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    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

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    Hi! Has anyone received their refund after being sent to QRDT ? My portal was saying I wouldn’t be receiving a refund and I checked today and it’s now saying it’s being processed. I got a letter last week saying they received my documents and processing could take 8-12 weeks.

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    @derrick w Anything yet? I’m still waiting. I called about 10 days ago and was told again to wait from a new processing date of April 22. I lost it. I’ve been told 5 different dates, I’m past 12 weeks & I need the money that is rightfully due to me. I’m calling again today if I can get through.

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    Derrick W


    Yup. I originally filed on the 7th. I resubmitted and fixed it on the 14th. I keep calling every week. Seems like somehow it’s more difficult than ever to actual get a rep. And the last time I got one, they redirected me to another department, where I got sent to someone who told me I’d get a call back in a certain timeframe, and they never called me back.

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    @derrick W
    Still waiting, it’s been since feb 8th originally & then reprocessed on feb 24 and nothing still. I’m done. Wtf I need this bad right now. I’m calling again today

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    Derrick W

    Anyone else still waiting? This is absolutely absurd. I keep calling every week and getting a run around each time. It’s been 12 weeks since I filed, and 11 weeks since I amended the return.

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    @RM my State was approved today after going through the review. I had called several times last week and an agent put my return through for processing last week.

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    i hust called again and she said my return is fine, its standard and its in the questionable refund unit. which could be because i use a prepaid card, use tax software and that is stuff that identity thieves use and if they needed more info i would had gotten another letter. im at 45 days so i just dont get it.

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    @derrick w called again today got a nice lady who told me yes, they did receive my email with w-2 &end of year pay stubs &that it had been forwarded to be submitted &reviewed but this process generally takes 8-12 weeks from the date they got it (24th for me )& that rarely does it happen sooner than. can keep calling to check but it’s a long waiting game thanks to Covid and short staffed ness. But it’s not an audit & shouldn’t impact my federal.

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    Derrick W

    @gcecilia87 I did get my Fed return. Still no movement on State return. I was told my return was sent to a manager to view. I’m afraid this could drag out for a long time.

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    @RM this alarmed me I call again& actually get a nice person thanked her for as a much as giving time no one else was even nice Anyway she tells me that this is my employer not reporting his part of it all to cross check it against that ppl will fake w2s &that they may have to wait for my federal to process to check it but gave me no time frame at all. Now my federal is dragging &I’ve never Waited this long, I’ve tried calling md back but it won’t even let me through

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    @rm I got a letter after the initial letter of “review” that stated that they needed to verify my income to send them my w2 again and my end of the year paystubs. I fax them immediately, waited a few days & called to verify they had been received, was told no. At least not at that point. So they gave me an email to send them to, which I got a auto no reply response from with the name QRDT. Googled this, it’s the “questionable return dept”.

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    i got fed but state under review. cant find out who to talk to and its extremely frustrating. i was told before letter my state didnt match fed income but i checked and it did. so there has to be someone to contact

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    @derrick w Just wondering if you ever got federal or an outcome for state? Or did anyone else? I’m still waiting. Allegedly it has something to do with verifying my income against what my employer reported? I’ve never had this problem nor do I understand. But I’m stuck waiting anyway

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    Derrick W

    Just as a heads up to people waiting to receive a letter in the mail and to wait 10 days, I would NOT rely on this. Accounting for only businesses days, excluding both weekends and holidays, it’s been over 10 days and I still haven’t received any notice. Had I not called and found out, I’d be in the dark still.

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    ive always gotten it when under review. one year i got help but i cant remember who it was. if anyone remembers pleade let me know. they worked for comptroller

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    i need to find out how to get help with my md under review. fed approved with ddd 2/24. anyone know who to contact

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    The review i was told could take up to 60 days. Last year I didn’t get my MD refund until April. Then I had to amend and i got that money within weeks.

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    @RM What’s the general outcome and about how long does it typically take? I have something else in the mail from them today but no clue what it is….

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    im under review too. in the kast 5 years, ive been under review 4 times. it gets old

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    Derrick W

    It’s too soon to tell. There’s no movement on my fed yet, and I haven’t been able to check my transcript at all. I did make the same quarterly payment mistake with the Fed to. I am not impacted by PATH, nor any credits. Hoping nothing goes wrong

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    @derrick W Did yours impact your federal taxes? I’m hoping it doesn’t happen with the irs too. I’m trying to remain positive but it’s so hard. I’m starting to think it’s because of my EIC amount being high for my income. But I didn’t change these tax credit amounts, the government did. Ya know? These workers are supposed to be “for the people” it’s a shame but I’m also not trying to make anyone mad.

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    Call, ask them for help with “codes” on your account, and then send documents to email they provide. Have to stroke their ego when speaking to them. That worked for me, same boat as you.

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    Derrick W

    I’m sorry to hear that. I would keep trying until you get someone who can actually give you information. Follow up daily, if need be. Waiting 10+ days for a letter in the mail is unacceptable when they likely have the information. State workers are often underpaid and in many circumstances face no repercussions for their actions, so many are nasty. But many are good, so keep trying.

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    Yes, but I have nothing like that at all. I owe nothing, I had a baby last year but that’s it, same employer 7 yrs. did if effect your federal return? I’m terrified.I just called and got through to a very unpleasant woman who was rather crappy . Told me that my letter explained everything they knew. All the letter states is that they are conducting a thorough review and basically wait 60 days. Doesn’t give any other detail or reason for doing so at all.

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    Oddly enough refund says approved and was released today although I know I owe the federal IRS 9k and 200$ in speeding tickets… appreciate getting the money none the less

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    Derrick W

    As far as I know, they are working on the request and hopefully we’ll get our refund shortly. I still have not actually got the letter in the mail.

    So TLDR; the “you will not be getting a refund” can easily have nothing to do with owing the state money. It’s more than likely a poorly worded cookie cutter statement which could be a dozen or more different things

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    Derrick W

    Half our payments were made because we were not even married yet when we made then. As a result, the state was registering us as having had no payments made to them.

    After 3 different phone reps and a confusing email chain, I had to have my wife and I write two separate requests with our signatures, and bank statements confirming all the estimated payments came from our accounts.

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    Derrick W


    Are you getting the error “Your return was processed on x/x/2022. You will not be receiving a refund. You should receive a letter within 10 business days from the processing date explaining the circumstances.”?

    The reason they were saying I wasn’t getting a refund had nothing to do with owing the state any back money or anything. It was because my wife and I had made estimated payments as individuals, but we filed jointly.

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    Derrick W


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    I too got update of Not getting refund today. I made $10k less this yearCovid screwed the hospitality industry. got 6 dependents owe nothing buta bridge toll but this isn’t an offset Says I’m Not getting a refund. Period. can’t think of 1 legit reason. anyone found out why? was counting on this I work my a$$ off for my kids I’m devastated. Please help!

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Received 2/5
    Approved 2/10

    Finally Approved for release to bank today!!!

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    I had the very same thing happened to me. I’m under review and they told me 90 days from the day I was accepted.

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    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/2
    Processing 2/6
    Received funds today.

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    i just called again and in the last few hours it went from its being processed to its under review, you will get letter that my income doesnt match my fed income?. i psy turbo rax and used the eic ftom 2019 since given that option. now it can be 60 days

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    Derrick W

    @LilMissLovly Thank you for the reply. I seriously hope this is not the case. I overpaid State massively this year – over $5,000 worth. Not only can I not imagine a scenario where I owe the state of Maryland anything in general, but I absolutely cannot imagine that I owe them more than $5,000. I will post an update when I receive my letter because after digging through this thread others have had this issue and nobody ever posted their follow up

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    @ Derrick W

    That does not mean they did not accept your return. That means they have finished processing it but they are taking your refund and putting it towards something that you owe the state. Could be tolls, tickets, or anything involving you owing the state for any reason. The reason will be explained on the letter you should receive soon.

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    Filed 1/24, accepted 1/25. Received and processing 2/7
    No changes since. Hope to see approved and released soon

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    @ RM

    I’m having the same problem. Accepted the 24th and when I call it said something about entering the wrong amount and no one being available to take my call.

    I call again, this time not listening to the prompts and pressing 0 to get to speak with a real person. She pulled my file and reviewed it with her manager and informed me they were “sending it up for processing”.

    I know people who did their state taxes a few days ago and already have refunds.

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    @ Rm Mine said the same thing yesterday on the phone – not received or wrong amount – but today it shows online that it has been approved. I would not take the phone call that seriously.

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    I just called and it said my return was not received or I put wrong amount in. Both are incorrect. It says Noone can take my call. I filed on 1/24 was accepted 1/25 and were says has been received and is being processed

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    Give them a call this morning, don’t wait until 10:30am. I just did and i am still processing. Was told to to check by Tuesday.

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    Derrick W

    Can anyone please help me? Maryland apparently did not accept my return.

    “Your return was processed on 2/7/2022. You will not be receiving a refund. You should receive a letter within 10 business days from the processing date explaining the circumstances.”

    Please, has this happened to anyone else before? I see that others have brought it up in the thread but they never received replies.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. They aren’t taking calls.

    #4507369 Reply

    still waiting. im going to call if no change by 1030

    #4507364 Reply

    I filed my sister’s state on 1/27 and hers updated to approved and sent to bank this morning

    #4507360 Reply

    Finally some update!!
    Filed and accepted on 1/25 using TurboTax. Updated to processing on2/7 and finally today it changed to this “Your refund of $—— was approved on 2/9/2022. Your requested direct deposit was released to your account on the approved date. According to Federal Reserve Guidelines, the funds should be available within 48 hours”. Still one bar on WMR for federal return.

    #4507278 Reply

    Still waiting from January 24

    #4507210 Reply

    Does it show any change on your Turbo Tax?

    #4507195 Reply

    Any filed 2/4 and still waiting

    #4507165 Reply

    Just got my deposit via credit karma. Mine was approved today.
    If anyone is wondering , turbo did not take any fees from state.

    #4507156 Reply

    Money hit my Credit Karma account just now and it was released today

    #4507135 Reply

    @rm tomorrow fingers crossed

    #4507069 Reply

    mine changed to processing yesterday too. i really thought it was going to change today. im so frustrated.

    #4506971 Reply

    Mine didn’t update 😩😭

    #4507045 Reply

    Approved and released on 2/8, hopefully it’s there tomorrow. 😊😊

    #4507030 Reply

    @rm yesterday some of us got the processing message & today got the approval and released today.

    #4507022 Reply

    @ Miaa What did your WMR change to? Does it still show “received and is being processed”?

    #4506996 Reply

    Approved Friday sent to the bank today so I should be looking at some change tomorrow 😊. Good luck guys.

    #4506986 Reply

    State has been approved.

    Filed 1/20 accepted 1/24

    #4506977 Reply

    when was yours accepted? mine says processing still.

    #4506972 Reply

    Both Hubby and mine was approved and sent today. Finally. I filed my sister’s about a week after opening and her says processing

    #4506969 Reply

    Oh yeah… they finally working!!!

    #4506965 Reply

    i thought it didnt update until 1030? when was yours accepted?

    #4506963 Reply

    Mine was approved this morning!

    #4506953 Reply

    updated this morning, refund has been released as of today

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    Did yours do 2 updates today. When did you update to recieved then when did it update to approved?

    When I checked today I noticed it updated to received and processing but when I called they said it was approved on Friday

    #4506685 Reply

    @ Bishwhett

    My last question was for you. Did you update twice today?

    #4506680 Reply


    Did yours do 2 updates today. When did you update to recieved then when did it update to approved?

    #4506645 Reply

    Mines changed to received and being processed. Hopefully I get a deposit date soon ✌🏾✌🏾

    #4506643 Reply

    i checked too and mine changed to being ptocessed. odd that my fed changed over the weekend also. I really hope its only a day or 2 now.

    #4506625 Reply

    Finally Approved and sent to the bank on 2/7
    Its coming Guys. Check again on wed
    Oh I did sent them an email and they replied saying the system was sort of overloaded an that updates are coming this week as ppl are definitely processing

    #4506623 Reply

    I spoke to somebody just now that said my return was approved on Friday and is being mailed but I’m confused why it’s being mailed when I did DD

    #4506619 Reply

    I have that same message so hopefully receive DD by the end of the week

    #4506617 Reply

    Mine and my family updated to processing as well. Praying for DDD this week. Happy to see some movement

    #4506613 Reply

    Hey guys, I checked after seeing everyone say they are processing and I also have the message “received and being processed. *fingers crossed* for DD this week!!

    #4506602 Reply

    Finally updated to processing. 🙌🏽

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