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      2 hours on hold including 20 minutes with the rep. I WOULD first call the advocate’s office, they didnt help me but put me in a cue that i didn’t get hung up on. Finally rep comes on after verifying my identity with questions, tells me i WILL be getting a letter (NOT THAT ONE HAS GONE OUT !!!) and then upon successful verification it will take 9 weeks!!! WTH!!!

      I filed early February, WMR has had delay message and my transcript as of date changed from 3/7 to 3/14 last week. NO codes.

      My return is the same every year, about the same refund, and the only thing that has changed is instead of 1 W-2 i have 4 W-2s. NO stimulus, no dependents, NO credits, just some wages, itemized deductions and that’s it.

      HOPE everyone else waiting gets better news.

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          I had to ID verify two years ago, they also have me the “9 week script” BUT it only took them exactly 2 weeks from the day I verified my identity to issue me a DD. Most ID verifiers won’t have to wait the full 9 weeks, I believe that’s just one of their many “scripts” that have to tell people. Good 🤞

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            I filed 2/25 accepted hour late and my return had been processing for weeks. I didn’t even get my refund on March 1st like the irs said. Instead I got a letter on March 3rd saying I needed to verify my identify. I been filing my daughter since she was born and she almost 9 years old!!!!!!!! My WMR still says processing and a date will be available whenever blah blah blah. It’s been week today..still waiting.

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