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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Kansas – Share your experience with filing your Kansas Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Kansas Wheres My Refund? go to Kansas Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    filed state 2-4
    Recieved 2-10
    Fastest ever from state. Federal will be another story bc I still haven’t received last year’s refund Been waiting 1 year next week.

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    Yep, Im here for it. Filed state on the 7th.

    #4503542 Reply

    Back at it again #2022

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    ~Sadie LAdy~

    Any one that needs info about the setoff process. Filed a joint return on 2/16, received income verification sheet to determine the amount to be offset based on what portion of income was from debtor dated for 2/24 received 2/27, faxed income verification back 2/27, notice from set off program of amount being offset dated 3/3 received 3/6. Notice states remaining balance of refund will be received in 4-6 weeks.

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    @Trout did you ever get your refund after the Income Verification ?

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    ~Sadie LAdy~

    Filed 2/16. Still no DDD. I had to file two other states as well and already hav ddd and federal ddd. Kansas a lil slow

    #4356439 Reply

    update- 2/18..refund was in my account this morning

    #4351639 Reply

    I sent an email to the Kansas Tax Advocate on 02/13. They said that my refund has been approved and will be issued later this week. The website still hasn’t updated and no deposit yet.

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    I filed my taxes through TurboTax on 1/25 it was accepted 1/28 and still no state refund. it still says processing on the site I called the revenue service today but their system was down they told me to call back Monday which is President’s day so hopefully somebody will answer.

    #4350261 Reply

    Accepted 2/7 ….refund issued 2/13…nothing in bank account…yet.

    Every year it would be in there right after 6am on Friday….

    Hopefully will get it soon today.

    #4348121 Reply

    Filed on 1/27 it still says A return requesting a refund has been received and is currently being processed by the Department of Revenue

    Last updated 2/3/20

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    just to post credit karma is who we did our taxes through and they say the sate accepted our return on 02/04/2020

    #4345499 Reply

    got kansas return 02/10/20 939pm
    Credit: Direct Deposit from KS DEPT OF REV for TAX REFUND
    the site never updated

    #4345337 Reply

    Last week @Trout

    #4345316 Reply


    A week from when? I faxed the income verification form on 1/31.

    #4345182 Reply

    @Trout it took a week to get my refund after my offset

    #4344931 Reply

    Anyone know how long it takes to get your refund after a setoff?

    #4344605 Reply

    Mine was in my account this moening. Issued 2/6

    #4344368 Reply

    Updated this morning to refund issued 2/7 good luck everyone

    #4344332 Reply
    Not You

    just deposited into my account – DD was 02/06

    #4343347 Reply

    Last year I had to send in My information also.
    Seems like they moving faster now.

    #4343344 Reply


    Yes! I was very surprised especially since last year I had to email a tax advocate for them to finally release my funds. I just hope it deposits Monday.

    #4343341 Reply

    Pretty fast approval

    #4343333 Reply

    Filed 1/4, accepted 1/5 approved and sent to bank for deposit 1/6. Said it will take 5-7 days… Still waiting for deposit….

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    Just called My Emerald card Customer service and was told I should have my refund on the 10th.Bad news is I probably don’t see it because H & R Block are taking their fee and my loan from it.Which i was told it would come from my federal refund but it’s actually whatever deposit first they take from.If I’m lucky I might see about $100 from it.😔

    I will not be using H & R Block anymore (First year).

    #4343204 Reply

    I haven’t received anything yet on my Emerald card

    #4343088 Reply

    My refund deposited into my PayPal at 4:30 a.m.

    #4342580 Reply

    No change. Filed 1/29. Accepted 1/30. Processing message 2/3. Still processing. No update. No deposit.

    #4341945 Reply

    No I haven’t received anything yet

    #4341915 Reply

    Mine says refund issued 2-6. Deposit hasnt shown up in PayPal yet. Last year it took a couple days for deposit to show up.

    #4341865 Reply
    Not Youj

    @Keshab mine said issued on 2/6 as well but nothing was deposited- did yours get deposited?

    #4341382 Reply

    Mine updated this morning to refund issued on 02/06/2020..Etc etc

    They update 2x a day around 4:30 am and again around 8pm at night.

    #4341193 Reply

    Same… Told later this week and nothing…

    #4341323 Reply

    @Keishab mines updated this morning to your refund is being processed

    #4341143 Reply

    Still no update or Money.

    #4340565 Reply

    Yeah..I was told end of the week too

    #4340482 Reply

    Last year I received my refund then 2 days later the tracker updated.I also called today and was told refund approved and it will go out later this week.Hell Tomorrow is Friday.🤷🏽‍♀️

    #4340478 Reply

    @ Kim B Schmeidl
    No she never looks on the site, she just always check her bank account and saw the deposit.

    #4340472 Reply
    Kim B Schmeidler


    Did your sister update on the Kansas site that refund was sent?

    #4340467 Reply

    Filed 2′-3
    No update so I emailed and got a reply that it was approved and would go out this week. Nothing as of this morning.

    #4340367 Reply

    @ Keshan
    Sorry I don’t know never had a offset.

    My information on the tracker stills says return is currently being processed but my information was updated today.

    Sister filed her’s sunday and got her money this morning.

    #4339603 Reply

    Does anyone know does it really take 4 to 6 weeks to receive the rest of my refund i owe a offset debt of 163$ plus i have direct deposit set up

    #4339438 Reply

    You’re welcome !!

    #4339312 Reply

    @Keishab thank you for the email it helped alot they told me my refund is approved but i owe a debt which was small just waiting on a deposit date now

    #4339106 Reply

    Thanks for the email info. Ours was delayed to verify we changed banks since last year and had a setoff to correct as it was a zero balance due setoff … Finally being released for deposit.

    #4338891 Reply

    This is the email address [email protected]

    #4338889 Reply

    Emailed kdor this morning asking about an update on my refund.Got a email back stating my refund is approved and will be issued later this week.

    #4338865 Reply

    Filed 1/3
    Accepted 1/4
    Processing 1/5
    If you had fees paid from return through taxact will they hold state until that fee is paid? Filed self employed.

    #4338842 Reply

    Still no update today just waiting my refund has already been processed since 1/31 just waiting on a deposit date still whats going on

    #4338801 Reply

    @waiting I used tax act same thing, filed them together. Got a letter in the mail requesting that

    #4338691 Reply

    how did you file yours and how did they request that? just curious. i always use turbotax and file them together, so hoping they arent suddenly just making random reasons to delay people.

    #4338649 Reply

    Anyone get a request for copy of federal and w2??

    #4338588 Reply

    1/30 last updated on mine

    #4338582 Reply

    My information has not been updated since 1/31 as well just waiting

    #4338546 Reply

    @keishab same here. People I know that filed after me already got their deposits. None have kids but I’m starting to wonder if that is the delay excuse this year. Last year it was the state “ran out of money”

    #4338454 Reply

    System up day everyday but my information hasn’t been updated since 01/31/2020.
    Anybody having this problem??

    #4337274 Reply

    filed 1/13/2020,
    accepted 1/27/2020
    updated to processing 1/29/2020

    still waiting for deposit or status change. really hoped on the same 2 day turnaround as it is badly badly needed right now, but of course not

    #4337270 Reply

    Anyone chose to get a check in the mail instead of deposit? If so about how long does it take? I chose check but the status is saying please wait for deposit or delivery

    #4337214 Reply

    Filed on the 28th
    Accepted on the 29
    As of today it says A return requesting a refund has been received and is currently being processed by the Department of Revenue.

    #4337122 Reply

    Filed 1/29. Accepted 1/31. Changed to being processed today 2/3. Fingers crossed!

    #4336815 Reply

    Kansas Update filed 1/29 accepted 1/29 approved and processed 1/31 just waiting on direct deposit date so hopefully tomorrow ☺

    #4336077 Reply

    I got accepted the 27th emailed a copy of my federal return they need it for processing and had my deposit 2 days later! Quickest ever

    #4335654 Reply

    They are on top of things this year, accepted 1/29/2020 and checked this morning it was issued yesterday 1/30. I have never had it happen that fast. Hopefully it will be in the bank Monday.

    #4334649 Reply

    File both State and Federal taxes yesterday. Received text from H & R Block kansas accepted my taxes 2 hours ago…. -_-

    #4334571 Reply

    Finally got the text that KS accepted my return. Hopefully no hold up like last year.

    #4333840 Reply

    I filed yesterday with HR Block, same as last year, I was accepted by Fed already but nothing from KS, anyone else? I’ve never had to wait so long for an acceptance.

    #4325654 Reply

    Good morning.I was notified that part of my refund was being offset for a hospital bill and the rest would be refunded to me by direct deposit.The issue is I don’t know exactly when that will be.1 representative said up to 10 weeks and another said a few days.So annoying 😵

    #4285771 Reply

    Thanks everyone for all the help! You made the stress a lot easier!! Hopefully next year is easier!

    #4285548 Reply

    Mine just came in a hour ago. The KDOR website never changed or updated for me either.

    #4285187 Reply

    Congrats Andrew! :)

    #4285049 Reply

    Oh, and KDOR never updated for me.

    #4285040 Reply


    My state just deposited in my account.

    #4283086 Reply

    @ Andrew


    #4283034 Reply

    I just called my bank and there is no pending deposits. Now I’m seriously pissed. FUCK YOU BOB

    #4282833 Reply

    So jealous but insanely happy for everyone seeing it!!

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