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    Ok this is my first time asking any question. I just got off the phone with the irs. Filed 19 got accepted 01/21. Ordered accnt transcript it came in blank. I called the irs then got the whole 21 day blah blah blah. Do I waited. Had 1 bar up until I believe moday at midnight now no bar no error code but I do have my refund amount and topic 152 so I thought what the heck ill eait maybr update wednsday. Woke up no updatr so I called got a snotty rep named odyssey who actually looked inti info stayed that I was delayed 6 weeks and wait for a letter in 30-45 days. Could not tell me when letter was sent or anything.
    My question is should I wait? Im trying to be patient but I would really like to see some progress.

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    why dont you stop

    @STOP shut the hellp up, your situation was diffrent. we are not calling just for the fun of it, many of us have had error or codes or letters and we are calling to rectify the situation, your obviously not a part of our situation so why are you even in this thread? Bye felicia!



    I was told my refund was held up by ID verify and when I tried to confirm my identify online: We are unable to verify your identity online. So I called the number and was told “Please wait until the 21 days have elapsed.” WTF ARE YOU DOING IRS? HUH?



    STOP CALLING THE IRS.. They delay your refund if call without a letter or code…y’all blowing the line up for nothing!!! I filed 1/19..bars disappeared 1/29…got a Ddd for 2/10 (money is my acct) I never called once.. My refund mount also disappeared…they are going to tell u anything over the phone just to get you off and none the less they see every time u call!!!!



    What is the Number to verify your Identity?



    Tax Payer Rights They have a responsibility to review and correct BUT THEY ALSO MUST INFORM The USAG Loretta Lynch is all over the internet indicting tax preparers &threatening people screaming about identity theft well I haven’t heard about ONE PERSON who’s identity was taken THE IRS & FBI seem to have a real problem with computers, whistleblowers lost emails MILLIONS REFUNDED to GHOSTS but AMERICANS are being punished for ineptness of the LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE COUNTRY , FEDERAL GOVT REALLY?
    I was 1/19 & I was pulled for review supposedly for Education Credits unemployment income 3 W2’S from waiting tables me & my son in college SIMPLE 1040 financial aide through THEM ummm ROCKET SCIENCE?



    No u would keep calling till someone told me something. Monday I called three times got three different answers. Yesterday I was told I was delayed and she didn’t know y so I called again and was told I had to id verify. I had to speak to two reps over there to get that done bc the first one said I had to wait till today to do it and I wasn’t accepting that answer. Second Rep completed my verification and said it takes nine weeks to process…beyond disgusted

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
  • The forum ‘2016 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.