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    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    I just got off the phone with a rep and he told me they are so behind because of people trying to file early.

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    I FILED THE 28TH AND ACCEPTED THE 30TH STILL SAYS PROCESSING THE FIRST YEAR EVER I WAITED PASS 3 DAYS I always had it approved the next day after accepted and money 2 days later this is crazy!!!!!

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    Petty Betty

    Still no update !!!!! I’m about to go postal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter Franchot better run me my money

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    Nope. Still nothing. Filed and accepted 1/26 accepted 1/29. Really getting antsy.

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    Has anyone updated to approved this morning? Still waiting as well. Accepted very late on 1/29. Normally get state in 4 days.

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    Just checked and of course it’s still processing. SMH

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    Just checked, still processing. Filed and Accepted 1/29

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    I filed on the 29th. It was received orginally the 30th and is still saying processing. I didnt expect to get mine fast i never do since Im not a MD resident. I just work there half year.

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    @negasonicteenagewarhead when did you file? I’m just wondering how many people this has affected smh I’m glad they called you that. That was nice!

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    I figured it would be there by now but says still processing! This is just nuts and I guess I’ll call to see after 1030!! I used to and was accepted 1/29 so I should had seen it by now

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    They called me for some reason this morning to tell me, my return is being processed and that their system messed up and to give them 5-7 days to send refunds. She told me if i donr have it by friday call Monday. So all the same stuff I was told yesterday.

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    @Shannon I had HR block take it out but that only applies to federal.

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    This is so ridiculous. I just want to know that everything is okay. They are causing a bunch of stress over nothing. I wouldn’t be so worried but my daughter is getting braces FRIDAY and i kinda needed some of that to cover it :(

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    Shanaye35 bank or prepaid card ?

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    I filed on the 1/31 got accepted 2/1 when I look on the site it just says my refund has been received and not processed but I woke up this morning and it was there. I have a offset and it was suppose to be kept by the state but it wasn’t very weird

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    @Lynn did u have Hnr Block take fees out or did u pay up front

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    Ok so my message is still reading processing but I filed and got accepted 1/31 and got my direct deposit this morning at 4am. Hr block filed with the earned income and child tax credit, also had an offset of small amount. Good luck y’all.

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    I.just emailed my Representative and Senators. If nothing else, the Office of the Comptroller should be obligated to provide Marylanders with accurate info. Their site still says mist returns are processed the day that they are transmitted and the refunds should be in your account within 4-7 days if filed electronically.

    I’d advise others to do the same. Reps are typically very responsive, as they’re always trying to keep their job!

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    I filed and was accepted 1/30 and updated to the message they sent refund on Thursday but to allow 48 hrs. I was concerned all weekend as I didn’t see anything, but this morning it was deposited onto the turbo tax prepaid card…now I just need to get it in the mail lol Frustrating to see the balance and I don’t have the card! Last year Md took 5 weeks to get my refund and only did after I called the comptroller and raised hell. I think I just got lucky this year

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    Tax God

    @Y’all broke as shit….your comment had me dying laughing and i feel the same as you but I also realize that some people need there refund way more than me so I respect that and apreciate the fact they go out of their way to make the calls and send the emails and then post to the forum what they have found out and I can just read it and go on with my daily knowing that someone else is doing the leg work.

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    Steve V

    Clarifying g on what negasonic said. The actual time is 48-72 BUSINESS HOURS. That means don’t stress untill 6-9 working business days have passed. If you get it sooner, lucky you, most of us should see a change by the end of this week. I was told very specifically if I haven’t seen a status change be it good or bad, by Friday, call that day.

    Hope this helps some of y’all.

    I filed on the 29th, and was accepted that same day.

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    MD refunds never take this long so it’s understandable why people are upset. I’m not crying for money but it would be nice to put this refund in my savings. This is the first time that I will receive my federal check before my state. MD needs to send out an email or update there website letting people know it’s a problem on their end.

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    By now they must be inundated with call and inquires. They should at least put a message up, send out a tweet or do something to let everyone know about this delay. They’re causing unnecessary stress for a lot of people. There are a lot of unhappy faces around today, so be careful and approach people with caution.Hang in there everyone.

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    Run me my money

    @yall broke as shit eat a dick you on here just like everybody else so stfu you broke as shit how you find this forum in the first place lookn for answers just like us.😤✌For everyone else im praying for us…

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    I just got a great rep. I was told yes the system is moving slowly and if I don’t have the money by Monday to call back. My tax situation is prob different as I don’t live there o it work there and am self employees. She said all returns are delayed by 5-7 days. But she did warn they have been auditing more people then usual.

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    And to add insult to injury, my mortgage payment was mistakenly debited twice. FML

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    @Y’allbrokeasshit – What made you come to this site? Apparently you need your money now too or you wouldn’t have checked out this blog. Try being respectful of others even if you don’t care for their comments.

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Then why are you here. You must be broke as shit to to even be looking for updates. Otherwise why check this thread?

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    Y’all broke as shit

    It will come when it come. Stop rushing it. Keep calling up there for nothing wtf.

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    You know I appreciate the acknowledgement of something wrong at let the people know what’s really going on instead of leaving us in the dark. I swear I hate this time of year. It’s so nice to have lump sums of money which is why we all stress but damn it it’s driving me nuts!

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    I received an email as well. Simplybstated thatbmime was still processing. No acknowledgement of any issues causing a delay.

    I have reached out to my Senators and Representative for assistance in obtaining accurate information and encourage others to do the same.

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    I give up !!!!!

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    This is really getting sickening, I’ve never had to wait past 3 days to get my State check..looks like I’m going to be getting my Federal before my state which has never happened to me before. Wonder why MD is taking so long this year.

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    I just got this email from them about my status:

    We have received your Maryland 2017 income tax return and it is still in processing. We are experiencing an issue with our system which is causing a delay in processing.

    We appreciate your patience.

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    @everyone burn it downnnnn n

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    Run me my money

    Mannnn im just about to go to the damn office smh this is ridiculous

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    Still No update for me either this morning…Filed 1/26 accepted very late 1/29…never ever had to wait this long something has got to be going on over there. I’ve only seen a sprinkle or two that have gotten refunds or a DD.

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Same thing as last year they are now being told to get people information and tell them they will be called back I have never been called back lol.

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    Still no change! I give tf up! I’m done checking for today! Good luck to anyone else!! Let me know if something changes?!

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Broken when did you file?

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    I called. They acknowledged long processing times. She said about a week to process.

    #4206020 Reply

    negasonic teenage warhead

    I said screw it and called I’m on hold now and I already know it they will say vs. The automatic system says it’s being processed and hasn’t be processed smh.

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    Phkn Nothing…

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    Previous years I got state back in 4-5 business days. My state was accepted close to midnight on 1/29, then Friday the system went nuts. I am praying it changes today!!!!

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    Idk about that 3/day thing last year I sat in processing until the beginning of.March calling several times and they couldn’t tell me anything until it rejected .. Then finally found out I needed to fax my w2 BC they couldn’t locate it .. Then it still took two weeks to get it processed .. So yea idk

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    @waiting… definitely atypical. But since the mandated time has passed for simr, it would be very considerate if MD Comp would provide some insight as to what’s going on.

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    @BrokenWaiting Dont despair. Know for a fact it is a MD State mandate, inacted by Govt Larry Hogan that MD returns are supposed to be processed within 3 days. Obviously there is some sort of systems failure, but I doubt it will take 4-7 weeks to be remediated. Hang in there.

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    @TM I’ll call at 10:31 if I don’t see a change!

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    @TM I’ll call at 10:31 if I don’t see a change!

    #4205961 Reply


    Can someone call? At work or I’d do it…I’m just curious to know what’s the holdup

    #4205957 Reply


    @brokenwaiting I’m in the same boat budgeted based off the last 2 years. Every year I’ve gotten my refund by the 2nd. I’m praying for an update this morning!

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    First it said processing. Then it says your return has not been processed. It’s still on the same message. Is there a glitch of any sort?

    #4205938 Reply


    Filed 1/30. Processing since 1/31. Called Friday and was told 4-6 weeks. When i said MD website says 4-7 days for e file, rep said “really? It says that?”

    Thinking I’ll write my rep if I don’t see a change today. I budgeted based on website info and past experience. Now I’m effed!

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    @DD same here. File 1/29 received 1/30 Still processing. Already got DDD for Federal. Nothing for State. Does anyone know if there is actually a glitch, or are they just overwhelm? First time this has ever happen to me.

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    Do they update at exactly 10:30am???

    #4205844 Reply


    @melissa accepted on the 29th or 30th? So many questions 👊😉🤔

    #4205842 Reply


    @Melissa what bank do you have? Or is it prepaid

    #4205832 Reply


    Still waiting Smh accepted the 30th

    #4205806 Reply


    Deposit just hit. Good luck everyone!

    #4205713 Reply


    1/29 @annoyed

    #4205710 Reply


    When did you file @katie

    #4205707 Reply


    So, around 11:30 I got an email saying that a deposit was made to my account! It was my state! Yayyy The crazy thing is, on the website it still says it’s processing 🤔. Good luck guys!

    #4205691 Reply


    Hoping for Md State Refund Approval tomorrow…. Filed TT 1/29, Accepted 1/30..

    #4205633 Reply


    I filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 still processing. This time last year I had my refund. I don’t understand what’s taking them so long this year?

    #4205561 Reply


    False alarm I put the wrong social 😂😂😂

    #4205553 Reply


    Welp I’m back at the your return has not been processed message after it changed yesterday. Smh hopefully tomorrow I’ll have my DD

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    I hear you Petty Betty. It’s depressing lol and I’ve stalked this forum and FB page for the entire weekend like a weirdo.

    #4205484 Reply


    Fuck it. .im not checking anymore . Good luck everyone either they gonna deposit the shit or they not.i wasted 2 dys lurking like a creep . im over it

    #4205476 Reply


    Still processing

    #4205473 Reply


    Me too .No update.

    #4205448 Reply


    No update this morning for me :(

    #4205382 Reply


    Day 2 waiting game 😒
    Positive thoughts

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    Run me my money

    The site says daily.Daily means everyday im sure if it only updated mon-fri it would specify that.

    #4205371 Reply


    The site says everyday by 10:30 and some get updates yesterday morning so it’s possible it might update today here’s hoping

Viewing 75 replies - 601 through 675 (of 835 total)
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