’ve been reading, everyone else was accepted within a day or two. I wonder if it has something to do with Credit Karma. I claimed the Homestead Credit, but I’ve done that every year for the past 6 at least.

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    All of us with a 2/15 doing to a prepaid card should be getting deposits today.

    Keep us posted I’ll report back when I get mine

    #4267630 Reply

    Nicole Lindquist

    Thanks…thought so also…why haven’t they put a head of 🏠?

    #4267623 Reply

    KST in Michigan

    Nicole, you would be in the information for 2018 tax year. Tax year for 2019 hasn’t even completed yet. Not sure why they even put 2019 as an option on that. AGI from 2018

    #4267609 Reply


    Hey everyone, so I’m confused on what to put on the state of Michigan wmr site.
    Tax year: 2018-correct? Or do I put 2019?
    AGI: This years or last year?
    Filing status: Single (there is no head of household)

    Thank you!

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    This is my first year using the emerald card and going to H&R Block and I’ve called the number on the card and every time I call I get a lady that answers the phone and 3 different times I called the First Lady says oh it will be issued today I can see it the 2nd lady said it will be issued in 5-7 business days she could see my refund for federal I just called and the lady said I can’t see it but told me my amount wth is going on with these people get your stories straight I’m fed up with the emerald card I’m doing my own taxes next year sorry I know this is about getting refunds and all but I neede to vent I’m fed up with this emerald card I want my money they took my state return for when I got the emerald advance and just wanna day something different every time I call ughhh

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    KST in Michigan

    Just logged into check on Michigan refund status. Submitted via TT 2/3, accepted wee early morning hours of 2/4, have 2/19 deposit date next week! Yay! I’m sure it would of been Monday if it weren’t for it being President’s Day that day.

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    I’m a pather my did my taxes on 1/17 and got accepted for federal 1/22 and state 2/1 I went into H&R Block and my state was issued yesterday but since I did the emerald advance at Christmas time they took my state refund to repay for that smh and I called my card and they said they see my federal refund but I won’t get it for 5-7 business days and then I called the irs and the guy said since I’m a pather that I had to wait the full 21 days from the 29th before they could tell me anything so I’m a little confused

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    Mine said pending review, estimated completion date of 3/10. I used TT as I do every year. Have the homestead and home heating credit. Now it says it cannot find my information. What is going on?

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    My son in law received his dd today received a letter yesterday saying his was reviewed and homestead form filled out improperly so they adjusted it, it was one dollar difference. He filed 1/25 accepted same day using turbo tax.

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    Quick update: (I am a weekly)
    Filed 1/14 Fed & State
    Stuck on 9001 code until 2/9
    Updated to PATH on 2/10
    I was able to order both transcripts with my new address on 2/10 also 🙂
    SBTPG is showing my full refund also (no information was found 3 days before)

    Sooo…. I’m pretty sure federal is done processing, just waiting on 2/15 since I am a PATHER 💰

    Michigan return wasn’t showing in the system until today as “completed” 😃
    Unfortunately that $2,035 refund is being taken just as they have done for the past 4 years 🙄🙄😩😩😩😩🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Any 2/15 get a deposit yet. I’ve heard others from earlier this month getting it 2-4 days early on prepaid

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    Whats the 800 number to call cause i got a offset and idk y smh

    #4266832 Reply


    @kathy Nelson. Yup, that’s exactly what it does before it updates to “pending review”

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    first time in 15 years of filling taxes- my state never said pending review- why is this- its my money and i need it now- lmao- with a estimated completion on march 6

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    @Tra. I think its crazy we have the same dates plus we also filed tnrough turbo tax. FYI Ive seen others with our exact same dates and they also filed through TT. Fingers crossed it goes smooth. We haven’t recieved any letters or anything yet. Waiting on PATH as well, I read this morning either way if the government shuts down people will still get refunds so as for now still a waiting game…ugh!

    #4266777 Reply

    Kathy Nelson

    I was approved on 1/30. WMR went from telling me to wait 14 days before checking. Now it keeps telling me that my info doesn’t match. Has anyone else experienced this?

    #4266709 Reply


    @Pam I just called and got pretty much the same response. No letter sent yet and I guess there is Alot of fraud going on so they are pulling more returns to check you are who you say you are. Who knows!! Its irritating and she said my 3/6 date is just the date I should receive correspondence by from them if they need more info. It can take 8 weeks after that😭

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    Filed 2/4 accepted 2/8 just got a DDD of 2/19. I do have the homestead credit .

    #4266648 Reply


    Talked to a real person just now about my pending review. She said after Feb 8th, allow 30 days to either receive a letter with instructions or another update. No info why it was pulled and no letter sent yet. or IF one will be sent.

    I sure wish I had the March completion days everybody else is getting instead the May one I have, SMH UGH

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    Just for those waiting.

    Filed 01/30/19
    Don’t know when accepted.
    Checked this morning with a DDD 02/15.

    #4266512 Reply


    Filed 1/28 found it odd it took til the 7th to be accepted, and now this?

    #4266383 Reply


    Accepted 2/1. Finally updated this morning to “being held for an offset”. No clue what I’d have an offset for and when I call the 800 # it says my S.S has no offset on it. Is the system just messed up this year ? Anyone else get this ?

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