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    Wheres My Refund Kentucky- Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Kentucky Wheres My Refund? go to Kentucky Department Of Revenue

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    @Katey: That’s great news! Now let’s hope they start processing them before the 26th

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    Ky finally accepted my return today !

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    @Katey IDK what’s going, I figured they would accepted just like they would with the fed.. And just wait till the 26th and start processing.. I hope they don’t make you and other wait till then to get accepted.. I got a feeling yours will be accepted this week sometime. Hope so.

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    My state was just accepted 2/10/18

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    @bh my state has not been accepted yet filed 1/29 federal was accepted but state has NOT

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    My KY State Refund is STILL PENDING on TT

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    I filed 2/5/18
    Accepted 2/5/18
    Ordered transcripts 2/6/18
    Claimed EIC
    Every since then I’m still on 1 bar as of now

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    Filed 1/29 ky has still not even accepted my return , anyone else waiting ??

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    @Th0020 Thats insane, last year I had to fax in a copy of my I.D. and W2 and social security card and It only took 10 days from the day I first filed. Thought I would see this before I seen my federal but I guess not.

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    @Tiff: yes you would think but on the website they talk about doing identity quizzes this year and sending them out to people that they think need to verify. If they were planning on that they should have started on the 29th to get a head start but I guess they don’t care how long it takes lol

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    Well, sitting on their hands this year. Filed 1/23 and they wont even confirm they have gotten my return.

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    @TH0020 I sure hope they release them before the Feb 26th date. You would think If they accept them this early they will start processing them ……. WHO KNOW THOUGH lol

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    I had a friend that filed a week after I did and their my state was accepted 2/6 , mine still has not been accepted , anyone else out there still waiting for acceptance

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    @katey: it’s taking them forever to accept I file the 24th and was just accepted last night! But more are being accepted now so you will probably be accepted soon

    : It says they aren’t processing till Feb 26th But I hope they are actually processing now

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    I filed 1/30 this year
    accepted on 2/6 KY state
    wonder how long it will take to process the returns this year :*0

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    Anyone still waiting for ky to accept ? Federal was accepted 1/29 , my has not been accepted yet

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    Just adding to the chain that I filed on 2/1 and was just accepted this morning. We shall see if they begin approving before the 26th.

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    Does anyone know how to determine if a Kentucky state tax refund is offset?

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    I filed 1/29 federal accepted 1/29, state accepted 2/6. Yay

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    State finally accepted my return just now! Lol took forever

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    I filed on Jan 25th accepted by IRS 1/29 accepted by KY today 2/6

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    @Tiff & @bubbles: when did you file your state return?

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    Mine was accepted today. Last year got mine on the 16. Seems to be on track for the same this year unless they really arent processing until 26th. I understand it as not processing refund until then, but so says the IRS.

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    MIne was finally accepted today, however the site says they will not accept till Feb. 26th. I got mine 10 days after acceptance last year and I.d. verify. Hoping it doesnt follow what their site says.

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    I called the Kentucky Department of Revenue today and she said they wouldn’t start accepting until closer to the 26th of February or on the 26th

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    My ky state has not been accepted yet either. Those of you saying yours was please tell me how you knew it was. I put my info in on ky state where my refund and it gave me a generic message so then I typed in a random ss number and amount and got the same message so I am sure mine hasn’t. The message said a refund hasn’t been authorized etc. why would our taxes not even be accepted. Ky always drops the ball and screws me over in some manner every year.

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    State return still hasn’t been accepted! Turbo Tax still says state is pending. Filed the 24th anyone else still awaiting acceptance for state?

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    State has yet to be accepted

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    My KY return was finally accepted today.
    Filed 1/4/18

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    Ky will not begin processing returns until February 26th, info listed on state refund site.

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    Filed mine on 01/20/2018, still pending.

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    Its actually 8-12 weeks on paper checks sorry!

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    According to Kentuckys website DD or debit card refunds are looking at 2-3 weeks …paper checks 5-12

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    Has anybody had their Kentucky return accepted yet? Filed 1/24/18 still pending

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    Heather Smith

    Just thought I would update…..I got the message change to “approved and should be deposited within 10 days” on 3/16 and had the DD on 3/21.

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    Can anyone please tell me how long it took to actually receive your direct deposit after it said it was “authorized and should be within 10 business days”? I filed 3/10 and as accepted same day. Today it has switch to the authorized message.

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    Douglas R

    I was accepted like 1/30 and I keep getting that unable to provide electronically message as well. Mine is direct deposit and I am wondering as well whats the deal.

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    Zachary Crank

    You should be able to add a security exception to your browser. If you’re using a computer, click on the “Advanced” button, confirm the security exception, and you should be good from there.

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    Zachary: when I try it tells me that the security certificate is not valid

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    I was accepted on 2/9 and have not been contacted by KY for more info or anything. My status never updates. I also get the “unable to provide info electronically” message.

    If I was an error free typical return, should I have gotten my refund by now?

    I am getting direct deposit not check.


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    Anyone who has gotten their KY refund.. Did your status every update? I was accepted 2/9 and I always get a message telling me that my info cannot be given online.

    Some previous years, I get my refund and the status online never changed. So that is why I am wondering.


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    I filed on 1/30 and received my state on 2/16.

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    Anyone heard from Kentucky that has credits?
    My message said my info cannot be given electronically and if I’d like I can call them.

    Everyone’s say this or do I need to call?

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    I filed on january 24 and accepted that day. I still don’t have any info from the stat of Kentucky. Got my federal back in 3 days total. What is is wrong with kentucky revenue. site always says no info but i know for sure they got it.

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    I checked my status and it says my refund was issued on the 13th, but still have nothing deposited into my bank account and the Jackson Hewitt website still says my fund availability is pending?

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    Finally the website is back up!! Filed and accepted on the 24th, still says that no information found, give 2-3 weeks. I did have EIC and ACTC but I wasn’t sure if that effects state tax refunds as well. Hopefully an update this week!

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    Checked today and says direct deposit authorized and will be deposited within 10 days

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    Zachary Crank

    Is anyone receiving an “Error 500” while trying to use the Kentucky “Where’s My Refund” tool?

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    Nothing for me

    There’s a different number to call to talk to a live person. Scroll down this page, it’s been posted.

    I unfortunately, still have nothing…..

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    I got it! Came in the mail this morning. Total of 42 days it took from date of initial acceptance when I filed. This included calling and finding out that even though the website said my refund was deposited to my bank account there was a glitch and it never went. Manual check had to be sent.

    I urge anyone that filed more than 2-3 weeks ago to call and talk to someone.

    Good luck to all, so glad this whole thing is over with! For this year at least…..

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    I would advise calling and talking to someone. I just got off the phone and they said they need my w2 sent to them. I have no idea why, but anyway, they said there would be no refund until they received it.

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    Filed and accepted 1/20. Still nothing, no money, no update, still processing…..blah blah blah.

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    Anyone receive their money yet – check or direct deposit?

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    I spoke to them on the phone this morning. What I was told was that there was a glitch in the system and the message that updated that said refund was issued on 26th – nothing actually went out or was issued for anyone with this date. The lady I spoke to said she would see if she could manually issue the refund to me. She said she did and said since it was manually issued by her it has to be sent in a check. And it takes 2 – 3 days for the check to be printed/mailed. So according to her I will probably get it sometime next week.

    So to summarize…who knows how many people show a message of refund issued on 2/26 and are confused and freaking out because their money has not hit their banks. No one notified tax payers of this apparent glitch, even though apparently the revenue dept. knows about it. If you want your refund you better call and have them manually issue it.

    Good Luck to all!!!!!

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    Julie E

    I filed on 1/29/16. Its been five weeks & when I call the automated # it tells me my return is being processed. Still no direct deposit & today is 3/4! Ridiculous.

    #4145230 Reply


    Mine says the same thing that mine was release to my bank on the Feb 26th. I still havent received it and it is the March 3rd. I am on the phone with them right now. Trying to see what is going on with it. Has any body received theirs yet?

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    No update, no money…nothing. It’s been 33 business days since I filed and was accepted and nothing…..

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    Update…..On Saturday 02/27 my message updated to
    “Your 2015 return has been received. The direct deposit or prepaid debit card you elected for your refund was authorized and issued on Feb 26, 2016.”

    As of this morning, 02/29 I still do not have a direct deposit to my account. It has been 31 days since the date my return was filed and accepted.

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    It’s been 30 business days since I filed and accepted. Still no change. ????

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    Also today is Feb 27th and since February 19 I’ve had the same message
    ” no information can be given electronically , please call for further assistance ”
    As I said above if anyone has had the same messages as me please help as to what happens after ?
    I see some people have been authored and still haven’t gotten there deposit
    It’s crazy

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    I e-filed and was accepted 1/22… Screen kept saying no information on file for to long. I’m wondering am I typing something wrong. On 2/8 I called and was told they just start processing refunds on 1/29. Give it some time. I saw on 2/22 the screen changed to “they can not give me info electronically to call them”. So I called them and was told my return was already processed 2/19 Friday and I should expect it in 3-5 business days. I said how am I receiving it because I filed electronically. She said in a check. When I woke up and checked the mail at 11am this morning 2/27 Saturday I had a letter from the irs with A debit card with my name on it from Kentucky. I called and Registered the card and my return was in there.

    #4144414 Reply

    This is crazy
    I was accepted on feb 5
    From Feb 5 – feb 18 it said this message ” We have no information for the social And amount you have entered ”
    So basically no info at all about my return !
    Then on feb 19th I was given the message saying ” We are unable to provide any information about your return electronically , for further info call 502 ……for further assistance ”
    Well it’s now Feb 27 exactly 22 days since I was excepted and still NOTHING!
    I’m so confused on why it’s taking this long !? I see some people have had similar issues but has anyone had this exact issue as me ?
    Has anyone else recieved these messages and if so can you please share what happened after . The number u are asked to call neither isn’t open , you can’t get through it they have no info !
    Any help would be great

    #4144232 Reply

    Filed 1/19..received federal 2/10…still absolutely nothing from state other than “it’s being processed”.

    #4143813 Reply

    My updated this morning to issued on feb 25th but nothing in the bank account

    #4143633 Reply

    Just an update on my situation with timeline in case it helps anyone out :)

    Currently from date of initial acceptance I am at 26 days and still waiting. I filed my state on 01/29 and it was accepted same day.

    For the first week nothing pulled up on the where’s my refund section of the website.

    Then for the next week or week and a half I got the below message:
    We are unable to provide information about your return electronically. If you wish to speak to a representative you may contact the offices at (502) 564-4581, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time and a representative will assist you.

    On 02/17 the message updated to the below:
    Your 2015 return has been received. The direct deposit or prepaid debit card you elected for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days.

    Today is 02/24 which is 7 days since I received the above message. I plan to give it the full 10 days (which is Saturday 02/27) if I have not received by Monday 02/29 I will call them.

    #4143392 Reply

    Thank u just waiting !!

    I was told that’s what the message meant is that they had finally begin processing the return and that when u call they still can’t tell u anything useful! Anyway I filed my fed and state both and was accepted by both on February 5th .
    Up until this past Friday morning they had zero Info when I entered my info.
    I hope they get it together and soon !

    #4143366 Reply

    To Hello! I called last week approximately Thursday because I still had the same message. I was accepted Feb 3rd by state. The rep I spoke to was very nice and said that they were not even going to start processing returns again until “sometime next week” which is this week. She really couldn’t tell me anything more than my return was there. I’m not really sure the message we receive means that they’re processing it or what it means? I remember when the state refund was faster then the federal. Not anymore. :(

    #4143290 Reply

    Still getting the message saying ” no information is available electronically if you need further assistance please call 502 564 4581!

    If anyone has had this message and called and actually got through to someone plz respond on this page . I realize it can mean something different for everyone , however I was told that it means they’re processing it? And that is why no information is available electronically because they’re finally processing it for 12 or 13 business days I got the message saying we have no information on that Social Security number etc. etc. the one everybody else’s is getting. And then last Friday this message has been there so this’ll be the third business day in the row that it’s been there. I just wanted to know if anybody has actually got a hold of somebody and if they told you it was because it was processing? If I can help please let me know because I got more information from this website then anything at all up until now I didn’t realize there was a security issue !
    Any response would help thanks

    #4143242 Reply

    I checked this morning and mine has finally been approved. Good luck to all who are still waiting. Took mine 16 business days.

    #4143188 Reply

    This is crazy, mine still says no information available. Does anyone know when the website updates?

    #4143181 Reply


    Thanks for the response .
    If you or anyone gets ahold of them post it on here.
    I can’t get ahold of them either and I’ve been told that it’s bc it’s processing but am unsure !
    I’ve never dealt with this .
    It’s crazy !

    #4143111 Reply

    Hello, I’m not sure what it means I tried calling the # today but I never got a hold of anyone. I was at work and had to hang up.

    #4143091 Reply

    Shell, yes that is the message that I keep getting what does that mean? It keeps tell me if I need any further assistance I have to call the phone number because they can’t give it to me electronically? Does that mean somethings wrong with the taxes or that it’s just being processed? If anyone has had this message and then got something from it or when they call please let me know and reply on this message board if you can’

    #4143051 Reply

    We are unable to provide information about your return electronically. If you wish to speak to a representative you may contact the offices at (502) 564-4581, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time and a representative will assist you.

    Anyone knows what this means? When I call the 1800 number it just say no information available

    #4143016 Reply

    I’m still at the no information message, this is ridiculous

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