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Last post for 1 day important info here to answer questions

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    Ms tax

    I know alot of you been following my post so I decided to create a new one with my own refund journey since I’m no longer in limbo.

    Ok so when I went online to try to id verify I got the the we can not assist you online message. Now I already have a ip pin. I did call the IRS for confirmation t to see if I had to. The answer was no!

    The lady without me asking told me I had a 7 to 10 day hold on my refund starting 03-14-2022. Expect refund on the 21.
    To make this clear my refund is fully done it’s just the payout I’m waiting for. Now I’m thinking that I will have DD before then she just gave me the max.

    Now it’s alot of debate with the still processing and it is being processed. No difference!!! I have the it is still being processed date when available no refund amount tax topic 152.

    For mine I got a 1400 increase. But she confirmed
    My tax return is processed!!!! I’m waiting on my 570/971 to update to 846 release of funds since adjustments were made. She said I don’t have to do anything but wait to get paid.

    I’m here to help with any questions 😃

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    @Ms.Tax So when did you fill? I filed on 1/31/22 it was accepted like 5 mins late. I had the one bar all the up until the 2nd week in feb maybe and then I got the 152 message and nothing has changed since. I did add on 3 new dependents I had a set of twins and then one of my other children moved back in with me.

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    Ms tax

    Update I got the 846 code 03/09

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    Just Here for Tax Refund Nibbles

    @Ms tax: That was super helpful. I filed 02/01, have the Topic 152 message with “We’re sorry your refund has been delayed…we know your refund is important…yada yada”. Haven’t seen any bars and don’t have the guts to call. Just going to wait it out and live vicariously through all of you (and snack on the tidbits until I get mine). I was perplexed by the “We’re sorry…” but figured it was all COVID/stimulus/lightyears behind in processing business.

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    Ms tax

    I filed 02/04

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    I have 570 with no 971 code. A rep told me they were reviewing my dependents smh the same dependents I always file but I did add my new child born in 2021 I got a notice today but it was Letter 6475 letting me know I got 4200 in stimulus payments and I’m like duhhhh so why am I being held up smh. I hope I update with 571 since I still haven’t got any other letter besides this one.

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    Ms tax

    The still being processed is what I have and nothing is wrong.

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    So I e filed with my usual tax professional and it was accepted February 8th checked status because of the 21 day recommend wait time but when I check irs website it no longer shows processing bar, it shows the message that says “still being processed”
    So needless to say I’m getting worried something is wrong,

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    cant wait for my taxes

    when did you file? I filled 1/28 and accepted the same day I have the same code and everything.

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    I have the 20220705 Cycle, with Process date of March 7, 2022, even though I only filed a 1098-T form and nothing else. Filed on 2/1, IRS accepted on 2/3. . I should have had my money by now. I’ve never had to wait this long.

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    Well my account doesn’t say my 2021 taxes aren’t processed. That message has been gone for a few days now. So hopefully now that everything has been fixed since last week 2/25 I’m hoping tomorrow I update

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