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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Filed my return Jan 27th it was accepted on Jan 29 its now May 16th and it says still being processed My husband and I had an outstanding balance of 79$ which has happened before (masshealth fee’s) and they have deducted the money out of our taxes however my MassTaxConnect account shows a green balance(with the 79$ deducted). Last year it took a few extra weeks(3 weeks) however at this point it has been 15 weeks anyone else had an issue like this?

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    I received an alert on masstax stating the received my things I had to send in, is that just an automated alert ? Does anyone know? And when does it usually update
    Thank you

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    My DD hit this morning

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    Still nothing

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    Did for 29 still nothing

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    @zasht nope ddd3/29 still nothing on tt prepaid card

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    @samantha we’re on the same boat. I’m getting really concerned

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    DDD for 3/29… 11:47 pm turbo tax card still nothing -_-

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    @Heather Anything yet so far? We have same ddd and same card, I still have not gotten mine yet

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    DDD for today after I’D verifying…3:40pm and still nothing. (Green dot card)

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    Anybody get there deposit today with DDD of 3/29? Still waiting for mine

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    Did you ever get that letter Momo?

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    @missy numbers in blacks equals refund deposit

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    Finally. I got all black zeros. I got a DDD of March 30th. Such a process but finally! I filed 2/4 and accepted 2/5. I also contacted the DOR a few times via email and phone to find out and the last call last night the nice gentleman said he sees it was accepted and would try and push it to go faster and yay! Today I have a DDD. Be persistent. Call email and Check your account more then once a day to see updates. Good Luck everyone.

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    Did my pin verification on Friday, amount disappeared and turned black and checked the generic return page and I have DDD of 3/29! Finally, now just waiting on my federal still

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    Missy. When it goes from green to black all o’s that means you should have a ddd. Direct deposit date.

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    why did my mtc account go from the pic number in green to zeros in black???? someone pleas help me

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    Told me the same exact thing. Still waiting for this letter though :/

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    Finally got my letter today with the pin I need to verify my identity. I called prior to getting it and was told by the gentlemen that the letters were said to have gone out on the 10th but they actually weren’t issued until the 16th. Hopefully have a DDD next week!!

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    melissa rose

    @jacky e i noi didnt realize i had to make an account i was doing generic wmr, but i just got the pin today in mail, did what it said and now just/still waiting, thank you for reaching out i no alot of ppl are waiting i just didnt understand why it was so generic but no i no why lol

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    @wowzerz I have submitted my verify through email. Now I’m worried do your ember how to submit it through the MTC

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    Wow. Cant believe how bad the Mass DOR handled my return this year. I submjtted my return like a week before the opening day and was accepted 1/31 for both state and federal. Got my federal in a week. However my state refund (on MTC) said it was processing and to wait 4-6 weeks. Finally after the the full 6 weeks, I’m told via MTC that a letter was sent out for ID Verification and to expect within 3-5 business days. Waited til day 10 to finally call the Mass DOR since it never came. The man i talked to was nice and sent me a message on MTC telling to provide my ID, SS card, and proof of address to some MassDOR email. So i do that and respond to his message on MTC saying i did so. They replied thank you, we’ve sent out another letter for ID Verification… Im like what?? So i call back last friday and speak with some other dude to find out they never got my ID info. Smh. So he guides me through a way to upload all the documents directly on the MTC website. And boom. Done. He says to expect my refund within a week or so. And what do ya know? I checked MTC just now to find out i have a DD for tomorrow. All in all, it took 2 months smh

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    So our refund was issued via mail on the 16th. How long does it usually take to receive the check?

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    I called that number after 47 minutes was connected to elaine. Very nice lady who checked and said I have no holds or verification needed. They are just backed up. Which is weird since people who filed after me got theirs. I filed and was received February 6th. She said it should be done processing by Friday. Fingers crossed

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    Okay, update: (after being on hold for 23minutes!) I finally reached a person and I was told that a letter was issued on the 10th of March for me to verify 3 things online and the turnaround for my refund after that is “fairly quick, as soon as a week..” SMH I know many people have filed before me around the end of January. I can feel the level of frustration because I filed and was accepted same day on 2/5 and still no MA refund. its 6 weeks today! I already got my federal for almost a month now. So stupid.

    My advise maybe not to file sooo early. Most people that files mid Feb like my mother received everything no problem. This is Crazy! “just wait a little bit because it went out on the 10th” How sway, it should not take over 5 days to send a letter to another same state address. ughs I will try and keep everyone posted.

    Just call and ask questions! my MTC says no alerts or letters sent out but there was!

    one 800 three nine 2- six zero eight nine

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    Hi, is it possible to know what number you all called to speak to a person. I am trying to monitor my refund on MTC but its asking for an ID number from a letter I never received yet. I filed 2/5 and still nothing simply the generic wait 4-6 weeks on both “WMR” and Toll free number” thanks for the help in advance.

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    Still no changes been seen since February 6th, no letters and when I called they sat to wait 6 weeks. Which is next week. This is madness

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    Finally a DD date…went black for a couple days and then a date
    Good luck to all!

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    Jackie E.

    Well I got an update. They took my state refund for a college debt from 13 years ago that I didn’t even know that I owed. So recap, filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22,last Thursday got a letter on MTC requesting copies of s.s cards, uploaded copies of s.s cards same day, amount turned to black zeros today and got the letter today on MTC about them taking my refund for college debt. Til next year everyone.

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    Haha their idea of fraud protection is a joke. Oh by the way I was selected for review so I had to send in a million things the other day. Also, I had a friend file Friday, was accepted or at least notified from turbo tax on sat and has a ddd for thurs LOL

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    Jackie E.

    @melissa rose a bunch of us who filed in January are still waiting. I filed Jan 20 accepted Jan 22 and just last Thursday I got a letter on MTC saying they wanted copies of my son’s and my s.s cards. A lot of people are being id verified due to fraud protection.

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    Jackie E.

    @lance OMG r u kidding me? Additional 2 weeks for processing. When I called Friday the lady told me that they received my upload of s.s cards and that they’re pushing the refunds out pretty quickly. Frickin 2 weeks is not pretty quickly. I called again this am n she said it should I should see an update soon on MTC. I sure hope I do!
    @joe check the generic where’s my refund page. Or maybe they are sending u a check. Alot of people are being mailed checks who chose DD.

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    melissa rose

    this is crazy was prosessed 1/26 accepted 2/2 still no info, says generic wait for to six week on mtc… why havnt i got any other info?

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    Where are folks seeing DD dates?
    My green turned to black but I don’t see a date!

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    @jackie i just got off the phone with them i was informed that they had received both ss cards and now to wait an additional 2 weeks for processing. That this year with the new system my account was selected randomly for extra security total BS

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    Do they update daily? Or can it update throughout the day ? Thx

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    Jackie E.

    @georgia I just read further down, I seen ur post from Saturday saying no update, so I take it MTC updated for u this am. I didn’t think they update on Mondays cuz they say it updates overnight and if there’s nobody working on Sundays I didn’t think it’d update on a Mon. Guess I’m wrong tho. Lol Glad u got a DDD. I had to id verify, so on Thursday I uploaded copies of my son’s and my s.s cards that they requested. I hope I get an update soon with a DDD. I will post when I get an update.

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    Jackie E.

    @georgia did the MTC website update for u this morning? Or do you think it updated Saturday for u, did u check it Saturday?

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    @annam it took 3 days for me to receive it

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    So I called the DOR and it is exactly what Georgia said they sent me a pin verification that they are not able to upload into MTC and I should receive it by Wednesday he stated. He said once I receive it and go online and verify then they will give me a DDD date

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    Georgia: Thank you so much I am hoping I get it in the mail soon. I really need it. Do you know when they sent yours out and how long it actually took you to receive it in the mail. I have informed delivery so I know its not in todays mail

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    @annam it depends I was sent a letter with a pin to put in online. They won’t put those on the website. The other verification letters are available online. I received my letter last Thursday and updated today with a DDD of 3/14

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    Check this morning and MTC says I was sent a letter on 03/10 and to give it 3-5 business days to receive. Does anyone know if the letter shown will end up showing in my MTC account as an alert so I can see it before receiving it? Does anyone know what type of letter it is

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    I got my letter Thursday to put in the PIN number. Still no update on MTC but when I call and put my info In it says my info still doesn’t match. I don’t know what is going on

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    FYI- our DD was 3/12 saw it pending in our account for the 12th but bank released it early this morning.

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    Got my check finally yesterday when it was supposed to be direct deposit all along!!!! Crazy tax year this year!! Good Luck to everyone still waiting! See you all next year!

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    Jackie E.

    @lance the lady told me today on the phone that they’re pushing them out pretty quickly. I hope tmrw we have an update. She said MTC will update on Saturday, so let’s hope! I will keep you posted when I get an update, plz do the same. Ty. Btw I uploaded my SS cards thru the website yesterday. When did u do urs?

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    Anyone with a DD date of the 12th for the state that has an Emerald Card gotten their refund yet

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