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    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Also still broke no update guess we wait till Monday

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    Still Broke

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    Steve V


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    What number should I call?

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    Just now I saw a post on FB and there’s been a glitch and they’re working on updating it by 3pm.

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    Steve V

    If you call the general tax information line, go to personal income tax help OPTION 2, They can look out up. The did a website update and it is an error. Should be back to normal soon. Mine shows not process online, shows processing in computers that comptroller employee looked me up in.

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    Anyone have any experience with iFiling and emailing in required documentation? I had to submit my certificate for Student Loan Debt Relief Credit eligibility. iFiled on 1/30, submitted documentation on 1/31. Status has said processing ever since the 31st. Historically, I receive my state refund within days, but this is the first time that I’ve had to send in documentation. In 2018, you’d think they’d have the option of attaching a PDF.

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    Sorry Betty. Last year it took 5 weeks and I only got it after calling the comptroller and emailing through my frustration. I’m always the last. Hopefully it means that an update is coming today or tomorrow for you all!

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    Next update at 3 o’clock? 👍😅🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Steve V

    So essentially it is a glitch, and they were able to confirm I am still processing. Up to 2 weeks or maybe less for returns.

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    Lost and Confused

    they’ve got to fix this asap it’s bananas

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    I just talked to them and they won’t admit to any glitch at all and are giving the standard it’s being processed nothing else. Lol.

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    What the hell is going on here

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    Same boat as everyone else accepted for processing now it shows not received wonderful :) patience is a virtue “I need my money and I need it NOW” 1800TAXBUS**t

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    Tax God

    same here I just checked it mine also went from ‘processing’ to ‘your return has not been processed’

    but i recall last year mines doing this and then sometime after 3:00 it changed to approved with the DDD….so hoping this is a glitch with the system…..I have been reading other states and this seems to be the reaccuring theme.

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    Joshua Becker

    Man i damn near had a heart attack! Glad i came here to check. My Return has also gone to “not processed”

    Wtf is going on?

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    @melissa , thanks for that wonderful updateon your success !!!! I feel better now 😒

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    Mines went from processing for two days now today its also saying not received :( maybe this means ddd will be coming soon

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    How are they gonna back track, the state has all year to prepare for this . why wouldnt you wanna get it ova with and get through it. I know its not a fun time for employees . i already know they got attitudes like , ” they gonna have to wait ” so petty

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    Well, I guess I’m finally a lucky one! Filed and accepted 1/30, changed to processing yesterday and today says approved and sent to my bank and should be in my acct in 48 hrs. Took weeks last year and 3 days this year. I’ll take it!

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Mine did the same thing it went from processing to received back to processing

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    Well I don’t know if I feel better because I’m not alone or if I’m pissed because something is definitely going. I filed 1/26 my State was accepted 1/29. 1/31 it updated to received and processing and said the same on 2/1. Now it says not received like what is going on. I’ve gotten my state back on the 2nd of Feb every year.

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    Steve V

    I tried calling the general number and all lines were busy. Plus to many people on hold. So….

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    Peter Franchot better run me my money , he doesnt wait to take my deductions from my pay 😒

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    Anyone figure out what’s going on with Maryland… my status went from processing yesterday to not received today.

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    Is it just updating?! Was hoping for a DD today.

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    Me too . this is some bs

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    Steve V

    Hotline not hotel near lol

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    Steve V

    So…. I tried to call the hotel near and it just rings and rings… No computer answer or person. Nothing!

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    I just checked it mine also went from ‘processing’ to ‘your return has not been processed’. This is strange.

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    Steve V


    Mine has done the exact same thing. Hoping it’s just an automatic thing. Not sure why or what but got to love Maryland and taxes!

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    Mine was processing now it is saying it hasn’t been processed. Very strange. My federal return has been approved and my refund is being sent on Monday.

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    Took 4 weeks to get my federal last year and 5 weeks to get Maryland back. They were so incredibly slow last year. Hoping it moves faster this year! No offsets. This year filed and accepted 1/30 and today updated to processing.

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    My husband filed and was accepted 1/29/18 and got his Maryland state refund back yesterday morning.
    I filed 1/29/2018, was accepted 1/30/2018 and as of today 2/1/18 it still shows processing. Neither of us have offsets.

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    I’m still processing as well

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    No update for today. It’s looks like my return is still processing. They normally move really fast last year I got my refund in like 4 days.

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    Anyone got there state refund. Mine says your return has not been processed but yesterday said processing.. idk what’s up

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    Me Again

    Filed 1/25, Approved 1/30, Refund in back 1/31. – had an offset as well

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    Filed 1-29. Today it updated to processing. I moved last year from FL so I’m curious when we will get the refund.

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    Now its processing. Anyone receive their refund already?

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    Submitted and received 1/29, Update today to say processing.

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    File state on 1/23, got accepted 1/25. Still haven’t received it as of today. Just still says processing. I have DDD of my federal refund for 2/23. This is crazy!

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    self employed

    @Thalia been stuck in processing sinc 1-27-17

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    Patiently Waiting

    @ Posh I know. It stinks for those of us who have the same information year after year. Hopefully next week we will all know a little more.

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    @Patiently Waiting

    Last year I filed and had my money in 5 days. I filed through Speedy Tax. Just the hold up makes you think something is wrong. Same employer and dependents for the last 8 years.

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    Patiently Waiting

    @ Posh

    I filed 1/30 and my refund was in the bank on 2/3

    You didn’t file through Liberty did you? Also depends on your employer

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    I’ve been calling and all they can tell me is that it’s processing. I filed on Jan. 23 and accepted the same day. However, MD is saying they didn’t extract it for processing until Feb.1 which is absolutely absurd. The supervisor I spoke with today said they had a meeting this morning and they have to tell everyone that it could take up to 30 days. Pissed to say the least. 😡

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    Patiently Waiting

    So I filed my state on 1/30, accepted 1/30. I actually had my refund in my Wells Fargo bank account on Friday, 2/3. I was shocked because Maryland usually waits for federal to finish processing so I didn’t expect it. I went and checked after the deposit and my approval date was 2/2 and said it would be sent to the bank same day.

    I read a press release from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot who said if they can verify your wages, they will process it. He also said that about 60 companies were being rejected and they stopped taking tax returns from Liberty because they received many fraudulent ones. Small companies and self employment will have to wait until after Federal processes. Luckily I work for the State and that is my only job. Same kids for past 10 years. No issues and a simple return with EITC. I have one bar for accepted on IRS site.

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    Question please help!!

    Did they find something wrong with my return? Or did I just get it all took I owe the state money (I’m not sure how much) ? Wouldn’t they tell me in the message I been offset?
    This is the message I got this morning ” You will not be receiving a refund. You should receive a letter within 10 business days from the processing date explaining the circumstances.”
    I know I’m getting the letter but I was wondering if anyone else got this message in the past and can help me figure out why!!

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    Has anyone else been stuck in processing for a while? My state got accepted 1/26 and it’s been processing ever since.

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