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    I seen a bunch of other states listed Thought I’d make one for Michigan

    Anyone have any updates yet?

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    Filed with tt on 2/4 and my Michigan was deposited on Friday 2/18. Still nothing from federal, I don’t think I’ll ever get it :( which really sucks since my state was on $200. I’m so screwed.


    My Michigan return was accepted on 2/4/15 and now it is saying pending review with an expected completion date of 5/27/15. Will it really take that long??


    My Michigan return was accepted on 1/29 and is now pending review with an estimated completion date of 5/7. This is absurd. No problems with my federal return, which I received within 10 days…


    Can someone tell me where and how to check the status of my MI refund? I was accepted on 01/30 and it still takes me to the page that says allow 14 before checking, and when I call the hotline it says it’s too early and I don’t show up in the system yet bcuz it takes 2 weeks to show up. Ugh


    I got my ddd today filed 1/29 ddd is 2/12


    Well mine finally updated. filed 1/30, accepted 1/31, DDD 2/11. All in all it’s been a pretty quick easy year. I have learned one thing, I’m definitely using a netspend card next year.

    Have a great year everyone, see again in 2016!


    My Michigan finally updated this morning, filed and accepted 1/30 and DDD for MI is 2/11/15.


    Filed 1/30 Fed accepted same day Mi accepted on 1/31 fed ddd of 2/6 and nothing on Mi yet.


    I filed with TT and my federal refund says that my check will be mailed by Feb. third but my Michigan return has not even been accepted yet?? Can I check the status of my state return w/o it being accepted?


    Filed on the 20th accepted on the 20th. As of this morning the 31st of January approved to be deposited on February 4th no later then the 9th.


    My federal updated this morning to show Refund Approved w/ a DDD of 1/30.

    I checked my Michigan state status, now showing 2/2 for refund. As of last night, there was nothing at all still.

    I filed with Turbo Tax on 1/21, federal accepted within hour, state the next morning.


    Dte dont care about nothing but money you would think they would decrease the cost seeing as they are a monopoly business and wages are not high enough to Maintain the cost of living


    @jenn trust me I know…I was evicted due to domestic violence committed against me and been living with family…its so hard I cannot wait to move!!!! With my refund :-)


    @tiffy I’d be even happier if I wasn’t basically handing it over to DTE :sigh: Got way behind with a layoff for a bit this year I swear that bill is the only one out of control I swear they inflate prices lol


    @jenn thats good…I know you’re happy


    My state refund was pulled for manual review, DDD of 5/5/15. I think this may be because I owe a tax debt from 2013??


    Sent too soon

    Ddd based on transcripts 1/28.

    State ddd 1/30


    Fed accepted 1/20 @ 10AM
    state 1:21 @ 11:45 AM


    @ jenn when is your ddds for fed and state


    Mine are done, I have my DDD for both Michigan and Federal now! WOOHOO this was a lot faster and less painful than I expected!


    No update for me yet. Just the generic “within 14 days this should update” message. The spelling error “teh” made me laugh though.


    @Nick HOH status on your federal is single in Michigan.


    Federal excepted the 21st , one bar on WMR, state excepted today or last night nothing showing on the treasury for me yet, waiting for a DDD, how long after Michigan state excepted did u get a DDD showing?


    I filed with Tax Hawk on 1/15


    What option do you choose for HOH when checking on the status of your refund?


    Accepted 1/14/ DDD 1/28 now if federal would give us some kind of light


    My boyfriend is getting his Michigan DDD on 1-27; he filed with TA 1-12 and state was accepted 1-14. I think This may be the first time we have seen money back from state before federal.


    Annacatt who did u file with and when did u file


    Got a DDD for my Michigan refund of January 28th.


    I filed and was accepted and I have HCC. HCC says pending but nothing for taxes yet ehich is weird I usually can’t see HCC until taxes say pending as well. Hope they hurry. Last year I got state and fed one day apart. The year before same day.


    My Michigan was accepted on the 13th and as of this morning is pending review. …date for review is 5/05/2015 not happy


    Cant file MI until the 30th if you’re filing HHC

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