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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Maine- Share your experience with filing your Maine Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maine Wheres My Refund? go to Maine Revenue Services

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    Joey p

    Mine was deposited over night

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    I called them today, they said it it didn’t deposit before 8 pm, then it will be next Friday. Even though mine was supposed to go out todsy.

    #4263354 Reply

    I called today and they said it it wasn’t loaded by now it won’t be till next week.

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    I went from not processed and may be eight weeks to processed and 12 days. Neither happened on a regular scheduled update day. Nothing updated today and on day five or six of my twelve days.

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    Ryan Holland

    Yeah mine says dep within 12 businesses days.but 12 days from when?cmon maine

    #4263039 Reply

    still on 12 business days…. called back but they said nothing pending

    #4262888 Reply

    Im thinking I’ll get mine tomorrow. Hopefully

    #4262813 Reply

    Anyone know why some didn’t get theirs?

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    I got my refund last night around 8. I use Chime so as soon as they get the authorization it clears. I’d check your banks in the morning.

    #4261893 Reply

    Mine changed today also.. weird because it says they update overnight Tuesday and Friday so why are we getting these messages on Thursday.

    #4261860 Reply

    I wish the revenue department would get their shit together and give us straight answers.

    #4261734 Reply

    My state says processed will be deposited in 12 business days how do u know when to start the 12 days for.

    #4261519 Reply

    I got the same message. And the 9th is Saturday ..I don’t get that part

    #4261212 Reply

    I got the it will be processed on 2/9/19 thing but didn’t it say it had already been processed and take up to 12 business days??? I dont get how it’s been processed and now it will be processed on the 9th does anyone understand what that means? I have direct deposit and get it as soon as it lands so I’m confused as to why it won’t be processed untill Friday now when it said it had already been processed can anyone explain what that even means?

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    I got the same message. Hopefully it’s deposited sooner rather than later.

    #4261046 Reply

    Just received update this morning… processing 1/9/19 and up to 7 business days after … this was after already receiving 12 business days message. I should get it by monday.

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    Q dog1983

    From Maine on 12 business days message. Just got it on 1/5

    #4260199 Reply

    Im still on 12 days also.

    #4259960 Reply

    My refund status did not update today. Still on, 12
    Business days

    #4259748 Reply

    I got info that refunds are issued Thursday’s and may be deposited immediately or take up to two days depending on the financial institution! Patience, everyone!

    #4259124 Reply

    Any Maine State deposits yet?

    #4258419 Reply

    Processed and expect in 12 business days, since Saturday. When should I expect my deposit? Nothing pending with my bank

    #4258325 Reply

    Finally got my 12 business day msg so next Monday should be payday lol good luck to everyone

    #4257621 Reply

    I had the twelve business days until my deposit message last Tuesday then Friday a new message that it’s being reviewed by a tax examiner. Anyone ever see that happen?

    #4257081 Reply

    Every year my ME state deposits to my bank account on a Saturday (technically scheduled for the following Monday but my bank runs Monday’s deposits on Saturdays). Mine was processed early last week so I’m figuring I’ll see it this Saturday.

    #4256533 Reply

    I was wondering what days that the State of Maine does deposits. Mine has been accepted and processed and it says it will be deposited in 12 buisness days and that was 3 buisness days ago 4 days total including today

    #4256132 Reply

    I paid the$40 through turbotax because maines ifile was not working yet usually use the free one but too late this year

    #4254923 Reply

    Any idea what day of the week and/or what time of day state refunds are deposited? Mine was approved on tuesday.

    #4254761 Reply

    I keep checking for ifile because the tax site I use charges 40$ to file state but there is no link to ifile yet. ugh.. i file through maines own website every year this is frusterating.

    #4254493 Reply

    Maine accepted today used my name from last year first to post this year :)

    #4247215 Reply

    Mine says that it will be processed on 4/28. It is now 5/28. So…

    #4229587 Reply

    Got the
    Will be processed 2/24
    So does that mean 7 business days from the 24th?

    #4224797 Reply

    i’ll have to call the state today because I have never owed for back taxes, I have always gotten a return back from both the state and federal.

    #4224449 Reply

    @Cassie: The TOP line is only for non-tax debts. Is there a chance you owed Maine back taxes?

    #4224434 Reply

    Hopefully you can find out some information when the state is open tomorrow Cassie. I have not gotten my federal and it says I have a code 203 related to my return and the TOP number says no debts for me either. Supposed to be deposited on Feb 22

    #4224156 Reply

    and I called that number for the TOP and it said that there are no debts for my social security number for federal or state. so I’m just confused

    #4224152 Reply

    I already got my federal return and I have never owed money ever.

    #4224097 Reply

    Sorry Cassie. Did you have an offset? The feds will take your State return if you owe them money. Check the TOP to see if you do. The number is 1-800-304-3107

    #4224095 Reply

    I got my Maine State refund in my bank today 2/19/2018. I’m pretty sure I got it on presidents day last year too. Yay!!

    #4223993 Reply

    For 2 weeks mine has said accepted and I should receive my refund in 12 business days. I checked it this morning and the status is now “Your return has been changed; no refund will be mailed to you. You should receive an explanation of these changes within the next 3 weeks. If you do not receive an explanation within that time, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or e-mail us at [email protected].” I have never seen this before and why has it changed now after 2 weeks of it saying it was processed and accepted?

    #4222171 Reply

    Got my Maine refund this morning in my bank 2/17

    #4220552 Reply

    Just talked to my bank again. My taxes are pending for tomorrow but she said it would be available the next business day. One branch is open tomorrow, so I believe I will have them tomorrow.

    #4220321 Reply

    Just called the tax number and talked to a gentleman. He looked up my info and said nothing else but I would receive my refund sometime next week.

    #4220242 Reply

    Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated weekly. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or email us at [email protected].

    hope i will received my funds?

    #4220113 Reply

    Still nothing in my account when I checked this morning.

    #4219487 Reply

    I’ve checked my online banking a few different times today and have yet to see any pending deposits. Got the 2/17 message this morning.

    #4219468 Reply
    Q dog1983

    Just received maine refund about an hor ago. I had the message stating the 7 business days this morning

    #4219466 Reply
    Q dog1983

    Just received my deposit about 2 hours ago. Before that i had the message about 7 business days. I filed on 1/31 state accepted feb 1st and i have n

    #4219356 Reply

    So when I go to check my Maine State Refund Status this is what I see, I filed on 02/07 and they were accepted on 02/08:

    ***Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated weekly. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or email us at [email protected].***

    Never ever seen this or had an issue with taxes before. Anyone have any experience or advice? Not sure if I should be concerned or just grin and bear it. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    #4219315 Reply

    I got either my federal or state on the Monday holiday last year. Its not true that Deposits don’t happen that day. I was really shocked. It could have been both. Wonder if I can look and see?

    #4219298 Reply

    Hey guys. I have online banking and am receiving the same thing as all of you the (7 Business days after the 17th.) And checked my pending deposits and have a settlement date of 2/20. Monday is a holiday which is why it isn’t going to be deposited on Monday.

    #4218783 Reply

    Thanks @Jtfromflorida

    Very helpful. I went back on mine and couldn’t find anything so yes does help.

    #4218721 Reply

    I got looking back further and feb4th 2016 i got maine state deposited at 932pm. which is a thursday. And my federal was all at night on a thursday aswell. hope that helps..

    #4218679 Reply

    just thought about something when i look at my netspend transaction times, they sometimes show up as central or westcoast time cant remember, so 4:32 may of been llike 6 or 7 pm eastern just a fyi..

    #4218650 Reply

    Ok guys I just looked at my netspend statement from last year i got maine state deposit at 4:32 pm feb 2nd which is a thursday.. after reading through the post i found a pattern with last year and this year. the 2 that had a your refund will be processed on the 10th which is a sat. they got theirs on monday. there was one who said her credit union showed it pending since the 8th which is a thursday.. So that makes sence, is to why i got mine on a thursday . i could be wrong but i believe they will get pushed out tonight and if u have a netspend or a like card there is no processing time. So u should get urs tonight, if not than expect prob tuesday cause monday is holiday for ur depposits.. I got the will be processed on the 17th. I will check my greendot card and reply back later tonight if i got mine.. Thanks

    #4218118 Reply

    got will process on 2/17 called state of maine very nice lady said I will get it on 2/17 in my bank

    #4217928 Reply

    Mine still says the 12 day message , when I called the income tax services phone the lady on the phone told me it processed on the 9th of Feb and wait 10-14 business days for the money to show up

    #4217897 Reply

    mine says it will process on Feb 17 and please allow 7 business days for deposit. It was 14 business days???

    #4217812 Reply

    Mine has been stuck on processed since 2/4 i dont get why it didnt update with everyone elses

    #4217781 Reply

    Mine said processed 2/4 and wait 12 days. This morning it says it will process on 2/17 and to allow 7 business days. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    #4217780 Reply

    I do my exs taxes for her, mine were filed and accepted 2 days before hers. But last night hers updated to a deposite of the 17th and mine was still on wait 12 days. Makes no sense…

    #4217722 Reply

    Refund status changed this morning to was processed 2/17 will be recieved within 7 days.

    #4216541 Reply

    Still the same ‘will be deposited within 12 days’ message for me.

    #4216487 Reply

    Any updates on WMR for anyone or any funds yet? Still nothing on my end.

    #4215493 Reply

    my guess is thurs. my maine wmr updated from refund accepted to within 12 days over night.

    #4215128 Reply

    @Taxfilier2018 , Maine WMR updates on Tuesday nights and Friday nights and you will see changes the next day per website. Not sure of the time. I am sure the funds will be in the account before you notice any change on the WMR .

    #4215127 Reply

    More than likely that’s the last update you get. I’m guessing they release them in batches like federal does. I could be wrong though [hopefully]

    #4215123 Reply

    Still nothing here.. says 12 days also. Is there going to be another update or is this the only update you see until your taxes are in your account?

    #4215111 Reply

    Mine still says the 12 day message too . Not sure the day Maine deposit or releases funds. Didn’t think it was this long but cant remember. I always knew though I got my state before my federal. Its always a waiting game.

    #4215094 Reply

    Mine still says to expect it within 12 days. Not sure exactly what day Maine deposits them though.

    #4215070 Reply

    It now says to expect my deposit in 12 days

    #4215006 Reply

    Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated weekly. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at

    hope i will get my refund into my bank account

    #4214591 Reply
    Heidi G

    My deposit was there Friday but my bank didn’t post it until today

    #4214267 Reply

    Nice to see they’re starting to move. Hope mine drops next week. I’m pretty sure Maine only does deposits on Mondays.

    #4214198 Reply
    Heidi G

    The bank released mine this morning !!

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