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    So I went to check the mail tonight, and right on top was an IRS letter. I opened it to find the 4464C letter, claiming they are verifying my return for accuracy.

    I filed on 1/11, was accepted on 1/27, and filed with TT. The letter is dated for Feb 13th.

    On WMR, my bars and Tax Topic 152 dissapeared last night and it changed to “Your return is being processed.” TT claims I should get it the week of 02/17.

    Does anyone have any insight on this/in a similar situation?


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    Filed with TT 2/1, got accepted 2/3. Received letter on 2/14. Never received a letter before. I forgot to file 2 returns. Ugh. Letter says “Do nothing for 60 days”. But they should have those returns from previous employer…No status bar, nor code, and “still being processed, refund date will appear when available”.

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    hello everyone,

    I just spoke to an IRS rep and was told I will be receiving this dreaded 4464C letter. I am trying not to be upset since I have to file with an identity PIN on my returns every year. Seems like a lot of people are being pulled for review which I think is extremely ridiculous. Hopefully, it will not take the whole 60 days for any of us.

    Filed and accepted 1/27/20 via TT
    Path 1 week later
    Still being processed since 2/15/20

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    @alicia i have same dates and all. wmr doesnt have any tax topic either

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    I have a code 570, no 971 code, but I received a letter, and have a processing date of 03/02/2020

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    I filed on Jan 29th.
    Letter was dated Feb 13th.
    I received in Feb 18th.
    WMR says topic 152.
    Nothing drastically changed. It’s the same as every year for me.
    Filed with H&R block.
    Something seems fishy to me!
    Hoping it’s not a super long time before getting the refund.
    My state has been refunded for weeks now.

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    Same. Shows 570 code but no 971 code (letter issued). Have already recieved letter. Interesting. Does your 570 have 03/02 as the processing date?

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    So I was able to access my transcript today. Shows 570 code but no 971 code (letter issued)

    I have a 570 code with processing date of 03/02.

    Fingers crossed that I get my bars back the following morning.

    Anyone else with a letter not seeing a 971 code on transcripts?

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    @Oregon Gal

    Mine has a 570 code, and I received a 4464C dated 02/13/2020, I have a processing date of 03/02/2020 and mine were accepted on 01/27/2020 not sure what this is all about though.

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    No update mine still showing no bars, still getting the processing message and so far I’ve heard everyone got dates yesterday

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    How do we check the I went on there and couldnt figure it out.

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    Anyone check their earnings on

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    Oregon Gal

    hey, yall did anyone check the transcripts? Do you have the 570 code or a 971 code there? what is the processing date? I called the IRS on Friday was told accuracy review??? but as of 3/2 did not make any sense nothing on my transcripts reflects a letter being issued out? So confused/?

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    Alicia mine is the same

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    At this point I still have no bars and it’s says” we received your tax return and it is being processed” My refund was accepted on the 27th of January and it’s almost been a month. The ltr 4664c was dated for 2/13. Hopefully I don’t have to wait 60days. If anyone has any success stories some good news would be great to hear. It gives me hope.

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    @annoy Where did you get that info? Thanks!

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    @kj2030 what did your wmr look like did you still have a tax topic? I’m a single, divorced mother with no help I work hard and really depend on taxes to help get through the year I’m a nervous wreck 😭

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    Nice!! Hopefully I’ll get the same thing tomorrow. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Hey everyone I just wanted to update everyone on my situation….. just like most of you I got accepted by irs 1/27 got the letter in the mail dated for 2/13 I have been nervous since then but today I checked my status and my bars are back and I am now approved with a DD date of 3/2

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    What does your lettersay

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    I got this same letter and never have before! Has anyone received this in the past? How long did it take to get your refund?

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    Did anyone get 4464c letter

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    Same letter. Same dates. No update. Hoping everything processes sooner than later!

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    @charlie same exact thing.

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    I filed 01/30, accepted the next day. Then received letter 4464c dated 02/11 and another exactly the same dated 02/12. WMR a week later changed to received, still processing, a date will be provided soon. The only thing different this year is I added my daughter now that my ex can’t claim her this year. No EITC only 4 dependents. :-( I’ve never had a letter sent or had my file randomly reviewed.

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    Wmr has no bars no tax topic and it is being processed

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    Filed through turbo excepted on the 27th I got this letter dated Feb 13th I’m worried.

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    hello to all the letter LTR 4464C to all who filed takes with ETIC and taxes that are filed correct can ignore the letter. It was send because they had to hold funds until the first date that they are aloud to send your funds. The first release date is feb. 26 2020 if you filed in the first tax bracket dates.

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    I also received the 4446C letter. From all the other forums it appears several people who did not get this letter have s DDD of 2/26. Checked WMR and bars are gone. Showing STILL being processed. Just curious if anyone else who received the letter has a different status or a DDD. I filed 2/3 via TT no Path message, but I have two dependents. Filed the same way for the past 10 years.

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    Omg yall! So I got a 446c4 or whatever letter of review on 2/11. Filed and accepted 1/27 with turbo tax. Cant view my transcripts. I jus called the offset line and they took my lil state money owed as of 2/26 😱😱😱 so I’m getting my monies! I thought for sure I’d have to wait the whole 60 day review. My WMR hasn’t updated yet but I dont even care!!! 🤑🤯🤑

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    I got the letter also filed the 23 with tt and accepted the 27th!! Everyone here seemed to get accepted the 27th wonder if there was a computer glitch I usually get accepted hours or even min after filing this time it took 4 days!! Or turbo tax was not giving out correct number. Maybe Irs will figure it out and we don’t have to jump through hoops because I’ve never seen this many ppl with reviews and no answers

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    I got same letter. I went down to the irs office today out of anger. They made me an appointment for Monday. Call and get you an appointment with your nearest irs office.

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    Filed the end of January accepted the next day, I used h and r block online. Same address same bank account and same kids as every year. Went from one bar and processing to path then to no bars and just processing your return.
    Called today they said they sent me letter 4464c yesterday but couldn’t tell me anything else no reason or what I’d need to do etc
    I’m 46 years old and have never once had a tax problem and this makes no sense

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    I received the same letter dating Feb 13th. I checked WRM and it just says it’s being processed. I thought it was just taking longer because I have EIC but now I’m not so sure. My return was accepted January 22nd. Still nothing

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    Michele Crawford

    This is the 4th year in a row that I have received this type of letter and I have never been found to have an error on my return since my income and dependents are the same and this is a very frustrating situation for me because I depend on my tax refund to offset expenses that I have not been able to cover due to numerous surgeries. I find this to be unfair and just another way that the government intervenes in situations that they have no reason to.

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    Kimberly W

    Same here I got a letter as well dated 2/7. Then two more of the same letters two days later.I got accepted on Jan 27, 2020. I always file though taxact with no issues, but maybe their was an error this time not sure. Called the irs 2/20 they wanted to verify my 2018 AGI and federal. She put me on hold then came back and told me she had no info at this time and it could take up to 60 days. Accepted/ path/then still processing

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    Khenti El

    I filed on 1/15, got accepted on 1/27, went to Path message on 2/16 for a few hours then on to “is being processed” later that day. Received letter 4464C dated 2/13 on 2/18…smh…WMR still says “being processed”.

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    Does a code show up on wmr if you are expecting a letter?

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    Et take Me Home

    I filed on the 23rd accepted on the 27th. 152, never said approved, bars then disappeared, path message showed up,4464c feb.13,Now says processing. Called advocate, said my Api is incorrect, told me to mail in 1040x asap, turbo says 1040x aren’t available yet,1st TT. Agent said I’m already accepted so they’ll probably still issue my refund anyway after Path act hold, second advocate says womp womp womp. I say waaaaaaah😢

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    Same scenario….filed way early and letter dated Feb 13th

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    I got the same letter dated 02/12/2020 though. This year I filed separate from my husband (divorcee) and figured that was why then re-looked at my taxes and noticed I transposed some numbers (legit error) and will get a few dollars less than what I expected. I immediately amended and sent the info certified to both the KC office and Fresno office. I hope they give me a date soon. I did not file TT I used FreeTaxUSA.

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    I filed 1.7.2020 accepted 1.8.2020 had one bar for couple of weeks then went to the path act. what went away around 2.13.2020 and not it shows your tax return is still be processing with no code nothing and i got a 4464c letter yesterday 2.19.2020 dated 2.13.2020 help when should we get it back.

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    I filed on the 18th of January, got accepted on the 21st. My state refund already came a month ago.

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    Jay b

    I filed on the 28th and got accepted same day any still got letter on 2/13

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    Filed and accepted on 1/27 with TT. Had 1 bar with tt152 then to path message now says being processed with my info on the left. I got 4464c on 2/11. 60 day review. Sumana beaches :/

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    Did it show up on y’all transcripts?

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    Got one last year. Didn’t get my refund until mid april

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    I got the same yesterday same exact everything

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    I got this letter three years ago. I didn’t get my refund until September. I spent so much time in the phone just waiting on hold only to be disconnected and have to start over. I got one today and legit cried, not because I am desperately for the money, but I can go through all of that again. It was exhausting and infuriating working with the IRS.

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    Apparently this is just to ensure you arent a victim of identity theft. It is sent to early filers before Jan 15th. (I filed on the 11th, accepted the 27th)

    If anyone got this letter and filed after the 15th, please share.

    DO NOT CALL THEM. It may render you ending up waiting longer. I wouldnt call or do anything until the 60 days pass. I think if you leave it alone you should be okay unless you messed something up.

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    Jay b

    I called the tax advocate number and talked to someone said they cant do anything until the 60 days are up and that most cases they wait till the 60 days are almost up to issue refunds. Filed with TT again this year last year had no problems but then this and IRS told me they were processing it but had no errors on my returns but more than likely going to have to wait full term of 60 days to get my refund if I’m lucky. IRS holding out money hostage.

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    What is the message yall getting on WMR?

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    I got the same letter . Filed Turbo Tax as well accepted on the 27th. Letter 4464C dated 02.13.20. Think they targeting turbo tax customers.

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    I got the same letter today, dated Feb 14th. I also filed with TT and was accepted 1/27… I was told to go ahead and get a tax advocate to make the process go through.

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    Same letter, same date. My info has been the same for three years, never have I had a problem. People are relying on this money, I know I am. I’m nervous that we won’t see it for months. 60 days is make or break for me, please update if anyone gets any news! Thanks

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    My wmr was showing the Path message but that disappeared yesterday. It now says we’ve received your tax return and it’s being processed. Very frustrating. I’m honestly not expecting to see a refund until at least April now. Really hoping I’m wrong though but I haven’t read anything good about it.

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    Hello. What does your wmr say…processing/still processing/etc. My return is pretty much the same each year, but with this delay and everyone now receiving letters…I’m wondering if I have a letter. I lost my key to our subdivision kiosk mailbox, and am having it rekeyed tomorrow and getting my mail out. 😳

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    I got the same letter today dated Feb 13th. I filed with TT on Jan 11th, accepted around the 27th. Nothing has really changed other than me making less money so not sure why I even received this. Looking like I won’t be getting a refund for awhile though. The IRS doesn’t get into a hurry for anyone unless you owe them!

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    I got the same letter today dated Feb 13th. I filed with TT on Jan 11th, accepted around the 27th. Nothing has really changed other than me making less money so not sure why I even received this. Looking like I won’t be getting a refund for awhile though. The IRS doesn’t get in a hurry for anyone unless you owe them!

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    I received the same letter today I need my money so bad I am stressed to the MAX

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    So annoyed

    Yep. Same dates exactly. What I’ve read online has been so discouraging. I haven’t found a single person so far that didn’t wait MONTHS before they finally got a refund. I legit almost cried when I opened the letter & did some research.

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    I have received six of those letters. I am not sure what is going on. Hopefully we still get out tax return.

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    Usually that means that you missed a w2 or something. What they have and what you submitted does not match. If it doesn’t match it triggers a letter. You need to either do what the letter says, or I git it a couple years ago and I got a tax advocate, if you can prove a hardship, then the tax advocate can get it released faster.

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    I received the same letter. I filed on the 15th of January. I had the PATH message then it went to we are processing with no 152 topic notice.

    I haven’t called yet but I did look over my taxes and they were entered correctly. So praying it gets released sooner than later.

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    It’s official, the IRS is messing w people this yr. From Path, TT dropping the ball on so many returns, sooo many being asked to idverify. The agents throwing all sorts of it on the wall to see what sticks, when folks call in. It’s a messy season. Like, maybe they’re broke! Lol. Buying nothing but time.

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    Same thing for me

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    Jay b

    Sent in 27th if Jan. Accepted 28th of Jan. Also recieved letter on feb 13 LTR 4464c. Called IRS and said I was “randomly” selected for review also stated I had no errors showing on tax return. Sucks need the money.

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    Same exact letter. I filed the 11th as well. And got accepted the 27th.

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    I got the same letter today, I have been having normal updates… we shall see

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    You normally get this letter when they need to verify the information on your tax return for example if you income drastically changed can cause this letter be sent the it’s will tell you they need 60 days for a review and sometimes it’s done fast and sometimes people get their refund in the summer it’s all up to them smh in any event I would call and speak to someone to get a time frame if it’s not listed on the letter

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    All of your info was accurate? I wonder if this will cause any sort of delay.

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    Cache Miller

    I legit got the same exact thing today! No idea why.

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