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    Wheres My Refund Maine- Share your experience with filing your Maine Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Maine Wheres My Refund? go to Maine Revenue Services

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Q dog1983

    Finall have the 7 business days message with processed on the 16th. Should have it by monday or by late next week. Thank goodness, some movement

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    Monday is also a holiday so some may not see it that day

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    Me too but i know my bank will hold it till monday because they do every year.

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    I finally got a date of 2/16 hopefully this is true

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    Yeah! I woke up to update that I will be processed on 2/16. After the processed and 12 business days. Think I should have my refund Saturday.

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    @Q dog1983
    it updated with that message Monday I filed last week as soon as I saw ifile was up

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    This is pissing me off. I e-mailed the Tax Examiner with what he needed on Monday and he said that we were all set and STILL NO REFUND! WTF!!!!!

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    There is a difference between “accepted” and “processed”. Everyone that got the 12 business day message it says your return has been processed and will be directly deposited within 12 business days. If it didn’t say that nobody would have been expecting it. Just because they aren’t using the correct words doesn’t mean they are wrong. For example, my return was “processed” on 2/1 and was supposed to be deposited within 12 business days. It’s not unreasonable to expect it within that timeframe.

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    For the record – and just so everyone understands – it is NOT 12 business days from when your return was accepted. There’s often 5-7 days, sometimes longer, between when it was accepted and when your refund was processed. So, if your return was ACCEPTED on the 30th, for example, it likely wasn’t processed until the 3rd which means it’s only been 8 business days. There’s still 4 more business days until you can get upset. Everyone chill a bit. It’s the same every year.

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    Q dog1983

    Yeah this is ridiculous been on 12 business days since the 4th and still no change of message. Filed and accepted 1/31 both state and federal. Any other time when i didn’t need the money Maine was always on time now that i need it really bad to pay car registration we have to wait forever for it. My luck boy

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    Joey p

    Mine updated laat thursday morning with a dd of 2/9. It was there 2/9

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    Ryan Holland

    Mine was accepted on the 30th today’s day 11 business day wise.idk what days of the week the dep but I’m getting quite says “WITHIN “12 business days.okay maine 12 days from WHEN .absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who has gotten theirs plse let us know and if so when did u get it and how many days did u have to wait…

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    Probably wont see anything Monday due to the holiday

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    Mine was accepted the 29th, processed on the 2nd, but still haven’t received it. However, it’s only been 8 business days. I bet most of us will get them Friday or next Monday.

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    Mine was the 30th still nothing

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    My maine state was accepted on the 29th and still dont have my refund i believe its been 12 days now anyone else who was accepted on 29th get theirs?

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    I just moved to maine filed my taxes looked online its saying the 12business days I went through taxslayer did anyone else if so have they received anything yet?

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    Q dog1983

    @dragonmomma when did u receive this message? Was it today? Been seeing that a lot lately. Simple w2s for us but scared to check mines

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    Your return has been received and is being reviewed by a tax examiner. If we need more information, we will contact you by mail. Your return may take up to 12 weeks to process. Refund information is updated twice a week. If it has been more than 12 weeks since you filed your return, and you have not received any correspondence about your return, you may call our taxpayer assistance line at (207) 626-8475 or email us at [email protected]  anyone else have this message or have you had this message in the past… what happened with it.

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    Mine continues to say the 12 business day thing. I called today and she said 7-10 day. I honestly don’t think the website or any live person has any credible information. It’s frustrating because the website goes back and forth with the 12 day thing and saying I have to wait 24 hours after it was accepted but it was accepted back on Jan 29th. What’s the point if even having a website for people to check if it’s not going to be correct

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    I had a deposit date of yesterday. Checked today and went back to the 12 days. I called and be here said 7-10 business days from the 1st. So Thursday. I’m livid. They can’t even get this right.

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    Last year-
    Filed January 25th
    Recieved & accepted- January 29th
    Hit my bank Tuesday February 20th.

    This year-
    Filed January 31st
    Recieved & accepted-January 31st
    I am guessing next week for me..

    Changed to 12 day update. I am not sure When? Anyway to tell?

    Does anyone know if they update daily or certain days of the week?

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    Wow maine updated its website but not my status 😭

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    My state was processed on the 1st and just said in 12 business days it would be deposited into my account yet to see anything im gping with next week

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    Who the hell knows. The whole thing is wacked. It’s supposed to only update Tuesday and Friday but it’s been happening every day. Do u have a deposit date yet?

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    Does the state only deposit on certain days of the week?

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    Just talked to the Tax Examiner. The hang up was my proof of rent. I emailed him cancelled checks and I’m all set. He said my refund will be in Tomorrow. Yay!!!

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    Update : I called the revenue Dept directly and she looked it up for me and told me that it is 12 business days (mon-fri only) rim the date you get the “it’s been processed and you should get it in 12 days message . So for those who got that message on the 4th …the 19th you should see it .

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    Anyone with direct deposit to checking acct. Receive their refund?

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    I got the received message on the 29th , than it gave me the processed and should be deposited in 12 days message on the first . Has everyone else who got theirs waited the actual 12 days ?

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    Mine was on my Turbo prepaid card this morning. I had the same message that it was being deposited on the 9th, also the 12 day message prior to that. Good luck and be patient

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    That’s just how these things work. We are all humans, and are not immune to error or mistakes or miscommunications. Notice I said, we should receive refunds this week unless something wrong occurs. If your return is being examined, then clearly something occurred – whether it was a mistake or not doesn’t matter. Is it frustrating and annoying? Yes. But every year it’s the same thing so we should all learn to expect possible error and, as adults, learn a bit of patience.

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    Then why am I getting a message now saying tax examiner???? I was told last week that it was processed on the First. Why is there all this miscommunication!!??
    And you ask why I’m rude-really?

    #4265258 Reply


    Tal, no need to be rude. Amanda was just stating she was waiting like the rest of everyone on this forum. Amanda, if nothing goes wrong with your refund, and it says it is processed, you SHOULD receive your refund this week sometime.

    #4265175 Reply


    Amanda just because it was Accepted does not mean it has been processed yet. Get in line—don’t expect your refund any time soon

    #4265105 Reply


    Mine was accepted on the 29th but it’s still saying within 12 business days so hopefully soon

    #4265006 Reply


    Its 12 business days not 12 days people

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    Achaeans to your question is it still says the 7 days thing

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    Woke up mine was deposited on my card

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    For the people that have received there money what does it say on the Maine where’s my refund page after you have received your money? Does it change or stay on the 7 days thing? Just wondering

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    I sure hope so…

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    Same cb. Hopefully tmrw. Do they load at midnight??

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    I have the turbo card and nothing yet but the message of being processed on the 9th.

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    Im thinking in some cases some banks and prepaid cards are just holding them until tmrw..idk. Anyone have the turbo tax prepaid card like me?

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    Hopefully we all get deposits tmrw

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    Mine was accepted on 30th and I still don’t have mine

    #4264621 Reply

    Joey p

    I got mine yesterday

    #4264618 Reply


    No one here has received their state refund ?

    #4264582 Reply


    Good Luck Jamie. Mine was processed on the First and I still don’t have it.

    #4264575 Reply


    I filed my state return with federal on 2/5 with taxact and it was accepted . State refund still says no data for u has been enter. How long does it take ?

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    I better get mine tomorrow or Im going rain a sh*t storm on these a**holes

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    I used turbo tax also and wasn’t charged. But I’m still waiting, even though I was supposed to get mine Friday.

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    Anyone know what this Tax Examiner message bull shit is???? I think it’s a glitch-because I was told verbally that my return was processed on the 1st

    #4264487 Reply


    Dana, I used Turbo Tax and I wasn’t charged

    #4264479 Reply


    Mine says it will be processed on the 9th but nope nothing still and still have the same msg for days now I hope mine hits tomorrow because I think 7 business days would be Wednesday or Thursday but most people that got that notice have received their money and I used to turbo tax witch claims to get you to the front of the line which in this case was completely false and I’m not to thrilled about it considering they also offer a free service that they charge you for which makes no sense either

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    I was told verbally by a tax rep that my refund was processed and it will be deposited in 7-10 days. Now it’s saying being examined! I wrote an email and told them that I better get my Effin refund this week!!! Assholes

    #4264207 Reply


    Mine went from being stuck on the 12 day thing to “being examined”

    #4264204 Reply


    I’ve been on the 12 days thing all week and then tonight it said being examined……why would it change when it said processed and being deposited within 12 days

    #4264197 Reply


    Anyone receive anything today find anything out or are we all waiting until next week

    #4264029 Reply


    Called my card said nothing is pending so I haven’t received anything at all

    #4263948 Reply


    Mine say it’s processed and check with my financial institute for deposit date and amount. And it should be there within 12 days but there’s no date. How do I know when the 12 days start from

    #4263843 Reply


    I haven’t seen anything yet and my card deposits it as soon as it lands

    #4263799 Reply


    Called my bank yesterday and my refund deposit is pending and will be available Monday! So anyone who had the ‘processing 2/09’ message make sure to check Monday.

    #4263760 Reply


    Mine says 02/09/2019 to be processed after the 12 day processing. Still no refund in my account

    #4263729 Reply


    Still waiting. Ugh did you have a green dot card anyone

    #4263644 Reply

    Joey p

    Mine was deposited over night

    #4263362 Reply


    I called them today, they said it it didn’t deposit before 8 pm, then it will be next Friday. Even though mine was supposed to go out todsy.

    #4263354 Reply


    I called today and they said it it wasn’t loaded by now it won’t be till next week.

    #4263142 Reply


    I went from not processed and may be eight weeks to processed and 12 days. Neither happened on a regular scheduled update day. Nothing updated today and on day five or six of my twelve days.

    #4263133 Reply

    Ryan Holland

    Yeah mine says dep within 12 businesses days.but 12 days from when?cmon maine

    #4263039 Reply


    still on 12 business days…. called back but they said nothing pending

    #4262888 Reply


    Im thinking I’ll get mine tomorrow. Hopefully

    #4262813 Reply


    Anyone know why some didn’t get theirs?

    #4262483 Reply


    I got my refund last night around 8. I use Chime so as soon as they get the authorization it clears. I’d check your banks in the morning.

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