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    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

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    I’ve never gotten it on Sunday before but hey it’s possible.

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    Any chance we could get it on Sunday (tomorrow) since it says available within 48 hours from the 27th?

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    No I didn’t get an adjustment message.
    No luck with a deposit today. More than likely it will happen Monday.

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    Geck!I sure will. Monday morning I hope for both of us☺

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    Sure will Meesh you do the same if one of us gets it hopefully someone will post so then we’ll at least have a timeframe

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    Geck- keep me posted!

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    I did the Jackson Hewitt loans so I assumed that’s what the adjustment was. I was approved for the full $1300 but usually they take those out of my federal.

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    Geck- Thanks. Cant think of what it could be. Lil Miss- what do you mean loans? I paid tax turbo out of my taxes. Thats all I know. NO CLUE. How about you?

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    The adjustment message means that you owed the state in someway. Could be a 100 different reasons from loans unpaid to tolls to traffic tickets and beyond. You can call Monday and they will tell you exactly what it is.

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    Yes I got the adjustment message as well did you get any of the loans or anything?

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    MD-Mines says sent to my bank on the 27th adjusted. ANYone else get the adjusted message and what does it mean? Still no funds

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    Nope. I figured because since it’s A weekend it probably won’t clear until like 5 am Monday. This happened to me last year. But I got my fingers crossed for today cause I got things to do.

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    So mine said approved and sent to the bank 1/27. I have NETSPEND so I expected it to hit early this morning but nothing yet. Anybody get there funds yet?

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    Ok Tee thanks, if you get yours today let us know I’ll do the same if I get mine. Thanks

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    Mine said the same thing. I’m using a prepaid card too. I’m hoping for something after 12:00pm today but if not we will probably get it early Monday morning. That’s when I got it last year.

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    Mine says released on the 27th anyone know when I’ll get it? it’s set to go to my Jackson Hewitt card

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    I just checked the website and it said my refund was approved 1/27/2017 and it should be released to my account today. I checked my card and it’s not there but it will probably be there tomorrow or Monday.

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    You will need to call them they are having issues with their site my refund was approved at 934pm last night

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    Yes it’s very ridiculous. I pray that the site updates today but I’ll post when there’s movement

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    My sister and I was both accepted on the 23rd (opening day). However it still says not yet processed. I called them 1/25 and they said they did recieve mine actually on the 21st which is the day I filed and to give them a few more days to process. Last year I got my MD refund 2 days after opening day so this is ridiculous. Will update here when I get approved.

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    I was hoping it was glitch

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    I got accepted around the same time too. I’m hoping that the website updates tomorrow as far as processing. This is the longest I’ve had to wait since I started filing my taxes.

    #4152978 Reply

    I finally got accepted by MD this morning around 130am

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    So for the first time ever my federal refund was accepted before my Md state refund. I filed with TT on 1/19 and my fed was accepted 1/23 but I’m still waiting on my MD. Anyone else dealing with this?
    Yes I have the EIC too.

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    File 2/10/2016, got my federal 2/15/2016, nothing from Maryland, says it is processing. How long does it take.

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    I was told at 4 pm today MD delayed accepting state taxes until today. I filed on the 18th and was told they couldn’t send my state via e-file bc they weren’t accepting until the 19th, like federal. I called to check today bc I’ve gotten updated on my federal, texts and via website, but nothing on state. I just received a text at 6 pm stating my MD was accepted.

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    Pam in MD

    Hello Mike, mine is doing the same exact thing. I was accepted 01/20 at 6:16 PM, but the MD site is not updated with my information. So I called and they said they can see it in their system. I dialed (410) 260-7701. Instead of pushing #1 and inputting your SSN, just wait on the line and someone will come through.

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    I got an email from HRB that my refund was accepted last night 1/20. MD state site has nothing yet.

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