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    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

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    @Kara I’m in the same situation as you. I filed thru TT on 1/31 and was accepted on 1/31. It went from being processing, to have not been processed. I called yesterday to speak to someone and I was told to leave my info and someone will call me back before 7pm and of course that never happened. I get a missed call and a voice mail from them saying “If you have anymore problems call us back”…..I thought that meant that they updated my status or sent my $$$….LOL. I checked the site and it’s the same oh sorry message. I just sent a email and I hope someone reply soon.

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    Excuse my typos***

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    Spoje to a rep 5 mins ago, I was told they are still processing my return. The normal processing time is 4-5 days. They guve the review department at least 2 weeks to complete processing and if its not done within the 2 weeks from the dat the return is accepted they have to request the retuen and expedite the process. I also asked if they updated on weekends he said they updated anytime of the day including weekends but the online systems uodates once daily. The rep told me if I dont see a change by Tuesday because that will be my weeks to give them a call back.

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    ***meant accepted 1/30.

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    Wanted to share this with you guys! filed on 1/29 approved on 1/30. stayed in processing the whole time. Finally bite the bullet and emailed them Wednesday morning around 11 am. By that afternoon got a response to my email stating that;

    Thank you for your email.

    We received your return and are in the process of conducting a thorough review of your return information. This review is part of our normal process to ensure the accuracy of the information on the return. You are not required to do anything at this time unless you did not file a tax return.

    Then this morning got this good news update!

    Your refund has been adjusted and was approved on 2/9/2018. If you requested a direct deposit of your refund, it was released to your account on the approved date. According to Federal Reserve Guidelines, the funds should be available within 48 hours. You will receive a letter explaining the changes.

    I expected a small offset for past due unemployment so that was no surprise. All is well that ends well!

    To be honest, i think there are just working through the backlog. So if you dont receive an and you filed around 1/29, go ahead and email them, at least it will get your return pulled to the front of the line. Good luck everyone!

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    Email Franchot. It will be forwarded to.someone below him but the more people that speak up, the more likely they are to do something.

    [email protected].

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    Just checked the site and I am still processing. Filed 1/29 State Accepted 1/31 still no movement.

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    Got accepted 1/29 still no movement. Idk what’s going on no one will give me a straight answer. Ridiculous

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    I filed 2/2 accepted same day

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    @lia when did you file?

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    Just checked the website Finally got my approval today

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    @saa mine too. They can’t give me answer either. Smh

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    At least yours is still being processed. Mine’s still on “not processed ” but no one can tell me why.

    The ombudsmen told me yesterday to give him 1-2 business days to look into it. So…. that puts me at 2 weeks since acceptance.

    Literally, all in asking from them is a realistic update and correct information.

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    Soo 2 people who’s taxes I filed on Tuesday was approved yesterday… Yet I filed January 31 and still nothing.. There is no back up.. That’s Bullshit…

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    @Timothy well here’s hoping today.

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    Yeah that’s great! Still nothing for me :(

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    Just checked and says approved 2/8. I know for a fact the website said processing this morning and afternoon. Def check the site now.

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    Nope still being processed

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    Just updated to approved today wasn’t this morning. Check again

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    @saa and @kara I’m in the same boat as you guys and this why I haven’t called. They won’t do anything but piss me off and I really don’t want to get into a phone battle with them. Whatever happened this year with their system is such bull. If no update tomorrow I will be calling on Monday demanding some answers this is crazy.

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    I know it’s b******* because like I stated it’s people that have filed on Monday and got their returns back already. People that filed after me has gotten their money. That’s why I asked them is there a problem. If I was under review or anything, wouldn’t they tell me? Like it’s been almost 7 business days this is crazy. I’m starting to think that they just process random returns they don’t even go in any type of order.

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    You e-filed, I presume? The fact is, if it “sometimes” takes up to four weeks, then THAT’S what they need to state on their website. It says however; that returns are typically processed the SAME day that they are accepted, and those who e-file and choose DD should have their $ in 4-7 days.

    It’s ridiculous. I’d be a little more sympathetic if I were ever given the same information twice. But, I’m not.

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    I called back again because another person who filed on the 4th got their refund back. And the lady says she doesn’t see any issues with my return sometimes it takes longer up to 4 weeks. This is crazy. Never in my whole life have I ever had to wait this long for a Maryland return

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    The Comptroller’s Ombudsman is currently looking into my situation. I’ll keep you posted.

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    @saa me too. Same exact thing for me

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    MD says approved on 2/7, but nothing pending in my account. when should i see it?

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    Mine was accepted on 1/30. Was “being processed” on 1/31. Switched to “not processed” on 2/2. Back to “being processed” on 2/5. Then back to “not processed” on 2/7. No change in status today and rep states that she’s showing that my return is being processed. The standard, cookie cutter statements are becoming tiresome and the misinformation frustrating.

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    I just spoke with someone else so hopefully this helps someone else. I was now told i shouldnt habe amended my return that I should have just submitted a copy of my fed tax return, form 502b and a copy of my id to the fax number. IF THE IFILE SYSTEM DIDNT ADD YOUR DEPENDANTS DO NOT AMEND! Now I was told to fax the office and ask for a expedited processing of my amended refund. Pray they do so.

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    I have reached out yet. I’m trying to be patient. I’m giving them until Monday then I’ll loose my sh*t.

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    This is what I just received via email to them. I hope you guys get yours soon!!!

    Thank you for your email.

    We approved a refund of $ today as a direct deposit into your checking account. Please contact your bank or tax preparer for additional information on your refund.

    M. Bright

    Taxpayer Services

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    They emailed me and said they are swamped and to be patient my thoughts were when they took my money during the year they were not patient I was swamped too lol

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    I called in this morning when I didn’t update. I spoke to a rep named Laura, and she stated my return was accepted on 1/31 but TT said it was accepted on 1/29 and although it normally takes 4-5 days to process with the back up its take a little longer then expected. She said to give them a few more days.

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    @kara I emailed them on Friday and they just told me my return was processing and to give more time. I emailed them again on Monday and I have yet to receive a reply. I have called the number and everytime it says it has its maximum number of callers. I don’t know what else to do.

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    @steffany @timothy
    Have either of you called to see if their was an issue with your returns?

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    @kara I feel you I was really hoping for an update this morning considering they were catching up on everybody. This is just bull crap. It’s been 6 business days. Even if approved tomorrow still gotta wait until Monday. This sucks!

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    This is just messed up in every way… I filed my moms taxes on the 3oth, accepted the 31st and she received hers on Friday the 2nd. My friend filed on Saturday and received hers 2 days ago. Why are we being penalized for filing early? Why are they not taking care of the returns that were filed first before handling the new ones coming in. I just don’t get it. This F**king sucks!!

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    I didn’t update today I’m still processing filed 2/2 accepted 2/2

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    Smh.. I don’t even know what to say. Friend of mine who have filed on a 3rd on TurboTax been accepted on the 4th and gotten a refund on the 7th. Some even on the 6th. And here it is a week later and nothing for me and other people this is crazy

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    filed on 1/28 accepted 1/29

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    Filed 1/31
    Accepted 2/1
    still received and processing

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    Electronically filed on 1/31
    Accepted by State on 2/1
    Refunds were pending on 2/5
    Funds available on 2/6

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    @steffany, when did you file?

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    I just checked…. no change on mine :(

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    well its not 10:30 yet so maybe it will update then

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    I checked and called and they said “still processing”. The lady said they were slammed. So Idk. I asked was their anything wrong, she said no. Its just that their overloaded. Best of luck to all. Smh

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    I am nervous too I keep checking here first to see if anyone got updated today before I look lol

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    uuuugh iam super nervous to check today…. I really hope its there.

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    negasonic teenage warhead


    MD messed a bunch of stuff in their system. Their ifile system didnt update dependants social security numbers or information at all. So many peopke including me got the message we didnt quailfy for eic and wouldn’t get a refund. I amdended it and added it and called they now told me 8-12 weeks. Smh. The person ever said she saw where they werent on the orginal return however in order yo do you return you must get passed that screen. Word of caution never use their ifile system. Sucks….

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    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/29
    Approved 2/7 (approval message online)

    And funds in my account this morning 2/8

    It really does seem like they are delayed/behind so I’m sure more people will see approvals today and tomorrow!

    Congrats to everyone else that was also approved!

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    Netspend hit at 10:00 last night!

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