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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Maryland- Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maryland Wheres My Refund? go to Comptroller Of Maryland

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    Wonder why it’s taking so long? It’s been well over 48 hours

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    I have netspend

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    Patiently Waiting

    @ Posh I know. It stinks for those of us who have the same information year after year. Hopefully next week we will all know a little more.

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    @Patiently Waiting

    Last year I filed and had my money in 5 days. I filed through Speedy Tax. Just the hold up makes you think something is wrong. Same employer and dependents for the last 8 years.

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    Yes an American Express serve card

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    Patiently Waiting

    @ Posh

    I filed 1/30 and my refund was in the bank on 2/3

    You didn’t file through Liberty did you? Also depends on your employer

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    Do you have a prepaid account

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    I’ve been calling and all they can tell me is that it’s processing. I filed on Jan. 23 and accepted the same day. However, MD is saying they didn’t extract it for processing until Feb.1 which is absolutely absurd. The supervisor I spoke with today said they had a meeting this morning and they have to tell everyone that it could take up to 30 days. Pissed to say the least. 😡

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    Still waiting…

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    Patiently Waiting

    So I filed my state on 1/30, accepted 1/30. I actually had my refund in my Wells Fargo bank account on Friday, 2/3. I was shocked because Maryland usually waits for federal to finish processing so I didn’t expect it. I went and checked after the deposit and my approval date was 2/2 and said it would be sent to the bank same day.

    I read a press release from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot who said if they can verify your wages, they will process it. He also said that about 60 companies were being rejected and they stopped taking tax returns from Liberty because they received many fraudulent ones. Small companies and self employment will have to wait until after Federal processes. Luckily I work for the State and that is my only job. Same kids for past 10 years. No issues and a simple return with EITC. I have one bar for accepted on IRS site.

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    Congrats all im still waiting. Happy spending guys

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    Has anyone else been stuck in processing for a while? My state got accepted 1/26 and it’s been processing ever since.

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    Congrats to all of you

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    Is anyone else having an issue receiving their MD state refund on the Emerald card? I was approved on the 27th. The site says a direct deposit was sent on the same day and should be received within 48 hours. I now understand the weekends don’t count but it’s over 48 hours and I still don’t have my money.

    At this point direct deposit is not faster than a paper check. I would’ve received it by mail tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Has anyone received their State on the Emerald card? If so, how long did it take? Thanks!

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    Krystale Powers

    Holy Shi!! It actually just posted lol I been checking since 5am. Suntrust just dropped at 7:20am! Thank you all you beautiful people. Good luck to you all see you next year darlings. Kisses and hugs

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    Question please help!!

    Did they find something wrong with my return? Or did I just get it all took I owe the state money (I’m not sure how much) ? Wouldn’t they tell me in the message I been offset?
    This is the message I got this morning ” You will not be receiving a refund. You should receive a letter within 10 business days from the processing date explaining the circumstances.”
    I know I’m getting the letter but I was wondering if anyone else got this message in the past and can help me figure out why!!

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    I don’t have anything yet and I have nets pend

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    Whoahhh Tee happy for u!

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    Call and check your card. I just did and my money is there. It was nice talking to you. Thanks for keeping me company during this wait. I hope you get yours soon. Have a great day.

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    We just gotta be patient lol . I’m up with my 7month old daughter watching sprout.

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    Tee I just hollered lololol Girl lol. Yea mines have hit as late as 830 what u doing to buy the time? I keep hitting refreash on my account

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    Lmao ikr. I feel like TT from Set It Off “I need that money” lol. But nah last year I got it around 6:45am on a Monday. So my fingers are crossed

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    Tee- i cant take it. Now schools delayed where is our coins? This that bs

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    Krystale-I get so anxious the wait game is the worst. Still nothing yet here and I have the credit union

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    I’m getting mine on a prepaid card.i called like 10 mins ago and nothing is pending so I’m hoping it just shows up when I log into my account

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    Filed on 1/23 and got accepted on 1/23, got the message Friday 1/27 that my money was sent DD.

    I used so hopefully money will be in my bank account on Monday because they should have received it on Friday….fingers crossed.

    Also I have both EITC and ACTC and was not expecting to see any money until late Feb, I guess they are not holding the state money

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    Krystale Powers

    Same was told refund was released to bank 1/27 waiting. 5:39am nothing yet. But I still have pending items from 1/26 too. Suntrust bank, usually things are up when I get up at 5 but for this I keep checking. I hate the wait game.

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    Tess lmao me too! I was like let them lock me out im going to the ATM to check lls

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    Nothing here as well. I keep checking my account so much I’m afraid I might get locked out lol.

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    Tee & Name Here- Im up waiting…still nothing. Lil Ms Congrats! Geck- Any word?

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    @LilMissLuvly Congrats.

    Everyone else, I was a MD resident for years and they were always pretty fast, I o remember that they usually deposit around 1030-1100 in the morning unless you have Netspend or one of those accounts that makes your money available early.

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    Congrats @LilMissLuvly. I’m waiting on mine now lol

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    I was approved at 934pm Thursday night i called them friday and they told me that but it had not been released

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    @Smiles when we’re you approved. Mine said approved and sent to my bank on Friday 1/27. I was accepted 1/23

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    I didn’t get a thing

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    Just got the wonderful text from netspend that my MD state was deposited. Thank God!!!!

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    Fingers crossed for a dd early morning!!!!!💰💰🏦

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    I was never accepted. I usually get accepted the day it is open to be accepted and get refund within a week. I received message from Turbotax on Friday saying it was rejected and that it was rejected due to incorrect locality tax. I filled out the stuff properly with the correct county code and there isn’t a local tax where I live.
    The message on turbotax said that there would be a software fix Feb 1st. I also noticed that line 28 had a local tax on my return and it did not.
    It may be that you where you lived wasn’t affected by thier software glitch. If you already are waiting for your refund I am sure that is the case.

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    Does that Info apply to people who were never rejected? Because my state refund has been sent to my bank I’m just waiting for it to show up in my account.

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    Jeff when were you accepted?

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    Just some info for everyone. If you filed through Turbotax there is a glitch in thier software. Omg daughter and myself both got rejected. The problem is with the locality code. The message I received was a fix should be coming on Feb 1st

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    I’ve never gotten it on Sunday before but hey it’s possible.

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    Any chance we could get it on Sunday (tomorrow) since it says available within 48 hours from the 27th?

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    No I didn’t get an adjustment message.
    No luck with a deposit today. More than likely it will happen Monday.

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    Geck!I sure will. Monday morning I hope for both of us☺

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    Sure will Meesh you do the same if one of us gets it hopefully someone will post so then we’ll at least have a timeframe

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    Geck- keep me posted!

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    I did the Jackson Hewitt loans so I assumed that’s what the adjustment was. I was approved for the full $1300 but usually they take those out of my federal.

    #4154310 Reply

    Geck- Thanks. Cant think of what it could be. Lil Miss- what do you mean loans? I paid tax turbo out of my taxes. Thats all I know. NO CLUE. How about you?

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    The adjustment message means that you owed the state in someway. Could be a 100 different reasons from loans unpaid to tolls to traffic tickets and beyond. You can call Monday and they will tell you exactly what it is.

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    Yes I got the adjustment message as well did you get any of the loans or anything?

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    MD-Mines says sent to my bank on the 27th adjusted. ANYone else get the adjusted message and what does it mean? Still no funds

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    Nope. I figured because since it’s A weekend it probably won’t clear until like 5 am Monday. This happened to me last year. But I got my fingers crossed for today cause I got things to do.

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    So mine said approved and sent to the bank 1/27. I have NETSPEND so I expected it to hit early this morning but nothing yet. Anybody get there funds yet?

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    Ok Tee thanks, if you get yours today let us know I’ll do the same if I get mine. Thanks

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    Mine said the same thing. I’m using a prepaid card too. I’m hoping for something after 12:00pm today but if not we will probably get it early Monday morning. That’s when I got it last year.

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    Mine says released on the 27th anyone know when I’ll get it? it’s set to go to my Jackson Hewitt card

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    I just checked the website and it said my refund was approved 1/27/2017 and it should be released to my account today. I checked my card and it’s not there but it will probably be there tomorrow or Monday.

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    You will need to call them they are having issues with their site my refund was approved at 934pm last night

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    Yes it’s very ridiculous. I pray that the site updates today but I’ll post when there’s movement

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    My sister and I was both accepted on the 23rd (opening day). However it still says not yet processed. I called them 1/25 and they said they did recieve mine actually on the 21st which is the day I filed and to give them a few more days to process. Last year I got my MD refund 2 days after opening day so this is ridiculous. Will update here when I get approved.

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    I was hoping it was glitch

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    I got accepted around the same time too. I’m hoping that the website updates tomorrow as far as processing. This is the longest I’ve had to wait since I started filing my taxes.

    #4152978 Reply

    I finally got accepted by MD this morning around 130am

    #4152477 Reply

    So for the first time ever my federal refund was accepted before my Md state refund. I filed with TT on 1/19 and my fed was accepted 1/23 but I’m still waiting on my MD. Anyone else dealing with this?
    Yes I have the EIC too.

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    File 2/10/2016, got my federal 2/15/2016, nothing from Maryland, says it is processing. How long does it take.

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    I was told at 4 pm today MD delayed accepting state taxes until today. I filed on the 18th and was told they couldn’t send my state via e-file bc they weren’t accepting until the 19th, like federal. I called to check today bc I’ve gotten updated on my federal, texts and via website, but nothing on state. I just received a text at 6 pm stating my MD was accepted.

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    Pam in MD

    Hello Mike, mine is doing the same exact thing. I was accepted 01/20 at 6:16 PM, but the MD site is not updated with my information. So I called and they said they can see it in their system. I dialed (410) 260-7701. Instead of pushing #1 and inputting your SSN, just wait on the line and someone will come through.

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    I got an email from HRB that my refund was accepted last night 1/20. MD state site has nothing yet.

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