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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Maine- Share your experience with filing your Maine Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maine Wheres My Refund? go to Maine Revenue Services

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    I’m guessing we will be in the n3xt batch then. Not sure when it will pay put with the holiday next monday.

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    Jaime Green

    @Tax207 mine was on 2/4/2018 that said it was processed and my refund was sent and said to give it 12 business days. I know it hasnt been 12 business days yet but I do not recall Maine being this long.

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    Do any of you remember when the Maine wheres my refund page told you that yoyr refund was processed and on its way? Mine was early last Tuesday but no deposit today.

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    Yay @Mondaypayday congrats on your money. Nothing for me which i kinda figure but had some hope….

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    Money is available the bank this morning Go Maine again good luck to everyone else and thank you for everyone that posted! !!

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    Any updates?

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    The state wmr said the same thing for me for a bit i filed 1/29 and finally on 2/4 i got message it was processed and i get refund 12 business days….

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    TT 2/5
    Checked State wmr and it says cannot find…

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    I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s gonna go. Hoping for a Monday deposit myself.

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    I have been checking in with my banks ACH online regularly waiting for that pending state tax.. NOTHING! Those of us who don’t get Monday deposits.. Does this mean we won’t see the deposit until next Monday?

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    Called my bank and my maine return is pending and funds will be available Monday morning!!!!! Good luck to everyone else and thank you everyone that posted.

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    I just realized that my bank isn’t even open today lol. That would explain a bunch.

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    Nothing on my end. I contact maine state revenue to check my return and guy i said no return on file i was like what was accepted 1/29. And website said on 2/4 sadi about the 12 business days. Dont know if he knew what he was referring to so called back and a girl said yes updated 2 /4 wait 10 to 14 business days for money…..

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    Just checked my bank. Doesn’t look like anything is pending. Will probably call them in a few hours to see if there may be a Monday deposit.

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    Thanks, all! I’m not expecting mine to drop tomorrow. I’m thinking Monday. Mine was processed on 2/1 and was sent out but haven’t seen any other message. Still isn’t pending but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen my bank have pending deposits for my taxes.

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    Hi All!
    My Maine WMR page updated today with: “Your refund will be processed on 02/10/2018” but it’s been pending in my credit union account since yesterday. Unfortunately for me it it shows a 2/12 (Monday) settlement date which I am guessing because my credit union doesn’t deposit transactions on a weekends. Before it updated with the 2/10 date I had the generic “your refund will be deposited within 12 business days”
    Hope this helps guys :)

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    Heidi G

    Tax207. State accepted 1.29. On 2.1, I got the message your refund will be processed and deposited in your bank within 12 business days. On 2.8 I got the message your refund is should be processed on 2.10. Please allow 7 business days to be deposited into your account.. All new updates with information happened on Thursday’s for me.

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    @ Heidi
    Do you remember when the Maine wheres my refund page said you’re was done and being sent out?

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    Heidi G

    Contacted my bank and was told they do see my maine return with a post date for tomorrow… whether or not it actually posts… is another story to be determined by my bank lol.

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    So, I just went back 3 years on my bank statements. Every year I’ve received my state taxes on a Monday. I’m thinking I’ll get my deposit on Monday where it was processed at the beginning of this week.

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    Just checked with my bank and had nothing pending. Mine was accepted 1/30 so if it’s 12 days from then, I should see a deposit for Monday. We’ll see

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    Nothing pending here.. Last year there was quite a processing time. I looked at all my info from last year and noticed it was Accepted February 20th and deposited in my account March 6th. Which is a Monday. 14 days from processed to deposit.

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    I see alot of people have dd at like 3am, 6am. I usually won’t see anything until my bank opens and turns the computers on. Not sure if it can drop at another time in the day. Going to check again today and see if there’s anything pending.

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    Updates? Not here yet..

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    We go something like that last year on our federal taxes. Ended up being an offset. Could be different for you though. I’d wait til the next update and see if it changes.

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    Sarah G.

    Has anyone received a message like the one below.

    Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated weekly. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207)

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    Hoping to see some movement or something tomorrow. Next Friday will be 12 days since they said it was on the way.

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    @Heidi G: I had to remove your other topic because you accidentally created a new Maine group, but I didn’t want your information to be lost so I posted it for you in the correct spot lol. I have pretty much decided that Maine does whatever they feel like when it comes to refunds haha. They have it written right on the top of the Refund Status Lookup page that they only update Tuesday and Friday nights, but clearly that hasn’t been the case for a lot of us.

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    Heidi G

    Yep this is me* in another topic:

    “2/01/18: your refund will be processed and deposited in your bank account within 12 business days. 2/8/18: your refund will be processed on 02/10/18 please allow 7 business days to be deposited into your bank account…”

    Strange I didn’t know they had ddds on the weekend.. my bank doesn’t hold deposits so I’m curious as to when it will actually post.

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    Heidi G wrote in another topic:

    “2/01/18: your refund will be processed and deposited in your bank account within 12 business days. 2/8/18: your refund will be processed on 02/10/18 please allow 7 business days to be deposited into your bank account…”

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    I’ve never gotten an expected date on my state taxes that I can remember. Usually I call the bank each day after the website says to allow x amount of days. I never remember exactly how many days it took from the year before.

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    @Tax207: That’s always been my experience too. Typically I see a generic processing/approved allow x amount of business days and then usually on a Saturday their tracker shows a DDD with that Mondays date. Fingers crossed we all see it hit next week!

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    Not a problem. If we’re all on here, it means we’re in the same boat lol. I don’t check it every day but when I know it’s on the way, we get anxious.

    #4209711 Reply

    Thank you Tax 207!

    #4209520 Reply
    Jaime Green

    Thanks for the info Tax207 :)

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    I just talked to someone at my bank. There was nothing pending, so I asked her if they ever see state taxes as pending. She said historically, they see them deposited on Mondays but can sometimes see them pending on the Friday before. She also said sometimes they just show up without being pending.

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    Nothing on my end yet

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    Any maine updates as in deposits?

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    Jaime Green

    Anyone got their refund yet. I read some where that maine does refund on Fridays not sure if anyone got theirs early. Thank you.

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    Filed taxes with Turbo Tax- 1/26
    State accepted – 1/29
    Finished processing – 2/4

    Message- Your refund has been processed and should be directly deposited to your bank account within 12 business days. You should verify with your banking institution the date of transfer and amount of the deposit. If your refund has been reduced for any reason, you will receive a written explanation of the change within 3 weeks. If you do not receive your refund within 12 business days, you must write to Maine Revenue Services at PO Box 1060, Augusta, ME 04333 claiming non receipt. If you filed a joint return, both you and your spouse must sign the letter. Please be sure to include your social security number and address when writing.

    RefundStatus2017.2.1 PROD

    Still not deposited.

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    No deposit yet on my end.

    #4208018 Reply

    Anyone get maine refund yet mins just says 12 days for refund

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    Our status updated Sunday and said they accepted it. Logged in early this morning and it said it was done and being sent to our bank.

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    Jaime Green

    I checked today and it says my refund was be posted in 12 business days but also mentions if a debt is due will take that. As anyone got Maine refund yet that file 1/29/2018 ? My refund was sent the other day so now its waiting the 12 business days i guess

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    Maine state tax was accepted on the 29th. Didn’t make any move!ment until this past weekend. Then it said Maine state is done processing and the refund should be in my account in 12 business days. It seems that Maine state I updates when federal does. I a!m wondering if Maine really takes 12 business days or less?

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    * Kayla *

    I just love how Maine states they ONLY UPDATE on Tuesday and Friday nights (they even bold they “only” so people don’t keep checking. ) yet i filed late Tuesday night, no update weds morning, but by weds night it said it had been received 1/31 (which was that day) and not processed. Then today, Thursday 2/1 it updated to fully processed and i should receive my refund in xxx days. So much for ONLY Tuesday and Friday night updates.

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    Received my state refund this morning….yay! Had a DDD of 2/11/17

    #4167209 Reply

    Received my state return via DD this morning

    #4163887 Reply

    Same here😊

    #4163660 Reply

    Received a DD of 2/11 today

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    As of this morning 2-9-17 my refund status has changed to Your refund will be processed on 02/11/2017. Please allow 7 business days for the money to be deposited in your account.

    #4161818 Reply

    Nor do I Tammy. Still stuck on same message as you and they received my mailed return on 1/27. Hopefully this Friday

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    I filed my maine taxes on 1/26/2017 and am still on the your refund has been processed and should be deposited in 12 days message. Is anyone else who filed then still stuck on this message and not received their refund?

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    My friends Maine Return status updated and now says your refund will be processed on 2/04/2017, please allow you bank up to 7 days to post to your account. Her state return was accepted on Jan. 24th, I filed both hers and my taxes on the same day and her was accepted just hours before mine and I’m still at the generic message of “your return has been processed you should received your refund withing 12 business days”. So at least we know they are starting to post DDDs!!!

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    Just an fyi. The state of Maine only issues refunds on Fridays. If you are getting a paper cheque it will be batches and mailed on the Friday after being processed. If you are DD the deposits are issued for a Friday release.

    Your bank may be able to see the deposit a day or two ahead of time in their ACH system as a pending deposit.

    Filed and accepted 1/26 and also have the messenger that my return has been processedesigned and I should see it within 12 days

    Hope that helps a bit

    #4156730 Reply

    Updated on Monday to processed and deposit within 12 days. So hoping for a Monday deposit :)

    #4156432 Reply

    Has anyone received state refund? Last checked 1/26/17 and said 12 business days…..ugh hate waiting. ……lol

    #4154912 Reply

    Filed 1/20 in Maine. Thursday 1/26 website shows my return was processed and will be deposited within 12 business days- so just a waiting game now.

    #4154498 Reply

    Has anyone gotten their Maine refund yet?

    #4149660 Reply

    Mine says the same thing the 3 weeks what does that mean anybody know?

    #4137244 Reply

    Anyone get their Maine Refund yet?

    #4117339 Reply

    My status updated during the day today and now says that my refund has been processed and please allow 3 weeks for a deposit. I hope it wont really take that long ughhh……

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    The Maine wmr updated and says that my return has been processed and allow 3 weeks for refund. My brother’s updated and says his refund has been mailed to him. His is pending in his bank account and mine is not. Anyone else have any updates of messages?

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