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    Wheres My Refund Kentucky- Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Kentucky Wheres My Refund? go to Kentucky Department Of Revenue

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    I just checked my state refund status and I got a pop up that says something about having to do an identity confirmation quiz? What is that? I’ve never heard of it?

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    I remember the good old days when my state would already be spent, lol! But seriously, these last few years I’ve gotten my federal before my state @Keri

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    By this rate, we’re going to have our federal before state…

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    I mean you got that right

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    @heather you for that right

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    @ky2018 thats the same message i have. Im hoping i get processed sometime this week. But thats far fetched. Only 1200 returns processed in one day? They’ll be there forever processing!

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    INITIAL PROCESSING FOR ERROR FREE ELECTRONILY FILLED IS 2-3 WEEKS. . That’s the message I saw this morning

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    I got that 1 too

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    I called this morning and this lady I spoke to said that they started processing 2 days ago. They did 1200 on Monday ..I forgot how many yesterday. She also said that after it’s been processed it can take any where from 7-10 business days to receive, and to check in a couple of weeks. I told the nice lady thank you and I hung up.

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    I really do wish I could screenshot it and show the old vs the new message.

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    I have had it too. But this is a different message. Not the same as the one I’ve had every other day.

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    I’ve had that message the whole time, it’s just a generic msg

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    @Stephanie Muniz It went from the generic message everyone was getting to a different message that just popped up and you could x off of. Not like yesterday or the days before. When you put in your ssn and amount, it gives a popup message that says something different than it has been saying. I haven’t gotten this message until today.

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    stephanie muniz

    what do you mean.I wish you could screenshot.I was wondering if you mean when you put your soc sec # in and amount you are getting

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    stephanie muniz

    what do you mean.I wish you could screenshot.I was wondering if you mean when you put your soc sec # in and amount you are getting

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    I got a different message today y’all! It’s the same 2-3 week but it now says error free message in a pop-up screen. Really hoping that it has been processed now. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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    @KYmomma97 its not just this year, its been several years they have been doing this shit.

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    Still no update on our KY state status. The last 6 years I have had to pay state. This year, I get a little back. I don’t know anything about state after 6 years but I remember they came before federal. Other states have already processed and issued people’s returns. Why’s KY gotta be dumb this year. The one year I’m actually getting something. Smh.

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    @ky2018 nope

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    stephanie muniz

    so my hasn’t started processing our refunds?

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    Nope. Still says return has been received.

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    Any changes yet for either 1 of you

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    I have no idea HEATHER AND KERI. I have no idea. The woman that picked up the phone was rude any ways she kept cutting me off. Well it’s not my fault that they decided to put the 10th on their website if they knew they were NOT going to process them the day that they need to. Sorry for them. That’s why people keep calling because the government is WACK.

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    @ky2018 the TT estimated DDD is based on the 21 day rule, mine says that too 😭 as for KY not starting on our returns is freaking ridiculous!!

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    Smh why even say itll be then10th if they arent gonna do it..

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    They haven’t even started processing our returns yet. I just got off the phone with them. She talking about that they haven’t heard anything at to start. So my thing is. ..why put on the website that you’re going to start processing tax refunds for the state of Kentucky starting February 10th 2020, if you are not going to start on that day like what is the hold up? this is why some people don’t like to do their taxes. And they wonder why people keep calling in like they do cuz they lie too much

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    @heather ok. Because I was just curious. About it. I’ve never had to go through this before

    Filed 1/26/20
    Accepted 1/28/20
    Path message 2/7/20
    Ive claimed the eitc for years.. been getting it on time until this fraud issue in 2015. People are just dirty. 1 bad apple spoils the whole bunch. My TT says that I should have my direct deposit by the 17. Why they keep telling giving people ddd on the day’s the banks are closed.. why so they can wait another week or too. To that’s just painful.

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    @ky2018 i wanna say i got my check in the mail the first week of march last year, maybe around march 4-5. I recieved the “a check will be issued message” about a week before i got it. They are super slow for some awful reason. I only ever did paper check for federal once and it took me about 3 weeks to get my check from the time i filed. (At the time i had no credits though)

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    @heather your absolutely right. Last year it was the 11th, now it’s the 10th. Which is today. Get with it people. Lmao

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    @Heather .. how long did it take you to review your check? The reason why I’m asking is because I just did the unknown this year. I decided to split my refund (FEDERAL) In half this year. I realized about a week ago that I have messed up on my account number by 2 numbers. And I was told that I may hat a check. And I just wanted to know how long it would be before I get my other half on a check.

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    @ky2018 yeah agreed. I feel like KY is the only state that starts processing this late. I hope they are working their butts off as of now lol

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    @Heather, I don’t blame you. Today is the 10th so they can come on and get processing OUR STATE refunds now. There shouldn’t be no excuses.

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    I filed on 1/24 through turbo tax. Was accepted 1/27 or early 1/28. KY WMR says recieved, will take 2-3 weeks. Hoping to see approved this week sometime but i know probably not.
    Last year i filed and signed up for direct deposit but they mailed a paper check. I hope this year they get it right.

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    @ Keri.. I do hope so.

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    Monday is the 10th! I wonder if we will get approved?

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    Hey folks.. looks like another year of waiting on KY state refunds again 😆. But last year they starting filling February 11,2019. This year it’s a day early.. February 10, 2020. Here my info tho..

    Filed 1/26/2020
    Federal Accepted 1/28/2020
    State Accepted 1/28/2020 hours later
    Now I’m at the .. it’s going to take 2-3 weekss.. blah blah blah blah

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    Hey guys! Was accepted already, website says processing starts 2/10

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    Has anyone done the Verify quiz? This is my first year Ive had to do it, so just wondering how long it takes to get approved once you do the quiz? Just checke today and had the message :/

    Your 2018 return has been received. You will be required to take the Identity Confirmation Quiz and a letter has been mailed with detailed instructions.

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    Monika J Cook

    i just want to add that i filed and was accepted February 25th! still have nothing. went through both short and long message. now it says allow additional 2 to 3 wks for non residents and for residents to call. said something about unforseen delays but only in regards to the non reaident part of the statenebt and said alkow 2 to 3 wks as far as thats concerned. then said if resident to call and a rep would assist. called and was just told they were behind. didnt gain anything at all by calling, they just stated the obvious. gave no idea as to when itll be completed. this is just sad. ridiculous and some more crap. its getting close to 60 days. that whole itll take 2 to 3 wks is just bs. they need to just take that off bc its not reality. i desperately need this money.

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    State refund accepted on the 10 no Change or update anyone else filled on or after the 10th who is still waiting

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    Can anyone tell me how long it took after idverify in Kentucky to get your money

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    I filled feb.2 got accepted feb.7 and still have not received or heard anything still saying received and processing 2-3 weeks not sure what the hold up is. Has anybody tried calling them?

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    My state was accepet on feb 7 i waited and waited then call them for them to tell me they was missing one of my w2 since i work 2 jobs not even did they call or send another letter about the problem so i had h and r fax them what they needed and called and asked if they recived it was told had to wait 72 hrs to find out. So i waited and then called back was told they recived it then was told it will take another 30 day for my refund i think a bunch of bull is going on here

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    On March 12th I got the message saying prepaid card or check was mailed out. I wanted DD but I guess their mailing it instead. I still have yet to get it…

    How long does it typically take for card/checks to be delivered? If anyone has got theirs mailed instead of DD how long did it take to get it?

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    No change for me today. Same short message.

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    State just deposited to bank account by HR Block. It’s coming folks!

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    I filed 2/28/19 and Kentucky was accepted on 3/2/19 Saturday is three weeks and still says processing. Is this happening to anyone else????

    #4311021 Reply

    I had to verify…failed on first attempt. The questions are ridiculous. I hope I guessed correctly where my exwife of 12 years ago now resides…but how are my answers about vehicles that belong to my father, with whom I share a first name, or properties that I have no association with incorrect when I have never even been to any of the places they are asking me about.

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    Just called back again they said it’s at LEAST 3 weeks to be processed, and to give it another 3 weeks before I call back. This is seriously the most stupid f****** s*** I’ve ever dealt with. I am getting so frustrated I really need this

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    I didnt doubt you just sad because i already got id verified for federal just worried about being verified for state since i was accepted before you

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    Damian HRBlock

    Just in case any are doubting.

    #4293898 Reply

    Still sitting a the same short message (smh)

    #4310817 Reply

    Just got off the phone again, they said its AT LEAST 3 weeks to be processed and if I haven’t received it in another 3 weeks to call back, this shit is fucking ridiculous.

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    I filed in January, it was accepted later in February, but now I am getting this message, what does it mean?

    “You will receive correspondence explaining the adjustments made to your return along with the contact information to submit supporting documentation or to send a written protest.”

    I don’t have any outstanding taxes or anything…I filed via HRblock online for free – I got my federal back within a week.

    #4308301 Reply

    This is crazy!!! I always receive my state within a week or so. Monday will be 21 days since they started processing, but mine was accepted on 2-5 which Monday would make 27 days . I filed on 1-31 that would be 32 days. I don’t understand how my fiancé got accepted same day and she has already received a check in the mail( should of been direct deposit) and she hadn’t filed taxes in a few years. I file every year, had same job as last year, and don’t owe the state anything. Why is it taking over a month and still no change for a little over $300?

    #4308196 Reply

    I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue but the office is closed for the weekend and I woke up to a message saying that my money was direct-deposited into my account on March 1st. It is now March 2nd and there is no deposit in my account so I’m very confused.

    #4307638 Reply

    @Vee ppl said it pops up when u go to the where’s my refund page after u put in social and refund amount

    @ryan63910 yes ppl on this Facebook group I follow -2019 Kentucky state income tax a few has received theirs without a change in the pop up message on the Kentucky dept of rev page.

    Most tho get the deposit message and get it the very next day if u have direct deposit.I have heard ppl that get deposit though PayPal takes a bit longer like they r having issues . 3/4 days longer.

    The short message is the one where it says we have received your return and it will take 2-3 weeks to process the longer message is the one where they say they r processing ur return. Then after that ur suppose to get the deposit message if no issues. I still can’t believe it’s takej this long!!

    #4296439 Reply

    Just looked in a Facebook group called- 2019 Kentucky State income tax -& some ppl have actually received theirs and the website still gives them the message most of us have.

    #4296442 Reply

    Mine just changed to being deposited withen ten days yay finally

    #4295311 Reply

    Just in case any are doubting….


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    What is this short/long message everyone is talking about? I filed as soon as I had all my documents needed. Kentucky didn’t start processing till February 11th, 2019 and e-filed returns take 2-3 weeks from that date.

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    Nigel Walters

    I filed 1/30/2019 I’m still on the “Your 2018 return has been received and is currently being processed. Initial processing for error-free electronically filed returns is 2-3 weeks. Initial processing for mailed in returns may take up to 10-12 weeks. If additional information is needed the Department of Revenue will contact you.” Message. I have seen people talking about getting an accepted message of some sort. What platform did you get this message? By checking the state refund status website and the message was on there? This is the longest it’s ever taken me to get my state refund. Starting to annoy me. I haven’t heard anything from them. And since I filed that’s the only message I’ve seen on their website.

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    Mr. 606

    Just letting yalll know I got my state refund this morning. Got the acceptance message on Monday evening. Hope it helps someone get a idea on the time span. Filed 1/29 and was accepted 2/7 so it took hell & forever. Thanks to everyone on here for any help or knowledge u threw my way. I got more figured out on this forum then I did with any 800 # I called. Goodluck

    #4313784 Reply
    Whats yhe point anymore

    Did anyone else never even get this mysterious identity quiz letter????

    #4313716 Reply

    I have received my state refund I got the dd message Monday I believe .

    #4313229 Reply

    Btw I filed 2/6 and I didn’t even get the 10dd until 3/12 so today is 5 weeks exact for me. Honestly just gotta accept it and wait

    #4313224 Reply

    Yo ppl, I got the site saying 10 day dd yesterday and today I got the issued noticed with the date 3/13/19 so Im assuming my bank will receive by tomorrow 3/14 and it should hopefully be process by 1am on 3/15. I shall keep you guys updated if u would like!?

    #4312632 Reply

    Approved for DD within 10 days. My “2-3 weeks” is already 4!

    Ten days!? Why on earth? Only in Kentucky. Only under Matt Bevin. We are so last-century here it’s embarrassing.

    #4312445 Reply
    Mr. 606

    Did you have any problems with your paypal & how long did yours take to post. I’ve heard that some ppl were having problems then I’ve also heard that it posted within 48 hours. Or if anyone else uses paypal can you shed some light on it for me. Wish everyone on here gets there’s tomorrow. I know the struggle is real for everyone that actually needs it ASAP this year. Thanks

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    Mr. 606

    I also just got the 10 day direct deposit message today. Anyone used PayPal for there DD and have any idea on how long the will take to post??? @Moe, you got the DD has been authorized and should be posted within 10 days, 10 days ago and still haven’t got your money??? That defiantly has me worried then. What did you use for your direct deposit???

    #4312380 Reply

    Just now checking the status again and I now have the 10 day dd .

    #4312364 Reply

    It’s been 10 days since they said direct deposit was authorized still nothing in my bank account how long will it take ?

    #4312289 Reply
    Joe dirt

    Kentucky blows dogs for quarters. The greedy bastards holding our hard earned money hostage for “new security validation methods” aka they don’t want to give us our money.

    #4312016 Reply

    Sorry for the typos , I meant to say processing returns for Non residents … this is the latest message on their site

    Processing times for Non-Resident returns (Forms 740-NP & 740-NP-R) have been delayed. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks.

    #4311996 Reply

    Apparently they have also been processing returns for out of state resident return in additional To in state residents (whom should take precedence). The Where’s my refund site now has a message saying that out of state residents will have their refund delayed .

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