March filers accepted dates and dd please

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    if you filed in march please post your accepted date and dd date if you received one.

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    I filed Feb 28th and still on the first stage. have any one filed on Feb 28 and still on first stage.



    Filed 2/21, IRS received it 3/2,( I dont know what took them so long since it was accepted on 2/25, according to my accountant). Still at 1 bar. Will update when something new happens!



    Filed 3/4/13. 1040EZ no credits or any deductions of any kind. No DDD, No change to WMR,


    Thomas Sexton

    Susan, Please keep us updated as to what happens. I have filed with turbo tax myself the last several years and didnt run into any problems until last year. My problem last year was that i filed 2/16 and recieved my refund in the bank on 5/21 which was absolutely ridiculous. This year i filed 3/8 and im hoping to get my refund in 10 days perferablly no more than 21 days. I was a NO 8863 filer, NO EIC, and NO EDU. On WMR I still get the same generic message that my return is still processing and a refund date will be provided when its available. I heard this message is good new but I dont truly know that. To be honest it freaks me out a bit because there are no more status bars and this year WMR is suppose to be all about the pizza tracker thingy lol but who the hell knows. I will keep you guys updated if and when i get a DDD. I heard from a friend of mine who filed her taxes 3/7 and WMR is giving her a DDD of 3/20 so we shall see..



    Efiled with turbo and accepted march 04 2013. NO D.D.D yet , no eic, no edu., H.O.H and dep. care . Used t.t for years, always had my d.d within 10 days, always on a Friday

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The topic ‘March filers accepted dates and dd please’ is closed to new replies.