Just realized the tax guy charged $700 “filing fee” from my taxes

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      Is this normal ?
      I’m clueless about taxes I just thought it sounds so expensive to me.
      It’s a simple return I am very low income with two children single.
      My income was 19,674 last year.

      When I’m checking the status of my refund it shows me he charged $600 and then another $80 fee from the tax prep company

      I just want to know if this a normal amount the tax people take?

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          Tax Free USA. No charge to file fed taxes and small fee for state($14.95)

          I highly suggest filing yourself before you submit if there is any errors they notify you right then and there. So you can fix before submit taxes. I’ve used them for 7 yrs and have never had an issue.

          Just fun I suggest registering and input the data they ask you, you actually see the what your getting back in realtime

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            I would send him an email to ask him for an itemized breakdown of the fees. Find out the cost of everything he did for you. I recommend email so you have written proof to show the AG or the company he represents. Do this right away! Don’t let this snake take your money!

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              Very expensive for a simple return. I agree with others who posted. Report this guy to your states attorney General office with receipts of the fees.like others said alot easier and cheaper to file your self with services such as TurboTax. H R Block .freetaxusa. you can use a smartphone to file with these services too..simple and easy they walk you through the process,anyone can file themselves with a simple return and with a child or 2.

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                That’s a lot. If you have a simple return like you stated, you can do your own return online. It tells you step by step where to put what.

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                Michael Smith

                  Just from the details you gave, that is way too high. You should call him and ask for monies back. Otherwise, you can go after his license through your state licensing agency or AG.

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                    If you have a bunch of 1099 type filings that can jack it up, the dark side of gig work.

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                      Hi guys sorry I’m just checking those
                      To answer the question I only have one job. Nothing special.
                      It’s a corner store tax prep guy like that kind that advertises on the street signs.
                      I didn’t say anything because I genuinely don’t know what a “normal fee” is. Thank you for all your suggestions I’ll take them for next year🫶🏻

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                        Years ago, my ex-husband went to a tax preparer. He filed his taxes, didn’t get the loan he was hoping for and then suddenly it dawned on him all the documents he signed. ..which clearly explained the fees, etc

                        The point is, read before signing folks.

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                          I am so sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, these companies, even HRB would love for you to come in and think you can’t help yourself.

                          For the situation you described, you probably can do this easily on your own next year. Try FreetaxUSA next year. It’s really easy. It just asks you a series of questions that are easy to answer and will calculate it for you, submit efile for free for your federal income tax return. I think there is a fee of ~14.99 for submitting a state tax return. But that’s better than $600

                          I used TurboTax for many years and they are great at walking you through with questions as well. But they still charge 39.99+ for filing. When I learned about FreetaxUSA I never went back because I don’t have state taxes so mine is entirely free.

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                            Next year go to the irs website and check under the free file option. I switched last year and have had any issues.

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                              It all depends on how many W2s they have to enter and how many dependents. That seems high but H&R Block use to charge me like $300 many years ago before I started doing my own.

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                                I’ve seen ppl charge outrageous prices. But next year file with turbo tax it’s super simple and easy they pretty much walk you through it. It’s not as hard as you may think it is.

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