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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Updating you guys on the number that I gave out earlier I guess you have to leave a message and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours just left a message going to see what [email protected] okay thanks for letting me know how it went with that number I didn’t know what to expect it was given to me to try by a friend. Also I filed on the 29th accepted on the 29th it’s been processing since the 30th

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    Just got a call back from dor and said my return was in processing and give it another week. She also said that the ones that are in processing will released soon. Lol

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    Still NO UPDATE! accepted 1-27

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    No update

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    @tae I just called no help same old line telling me to wait smh I filed the 1/26 accepted 1/28 smh

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    I’m in the same boat I’ve been following you guys for the past 2 weeks and never comment I just read The Helpful information that you guys put out but I just received a text from a friend of mine and said try calling this number it might help I’m at work at the moment and I don’t go on break until 1:30 so I won’t be able to call until then but I’ll give you guys a number so whoever else wants to call not sure if it’s going to help but it doesn’t hurt to try the number is 617 626 3833 and I was told that it is the tax problem and resolution phone number can’t wait till 1:30 to see what they say and if they can really solve the problem if anyone else does call and gets some information please post

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    Nothing here yet. WTF is taking so long.

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    Jackie E.

    This is the stupidest flippin’ tax year I’ve seen since I started filing taxes 15 years ago. I’ve always had mine within 2 weeks. Getting super pissed. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. On the website it says accepted Jan 22, please wait 4-6 weeks. Well it’s been over 6 weeks! I’m so over this bullshit. They say fraud protection?? Yet they are sending checks thru the mail for people who have opted for DD, where the hell is the protection there?? Like for real Mass!!

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    Accepted 1/28 and nothing yet this is so aggravating

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    @Mo-Nope I got my date on Thursday last week. And it was supposedly sent out Friday. Not sure why I haven’t gotten it yet. Its coming from Springfield and I am in Worcester. Whatever, I am so over this tax season. I will never file early again!! Its complete BS

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    Accepted 1/27 and finally just got a DD for Friday. Wow that took longer than it ever has before

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    Filed 1/20 still green.

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    Emily did yours just update today mine is still green filed 1.26 received the 29th and nothing still

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    Filed and accepted 2/1. Checked and my refund was issued by check 3/2. Have yet to recieve my check. Was told it was fraud protection. Dont know how its safer to send a check then put it in MY ACCOUNT. Very frustrating!

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    Amount is still green when I log in, who knows when they’ll deposit it I’m just annoyed and apparently I should file super late next year so I can get my money fast. Good luck guys

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    @adam I said the same thing. but they said a lot of the fraud is from the early filers.

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    That logic that they gave to you also makes zero sense in terms of fraud protection. Where ate the prevention checks and protection efforts on someone who filed 5 days ago and got theirs today but someone who filed in Jan is still waiting. Makes zero sense

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    I filed my co-workers taxes Thursday and she got her state check today. I was advised that all taxes filed early or beginning of February are delayed and checks are being sent out instead of direct deposits due to the amount of fraud. They are randomly running cycles and double checking as a lot of people have to do an Identity verification due to the fraud. I filed 01/22 for accepted 02/01 was advised they did not start processing until 02/02 so we should be counting from 6 weeks if the date of 02/02 I was advised it has NOT been a full 6 weeks for anyone that has filed until 03/16 I hope this helps.

    I am sitting patient at this point

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    Kevin Cruz

    When I look it up, it says my refund was issued by check on March 2nd but says 10-14 business days. Does it really take that long for a letter with a check to arrive??? I filed my federal with my state and i’ve already received my federal refund by direct deposit. Also, I chose Direct Deposit when filing so Im not even sure why it is being sent by check in the first place…

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    Jackie E.

    @adam let us know how that goes, I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and they just say that they don’t have the access to transfer anybody to a supervisor or manager. This is really getting ridiculous. All they say to me is the lame security measures it goes thru to prevent fraud. Ok understandable, but why are we, who filed at the end of January still waiting,and people who have filed early-mid Feb already have received their refund. My bf filed a week after me, and a week later his was processed, oh wait, right because they were able to seize his refund. But us who are due a refund are waiting almost 2 months!

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    We are still waiting after 6 weeks. People who filed early were certainly punished this year. Who would have thought this new system is actually worse then the prior. I don’t understand why they just don’t process them like the feds do. I’ll give it another morning to update and if not I will get a supervisor on it

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    Just called dor again they gave me the same lame response to wait 6 weeks this is insane

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    Jackie E.

    @vdinosaur, yay! I’m so happy for u! Still no update here unfortunately. Arrgghhhh! Lol. I don’t understand what is taking so long. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. I’m hoping atleast this week I will have some kind of update.

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    Hey y’all. MTC updated the amount to black with a ddd of March 8. Still waiting on federal smh

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    Checked again mine is still green what the hell filed the jan 26 went green the 29th this is so crazy I guess I have to call them again today

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    Checked at 7:15 no movement. Checked at 7:30 and I have zeros and it states part of my refund was paid to a college debt.

    Filed 1/29, still no DDD posted but at least I know it was processed.

    Till next year !!

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    Wow still green this is B.s

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    Mine was accepted Feb 2 I filed Jan 30 and I’m still waitingggg ugh last year I got it Feb 14 like wtf I called them and was told to wait two more weeks smh

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    Jackie E.

    @vdinosaur that’s awesome. I hope u get an update on MTC or even a surprise deposit. Keep us posted. As I will do the same on any update I get. Ty

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    Gim Micks

    Accepted on January 29th, Green since February 2nd, last week they corrected the amount in my state in MTC, as they always do, no changes since last week, and no DDD, no letters, last year i got my state on the 3ed of March, Im hopeing i will see a date this week. staying positive. Im not sure the reason for any of the delays. Mass just is slow this year. how interesting.

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    @jackie they told me they needed to verify some things from my return such as my kids and W2s. Faxed it all after I spoke with her Friday and it was approved this morning she told me in an email. My MTC still shows the green amount, no ddd. I was told I should get it this week and if I don’t get it Friday to reach out to her again.

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    Jackie E.

    @vdinosaur very nice email u sent them. Did u get ur refund after sending in ur verification? Wasn’t sure if it was just approved or if u got a ddd or even dd.

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    I complained on their Facebook page and they gave me an email to respond to. Took them about 1-2 business days to respond back. In the email I wrote:


    I understand the dor states that they process returns within 4-6 weeks but on the other site I believe was, it states up to 75% of returns get processed and refunds sent within less than 14. Not just me, many people have been waiting about a month for a return that usually takes us a week to receive. Can I please have an explanation as to why the state is taking so long with returns. My mother filed last week and cannot even check her status even though her return has supposedly already been accepted.”

    Then the Director of Problem Resolutions reaches out to me via email about my return.

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    I called today and he was really nice and calm. He took a look and said everything looks fine. No letters & that they didnt start processing until February 2. So i would be on my fourth week. I was accepted Jan 27. He said Yes accepted the 27 but we didnt start processing returns until Feb 2, so give it about 2 weeks more if u dont receive anything call cuz that would be your 6 week.

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    Jackie E.

    I’ve asked to speak to someone with higher authority, they will not transfer you to anybody when u ask. This is just crap waiting this long. I’ve been waiting 6 weeks.

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    After sending in verifications that DOR needed from me, I am finally approved for my refund. I don’t think we should rely on MTC on updates. I also believe a live agent can’t do much regarding our refunds and hope one of you can speak to someone of higher authority to see what is up with your returns. I was able to get mine approved today when I faxed my documents on Friday evenin for review. In addition, the person who told me to reach out to them was the Director of Problem Resolutions. Hope everyone gets their refund soon! I on the other hand am still waiting on federal, received a letter in Saturday about a 60 day review and that I don’t need to send in anything.

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    I’m still green here as well. WTF is taking so long?!

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    Jackie E.

    It’d be nice to atleast have a DDD, ya know.

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    Still nothing. Sitting in green going on 6 weeks. No notices ,no letters nothing

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    Jackie E.

    Still green here. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22, so it’s been 6 weeks today since they accepted my return. Wtf is going on? Called this am and the lady just said wait another week. I don’t get it?!?!?!

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    Still in the green here. Sent them 2 messages. One Saturday and one just now. Really annoying.

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    Its just annoying waiting

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    There are a lot of us in the same position as you. You are not the only one don’t worry

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    When I call i call dor is that who I’m suppose to call

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    I called them a few time and they tell me I have to wait for the processing and that there is no problem I check mtc and they tell me no alerts I don’t understand what there doing

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    @mo: Did you look to see if you have any correspondence (letters), maybe they need some ID info? I would call them this AM and ask what is going on with your refund.

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    Omg this is crazy filed the 29th of January and still freaking green with no deposit date what is the hold up

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    My DD just went in. Good Luck to everyone waiting.

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    Received a DD date for 3/5 checked this am no DD. Accepted 1/29, don’t know what is going on. There DD dates are not accurate. I will call this AM.

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    Ok ty I was accept on 1 29 n no refund no update nothing making me mad

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    Mo, this was this past week. It’s turned black at 7am on Thursday morning. They said they attempted a DD on my account the day before but it failed (which I dont get because my federal went through with no problem). So they sent the check dated Mar 2.

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    Guy u was able to get a hold of someone on a Sunday when did it turn black for u

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    The green refund amount finally turned black and below said the check was issued on Mar 2. Check? I chose DD. So I called them. They said there was a problem doing DD to my account. So they issued a check on Wednesday 2/28. I am still waiting for the check! Anyone know how long to receive a check? Accepted 1/29.

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    N e updates from any body still green here since 1 29 this is crazy

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    Jackie E.

    Still green here also. It’s been 6 weeks today that I electronically filed. Mon will be 6 weeks since it was accepted. I have gotten no letter about id verifying or anything. Getting pissed here too! I’m calling Mon!

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    My amount is still green. Messaged them and asked about my refund. They told me they sent out a letter asking for verification but there is nothing on the website. I can’t find the letter they said that they sent. I’m so confused.

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    Still green here been that way since 1/27. Starting to get really pissed now. Why dose it take so long?

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    We have been green since 1/26

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    File 2/6 accepted same day. No progress, still in green. Just wondering if there was some kind of Id verification, would I have already received it. Never had to wait this long before..

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    Any updates from.anyone still green here starting to get pissed off

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    @sar that stinks. I can’t believe how many people who are still waiting. Idk why it’s taking this long for early filers to get approved when usually it takes about a week. I remember mentioning something about me claiming EIC. I thought that was just for federal?

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    @veinisaur I moved and had a baby and emailed and they told me no holds and generic wait 6 weeks … why do I have a feeling an ID verify is coming my way 👎🏼

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    Hey y’all here is an update:

    Since I have complained on Facebook and emailed DOR, after 1 business day waiting for a response & the Director of the Problem Resolutions office at DOR had emailed me. I was busy since I got the email but she had emailed me about 2-3 times today about calling because my refund was on hold, needed to ID verify (moved & had a baby last year), and she could get my refund released to me hopefully by Monday evening. I’m just waiting on an email from her to find out when documents I need to send to her. Hope everyone gets their refunds soon! I filed 1/26 and got accepted 1/29.

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    It’s says a letter was mailed to me on the 27th. Call DOR this morning and the rep said this letter can’t be put on the MTC site. Anyone have an idea what the letter could be?

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    Same as some people below, shows it is being processed on 01/29 and nothing yet. Longest I have waited for a state return.

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    1/29… still nothing ugh

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    Mine was accepted Jan 24 and is still pending. I’m getting a little frustrated.

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    Got an update, after verifying my identity Tuesday via uploading documentation on MTC. This morning my amount was 00.00 in Black DDD 03/06. My fiancé still has no action on his account amount in green. Filed and accepted the same day 2/2.

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    @no. Yes I checked at around 5:30. Then 6:30 and finally at 7:30. Before the last one my amount easnim green. The last time it was black 00. I went to refunds and it was posted there.

    #4234295 Reply


    @ renee so when u checked this morning the first time there was no update then u checked again and there was a update

    #4234294 Reply


    @ renee so when u checked this morning the first time there was no update then u checked again and there was a update

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    Jackie E.

    No change for me either. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. Ugh frustrating!!

    #4234250 Reply


    Still green with no change 1/28 and my wife is still green with no change 1/26. This is unreal.

    #4234248 Reply


    Sorry for the double posting. D ont know why it did that. To confirm I did just get updated. Ddd for 03/06

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    @Sam. Mine has been like that for awhile. I got the I’D verify notice and uploaded all my documents a few days ago. Still no change.

    #4234236 Reply


    Just checked MTC again this morning and have a DDD of 03/06! Finally.

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    This is crazy mine is still green what the heck is wrong with them this year

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    @Sam. Mine has been like that for awhile. I got a notice for I’D verify and submitted all my info online a few days ago. Nothing changed so far.

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    Hi All!

    Question. On MTC under summary it says Balance with my refund amount in green. But now it also says credit and the amount in Black? Is this a good sign? Or is it only good when it turns to all black 000’s?? This is so frustrating! Return was accepted 1/27..

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    It will be 5 weeks for me tomorrow

    #4234083 Reply


    I signed up for direct deposit but MTC today says it has been issued by check on March 2. It says to allow 10-14 business days to arrive. Does it typically take that long?

    #4234077 Reply


    Send a message via MTC yesterday afternoon asking about an update. Received a message this evening saying my return has yet to be processed. If no update after 60 days to contact them and they will look into it.
    I will say this I wish they processed my return as quickly as they answer my messages lol

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    Still nothing for me. It’s obnoxious

    #4233950 Reply

    Jackie E.

    @mo, ty. I will keep u updated too if I get an update. It’s crazy we are waiting this long, a lot of us over a month now. Some people filed early Feb and got theirs back the next week. Crazy how ‘random’ it is. Ya know.

    @teri, MTC and the are the only places I know to check. Supposedly MTC is the best way to check. Cuz u will be able to see right away on there if they’ve sent u out a letter, and able to view it on there right away. Keep us posted on any update. i.e. DDD, or if they want u to i.d verify. Ty

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    My daughter and I both filed 2-2-18. She got her refund on 2-9-18 and my still says being processed. Checked on MTC and the refund amount shows in green. Is there any where else we can find out when it will be issued? Thanks everyone !!

    #4233860 Reply


    @jackie I never waited this long before its crazy I will keep u updated

    #4233852 Reply

    Jackie E.

    @Mo, the amount in green in ( ) is the amount due to you from ur refund. Let us know when u get an update. once it goes to black 0.00, that means ur refund has been issued to u. Mine is still green. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. Hope to get a DDD soon or some kind of update! Arrgghhhh. Getting frustrated here. Have never everrrr waited this long for state refund! I will post also when I get an update, hopefully sooner than later.

    #4233755 Reply


    So they update all day I filed the 26 and they accepted it on the 29th but still nothing 😢

    #4233749 Reply


    So I called the MA DOR today and spoke to a guy and asked him why I am getting a check instead of direct deposit. He stated that people who filed early are being issued checks instead of direct deposits to prevent fraudulent returns. He stated that if you filed end of January and beginning of February there is a good chance you will be sent a check.

    #4233737 Reply


    I filled on 2/2 electronic and it stills says processing

    #4233725 Reply

    kc ma

    @Mo: I filed the 28th accepted the 29th. Just early this AM I received a update DD 3/5 for direct deposit. Keep checking frequently I believe they update all day.

    #4233711 Reply


    Mine is showing green in () n e one know what that means

    #4233707 Reply


    I filed the 29th how long does it tAke to update n e one else with same date

    #4233705 Reply


    What is the number to get in contact with them

    #4233694 Reply

    kc ma

    @emily, Tomorrow is the 2nd. probably going tomorrow and you should get it Saturday, or Monday

    #4233692 Reply


    I just dont understand why i am getting a check when i wanted and signed up for direct deposit! its frustrating to say the least!!!

    #4233688 Reply


    @kcma I signed up…hoping maybe i would see it was being delivered today but i got nothing, do they usually send it out on the date they say or sooner??

    #4233670 Reply

    kc ma

    @emily, sign up on the USPS you will be able to see it the day its delivering

    #4233661 Reply


    @KC MA its says on MTC that it will be issued 3/2… :-/

    #4233652 Reply


    Still no update on my end. Both federal and state smh.. they told me to email them when I commented via Facebook and no response either.

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