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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Maine- Share your experience with filing your Maine Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maine Wheres My Refund? go to Maine Revenue Services

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    Kinda quiet tonight. Alot of refunds must have hit today.

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    I’m just hoping that it will change overnight with a ddd

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    I also have that message. I’ve had it for a few days now with no date and nothing pending in my account.

    #4356314 Reply

    I had the message of your return has changed and refund will not be mailed to you I called this morning and it was taken due to tuition my husband owed.

    #4356185 Reply

    Finally came… thank God! Now to wait for the federal lol

    #4356120 Reply

    Mine hit about time

    #4356117 Reply

    Refund dropped in my account just how. Hope everyone else’s comes today too

    #4355613 Reply

    @bryant haven’t found out anything yet! Hopefully we’ll see something different this week.

    #4355422 Reply

    Has anyone ever gotten a messagr that says..your refund has been processed. Your money should be deposited within three weeks.
    If it’s been processed. Then why dont I have a deposit date. Just curious if anyone else has gotten this message. If so how long until you got your refund. Any help would be great.

    #4354974 Reply

    I just called the number on the back of my emerald card and it says I have a pending deposit for tomorrow and it has to be my state refund cause I’m not supposed to get my federal back until sometime next week. Crossing fingers!

    #4354902 Reply

    “Your return has been changed; no refund will be mailed to you. You should receive an explanation of these changes within the next 3 weeks. If you do not receive an explanationwithin that time, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or e-mail us at [email protected]

    What does this mean???

    #4354839 Reply

    I think this is crazy why is it taking so long to get it. Mine said processing in the 15th still nothing.

    #4354746 Reply

    This is rediculous. At this rate we will have our federal refund back before our state and I’ve never seen that happen before.

    #4354321 Reply

    Ughhhh so sick of waiting .

    #4353088 Reply

    Nothing here yet. I’m still waiting.

    #4353073 Reply

    Not sure but tomorrow is a holiday so it would probably be tuesday

    #4352857 Reply

    Mainer1 nothing….I’m hoping tomorrow…do you know if they deposit on weekends

    #4352815 Reply

    Sarah or Shasta…. anything? Nothing on my end.

    #4352751 Reply

    @Bryant that is weird! Me or my wife have no offsets or anything that we can remember. That message just seems strange! Ive looked at years of Maine filers right here on this forum and have not read of anyone else experiencing this. Crazy

    #4352352 Reply

    Hopefully all of ours show up tomorrow… this is crazy

    #4352150 Reply

    Mainer1 i got processe date for 15 also. I used turbo tax and have card…nothing yet for me. Do they do deposits on weekends…I feel it’s an automatic thing.

    #4352097 Reply

    qdawg1983, i have the same message…im confused, if its been processed then why dont i have a deposit date like everyone else. i got accepted 1/31, i have an offset but still expecting a refund, im using netspend..dd no idea when to expect my cash. tyler…sorry to say, the states keeping youur whole refund, for late fines or other cash owed to the state.

    #4351909 Reply

    Maine1- I also have a date of the 15th and so far it hasn’t deposited nor does it show any pending transactions.

    #4351503 Reply

    My message says your refund will be processed 2/9 .please wait a week for deposit . Nothing in my account . So effing frustrating .called the state yesterday (friday) and the man said the same info to me that was on the website ….so idk .

    #4351311 Reply

    Mine said it would process today, and my deposit posted around 1 a.m.

    #4351295 Reply

    Deposit was supposed to be today. nothing and nothing pending. Anyone else with the 15th as a date?

    #4351187 Reply

    3 week message?

    #4351185 Reply

    Mine says ” your return has been processed”. It doesn’t have a date! Is that normal and has anyone ever seen this message followed by 2 week message?

    #4351118 Reply

    Can anyone explain what this message means? Becuase I’m kinda freaking out now.

    “Your return has been changed; no refund will be mailed to you. You should receive an explanation of these changes within the next 3 weeks. If you do not receive an explanation within that time, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or e-mail us at [email protected]

    #4351096 Reply

    Accepted on the 29th, said it was received on the 3rd. Yesterday said would process today… deposit in BofA this morning.
    This is the longest I remember it taking.

    #4350447 Reply

    I got my deposit last night

    #4350423 Reply
    Sarah Foster

    I also was updated this morning to the being processed on the 15th and within a week I should receive it message. I sure hope so, my taxes were accepted on 1/30 I was thinking I would have received my refund by now but nothing yet.

    #4350411 Reply

    Mine says processing on the 15 wait up week for your money…but others who got this message has already gotten it…anyone else

    #4350327 Reply

    Anyone else get any news or deposits ?

    #4350043 Reply

    Mine changed to being processed on the 16th and deposited which is a Sunday so I don’t understand how they do it on the weekend. I filed and had mine accepted the 31st and it had started processing on the 4th

    #4349781 Reply

    State website is now saying the porcessed on 2/9 wait a week message but that would mean today and there isnt anything in my account or pending!!!!! Ugh

    #4349739 Reply

    In Turbo Tax it says Maine accepted my return on 2-9 but in the maine wheres my refund it is still saying no information related to your tax refund has been entered into our system? This happen to anyone else

    #4349692 Reply

    What does this mean?

    Your return has been changed; no refund will be mailed to you. You should receive an explanation of these changes within the next 3 weeks. If you do not receive an explanation within that time, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or e-mail us at [email protected].

    #4349656 Reply

    Mine updated to “Your refund will be processed on 02/15/2020. Please allow 1 week for the money to be deposited in your account. You should verify with your banking institution the date of transfer and amount of the deposit. If your refund has been reduced for any reason, you will receive a written explanation of the change within 3 weeks.” Nothing pending so we shall see

    #4349593 Reply

    Aaron this has never happened to me either but someone did say on another forum that it could be something minor like traffic tickets. I think I may have like 2 very small parking tickets so I don’t know it that’s what it is or not but I’m so mad I really thought I would have my money by now

    #4349577 Reply

    @Anxious20, mine also just updated to the same thing, under review. Never happened to me before.

    #4349575 Reply

    I’m freaking out my state finally updated and now it says under review may take 12 weeks wtf!!!

    #4348788 Reply

    Anyone with a recieved date of 2/4 get anything yet ?

    #4347864 Reply

    No notice but woke up to my state deposit today.
    Filed 1/27 TT
    Accepted 1/30

    #4347790 Reply

    Unless things have changed this year, DDs are usually Monday’s. This coming Monday is a holiday so the next DD should be for Tuesday. I usually see my DDs pending in my account the Friday before so anyone getting theirs deposited with accounts that don’t hold, it’s possible you could get it Friday. There’s also a very good chance it could hit your account before the status even updates on the website.

    #4347707 Reply

    My state was accepted on 1/30/2020. The sites still says same thing so I emailed and they told me that I had a offset sent to court, but as long as no other offsets I will recieve within 3 weeks. Same thing happened last year and I got mine deposited the same day the site changed. Last year it was 14 days even with offset so praying same will happen. But not feeling its gonna after reading everyones messages.

    #4347349 Reply

    Tt card. I checked tpg to see if anything is pending but nothing.

    #4347129 Reply

    Maine1 I’m in the same exact boat as you and still nothing except the wait 3 weeks message. So frustrating I have friends that filed after me and already got their money. How are you receiving your money? I’m using Chime

    #4347075 Reply

    Anyone update overnight?

    #4346971 Reply


    I knew the days just didn’t knownifbthey had a specific time. I did just try to check it and it gave me a not found error, possibly showing that it’s in the process of being updated. Fingers crossed!

    #4346956 Reply


    Tuesdays and fridays it updates

    Nothing for me yet they accepted and prosessing my return 1/30 I filed 1/27

    Still have the 3 week message

    #4346918 Reply

    Does anyone know what time the portal usually updates?

    #4346565 Reply

    Are there certain days maine deposits refunds or is it all weekday?

    #4346279 Reply

    Tax return submitted on 1/30. No updates to state site other than to say it was received and to wait 3 weeks. Just looked at card account and the $ was added yesterday. Don’t bother checking the state site. Oddly — no text from TurboTax Debit Card with any update of balance increase either. Weird.
    Modern technology, ayuh?!

    #4345641 Reply

    Mine was accepted and started processing on 1/30 and message is still if it’s been more then 3 weeks ….

    #4345604 Reply
    Sarah Foster

    I filled on 01/29 accepted 01/30 and it’s saying they started to process it 2/3 and I still have the 3 week message and nothing in my account. An I the only one?

    #4345289 Reply
    Jeremy Wickham

    I got mine today was accepted on the 24th

    #4344814 Reply

    I was accepted 1/31 and still the 3 week message, no update or ddd

    #4344748 Reply
    Ryan Jennings

    I submitted 1/31 and it was received 2/4. I have the 3 week update and imagine after tomorrow will get a update since state offices were closed Friday.

    #4344452 Reply

    @Anxious20 I still haven’t receive mine yet either. Still stuck on the same message. Just a waiting game now I assume.

    #4344447 Reply

    I’m assuming that most people on here already got their state refund since nobody is posting anymore?? I was hoping to get an idea when people got theirs because I was accepted on the 30th and I still haven’t gotten my deposit and most I’ve seen have. Hopefully someone will post their timeline info on here even if they already got their money.

    #4343216 Reply

    I havent gotten any update from overnight but I’m going to assume it’s because all state office were closed yesterday due to the storm . Mine was reviewed 2/4 ..based on last years dates and from what people on here give for info on theirs (biggest help btw thank you guys for sharing !) I think I should see mine by like 2/11 . I used hr myself online and I go thru capital one with the dd

    #4343203 Reply
    Jeremy Wickham

    No update on my account over night

    #4343201 Reply

    Oops sorry didn’t think the first message went through

    #4343199 Reply

    @ Paige or dragonmomma which card do you have for your deposit??

    #4343196 Reply

    @Paige and/ or dragonmomma which card
    did you have your state refund deposited on? I’m using Chime just curious. Thanks

    #4343152 Reply

    Has anyone’s updated with the Friday overnight update? Everyone I talked to is still seeing the same message

    #4342974 Reply

    I filed 1/21 accepted same day checked that weekend for update didn’t see one check the next Tuesday still none. then checked the card I used for deposit to see how much was in there for a bill I was paying and it deposited on the 24th. 3 days after I filed. my info still has not updated.

    #4342922 Reply
    Paige lawson

    Filed the 27th mine were accepted the 29th and my boyfriends were accepted the 30th. Both still have the processing message but his were deposited today and mine were not

    #4342323 Reply
    Jeremy Wickham

    I filed with tax slayer was accepted on the 24th so hopefully I’ll get mine this week coming to

    #4342144 Reply

    I filed with TurboTax on Jan 29th and it was accepted on the 30th. Pending for Monday deposit. Website never updated after this-
    Your return was received on 01/30/2020 and is being processed. Your return may take 3 weeks to process. Refund information is updated twice a week. If it has been more than 3 weeks since you filed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or email us at [email protected]

    #4341986 Reply

    Taxes 2020,
    When was yours accepted?

    #4341763 Reply

    Anyone know what day of the week refurns are deposited from the state of maine? They arent keeping up with website

    #4341398 Reply

    Mine was pending in my account this morning and the message never changed. Hopefully everyone sees their refund soon.

    #4341329 Reply

    I filed the 23rd accepted the 28th my message still says we recieved your taxes on the 28th and it may take 3 weeks. I’ve never got a deposite without it updating before

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