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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    They always say that it’s a general message allow 4-6 weeks for processing. It never takes that long ever.
    They just read the scripts off when ever someone calls.
    Hopefully soon it updates

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    I spoke to dor earlier and I was told they got an email stating they can’t issue refunds until 4-6 weeks hopes this helps someone

    #4509828 Reply

    If anyone has any sort of update make sure to check in

    #4509825 Reply

    I got my letter, just had to go online and verify/put code in, which I did Friday evening but whenever I go to track refund it still says letter was sent out, so hasn’t updated. Also still waiting on federal, my transcripts have yet to update and I don’t even have eic this year

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    Last year I got state on Feb 22 all the years before that I got state 2/11-2/10 last year my state says accepted on 2/17 and I got deposited 2/22. 5 days. This doesn’t make sense why they are being so slow
    Last year was a mess for me I didn’t get federal till March 16
    Maybe because I used the lookback idk
    We will prob get state this Tuesday or Wednesday has to be
    State always comes before federal always!!
    So Path prob isn’t going to lift until 2/20 ish

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    They say Path doesn’t apply to state but I used to get my mass refund within a week. Ever since path has been around I have not received my deposit until after the 15th. Is it a coincidence I have no I idea but the 15th is on Tuesday so I’m positive we will see some movement this week 🤞🏽

    #4509198 Reply

    No path doesn’t apply to state.

    #4509179 Reply

    Does anyone know if the PATH hold applies to state returns?? My mass return was efiled on January 29 and received on February 1st and still no deposit. Usually I get my return from Massachusetts within a week tops

    #4509038 Reply

    I really need this money, I always get it first week of February but this year when I need it the most, nothing is moving 😔 mind you I have no kids credits I claim just a very simple return.

    #4509010 Reply

    Nothing here still.
    Green with the amount
    I assume maybe Monday or Tuesday now…Wednesday the latest. I hope they move it along

    #4508979 Reply
    MA payer

    still nothing
    filed 1/29 processing
    green number in parenthesis

    MA used to take 4 days a few years ago, now 2 weeks and still no deposit.

    #4508973 Reply

    Anything? Anyone?

    #4508511 Reply

    Last year I submitted around 01/28-01/29 and didn’t receive my state until around 02/21-02/22 and had gotten federal 02/23 when I checked my bank statements. Idk what’s going on with state, they usually process fairly quickly from years before. Hopefully we all see some movement soon.

    #4508491 Reply

    Yes mine last year was 1/22 as well and federal came late into March! It was a mess last year they also opened later in the year I think Jan 31 they opened
    I thought this year has been moving faster. Maybe not so much. I just hope it’s not like last year again they should be lifting soon
    Last year I think the look back caused delays idk what’s going on

    #4508470 Reply

    I looked back and last year got my deposit Feb 22nd So hoping something will update soon. Still in green and processing since 2/4

    #4508438 Reply

    I’m starting to think refund will come Monday or Tuesday 2/14-2/15 and Path deposits will come 2/18-2/22.
    My state always comes in before federal and state is usually 6-10 days … still no movement

    Has anyone ever gotten a state refund deposited on a Saturday?

    #4507993 Reply


    Yes praying 🙏. I looked back and all my refunds from state came on a Monday or a Wednesday. So hoping this coming Monday we have it. I always got them deposited day or two earlier from what was given for a date as well. 🤞🏼

    #4507961 Reply

    @ JuliaN still nothing from Massachusetts 10days later. My Massachusetts return has never taken this long . Pra🙏 to the money Gods, momma needs some new brakes and rotors like yesterday

    #4507865 Reply

    Still nothing.
    Says received in green.
    Amount of refund in green
    The past 3/4 years I’ve always gotten the money in bank 6-7 days after being accepted
    We are waiting for the amount to go back to a green zero
    Hopefully SOON
    Anyone else update yet.

    #4507758 Reply

    Has anybody received a ddd from massachusetts?

    #4507235 Reply

    Still green here too but I filed On the 3rd. Not expecting to see any movement at least until next week.

    #4507229 Reply

    Accepted the 28th and amount still in green. This is the longest it’s ever taken for me.

    #4507218 Reply

    @ JuliaN My Massachusetts return was accepted on February 1st, no refund yet. It would be nice to get it sometime this week before my federal (fingers crossed)

    #4507177 Reply

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    Mass connect said processing with green 0
    Now says received with the amount of refund in green
    I checked past 3 years bank statements and everyone was deposited within 6-7 days.
    Hopefully that’s the same this year.
    Has anyone got theirs refunded yet

    #4506578 Reply

    Figured it out… amount is in green. Now let’s see how long it takes to get!

    #4506327 Reply

    My amount is in green on Masstax connect and everything looks fine but I put my info into where’s my refund and it says additional info needed, letter has been sent out but when I log in and look under letters it says nothing has been sent…idk if maybe because it’s the weekend but so much for getting my refund back quickly

    #4506232 Reply

    I just checked and mine is fine. My amount is in green. Everything looks normal on mine.

    #4506158 Reply

    Anyone see a red exclamation point next to refund on Mass Tax Connect, it’s not letting me fix it. It’s making me fill out a form1 personal income tax form but it wont let me fix the EIC adjustment review.

    #4506029 Reply

    Same. Nothing on transcripts yet was accepted on the 24th no bars lost those a week ago. Really hoping to see something from mass soon.

    #4505941 Reply

    My state got accepted this AM, 2-4, know hopefully they send it soon…My federal was accepted on 1-24 and my transcripts haven’t updated yet :(

    #4505903 Reply

    I sent mine little after midnight on the 3rd. Was already processing by the am

    #4505541 Reply

    I finally sent my state through turbo, hopefully they process it quick this year

    #4503471 Reply

    @ Ida I am having the same exact issue ! Except I filled with Jackson Hewitt this year and they still can’t file my state because mass isn’t open yet . But didn’t Mass start accepting e files Jan 24th?!??

    #4503364 Reply

    Anyone else not able to file state taxes yet? Turbo tax saying forms not available until February 3rd!!!????

    #4485035 Reply

    I filed my Mass taxes on april 17. I received a DDD today for April 26….

    #4484973 Reply

    Wow I flled on the 17th and it is already showing my refund amount in green.

    #4463735 Reply

    @tae mine came a day later than my ddd so if it doesn’t come on the 4th I wouldn’t worry. Should be in by the 5th if anything

    #4463047 Reply

    hello all my state has a Ddd for the 4th of march does it come on that date or the 5th I have chase bank TIA

    #4460742 Reply

    Still no check said it was sent out Monday 😢

    #4460183 Reply

    Says I am getting a check 2/26. Hopefully comes in a day or two. No idea why they couldn’t DD

    #4459458 Reply

    No date on mass tax just amount in green but I messaged them and got the response

    “This is to inform you that your refund will be sent shortly please allow up to 2 weeks”

    #4459215 Reply

    My state was just deposited :) hope whoever else didn’t get theirs yesterday like stated gets it over night as well. Til next year!

    #4459074 Reply

    @chelo no problem :)

    Hoping it’s deposited after midnight tonight at the least.

    #4458798 Reply

    @ Tiffanyann143

    Thank you

    #4458669 Reply

    So I just called and they said I have a ddd for today which I already knew but they said to just wait for the bank to receive it lol blah

    #4458651 Reply

    @chelo not yet. they’ll probably just say wait a few days. The check refund thing says to give it 3-5 days from that date to be deposited =\

    #4458642 Reply

    Has anyone called?

    #4458498 Reply

    @Michelle I have a ddd of today too and I bank with Santander as well & I’ve been checking on and off since 12:30am and nothing yet. Usually I get direct deposits by 1am. I’m hoping it will magically appear today lol

    #4458491 Reply

    Mass Tax Connect states a direct deposit was issued on 2/23/21. I have been checking my Santandar account since 12:45. (usual DD time). It’s now 10:21 a.m. and still no deposit. Anyone else with the same issue?

    #4458450 Reply

    @tiffanyann143 Thank you for responding to my question I called this morning and yes it is ID verification but they said that it’s not gonna show up at mass Tax connect They said to to so much Fraud they mail them directly to the people now and when I get it it’ll have a pin number on it and just follow the directions on the letter🤦🏽‍♀️

    #4458357 Reply

    @kat82 yay! & I hope it doesn’t take that long for you lol

    #4458355 Reply

    @jade glad I’m not the only one for today 😦 hopefully sometime this morning it will pop up for us

    #4458348 Reply

    I had a direct deposit date for today and so far nothing. Usually it’s in my account by morning.

    #4458331 Reply

    Woke up to green 0 and check mailed so prob another week or two till I get it lol with the snail mail.

    #4458317 Reply

    So I have a ddd of today and usually it’s deposited over night and nothing yet… this should be interesting lol

    #4458223 Reply

    @tae it may just be a letter to verify your identity. I’m not sure but I think on MTC you can view any letters before you receive them

    #4458088 Reply

    My amount is in green And it says a letter was sent out to me is that a bad thing.

    #4457918 Reply

    So masstaxconnect shows a green amount of 0.00 but no transcript. I’m getting so frustrated!

    #4457844 Reply

    My state hit today Chime card DDD 2/24🙌
    Goodluck everyone

    #4457795 Reply

    It’s deff a very slow update on mass connect. The number or the where’s my refund updates before. Mine says that it was applied to a past balance. However my refund was for 2k and my past balance was for 900. The difference is still in green () so hopefully I get that DD

    #4457484 Reply

    @kat82 then they have received it :) That number either needs to turn black or turn to a green 0 and that will mean you’ve been approved. Also a few post down April found out a way to check if you’ve been approved before anything updates

    #4457464 Reply

    So is there suppose to be a negative in from of the amount? Mine is just (102) in green no negative.

    #4457461 Reply

    When I check my ma state refund it says information not found but when I log into my masstaxxonnect I have a green amount in(). What does this mean

    #4457410 Reply

    @lindsay scroll down a bit someone posted how to see it when you log in you bit more scroll down and click refunds

    #4457407 Reply


    Ugh 5 days? Plus we have all heard the horror stories of the mail being slow I hope I get it this week I really need it. I didn’t pay my insurance last week cuz I thought I’d get a DD and I only get paid twice a month so I hope it doesn’t take forever. Last year it was the verification letter now they mailed the damn refund like obv it’s my banking info I did my taxes. It makes me so mad so what I changed banks it’s my name on the damn bank account like really smh

    #4457256 Reply

    @Stephanie They did that to me last year. I was so mad! When I called the DOR they said it was for “security” reasons from me changing banking info . Took me about 5 days to get mine via Mail

    #4457254 Reply

    @ Lyndsay try googling track my mass refund enter your info and it should tell you if you have a DDD or if your still processing for Mass state returns. Hope this helps

    #4457216 Reply

    Where do you see the DDD?

    #4456827 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)



    My amount is still showing

    #4456823 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)



    I wouldn’t worry about that. It’ll probably update on Monday

    #4456813 Reply

    @radshackgirl77 Did your amt go to zero yet on mass tax connect? I have a DDD also for 2/24 but my amt is still showing in green when I login.

    #4456657 Reply
    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    Thank goodness, I have a ddd of 2/24

    #4456552 Reply

    My mass updated and now have a DDD of 2/23!!

    #4456532 Reply

    Massachusetts hasn’t even ACCEPTED my return yet 😞

    #4456462 Reply

    They said they issued mine by check smh I have my bank info on my return so idk why they did that I really needed that money and the mail is moving so slow so who knows when I’ll get it I’m so mad

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