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    Wheres My Refund Maine- Share your experience with filing your Maine Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maine Wheres My Refund? go to Maine Revenue Services

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Did you fill with a rent refund? I have seen some people with the same message. They have called and were able to send proof of receipts/money orders, etc that they paid rent through out the year & able to get their refund sooner rather than later.

    Hope this help!!

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    I see that nobody has posted for a while but it’s worth a shot… I FINALLY had a DDD for today but nothing in it yet. Has anyone else received theirs today? I have online banking and every other year I have received mine on the DDD, the bank has never held it. I checked and there is nothing even pending. Anybody having the same issue, expecting it today and not receiving it?

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    Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take up to 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated twice a week. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you filed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or email us at [email protected] 
    Any body get this and is it bad?

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    Was it deposited to your bank or on a card? Asking because mine says will be processed today too but I used hr block card

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    Finally got my return today-$200 light but Im still Happy. Fuck You IRS!

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    I f/a on 2/14. It updated to the 12 business days on 2/16. Nothing else has happened since. My federal return is scheduled to come Wednesday. I remember Maine always being faster than the IRS. This is so weird. I don’t owe Maine anything.

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    Sorry that sucks ….

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    The assholes finally made my deposit today. Took long enough-fuck tools!!!

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    I just lost my whole federal due to back taxes. So help this fuckin state if they touch my $1800!

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    UPDATE Pricks took my whole refund for fines I owe .. ASSHOLES DOUCHEBAGS

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    Right it is I never waited this long it’s crazyness!!!

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    Taxes-what a joke! Just give me my damn money!!!!

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    Just old fines I been paying on like operating after suspension and habitual offender ..Not sure when they started this but like I said I’ve had these since 2010 and always pay monthly and never had a problem with my return before . The gentleman I spoke to said they could take them but haven’t yet and have 17 business days or something.

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    Carolyn what kind of fines??

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    Mine was processing on Feb 3 then went to being examined so I called sent in the rent receipts they needed . Went back to processing on Feb 10. Called again today cause I’m still getting the 12 business day message and now they are saying it might be offset for unpaid fines..WTF bullshit I am on a payment arrangement with the courts never knew they could do this. I’ve Been paying on my fines since 2010 and this never happened before never an issue with my state return now all of a sudden… FRUSTRATED

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    I updated to the 7 day message that said they would process my return on the 23rd. I checked my account today. Online banking. And it is pending now for a monday deposit. If you guys have online banking check for pending deposits.

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    Mine now says it will be processed on Saturday-WTF???
    How can it be processed on a Saturday???? Bunch of Assholes

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    Mine updated today and says will be processed on 23rd and should receive within 7 days from then

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    Mom of 2

    Wendy, after about 10 business days, your status will change AGAIN, with a deposit day.

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    Finally got a message saying “refund will be processed on Feb. 23, 2019… Allow 7 business days… Blah blah blah” question to those who recieved their refund between the 16th and 19th do you know the actual date your bank recieved notice of refund transfer, if so are you willing to share this information?!

    Thanks so much!.!.!.

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    Got a DDD this morning of 2/23. My bank sucks. Probably won’t have it until next week. Hopefully everyone updates as they get theirs.

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    Mine said processed. How do you guys see dates of deposit??

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    Janet Dupre

    Mine is scheduled to be deposited on the 23rd as well and I am hoping to see it today at some point with Chime. Fingers crossed.

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    Mom of 2

    Anyone here with a netspend or prepaid card? I always recieve deposits same day, and was wondering if anyone else with same day deposits…if you received your refund on the actual day the website says? Also, was processed on the 10th, no idea how on a Sunday? But when I called that is what he said. I just changed from 12 day to a see of 23.

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    I just checked mine and I still have the 12 business day message. Glad yours changed though!

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    My Maine state was processed on February 8th.(I know it was processed at this time because I called) I saw the 12 day message until this morning. 2/21 now it is the 7 day message and says it will be processed on 2/23.

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    I’m hoping to get mine Saturday, that would make it the 12 business days. *sigh*

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    Mines been on twelve day message since 3rd
    Filed 30th, processed and saw 12 day on 3rd. Still no update.

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    @taxfiler2018 I did not wait the full 12 business days before I got a DDD but my return was accepted on the 1st, had a DDD of the 16th, and was received by my bank on the 19th. On the website the message for my DDD of the 16th is still up.

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    I have had the processed and will be deposited in 12 days message since the 8th. I was hoping for a DDD when I woke up today since most people are getting them Saturdays. Anyone else been waiting since the 8th? What does your messages say?

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    I called to figure out how long my refubd has been processing. It has been processing since the 8th of Feb. I havent updated to the 7 day message yet. Do you typically wait the 12 days then wait another 7 days?

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    Mine has seen deposited finally after having the 12 days message since 2/4 and then the 2/16 processing date since last week

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    I filed on 2/2 and was accepted on 2/4. I’ve had the “Your refund has been processed and should be directly deposited to your bank account within 12 business days.” message for a long time. Anyone else with similar dates get their refund yet?

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    Ok thank you. Mine was deposited around 6am as well

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    Q dog1983

    @sdavis message is still the same w processed om the 16th

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    For those of you that had the 2/16 message and Did receive a deposit this morning did you message change on the website

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    Got mine over night.

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    Q dog1983

    Mine was deposited over night finally

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    Mine was deposited in my acct. This morning after pending since sat. per bank teller.

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    DDD of 2-16 was deposited this morning around 3:30z

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    Mine is in my account this morning after pending since Saturday

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    Has anyone on here that had a DDD of 2/16 received their state yet???

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    When did you talk to them?

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    Aaron. Same happened to me I have no clue what’s going on. I have no offsets that I’m aware of.

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    When I spoke to a real person at the revenue Dept she told me the whole system is crap . That the updates are all glitched .

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    My wife files for us, filed 1/18, accepted 1/28, 12 day message on 2/1, today message went to: your refund has been changed, your refund will not be mailed to you and some contact info. Of course nothing is open today, so we’re left to stress till tomorrow to find out what this means as there is not one reference to this message on the internet. Wtf?

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    Mine was accepted the 29th, processed on the 2nd and given the 12-day message. Got the “will be processed on the 16th” message last week, and was just deposited in my bank this morning! If it’s not there for you guys this morning, I’ll bet it will be tomorrow.

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    Amanda –
    I really do not think it is that. USAA does not hold pending deposits. When I call they tell me they can see what I can see for deposits. Every time I get a direct deposit it’s always available the day it’s sent regardless of when it’s supposed to post

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    When they says it is being processed on 2/16 it mean they notify your bank because I got a processing date of 2/16 called my bank and they said funds will be available 2/19 the bank has 7-10 days to deposit once they get the notification

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    Same situation here. Fed is scheduled for 2/22 and state was scheduled for 2/16. I have no pending deposits either.

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    Deposit date was supposed to be the 16th and I still have nothing. Also my Federal return has already been updated to a deposit date of the 22nd. Nuts. Last year I got ME state on the 15th a full two weeks before federal and this year it’ll only be 3 days (assuming state taxes show up Tuesday)

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    It’s not my bank either. Mine is going on a card. Still nothing

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    Katy –
    My bank does not hold pending deposits so it’s not that

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    Still nothing with my bank.

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    I think for everyone waiting today, it’s on your bank holding it up not the state

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    Bank said pending 2/19 in bank at 3:30 this morning

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    I had the deposit date of 02/16 as well and haven’t seen a deposit (pending or otherwise) yet.

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    Mine was deposited into my bank. Good luck everyone.

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    Mine was supposed to be today but nothing yet

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    I updated from the “your return has been processed and you will receive refund in 12 days” to this shit

    Your return has been changed; no refund will be mailed to you. You should receive an explanation of these changes within the next 3 weeks. If you do not receive an explanation within that time, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or e-mail us at [email protected].

    Has anyone else seen this. I checked the offset line for my wife and myself, we don’t owe anything to anyone.

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    Mine still not there 2/16 ddd and it’s is on card so there won’t be a hold.. we shall see

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    Payment received st 338. Totally shocked.

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    Ryan Holland

    How are you guys getting d.d.dates?mine just says “within 12 business days”I have seen deposits on sat mornings in past year’s but I’m not relying on that. I’m on business day 14 and still no

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    Al toid

    When did it say it would be deposited?

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    Al Toid

    Mine arrived late this afternoon. Submitted 1/30. Rest easy, friends, it’s comin’.

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    thomas regan

    to continue, I efiled on 1/16/19 and my tax prep HR Block, said to expect refund between 2/2 and 2/14. I’m not impressed. Today is the 15th and maine says they will process it tomorrow, on a saturday. I don’t know any state office workers that
    work on saturday. They also say to wait 5-7 more business days. I’m in pain and I don’t like the baloney maine is serving up

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    thomas regan

    i just checked and also have the will be processed tomorrow message but not to expect anything for 5-7 more days. It’s already been !0 business days and I too am upset and wonder how they can be so far behind already

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    Any updates from anyone?

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    19th for me too

    #4270144 Reply


    Mines pending in the bank for the 19th

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    I called today and they told me after getting the processed 2/16 it will be 5 to 7 business Days. I really don’t think they have a clue.

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    I called them this morning after having the “been processed be 12 days ” msg because it changed to will be processed the 16 ……….she said I should see it in my bank tommorow. They are closed Monday and so are most banks . We shall see …….

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    I also have the 2/16 date this morning. After getting the 12 day message. So hopefully Saturday I will have my refund.

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