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      I seen a bunch of other states listed Thought I’d make one for Michigan

      Anyone have any updates yet?

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          Filed with tt on 2/4 and my Michigan was deposited on Friday 2/18. Still nothing from federal, I don’t think I’ll ever get it :( which really sucks since my state was on $200. I’m so screwed.

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            My Michigan return was accepted on 2/4/15 and now it is saying pending review with an expected completion date of 5/27/15. Will it really take that long??

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              My Michigan return was accepted on 1/29 and is now pending review with an estimated completion date of 5/7. This is absurd. No problems with my federal return, which I received within 10 days…

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                Can someone tell me where and how to check the status of my MI refund? I was accepted on 01/30 and it still takes me to the page that says allow 14 before checking, and when I call the hotline it says it’s too early and I don’t show up in the system yet bcuz it takes 2 weeks to show up. Ugh

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                  I got my ddd today filed 1/29 ddd is 2/12

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                    Well mine finally updated. filed 1/30, accepted 1/31, DDD 2/11. All in all it’s been a pretty quick easy year. I have learned one thing, I’m definitely using a netspend card next year.

                    Have a great year everyone, see again in 2016!

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                      My Michigan finally updated this morning, filed and accepted 1/30 and DDD for MI is 2/11/15.

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                        Filed 1/30 Fed accepted same day Mi accepted on 1/31 fed ddd of 2/6 and nothing on Mi yet.

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                          I filed with TT and my federal refund says that my check will be mailed by Feb. third but my Michigan return has not even been accepted yet?? Can I check the status of my state return w/o it being accepted?

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                            Filed on the 20th accepted on the 20th. As of this morning the 31st of January approved to be deposited on February 4th no later then the 9th.

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                              My federal updated this morning to show Refund Approved w/ a DDD of 1/30.

                              I checked my Michigan state status, now showing 2/2 for refund. As of last night, there was nothing at all still.

                              I filed with Turbo Tax on 1/21, federal accepted within hour, state the next morning.

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                                Dte dont care about nothing but money you would think they would decrease the cost seeing as they are a monopoly business and wages are not high enough to Maintain the cost of living

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                                  @jenn trust me I know…I was evicted due to domestic violence committed against me and been living with family…its so hard I cannot wait to move!!!! With my refund :-)

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                                    @tiffy I’d be even happier if I wasn’t basically handing it over to DTE :sigh: Got way behind with a layoff for a bit this year I swear that bill is the only one out of control I swear they inflate prices lol

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                                      @jenn thats good…I know you’re happy

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                                        My state refund was pulled for manual review, DDD of 5/5/15. I think this may be because I owe a tax debt from 2013??

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                                          Sent too soon

                                          Ddd based on transcripts 1/28.

                                          State ddd 1/30

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                                            Fed accepted 1/20 @ 10AM
                                            state 1:21 @ 11:45 AM

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                                              @ jenn when is your ddds for fed and state

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                                                Mine are done, I have my DDD for both Michigan and Federal now! WOOHOO this was a lot faster and less painful than I expected!

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                                                  No update for me yet. Just the generic “within 14 days this should update” message. The spelling error “teh” made me laugh though.

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                                                    @Nick HOH status on your federal is single in Michigan.

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                                                      Federal excepted the 21st , one bar on WMR, state excepted today or last night nothing showing on the treasury for me yet, waiting for a DDD, how long after Michigan state excepted did u get a DDD showing?

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                                                        I filed with Tax Hawk on 1/15

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                                                          What option do you choose for HOH when checking on the status of your refund?

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                                                            Accepted 1/14/ DDD 1/28 now if federal would give us some kind of light

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                                                              My boyfriend is getting his Michigan DDD on 1-27; he filed with TA 1-12 and state was accepted 1-14. I think This may be the first time we have seen money back from state before federal.

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                                                                Annacatt who did u file with and when did u file

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                                                                  Got a DDD for my Michigan refund of January 28th.

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                                                                    I filed and was accepted and I have HCC. HCC says pending but nothing for taxes yet ehich is weird I usually can’t see HCC until taxes say pending as well. Hope they hurry. Last year I got state and fed one day apart. The year before same day.

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                                                                      My Michigan was accepted on the 13th and as of this morning is pending review. …date for review is 5/05/2015 not happy

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                                                                        Cant file MI until the 30th if you’re filing HHC

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