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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    I’m with you @Ash my ddd is 2/11 that would be so awesome if it posts tomorrow

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    I have boa with a deposit date or 2/11 , is it possible it can come tomorrow ?

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    I filed 1/25 and was accepted 1/28 my amount is in green but still no DDD. I just don’t get it. Last year I filed February 1st and had a DDD of 2/9 but had my money 2/7 I was really hoping it happened that way again this year but nope. I’ll never file again before February 1st . I don’t know if they update on the weekend but I Def am not holding my breath that I’ll get a DDD until after Tuesday if im lucky (which im not)

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    Hi Everyone!
    Checking in with anyone who has a turbo tax debit and a DD for the 11th, did anyone get their money yet?

    Thank you😀

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    Filed 2/1 woke up this morning with a DDD for Tuesday 2/12

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    It does say, “Your account is updated each night to include mailing address changes, and the processing of returns and payments.” so hopefully they will update tonight/over the weekend. I also sent a message through masstaxconnect asking if they do, I’ll let you know their response

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    Does anyone have any experience with and debtor spouse? Our Mass. taxes have been taken a md sent to child support. I mailed off the nondebtor spouse form today. Was wondering how long the wait is….?

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    Arthur T

    Who filed***

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    Arthur T

    Anyone deposit feb 1 or 2nd have a ddd ?

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    Just got my dd on netspend! Good luck everybody :)

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    Does Mass offset taxes for past due excise tax?

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    J B

    I dont think Mass updates on weekends. At least, it has not updated on weekends (for me) in the past.
    Keep us updated if you get one over the weekend though.
    If nothing the weekend than I would say Tuesday at the latest.
    Good luck!

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    I’ve probably refreshed my account page at least 1000 times this week lol I’m praying for a notification in the next hour

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    yup that is how Green Dot works. My pay check usually goes in two days early between 4:45 & 5:00pm

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    Yes Chime is very similar to Green Dot and Netspend, my paycheck is always on a Wednesday from 430-530. I’m expecting my refund at around that time. A lot of ppl received late afternoon and evening deposits

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    @ed that I don’t know

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    What about updates on saturday does it update in the morning for the work they did on friday?

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    Tamara Foret

    @becky Can’t view the letter there because it’s a pin verification for address, so it won’t let you see it online

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    Filed 1/30 accepted 2/1 dd date 2/12

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    @ Ed

    I filed the 28th and still amounts in green and no letter

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    @ Ed I filed the first of feb did everyone else’s taxes they all got a date and I didn’t still green no letter

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    Anyone with a file date of 1/28 still green, i think im the only one. Everyone else got a letter being sent or a DDD. Can anyone tell me if it updates on saturday?

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    @Kie you are not the only one I have greendot and I’m still waiting for my dd to drop it’s suppose to be the 11th also. Greendot made me wait last year to.

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    @kie gotcha. I have a dd date for the 12th. Hoping it hits netspend today like it did for others yesterday who got the 11th. Hope it hits soon for you!

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    @tiffanyann143 I’m waiting for my state refund to hit my chime prepaid card. They make all deposits early. I was hoping this year would be like the last when I received my refund four days early

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    @Kie Nope 2/11 DDD with emerald card nothing yet

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    @kie what are you depositing it into?

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    Somebody please give me some good news lol I’m still waiting for my DD for 2/11 I’m probably the only one who hasn’t got it yet smh

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    Can anyone let me know if their are updates over the weekend.

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    @J B

    Well it’s been 10 business days so better update asap lol…does it update over weekend? I don’t remember

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    I also sent a message and was sent a message back in 10 mins they told me exactly what the woman did. I changed my bank information and they need me to enter the pin on masstaxconnect to verify my identity and the system will automatically push my refund through.

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    J B

    Did you call and speak with someone?
    (I forget if you posted that answer already)

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    @ jb

    I hope so.


    I have checked correspondence and nothing there.

    I just called and talked to a very nice woman. I told her I was updated and still no letter.

    She stated mine was a simple verification bc I changed my bank information. After 10 years. Also in the letter it wants you to enter a PIN number when u receive the letter so you wouldn’t see this in correspondence bc of the hacking and shadowing.

    She says as soon as I enter my pin my refund will post immediately.

    I hope this helps I hope I get my letter today.

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    J B

    I’m telling you…10-12 business days from the date you filed. Lol

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    I updated this morning to a ddd 2/12 filed 1/30

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    @JB yes it is fast once you get the letter from what I remember last year anyway still waiting on my letter for this year that was supposidly sent out monday. Also I cant see it in the correspondce tab like I could last year. this is very frustrating.

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    @Becky i am unable to see my letter

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    Ya mine is still green, no letter…just waiting

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    Those who have letters if you log onto your MTC and check your correspondence tab, it let’s you view the letter so you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.

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    J B

    It seems that people that switched banks accounts since last year are getting letters for ID verify.
    I’m sure you will get the letter today or tomorrow.
    I read in one of these forums that its fast after that.

    I think it was @Rosa that had to verify before…

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    Tamara Foret

    How long does it take to receive a letter? It’s been 4 days.

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    @ Sam is yours still in green and are you getting a letter sent

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    I go to
    Masstaxconnect scroll down to where’s my refund put in my ssn, status and amount

    Then at the bottom it shows when it was accepted and states a letter was sent. In black under the box it shows ya refund in green.

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    I still haven’t updated either…and ya think it shows under letters and when you search where’s my refund it tells you a letter is being sent..from what I seen at least

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    Ash were does it tell u a letter is sent on the mass connect under letters because mines does say any of that I have all the same information for years and still no update

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    I don’t know but I have been doing my own
    Taxes for 10 years. I do have a new bank I’m using. However I don’t know what other information they could possibly need from me.

    I was accepted in in green no letter yet I assume today it will arrive it says 3-5 business days.

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    I just looked at 1130 today. It states a letter was sent 2/6 additional information is needed.

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    Has anyone who said they were getting a letter receive it yet? It seems as if there are a lot of us getting them this year. I am also.

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    Do they update on Saturday mornings or no

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    Mines is still in green and I did everyone’s taxes and everyone got updated but mines how come

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    Ash did it just update that or how u know

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    Any one with boa have a deposit in their account yet ?

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    I am getting a letter, filed 1/28 and was accepted my amount is green it says more information needed additional. Does any know what that means I been filing 10 years?

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    Ileana Ortiz

    Updated to, letter was sent additional information required for processing

    I wonder what they need

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    Well this is upsetting i filed 1/28 and im still green been about 8 days like that. I prob wont see any updates till monday now.

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    @ sam-
    It must of happened early this morning because i checked last night around 11 and there was no change, but when i checked today at 8 i saw it.
    i filed and got accepted 1/31 and today had back zeros and ddd of 2/11.
    i hope you get yours fast!!!
    See you all next year!!!! :-)

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    When did you update?

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    Finally seeing a black 0

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    Accepted 1/30. Ddd of 2-12 for direct deposit !

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    Yes. I used TT

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    I was accepted Jan 31st and updated this morning after 7am to a checked mailed Feb 11th.

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    I feel like messaging them again but they are just going to say processing takes 4-6 weeks

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    I do not think they are processing in order. I filed 1/17 got accepted 2/1 and have no DDD. But others who filed after do.

    #4262793 Reply


    I wish mine would turn black

    #4262788 Reply



    You click on personal income tax and then to the far right there is a refund tab and it’ll say when refund is issued

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    How do we get a DDD on mass tax connect rather than the refund site my amount is black…

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    I’m surprised you didn’t update seeing how you filed on the 24th…you use TT or? Maybe we’ll get lucky and update at some point today

    #4262768 Reply


    @becky i have the same issue i dont know if i shoudl wait

    #4262767 Reply


    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29

    Been green for daysssss

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    @Sam filed 1/19/19, got accpeted 2/1/19 and went green 2/4/19, but it now says I have a letter coming

    #4262750 Reply


    I filed 28th and got accepted 2/1 and still nothing..they changed my refund and increased it two days ago so figured they looked at it and checked it and I’d be getting a ddd but nothing

    #4262745 Reply


    @ emily

    You update overnight? Did you check yesterday? And when did you file/get accepted

    #4262739 Reply


    @sam no change for me still green amount…but I didn’t didn’t file/get accepted until the 4th

    #4262738 Reply


    I wasnt able to lig in to the main site but i was able to login to the site where you put your ssn. I saw my ddd there. I tried to log in just a few mins ago and it was up and i saw black zeros.

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