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    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    Mine previously said pending review… est complete 5-22 !!!!! Changed this morning to completed …. but no ddd ??? Is this a good thing ?? Does that mean I’m all done and should get money soon ???

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    Does anyone know roughly how long before a notice is sent if they do need info by chance?

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    Mine hasn’t moved since it started posting. Still says pending til 5/22. So frustrating!! It’s a simple homestead credit. GIVE ME MY MONEY!!! DAMN!!!!

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    3 days ago mine said completed with no release date. The very next day I checked and it said pending review with no date. Today I checked and it says pending with a 5/22 date…wtf 🤬

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    Mine says my estimated completion is 5/24. Will it actually take THAT long?

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    Oh, idk, lol but hopefully it will update again overnite! I just had the generic page until today.

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    I have they have received my refund and it is being processed message but can’t view my transcripts so should I be getting it this week then

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    I called it says your return was processed on…. and then goes silent. Lol
    The heating credit says it was issued on the 15th and has the amount now.

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    Acually it said deposited in my acct on 2-25

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    @ash call. When i called it said refund issued 2-25. Didnt have a date on the website. I called the #ending in 4486

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    @jordyn mine was for old taxes I think. I called the collections phone number then they sent me account receivables

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    So mine updated back to completed with no date today. I don’t believe them!

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    Dang. I filed 2/3 and still no update. Pending review

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    My Mi finally updated this morning to completed, check back in 2 days. Filed 2-4

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    No more path message for me I have we have received your return and it’s being processed so hopefully I get my money soon

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    Jordyn Brumbaugh

    @MJ if you don’t mind me asking what was your debt? I’ve called this 1-800 #, and it says I don’t have any debts, I looked on the warrant list if I had past due city taxes and everything pops up no. Idk what the hell they are talking about. I did my free credit report and I have 0 liens, collections or anything 🤨

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    Jordyn Brumbaugh

    So mine said pending review, updated till completed yesterday and now today is said “all or part of my refund has been garnished for a third part debt”. I don’t owe anything. All my school loans are in good standing and I have a $0 payment for low income. Anyone know if they could be maybe past due city taxes because I don’t own any property.

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    @Chareese Let us know what they say if she calls.

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    Had an offset (mdhhs) less than refund told 30-60 days for balance to be sent to me…checked today dd of 02/22…filed 1/28 accepted 2/1

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    Mine had a date of 3/6. Today it updated to completed. I checked later and it said I had an offset. I called Michigan account receivables and they explained that if I paid the debt my taxes would be released. It was only 107. So I paid it. I asked a question via the wmr site and they said that it would take 30-60 days to verify the payment. Wtf?? Why would it take that long? Anyone else have an offset before? If so, how long did it take to get your money?

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    I updated to DDD of 2/22/19 from pending review 3/10/19. But the amount is different (more) and only one refund which makes me think no home heating credit was given…I dunno.

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    Mine still hasn’t updated to complete.Still says 5/22. ACK!!!!!

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    @ashley I’ve had the PATH msg since 2/10…. I have a feeling we’re going to update tonight and tomorrow have DD dates 🙂

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    Does everyone’s Federal still show Path message?

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    Mine is still pending review

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    My deposit it pending in my checking account. Nothing like seeing a lump sum in your account that you can’t access. I wonder how long until it clears?!?

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    I’m going to tell my sister to call and see why her status changed from completed to back to review. Hopefully mine updates from pending review est 3/27.

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    @mimi thank you. I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognize me yet but the same thing happened last year so I guess I will just wait

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    @Chareese I have no clue. I submitted that question to treasury and they responded with you were randomly selected for review we don’t need anything at this time. 🤦🏻‍♀️ My home heating credit still says completed. Michigan messes with me every year, it’s definitely not random. The refund computer system is garbage.

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    @mimi filed 1\28 accepted and showed wmr review 3/6 on 2/6…crap might have been 2/7 but way longer than normal.

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    Mine also just updated to a ddd of 2/22 now hopefully I get good news on federal been on path since Wednesday

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    How long does it take to receive your refund when there is an offset?
    The offset is less than my refund…

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    Mimi L.

    @alwayswaiting mine took 4 days

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    How long did it take to get recognized in the system? Anyone? I was accepted 2-4. Still have generic yellow page on wmr

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    Just checked again and got a DDD Of 2/22, originally pending review until 3/6 and showed completed yesterday

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    @Ash that’s crazy. Why would it say completed. Then review again with a longer Est completion date. The same happened to my sister. Mine is still pending review est 3/27.

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    Yesterday I updated to completed with no DD date. Today it updated to in review again completion date 5/22. 🤬🤬

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    Just rechecked mine and I have a DDD for 2/22 after pending review for 3/6

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    Valentine surprise

    It must update around the afternoon..unfortunately my pending review that turned into completed with no dates. Now turned into 3rd party garnishment of all or portion of my return and I’ll get a letter in 2 weeks…smh

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    Okay yesterday my sisters pending review changed and said Completed with no DDD. Now today it says Pending review est 5/22/19. This is crazy. What could be going on. Smh

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    No review this year. Filed 1/16. Federal Accepted 1/16 State Accepted 1/29 so Two Week Turnaround.

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    The michigan treasury income tax division is one of the most dysfunctional systems in the country. For example, go to the Michigan WMR page and look at their info announcement.

    We are working to correct the problem and apologize for the inconvenience. for updates.

    The fact that got published to the production side of their system, and hasn’t been changed yet should be a good sign of the nature of that department and the people that work therein.

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    Well I’m hopeful. I filed and was accepted on the 3rd of February with tt ofc. Mine shows pending review estimated 3/10. Seems most with march dates are slowly updating. Never had state pending before. Federal has only showed path one time I believe every other time I check it has said it is being processed. Hoping that will move forward after today being the 15th. Last year I had EIC and my federal was issued much earlier than the 27th. Closer to the 15th maybe even on Valentine’s

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    @brent anytime of the day. Yesterday I updated around noon. Im not sure on your other questions

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    @gimmie my money were you pending review at all?

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    Ho Lee Chit
    My state refund hit my bank! Now I wait for the PATH update. Hoping everyone gets theirs soon, See You next year!

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    I filed a 1040 as well as a 1099. It says pending reviee still but the only form listed is the mi 1040. Is that common? Also does the wmr update at any time of the day on any day or is it more specific?

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    Ok so I just called to check my status. Says my home heating credit was processed on 2/8 and for the other 2 it says “was processed on _______” and doesn’t give a date. Wth.

    If anyone else calls let me know what it says please. Very curious!

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    @brent 2 just updated over here. Didn’t have to do anything.

    Question or everyone who had a review. Do we still get our money direct deposited or do we get a check because it had to be reviewed…?

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    I never had to do anything it just changed to completed after saying pending review for over a week

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    How many of you, whom have updated to completed, had to do the identity quiz? Or did it just finally go through? & also, if you received a letter to complete a quiz, how long after you were accepted did you receive the letter?

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    Loso santana

    Oh i forgot to metion they say it was issued on the 12th but nothing pending in my account

    #4270322 Reply

    Loso santana

    Hey guys i had an offset and they already took their portion anyone knowns how long it will be untill i get the rest of it had a ddd for today?

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    Still pending review 3/6 😤

    #4270308 Reply


    @pam I hope you update soon :)

    #4270307 Reply


    @Taxgurl I filed 1/25 but return didn’t get into the system until 2/7 I was told the treasury was behind because of the office being closed most of the first week of February from the weather and are just catching up.

    #4270225 Reply


    @ britt…..You give me hope!!! Mine still pending but, maybe it’ll change soon.

    #4270206 Reply


    Is it on the Mi WMR that you see these msgs? I still just have the generic yellow page. I filed 2-4

    #4270147 Reply


    I filed on 2/8 and mine says pending review until 3/15!! This is so frustrating.

    #4269918 Reply


    @britt when did you file I have May pending review and it’s not updated yet

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    @ Lindsey A

    Pending in my bank account. It’s been electronically deposited – it will release tonight and be available tomorrow morning.

    I wasn’t under review but after reading some of the comments it looks to be an error that flags some efiled forms where one of the credits is used.

    Considering the software – each tax service has their own – there may be a code error from one of the versions that wasn’t updated or patched. That error would cause the state’s system to kick it out.

    They probably figured out what the problem is and they’re manually overriding returns with that error.

    The stat system automatically assigns a date of/by for reviews. They are being done now. Probably have DDD’s fairly quickly if there are no other issues.

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    Valentine surprise

    Pending review and to complete 3/6 in the morning but now it changed to completed with no date/transaction info. It says to check back in 2business day for another update. I’m glad it’s not in pending review and i didnt have to do anything but this waiting game ugh!!!

    #4269850 Reply


    Longest… Day… EVER… 😒

    #4269808 Reply


    Mine is still pending…completion date 3/5

    #4269794 Reply


    Anyone knows what it means when it was under review but now it says completed with no DDD yet?

    #4269793 Reply


    Does yours still say pending review online?

    #4269786 Reply


    HA! They thought they were slick!! I CALLED, and it says Complete.

    #4269780 Reply


    Mines still pending review 3\6. Hopefully it will change😭

    #4269779 Reply


    I wonder how long until a DD shows because mine is blank too just completed

    #4269765 Reply

    Mimi L.

    Mine also says completed

    Was under review until 3/6

    #4269764 Reply


    My pending review for 3-6 just updated to completed no DD date. Last year it updated on the 26th with completed and no date. I got my refund the 3-1 without it ever updating to a Direct deposit date.

    #4269748 Reply


    OMG I knew there had to be a glitch! My bf’s and mine both updated to complete. Just checked now after seeing the posts

    #4269739 Reply


    Well, last I checked (early this morning), I was pending review until 3/6….
    I just tried to check again, and it said wrong info, and now I’m locked out…sooooo

    #4269693 Reply


    Was pending review until 3/6 just updated to completed but no DD date yet

    #4269683 Reply


    Same thing was pending review until Mar updated to complete with no other info on today hopefully we’ll see some DDD’s soon good luck guys

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