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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Kentucky- Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Kentucky Wheres My Refund? go to Kentucky Department Of Revenue

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    Ashley Taylor

    Ky return says a refund check was authorized and will be mailed within 10 days but I have turbo tax and everything should be direct deposit no other messages and nothing mailed either. Took identity quiz and passed. First time filing in KY can someone help? I had a couple people tell me that “10 days” means direct deposit and KY can mess things up like that!!! Please help! Has anyone had this happen??

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    Hey Mookie, I just read your message.

    I received that same ID Quiz Letter in the mail and attempted it but failed for some reason.

    I ended up faxing my ID, W2’s and the Letter to the number on the letter.

    It took them about a week from the time I faxed it for them to update my return, and now I am listed as “Direct Deposit has been authorized and I will receive it within 10 days.”

    Hope this helps.

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    Filed 2/9 but just got a notice for an identity quiz yesterday. Passed it online the first try. How long does it take for Kentucky irs to acknowledge the quiz was taken? I mean my state refund is only $109 but still

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    Kentucky Return was accepted on 1/26/2022. Kentucky didn’t start processing return until 2/7/2022. As of today my return is still processing.

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    Ugh I have to do an identity quiz.. fun :/

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    I already received my state refund and still no changes on federal

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    Filed federal on 2/12 accepted 2/12 and state was accepted 2/23 because its a piggy back state. Meaning state wont accept till federal is approved.

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    Was mailed out on 4/30/2020. Has anyone had that as well? Did you get a deposit or card/check?

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    “A refund check or prepaid debit card was mailed out on 4/3”/2020” is the message I received but I had included the number to an already issued turbo tax card on my taxes for it to be deposited..?

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    Is anyone actually reading this board anymore? Another update….. Checked the State’s Where’s My Refund Tool and “A refund check or prepaid debit card was mailed out on 4/14/2020.” We’re getting there. Now onto the Federal Return and Stimulus Payment (we’ll see how long that takes).

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    Hey everyone. I filed by mail and put this in the mail on February 7th. The IRS and Kentucky received these and I finally have some news on KY.
    Just today I checked and it states a Refund Check has been authorized and should be mailed within 10 days.
    The Federal Return is listed as still processing. Filing by mail takes a lot longer but I was forced to because I don’t have the PIN number the IRS supposedly mailed to me in January.
    Anyhow, that’s my update.

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    Website says my check was approved and mailed on on March 5th and I have not received it yet. Now what?

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    Did u receive it yet

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    My status changed this evening to: should be here in 10 days.

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    My irs2go says they cant give me any information until my refund is approved but the Kentucky Revenue website is telling me that my direct deposit has been authorized and my refund should be here within 10 days. Idk what to believe

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    My refund was taken for some reason or another. Have to wait for correspondence to find out why?

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    No update here. Website says they are behind. 😡

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    Baby Llama Drama

    No updates here. Feels like its taking forever!

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    Anyone have any updates ?

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    @keri what did you say to have them actually check for you besides just saying 2-3 weeks? Monday will be 3 weeks from the 10th and i filed january 24, ky accepted my return on 1/29 im livid it is taking them this long

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    Just got message my state has been authorized should receive in 10 days it is supposed to go on my serve card wonder how long it will take

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    My refund check was authorized and mailed as of yesterday how long do u think it will be till I receive it I called this morning and they said they’ve had the check since last Friday and mailed it out 2/26

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    Billy bob

    Finally got it authorized after 2 weeks how long will it take for me to get it in the mail?

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    I urge ya’ll to call if youve been wiating a long time. She pulled it right up, said I processed yesterday, and it’ll be deposited in 3-5 business days

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    stephanie muniz

    I just got the long message I filed 1/28

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    Y’all making me jealous with the long message. I’ve had the short message since I was accepted on 1/28.

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    I just called them and was told my return was uploaded 2/21, what does this mean?

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    I just called and told them i wanted to know about the status of the return. She was nice and let me know it had been released on Friday and how long it would take. Next day it was in my bank so she was correct. During this time I still had the long message.

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    Still. NO. Change. I feel like Im gunna have to call and see wtf is going on…. what exactly do I say to them to give me info?

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    I had to verify with KY this year. I got the letter in the mail yesterday and was able to verify it immediately. Now waiting to see how long for deposit. I filed on Feb 3rd.

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    @Ss: I was accepted on the 28th and have had the long message since and no deposit

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    Ky received mine on the 23rd accepted the 27th and I’ve still got the long message. Anybody been waiting this long or longer?

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    Had long message for about a week, if I remember correctly.
    Got approved message yesterday
    Deposited this morning!
    Definitely no long waiting on it after approved

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    stephanie muniz

    me too

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    Mine still says it has been received allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing and I still don’t have it is anyone else still in the same boat I am

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    Filed and accepted on 1/29, still just getting long message!!

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    @keri same. I feel like im the only one not getting mine lol

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    Just received state. Got authorized message last night. Also have prepaid card ( serve Amex)

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    @summer I have. They processed mines on the 21st. Yesterday I received it at 6:59pm. I used my Prepaid card and got it early .

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    Starting to think I ain’t gettin mine lol but grata to yall

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    State just has deposited. I’ve had the short measage whole time till last week I got the long message. Just now says it’s been sent as well. Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28. Hoping everyone else’s is coming or you already have it too.

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    For the record mine never changed to the authorized message.

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    I have had the long message about a week. DD hit this am. Good luck all.

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    I’ve had the long message since friday. I wonder when mine will be approved. I filed 1/24, was accepted by KY on 1/29. 😔 i give up lol

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    Has anyone in ky filed a state return for 2919 fiscal year and received this mes The direct deposit for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days, and received there KY refund yet this year? If so how king after text did you get the DD,? It if anyone remembers in prier years how long after yge 19 day did you actually receive a DD?

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    Do mine just now says The direct deposit for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days. Has anyone received it before the 10 days!??

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    Authorized message tonight at 11:17 pm. Received long message on feb 18th.

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    @ky2018 lucky 😭 mine still has long message.

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    My message was the long one this morning, but just checked and shows

    The direct deposit for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days.

    So, it does update during the day!

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    Ehat time do they open n close to call and what number I’m gonna call tmr

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    @stephanie yes mine is finish. Mine will be deposited in 3-5 business days. This week sometime

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    stephanie muniz

    [email protected] did they tell you that yours was processed because she said mine had not been processed?

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    @stephanie they also told me that the online system can take a while to refresh. So it’s possiblity that you can already have a deposit and the online site still say that you’ll be getting it soon.

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    stephanie muniz


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    stephanie muniz

    she told me had even been processed yet.The whole they just started processing last week but it’s already been 2 weeks.They should all be processed by end of Feb.

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    @stephanie 1-502-564-4581..I just called them, about my status they told me that I was processed, and that it’s going to take 3-5 days for me to get it but the online status says it’s still processing 🤔🤔🤔🤔.. I’m calling them again before I go to work.

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    stephanie muniz

    what’s the number you call to check on your status hun

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    When does the ky state status update? Is it over night?

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    @keri you are absolutely right about that

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    Hopefully tomorrow we will be lucky!

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    @george im not sure but last year i got a check instead of my direct deopsit, once i got the message that the check was authorized it took about 4-5 to get. I think they mail them the next business day after you get that message

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    Anybody receives refund yet?

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    George Naeser

    I got the message that a check was authorized or prepaid card. Today is day 3. Does the 10 days mean that’s when it will be sent? Then another wait?

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    @heather I have no idea. I been trying to figure out the same thing. If not next week makes 2 weeks.. and when I called them yesterday to check mine, a lady told me that they have received it and it’s being processed. And that it takes 2-3 weeks. It sounds like they trying to add more weeks to it. KY is greedy. So hopefully next week we all see that message we all been waiting for

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    Does ky system update over weekend like irs or no?

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    Hey Keri..I’m a female by the way. I did call this morning. They said the same thing , beginning of March

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    stephanie muniz

    I don’t understand why my message is still short message

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    Where is KY2018? We need him to call the dept of KY and find out why we arent getting updated! lol

    #4365416 Reply

    Updated yesterday morning to deposit has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days and at 5am this morning it was deposited to my turbo card

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    Is anyone elses message red on the Kentucky wmr? Mine says were unable to give you information about your return. Initial error free processing takes and blah blah blah. Thank you guys. I filed in Feb with the child tax credits.

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    stephanie muniz

    me too wth

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    Nothin new once again

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    George Naeser

    Once you get the approved message, how long does it actually take to receive your refund?

    #4364171 Reply

    I filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28

    Still have the long message that my refund is being processed… Blah. Blah. Blah.

    I was not entitled to a state return for the 2018-2019 season because of an offset with student loans, so I am unsure what to expect. Monday will have been 2 weeks as they started processing on the 10th. I don’t have any offsets this year.

    Feels I’ve been waiting a lifetime.

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