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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Michigan- Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Michigan Wheres My Refund? go to Michigan Department Of Treasury

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    Tomorrow will be my 14th day. when I call It tells me the information doesn’t match their records I haven’t spoken to anyone yet but I definitely will tomorrow … Michigan really needs to get it together!

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    @ndixson That would be even better than Friday! Last year it just showed up in my bank account, so I’m hoping for that.

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    @amyzee maybe we will get it tomorrow morning…lol Im praying

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    Filed 1/30, Accepted 1/30….Michigan refund page updated last week saying DDD 2/14, received in the bank today (2/13), we bank with USAA. Filed with HR Block. For federal we also have EIC and ACTC, and currently have PATH message.

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    I just called and spoke with someone who verified that they are experiencing system issues with the website and phone line. Phone verification said that my info didn’t match up. Spoke with a rep and was given a DDD of 2/16. Filed and accepted on 1/30.

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    @ndixson Me either. I’m hoping it just shows up by Friday…

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    The website still isnt even working for me. Smh come on michigan

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    I just called and I was told that I should receive payment February 15th.
    YAYYYY! I was accepted 1/31!

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    Finally – I just updated to a DDD of 2/20. Filed and accepted 2/1

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    My return says its processed, but no completion date.

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    I logged in this morning and my info says completed, but to check back for a DDD in 2 bus days. Filed and accepted 2/1.

    My son is still 14 day message filed 1/29 accepted 1/31

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    @DazedandConfused I would say yes you should be processed if you received Home heating credit. Would definitely call in a.m to double check that you are done processing also to make sure a review or audit is not holding up your refund. Goodluck

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    Dazed and confused

    My state was accepted on the 30th. The Michigan WMR is still at the generic 14 day message. I got a letter from the Michigan Department of Treasury today. I freaked out for a few minutes. It’s my home heating credit (energy draft).
    Wth Michigan!! If the wmr doesn’t update tomorrow morning I will call. But this has to mean my state refund is processed…right?

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    @LoLo01 yea wmr is down at the moment I called and receive date. 2/16 also was accepted 31st hoping my deposit pops up after 5 sometime today. receive it 4 days before DDD last year on my prepaid card so hoping same applies this year glad they are moving just wish system was more reliable for everyone

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    Showmethemoney..I filed 1-29-18 and accepted on 1-31-18. I checked again and ot still says no record.

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    @lolo01 when where u acceopted?

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    My refund just hit my bank account. Michigan WMR still says it has no record of information.

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    I just called and spent 10 min on hold they told me that the system has been down and she told me that they won’t even see it in there system for 14 days. BOOO – I’m bummed I didn’t get anywhere, but congrats to all who did – I was accepted on the 1st so she said try looking around the 16th for a status

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    Filled on 1/29 accept on 1/31 had to call to get my ddd

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    When did u guys file. I file 2/3 and they still don’t have a record

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    Glad everyone decide the call and got your direct deposit dates finally some good news now we have to wait on that Federal update

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    @briiIAins glad you call looks like they are moving along now

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    @briiiAins 5176364486 press 3 and 3 again

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    @Showmethemoney I just got off the phone with a rep as well and I have a DDD of 2/16 so yay! He was surprised it wasn’t reflecting on the site or the call system.

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    @briiiAins I talk to a live person the website and automated system is very unreliable this year updated for some others like me it didn’t I wouldd call if I was you I just told them that site is having difficulties and if they were able to provide me info on return. Got nice lady after providing ssn # and address they gave me DDD

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    Showmethemoney did you speak with someone directly or did the automated system give you an update? I’m in the same boat. Accepted 1/31 without any info.

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    Update… Just got off phone and was told completed and DDD of 2/16/18 glad quita57 decided to call.

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    When I call the automated line, it says my information does not match what they have on file.

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    @showmethemoney I would call

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    Wmr still no update gonna wait a few hrs and call maybe they will have DDD for me as well

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    Thank you so much. I called and I was just told mine is in the final stages of completion and should be done and sent in a few days. There really is something wrong with the website because he said i am not sure why it isnt showing on the website.

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    5176364486 press 3 then 3

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    @quita57 what number did you call and what prompts did you have to go through to get a live person?

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    Good morning everyone I don’t know of anyone got any updates but I didn’t I decided to call this morning and got ddd for2/16 something’s wrong with their website

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    I filed 1/19 accepted 1/30 still nothing just 14 day generic message

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    Aaron tribble

    I filed on turbo tax on 2/3/18 and still haven’t gotten any update but when I call the number they say both state and fed was accepted but still waiting on a status update to figure when I’ll be getting mine cause on the irs web site it tells me I can get any info until 24 hours and it’s been way over 24hours can anyone help me with what’s going on ?

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    We in the same boat @showmethemoney
    Hopefully we will have an update Monday

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    Still on the back of the bus lol if WMR don’t update hopefully my bank account will haha

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    Update: WMR on Michigan updated this morning with DDD of 2/16. Can’t remember if I got mine early last year but my 2016 says 2/9 and that’s when I actually got it. So, Friday! At least I have a date now and not just waiting. Keep in mind for next year: WMR updates on Saturdays for Michigan!

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    Filed on 1/20/18 accepted on 1/23/18. Wmr still says we have no records of your info , wyf

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    Accepted feb 1st updated to completed today but with a third party garnishment smh can tickets cause this? And how long after do you receive the remainder of your refund ?? If anyone knows thanks btw last name is M my mother also updated today accepted Feb 1st ddd feb 16

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    No update for me neither maybe later

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    Still no update for me

    #4212272 Reply

    Updated this morning… Under Review estimated completion 3/7/2018 😞

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    My son who is a first time filer kept saying incorrect login and this morning did accept his social and last name, but then gave the 14 day message -mine is saying the same thing. – He filed 1/29 accepted 1/31. I filed 2/1 accepted 2/1 Last name W. I just don’t like not knowing it’s in process drives me batty

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    Filed Jan 28th, accepted (says TurboTax) on Jan 30th by state. Still getting the “have to wait 14 days” message before calling. Last name begins with B :(

    #4212040 Reply
    pamela j brown

    what does it mean when it says complete but has no date for my state refund online?

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    My last name starts with a D as well. Still getting the generic 14 day message.

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    I had actually filed first on 1/26 with TT and initially I was rejected for last years AGI being a number off and I refiled 1/29 after finding papers from last years return and was accepted 1/31 which I checked everyday up until yesterday and the MI wmr site said no info available on my return. Then yesterday around 2pm it showed finally and had status as completed with the DDD of 2/14.. My last name starts with B.

    today my sister in law who filed a day after me checked and as well and finally showed hers as a DDD of 2/15

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    Filed 1/26 Accepted 1/29. Last name starts with B. Don’t think that has anything to do with it. Last year I received refund 2/9, 12 days after acceptance. Crossing fingers for Monday. Phone and website have no info, generic wait message and can’t find a record over phone. >:[

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    Same here, no up date yet. Hopefully the rest of us accepted 1/31 will get DDD for early next week!

    #4211796 Reply

    Same here no update for me

    #4211790 Reply

    Same Ole nothing for me guessing all that accepted on 31st maybe update Monday or Tuesday around 14 days after acceptance rather have my deposit by than but oh well waiting sucks but im gaining patience

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    I filed my myself and my daughter’s return on 1-29-18 and both were accepted on 1-31-18. I checked today, her return was completed with a issue date of 2-13-18; however, there’s no record of mine. Her last name starts with an A and mine starts with a K. I did my return first.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/31. Still getting 14 day message. Last year I received my state today to the date.

    #4211727 Reply

    Anybody get any updates

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    @brooke0205 my last name starts with D.I also notice my gf return deposited last year on 2/6/17 but her DDD was 2/10/17 and her last name starts with S so alphabetical order could be a way we Michiganders process just gonna check throughout day today and finger cross for update on Michigan wmr

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    @ShowMeTheMoney what letter does your last name start with? Curious if there is any rhyme or reason to the way they are processing other than first in first out? Maybe alphabetical… My last name starts with a W and last year it updated at like 7pm but I filed 1/26 and accepted 1/31 but nothing yet today.

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    Filed 26th accepted 31st still no update hoping for deposit by Monday I also noticed I received deposit 4 days before DDD in previous years with prepaid card. Got deposit 2/2/17 my DDD was 2/6/17 last year

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    I hope they update in real time as the returns are approved. I looked on the site and it does say at the bottom that they update daily, it does not say “once daily”. Guess I’ll just keep checking through out the day. Thankfully they don’t cut you off after checking a certain number of times daily like the federal WMR 😂

    #4210957 Reply

    I guess they moving along slowly

    #4210943 Reply

    I just updated with a DDD of 2/15 I was accepted 1/31 & filed 1/26

    #4210903 Reply

    I guess all us on accept last week in the same boat guess we keep each other updated

    #4210899 Reply

    I filed 1/26 acctepted for MI state 1/31

    Still getting generic message on Michigan WMR as of just now..

    Michigan.. c’mon.. wheres my moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

    #4210879 Reply

    Yes I did call didn’t give me much info was just told 16 weeks is the worst case senerio….. Oh well I guess no need for me to get health problems over it just have to sit & wait it out

    #4210857 Reply

    Mine’s was the same way last year too @Brooke0205

    #4210834 Reply

    Last year I filed 1/27, accepted 1/30 and had my money deposited on 2/10 which was a Friday. This year I filed 1/26, accepted 1/31 and still getting the generic “wait 14 days…” message. Does anyone know if Michigan makes deposits every day or if it’s just certain days? My WMR updated last year in the evening like 6pm or 7pm the night before my money was deposited.

    #4210832 Reply

    @britt omg did you try calling? thats crazy. I pray thats not whats taking them so long to update mine on the website.

    #4210790 Reply

    My account updated I’m in review estimated completion in may -.-

    #4210786 Reply

    oh ok. Well hopefully mine updates today whenever they do the updates. If not ill just keep checking my account and hope for a DD sometime next week.

    #4210770 Reply

    No, it says right on the WMR that it updates once a day. But, like I said, it had never updated for me and my money just showed up in my account. So I don’t really pay attention to it. Mine was accepted but the WMR says they are still waiting for info.

    #4210744 Reply

    Yeah hopefully

    #4210739 Reply

    I don’t remember if it was last tax season or the one before that but my account wasn’t updating so I decided to call and see what was going on & the person told me everything is updated on their end and gave me my DDD… So maybe its the same this year accounts just not updating I have a hard time believing they don’t have my return after 8 days especially a efiled return

    #4210721 Reply

    I heard they start updating daily at 9am and they update throughout the day. So start checking at 9am I guess.

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