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      Let’s keep each other updated guys…

      Filed 3/8
      Accepted 3/8

      No updates yet…

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          If you filed 3/8 and haven’t seen any movement yet you likely are one who will have to verify something. You can log into and when logged in look at the right side, you should see notifications and say something about needing more information. If it does you have to wait to receive a letter in the mail. If you have not received it yet, call and request a new one. You can also request a new one when logged into .

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            Got up this am with a DDD 3/24 I usually update on Friday but this year my transcripts updated today. Not sure why but glad I have a date

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              filed 3/8 absolutely no movement since. All transcripts except wage N/A. Wage transcript has no record of return on file. WMR says my info is wrong and I have to wait 24 hours. loosing hope at this point.

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                This morning all transcripts there – Code 846 – DDD listed as March 22nd! PTL!
                WMR tool hasn’t updated yet…
                Filed on March 8th, accepted that day….have seen no movement/updates since.

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                  So frustrated…filed and accepted on the 8th say “being processed” but when I log into my account it shows “information unavailable” where should I look

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                    Updated!!!!! 🙌
                    DDD – 3/22
                    Thank guys for checking in. 🙏

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                      Finally got a 3/22 DDD !!

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                      Sonia Solomon

                        @stillwaiting I filled mine on 3/8 so last week I received my deposit on Tuesday afternoon four or five days after filing without wmr updating untill the day after I reviewed my refund with a dd of 3/17 but I got mine on the 12th so it wasn’t even a full week from whe I filed to when I received them.

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                          Filed and accepted 3/2. Updated last week with bottom 2 transcripts. Top 2 day n/a. Updated this morning to all transcripts and a 3/22 DDD. I’m a weekly so only update on Fridays. WMR still has one bar but finally have a. Ddd! Woohoo. Stay patients everyone. Its coming

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                            Nothing yet for me I filed 3/8

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                              Filed 2/7
                              Verified 3/8
                              WMR still nothing
                              Transcript updated this morning to DDD 3/22

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                              artic turtle

                                updated with a return transcript under 2022 but it was blank and showed last years filing status and under codes it states no return filed. Account transcript and the other are still N/A . So odd. Anyone else? Filed 3/9

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                                  Filed the 8th – accepted later that day
                                  Have seen nothing since….
                                  This morning see a return transcript, but no account or return of account transcript…any idea why not these two? Still processing?
                                  Saw on the return transcript I am a 05 Cycle

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                                    Filed & Accepted 3/7 … Finally got transcripts where it said N/A before, no DDD yet. WMR still the same

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                                      Just checked again this morning….northing…

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                                        Filed and accepted 3/8. Nothing yet.

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                                          @BobBarker80 Just checked again today and no updates on transcript yet!

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                                            Any update for anyone who filed on the 8th? I checked this morning both transcript and WMR…nothing, except tax topic 152 on WMR

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                                              @Sonia Solomon
                                              You filed 3/8 or 2/8 ?

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                                              Sonia Solomon

                                                I filed mine the 8th mine updated this afternoon to the 17th ddd but I got my dd yesterday so I got it deposited even before my wmr changed

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                                                  Any update from anyone that filed in the 8th? Mine still says nothing on WMR and Transcripts….

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                                                    Filed and accpeted on the afternoon of the 9th….same, nothing yet –

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                                                      Just checked transcript and no changes yet….

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                                                        Still nothing on WMR and transcript this morning….

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                                                          Filed 3/9 – accepted that night – nothing yet on WMR & transcript…

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