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      As of today (01/30/2015) at 9:45AM CST, I still had not transcripts and no updates. As of 11:05AM CST today (01/30/2015) my transcripts have updated showing a cycle date of 20150405 with the 846 code. I filed and was accepted on 01/21/2014 and up until 11:05AM on 01/30/2015, had no updates.

      There is hope yet. Go check your transcripts. They obviously update throughout the day.

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          Sorry mine should have said 846 refund code :)

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            I’ve been checking wmr and for transcripts every day but had no updates until today. Wmr still just shows received, but transcript says 20150405 cycle and 862 refund code on account transcript and return transcript was available as well :) I filed 01/23/15 on Turbo Tax, accepted same day. Filed head of household for first time even though I’m still married since my husband left several months ago. I worried it would get held up since we’ve always filed married filing joint return and his mailing address is still here since he’s just crashing with friends. This year I think if he’d have stayed and we filed together we would have made too much for EIC, which I was scared would cause an audit. On my own I didn’t make nearly as much and the kids have been with me the whole time while getting almost no help from him. This led to a much larger return that is badly needed! Wanted to include this for anyone else in the same situation. Head of household, 3 kids, child tax credits and earned income credit

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              Using this chart Today is 20150501
              20150405 should give DDD of Feb 4

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                @Trina: It is my understanding that cycle code 20150405 means that the return and refund was processed yesterday (anyone, please correct me if I’m wrong). But I believe that 04 is the fourth week of the year, which we are in and 05 is the day of the week (Fri-Thurs). So, assuming that is correct plus the 4 business day deposit time, you should see a deposit by Wednesday 02/04/2015.

                Fingers crossed.

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                  Got the same code, im reading the codes correct its Tues or Wed. Probably today for netspend folks…next yr im a netspemder lmao

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                    Mine has too!! When should we expect payment lol

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