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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Just got my DDD for 6/9/22 so it has taken about 3 weeks…

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    Anyone know how long MA has been taking. From past messages this year it seems like about 2 weeks. I’m at 2 weeks now but there was a 3 day holiday in there. I’m hoping for movement this week. I already got my Federal quite quickly.

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    I filed yesterday. By today, I already had my refund in green and it says processing.. We will see how long it takes but I am encouraged by the progress so far.

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    @Lyndsay did you ever get your refund? I never got my letter so after a month they sent me what was needed through the inbox. Id/ss card/proof of address. I did that yesterday and I’m wondering how long it took. Thank you in advance.

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    So frustrated letter mailed in 2/14 still have not gotten it. I message them and all I get is wait till the 14th and then call if I don’t receive. Shouldn’t have to wait a month for a letter. 🤬

    #4518331 Reply

    My issued check finally came in the mail 🙌
    I waited over 10 days . Says it was issued 2/22
    Until next year 🥳🥳 take care everyone stay safe

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    Anyone logging in and seeing amount in green check the where’s my refund on ma. I was in green no letters in my account and then I checked where’s my refund and it shows letter mailed. When I called she said it’s a verification letter that can’t be put online. Now I have to Wait for letter mailed 2/14. Hopefully after I do what’s on the letter it won’t take long 🙏🏼

    #4516031 Reply

    Ugh still no check in my mailbox
    Mass wmr said they mailed it out the 17th smh taking forever

    #4515917 Reply

    Got letter this morning saying more information was needed. Sent it all now wondering how long before l get my refund.

    #4515425 Reply

    Anyone have any updates? Feel like state is takin forever this year!!

    #4513825 Reply

    Nice! I logged in to mass connect and it still shows in green with the number. I go to where’s my refund not logged in and says issued by direct deposit 2/24

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    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    Finally updated to ddd of 2/24 for state

    #4513703 Reply

    State wmr updated !
    My sister got a DDD of 2 / 24
    Goodluck everyone
    I’m still waiting on my check that was sent out

    #4513469 Reply

    Yes I did. It went into my Wells Fargo account, for some reason I thought it was going into credit karma.

    #4513092 Reply

    Just got my DD on Chime. Website said DDD for 2/21.
    I filed 2/11 accepted same day.

    #4512996 Reply

    Just got my deposit now, see y’all next year and good luck 🍀

    #4512840 Reply

    @jenjen00 did you ever get deposit and if so how long did it take ?

    #4512422 Reply

    Filed 02/08 owed money from 2017 audit, just checked ti be Direct deposited on the 22nd good luck everyone see you next year

    #4512385 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    Still no update for me 😢

    #4512382 Reply

    I just checked my state and it says issues for check feb 22 I checked a few minutes ago and it had said processing .

    #4512381 Reply

    @ Radshackgirl777
    Yes it just updated the mass refund site ! I know a couple people who got a date as well . They usually update right at 10pm this year .
    Goodluck and keep me posted

    #4512378 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    @ladyem: congrats!!!! Did it just recently update for you? I’m scared to check.

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    #4512314 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    I really hope I get some kind of update tonight for state

    #4512246 Reply

    Accepted 2/14
    Green balance 2/14
    I will update when complete. Hopefully they dd it this time last few years got a check. However also got it processed in about 4 days

    #4512211 Reply

    I have a DDD for 2/18. It’s going on my credit karma card. Does anyone know if they deposit overnight tonight or just anytime?

    #4511503 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    @ladyem: I just checked mine a few minutes ago and still no change. But I was only accepted on 2/12. Here’s hoping for updates soon

    #4511501 Reply

    Anyone update after midnight for state?
    I checked still nothing for me :/ but on the bright side my federal deposited early today (pather all credits )
    If only Mass state would get with the program 🙄 and push out my refund🤞

    #4511087 Reply

    No update on my state as of yet
    But I got a DDD for 2/22 federal 🥳
    So weird I usually ALWAYS get my state 1st .

    #4511043 Reply

    @Millyj Thanks! I ended up sending a message on MassTaxConnect about what was going on and they said my refund was approved and would be issued in a few days and to keep checking back for DD date! I would suggest anyone whose having issues to send a message they got right back to me within 2 hours.

    #4511026 Reply

    Just to help anyone out
    My ddd was for 2/18
    It went into my account 2/16
    At noon.
    So if your deposit isn’t in account in the morning they come at any time
    Best of luck to everyone we sure need it

    #4511020 Reply

    I got accepted on 02/03/2022
    Usually I get my refund right away like 5 days after I get accepted.
    I’ve been checking the status of my refund and it’s being stuck in “ Processing “
    Today I check and it says “ No Return Found “
    How is that possible? What’s going on?
    And yea I put the correct info. Idk what’s going on.

    #4510876 Reply

    Usualy you can view letters there on mass connect
    Go the message center and send message asking. They usually reply fast within 10 mins
    They will tell you what it is

    #4510872 Reply

    I filed 2/10 just checked and it’s saying more information required. A letter was mailed 2/12 but I don’t see any letters in my masstaxconnect account. Any insight on what this could mean? I thought all letters showed in masstaxconnect. I’m worried.

    #4510866 Reply


    What time did your deposit come into your card,?
    Trying to see if they deposit all throughout the day

    Or anyone that has gotten yours already. What time did it go in the account
    Thank you 😊

    #4510862 Reply

    Filed 2/10 went to check today and it says additional information needed. Letter mailed 2/12 but it does not show up in my letter section. Any Insight? I thought all letters mailed could be seen in your masstaxconnect account 😭

    #4510861 Reply


    The same happened with mine. I’m not sure if it will change at all

    #4510788 Reply

    @Beth you probably have a direct deposit date then. Just check without logging into your account. Click where’s my refund put the year ss number and amount and it will show you direct deposit date. Hope that made sense lol

    #4510771 Reply

    I got a notice of change in tax return alert. And my amount in green went to zero. Apparently my w-2 didn’t have the correct amount of taxes withheld. I have a feeling it’s going to be a loooong ride for me.

    #4510768 Reply

    My Amount went from the $ amount in green to now 0.00 in green but it still says Processing, anyone know what this means?

    #4510709 Reply

    Filed and accepted 1/29. I just had an update with 2/17 deposit.

    #4510565 Reply

    I just checked and I have a DD of 2-18…and I just verified on Friday evening and didn’t change to processing until Monday. Thank god! Now if my federal would go through

    #4510512 Reply


    No mass connect is still in green with the amount
    When you use the where’s my refund mass and input your info it told me there
    Check both ways.
    I think mass connect will prob update tomorrow back to zero. Good luck. Yours is on the way soon

    #4510503 Reply

    Mines updated DD for 2/18 good luck everyone they are coming

    #4510500 Reply

    Updated, last I checked was 1 hour ago I have now a ddd for the 18th! So happy!!! Filed on the 3rd good luck, hope to see everyone getting their deposit this week. Times are rough!!!

    #4510498 Reply

    Congrats everyone 👏 I’m happy for yall
    Still no date for me
    Can you guys tell me if your mass tax connect account went to the black 0 . Thank you

    #4510497 Reply

    I just checked mine as well and I also have a ddd for the 18th. This is my last year checking this forum as I moved out of state last year! Good luck to you all :)

    #4510490 Reply

    Mine updated within the past few hours. Ddd for 2/18!
    Good luck guys it’s coming soon for you. Go check!

    #4510411 Reply

    Received my mass return early on my Venmo card this afternoon. Accepted on 2/2. Direct deposit was dated for 2/17

    #4510361 Reply


    good, because the change were throwing me off. i pray we wake up to a ddd🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

    #4510324 Reply

    I was accepted the 3rd, same day my amount was there in green. Really hoping for a ddd soon 🙏🏻 Let you all know as soon as I get it. I’ll check after midnight.

    #4510318 Reply

    @ gmemycash
    Yes! It’ says received in green with refund amount. Been like that for a few days now. Before that said accepted with no amount. Zero
    So it has moved to the next step. We are just waiting for green or black zero now . Hopefully tonight overnight.

    #4510301 Reply

    I was accepted on the 4th as well. Does yours say received with your expected refund in green? I see they’ve changed the look of the site this year. I pray we will have a DDD before the end of the week.

    #4510294 Reply

    Congrats to those whol got DDD
    By any chance we’re you able to check mass tax connect as well?

    #4510290 Reply

    @ gmemycash

    Probably updates once overnight
    I think. Not sure on that.
    But one year I got my deposit at noon and my friend got hers at 4 pm same day. So they make deposits throughout the day. Not sure if they approve and release as well
    Hopefully tomorrow morning the rest of us update to a ddd
    Mine was accepted 2/4. So if the ones with 2/3 and before are today makes sense tomorrow

    #4510272 Reply

    does MTC update throughout the day or only once daily like the IRS?

    #4510231 Reply

    Updated to ddd of 2/17 at 2am. Just got my refu d on my chime card. Money is starting to be sent.. good luck everyone..

    #4510222 Reply


    It updated this morning. I filed 1/18 through HRBlock, the state accepted first day.

    Said No return found until last Wednesday and updated last Thursday to Processing and this morning to Direct Deposit sent 2.17

    #4510212 Reply


    Congratulations I filed mine on the 3rd as well hopefully I get an update tomorrow

    #4510204 Reply

    I filed MA on 2/3, on 2/8 they sent me a letter on connect to verify identity because we moved I assume. They received the documents on 2/9. I messaged them yesterday to ask if they needed anything else to verify. They responded with I will get my refund in 6-10 days. When I go on mass connect it’s black to processing.

    #4510196 Reply


    When did yours get accepted what date.
    Did you check the where’s my refund link where you input social and amount. Or did you log into mass connect to view that it was processed
    Hopefully mine updates soon

    #4510190 Reply

    Mine updated back to processing, hopefully I’ll get a DDD soon

    #4510169 Reply
    MA payer

    updated this morning with 2/17 DDD

    still nothing
    filed 1/29 processing
    green number in parenthesis

    MA used to take 4 days a few years ago, now 2 weeks and still no deposit.

    #4510089 Reply

    I updated this morning, dd 12/17 , Good luck everyone, they’re starting to come!

    #4510077 Reply

    Just checked mine and my state says direct deposit was sent 2.17

    #4510053 Reply

    I filed my Massachusetts return on January 29 and it was accepted on February 2nd

    #4510047 Reply

    @Spink when did you file? Hoping mine updates tonight!

    #4510028 Reply

    Mine has said received since 2/4 does it ever change to processing?

    #4509981 Reply

    Congratulations mine is still processing

    #4509975 Reply

    Massachusetts wmr updated after midnight. Refund issued by direct deposit on 2-17-22

    #4509928 Reply

    I am hoping they start giving them out next week

    #4509911 Reply


    They start. You heard. Or you think.
    Yes that’s pray that’s so
    I can wait for my federal but can really use my state. Which is why I’m stressing so much.
    Good luck to us all 🍀

    #4509894 Reply

    🙏🏾🙏🏾they start rolling the checks out this week

    #4509891 Reply


    Sooo true!!! I’m tired of waiting
    It’s ridiculous

    #4509885 Reply


    At this point I don’t care if its true or false just give us our money.

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