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    Wheres My Refund Kentucky- Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Kentucky Wheres My Refund? go to Kentucky Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Filed Fed and state in H&R Block office on 1/30/19, Fed accepted immediately, state accepted 2/5/19 no movement past the basic message of “we have received your return, 2-3 weeks blah blah. Hoping for change soon

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    It’s good to see ky filers here

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    I called and they are processing them as of today

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    Filed 1/27
    Federal accepted 1/28
    Ky state accepted 2/1
    Filed with EITC
    Still in path.
    I called this morning and they said that they will begin processing state refunds TODAY, AND THAT the site should update. this Wednesday or Thursday.

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    Has anyone here mailed in their return? If so how long did it take to get a refund check mailed? HR Block forced me to mail this year. My KY return kept rejecting through their software and they told me I had to mail my return. Usually I just efile,

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    2/5 not so patiently waiting i guess lol I feel like a stalker i look at these forums so much lmao

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    Patiently waiting

    Same here. Accepted 2/4.

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    I’m hoping we see movement on it tomorrow…. wishful thinking

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    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 2/6
    Checked today sense I guess this is when ky “starts” processing: says refund can take 2-3 weeks to process 🤦🏽‍♀️ Why is ky so slow? Lol

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    was accepted 2/7

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    My Ky taxes was accepted on Feb 5th and filed Jan. 25th and now lets see what happens on Feb. 11th

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    My Ky refund was accepted on Jan 30th, now to await the approval!

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    Filed through Turbo Tax on 1/15. State was accepted today.

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    I use HR Block software and this years kept rejecting my KY return for no reason so I had to mail my return. Very annoying.

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    Has anyone in Ky been accepted yet? I saw on the refund page they wouldn’t start processing returns until 2-11-2019. Was hoping to at least get accepted.

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    Ahmad mostafa

    Sent my amended return in for 2017 tax season and still nothing when will I receive my refund

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    To update my own comment…..
    I faxed my ID confirmation on 3/13. Received my full refund by paper check in the mail yesterday (3/24). Not sure if the ID confirmation was reason it wasn’t direct deposit; but I received the full refund after providing ID documents in a little less than 3 weeks.

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    I had to verify ID. Quiz had questions about people I don’t even know . Called the # given and the girl said they had multiple problems with that and had me fax in my ID info. Still waiting. That was almost 2 weeks ago. Has anyone that had to verify ID with Ky gotten their refund? How long did it take?

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    How long after identity verify quiz does it take for wmr to update and then how much longer for the deposit to drop?

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    I had an offset. Yesterday the line said I had two debts. Today it says I had zero debts AND the remainder was in my bank account today.

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    Filed 2/15 accepted same day stuck on processing message forever until letter arrived id verify done that now it updated to your return has been received and refund check or prepaid debit card should be mailed within 10days??? why? My info is all correct bc I’ve received everything else??? Anybody know about this message? or have u got this message and received your personal direct deposit anyway?? thank u

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    Refund received today.

    See my timeline below for the rest of my dates.

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    theresa m Northcutt

    We are unable to provide information about your return at this time. Initial processing for error-free electronically filed returns is 2-3 weeks. Initial processing for mailed in returns may take up to 10-12 weeks. If this period has expired, please contact our office at (502)-564-4581, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. what does this mean

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    If your refund is offset by any prior tax amount u may owe, how long does it take to get what’s left over. Filed and accepted on 2/23, but it’s just now being processed.

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    My timeline:

    2/10 — State Return Accepted
    2/26 — KY Where’s My Refund site changes from the generic “We have started processing…” to ” 2-3 weeks to review”
    3/5 — I called and talked to someone who told me the processing had started on Feb 26th and that if I didn’t hear something by 3/12 to call back
    3/12 — No change to message. Called and was told that everything had been verified and I should expect my return in 5-7 business days.
    3/14 — Message has changed to “Your 2017 return has been received. The direct deposit for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days.” No direct deposit as of this morning, but I am hoping it happens soon.

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    At least they have started, maybe next week

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    Big blue nation

    Alex its 502-564-4581

    I just checked my status today and it says I should receive my refund in 10 days. Glad I’m out of review and it didn’t take as long as I thought.

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    Glenda Cooper

    when will i get my refund

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    Mine was sent to bank on 3/9/18 but is not showing in my account. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I got mine sent to my bank this morning

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    Has anyone actually received a refund yet?

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    What number are you calling to talk to someone??

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    Big blue nation


    I filed January 18th state was accepted Feb 6th. Feb 20th my status updated to the your return has been received and is processing blah blah blah. Im calling back monday to check again. She said it could be because of a hospital bill (UK) or something but I don’t have any hospital bills or owe the state any money. But it is the biggest state refund I’ve ever had. So I guess that’s probably why.

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    Alex and Bp:

    Mine was accepted 2/10 as well. I called on Monday and talked to someone who said they started processing it on 2/26. That would put next Monday as 2 weeks from when they started processing. I asked if there was a problem with it and she said “No, I see no codes indicating an issue”. I was told to call back next Monday if the status hadn’t changed.

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    I have been getting the same message. Mine were accepted on feb 2.

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    Has anyone received their return yet? I filled 1/10. It was accepted 2/10. Here we are almost a month later and I’ve gotten absolutely nothing. Just the same message saying, we’ve received your return and are processing it. This is a bit ridiculous.

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    Kentucky revenue website is down hoping for a update

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    This is bs for real. I filed in January and still haven’t got my refund back yet. Plus the where’s my refund tool on the website doesn’t work for jack shit. Just says please allow 2-3 weeks still but hr block says it’s been accepted.

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    April Southerland

    We filed our state along with federal on 2/3, TT updated on 2/4 with accepted. However, the site said nothing until the 20th I believe? I have been checking it ever since then with no deposits. This is terrible, last year we got state before Federal and the year before that as well. This years tax season is just horrid. You know I messaged TT and spoke to them about how bad SBTPG was this year and they acted like it was no big deal. The way that they talked to me I honestly believe they have nothing but automated scripts for everything. Terrible company

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    Filed 1/15 state accepted 2/2 and still have not got my state refund. This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

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    What you do with our money, bevin?! I filed IN JANUARY. Was told by Turbo Tax the state accepted my return on Feb. 7th. KY Revenue site finally updated me saying “accepted on the 20th”. Wife got hers last week, and I filed hers AFTER mine. wtf bevin?!?! YOU SUCK!!!

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    Well mine had said “return has been received and is being processed” message blah blah all day today and out of no where I checked my account and it had been deposited at midnight. I never even got the “ return approve and will be issued in 5-10 days” message. So hopefully some of you guys that had filed early like me will get yours this week!

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    Mine was accepted 2/6 and still saying “return has been received and is being processed” I’ve seen some ppl who was received the same day, or after and already have their refund. It is ridiculous this year

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    Big blue nation when did you file? And Austin you should definitely call it seems like yours hasn’t been entered into the system at all and it should have by now.

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    I know several people who have already received their refund and i filed way before them. What’s going on? the website still has that generic “We began processing returns on February 20, 2018”

    This is beyond ridiculous.

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    What the F is going on? The website still says “processing blah blah blah.” Get your act together Kentucky! Some of us need that tax money, badly. Gahhh!

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    Big blue nation

    So I just called about my state return and she told me that its being reviewed as we speak. She told me to call back next week and check.

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    State was accepted 2/10. Message still saying give 2-3 weeks for processing.

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    I have a pending deposit for March 6th but the website still says we have received and it’s being processed

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    I was accepted on the 7th, still have the generic bull crap “we started processing on the 20th blah ba blah blah….

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    Big blue nation

    My state was accepted on 2/6 still getting the message that its being processed. Anyone else accepted on the 6th still waiting for their refund?

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    My refund was deposited this am , accepted 2/12

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    I filed on 2/3. It was accepted on 2/5. Still no updates on the KY refund tracker. Just the same generic message. We started processing returns on February 20th……. It didn’t say received or accepted or anything yet? My girlfriend filed the same day and has already received her refund. Should I be concerned? Any info would be great.

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    State was deposited into my account at 3am! Filed 1/24 accepted 2/6

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    Katey I got a letter saying I owed money because I was overpaid my state taxes last year. It wasn’t a garnishment of refund letter just a letter notifying me of debt. I have 60 days to pay in full I got it at the end of January. I am hoping it won’t be taken out of this years refund because they mail the remainder they don’t direct deposit and u have no idea when it will be received.

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    @vee I filed on 2/29 , my return wasnt accepted until 2/12 . It’s according what type of garnishment

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    My Kentucky State return was accepted on Feb.5. My status changed on Tuesday morning to “Your 2017 return has been received. The direct deposit for your refund has been authorized and should be issued within 10 days” I called the Revenue Cabinet in Frankfort this morning and a very nice lady looked it up for me and told me that my return had been processed on Monday and that my deposit would be in my account in 3 to 5 business days from Monday. I hope this helps.

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    Also if you owe state but they don’t have a lien or garnishment order will you receive the full refund or will they take it out?

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    Katie Racheal when did u file those who have the deposit message?

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    Finally able to access the site. No longer getting the generic “We began processing returns……” message.

    Now getting “Your 2017 return has been received and is being processed……..”

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    I still have been unable to access it all day.

    I’ve tried from multiple computers and phones with no luck.

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    Website back up , my message now changed to return rec refund approved and will be issued within 10 days

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    @kestin the site is down For me also , usually when it goes down they are updating

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    To those of you checking your status today: Where are you checking it?

    I am going to which has a link to

    I am unable to access the second site. I just get a 404 error.

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    @bjjj. Mine was also accepted 2/12 I have the we have received your return message

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    Mine was accepted on 2/12. They told me that they didn’t start processing them till 2/20. I looked at one of these post in which a woman was accepted by KY on 2/2 and she got hers on 2/23 which was last Friday giving it three exact weeks. I can relate as I need mine desperately. Cause of me starting a job in that I had to buy a car, now I lost my job cause I don’t have enough gas to make it to work and won’t get my first check from them till this Friday in which I had to quit my job for relying on it. It really tees me off cause last year, I got both at the same time. My previous job laid me off since Oct. 23. Running out of unemployment funds and get a job and can’t make it cause I need gas. Absolutely annoyed cause unemployment wants you to get a job but how can you if you don’t have gas. I made it through my first week, ok, but now I will be missing, I guess, all week waiting maybe longer. I just don’t understand, how come unemployment can process quicker than this. I call unemployment check in on Sunday and get it deposited on Tuesday night at 9:30 pm. What can you do though? So, this morning, I quit my job cause I can’t make it cause no gas to make it to work. Government has double standard to me. Doesn’t make any sense. But assuming that one thread says she got hers last Friday when she was accepted on 2/2 which is exactly three whole weeks. So im guessing that by this Friday, I should have mine.

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    Site is down for me now.

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    I have the same message as Shell this morning. Ugh… so slow this year. I remember the days when we got state tax before federal

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    Your 2017 return has been received and is currently being processed. Initial processing for error-free electronically filed returns is 2-3 weeks. Initial processing for mailed in returns may take up to 10-12 weeks. If additional information is needed the Department of Revenue will contact you.

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    OK cool thank you. Hopefully tomorrow :)

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    Not yet but I called and she said I should have it sometime this week

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    Has anyone actually received the deposit yet? O

    #4231642 Reply


    Candi my state was accepted on 2/2 so I bet they will get to yours in the next couple of days.

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    It will probably be weds or Thursday or something until we get our deposit.

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